Replay: Thursday’s UConn Women’s Season-Wrap Chat

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Click the play button and replay our final regular weekly UConn women’s basketball chat with The Courant’s John Altavilla. Access the replay on your mobile device here:

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15 thoughts on “Replay: Thursday’s UConn Women’s Season-Wrap Chat

  1. Karen Bray

    The whole world will be watching if Griner would choose not to place her hand over her heart on the Olympic podium.

  2. John

    We could see nine contributors on next year’s team, ie, if Geno can manage 3-4 effective players, he can certainly handle nine. What a treat. Freshman are always an unknown, but I think anticipation is high for these three. The biggest question will be to see if and how quickly MJ can learn to work within Geno’s system. Other keys: I hope SD loses some more weight and works to develop faster feet; needed to be a more effective screener and rebounder. I think she’s like to be an All-Am. Hope Kelly takes a few more shots; she can afford to with SD, BS , KS and KM-L working the boards. Hope KS becomes the player she can be. Maybe her dad or other can help her this summer. She’s got a nice upside but she may have lacked older brothers to kick her butt on the court while she was growing up. Can UConn make the Final Four and become NCs? Sure. Depends on how the kids come around. But when we get too critical of the kids we need to remember that they’re all 18-22 years old and ask ourselves what we’d say to them if they were our daughters. Geno will take care of the rest. Great year! Go Huskies in 2012-13! Can’t wait.

  3. Mike McManus

    John, I never make the chats but I always replay them religiously. I’m surprised that everyone talks about Jefferson and Stewart whereas Tuck is more of an after-thought. From what I’ve read about Tuck’s accomplishments, she could be the star among the group and is being badly underestimated. I predict she will surprise the pundits. I also think that despite her great year, KML has learned a lot and will not make the occasional freshman mistakes that she made this year. I agree that Griner is a great player, but with more height and talent, I’ll bet that Geno will come up with a plan to address Baylor next season, and it won’t be to mug Griner as Stanford tried to do w/o success. Both Stanford and ND must be totally frustrated to not win the big prize with their best teams in years.

    1. JR

      Tuck doesn’t have the athleticism of the other two, but I agree that she could be quite valuable. I don’t think anyone can compare to Stewart in terms of athleticism or overall skill set though. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a talent like her and I’d be shocked if she doesn’t make a big impact as a freshmen.

  4. Newgirl2

    Thank you Uconn women. You played your hearts out and accomplished a FF invitation. I’m sorry that ND won in OT, but they were justly rewarded by Baylor. Finish up your academical semester with excellent grades, have a great summer, and come back next season ready to show off your improved talents. Best wishes.

  5. Fairfield Co. fan

    Geno is not opposed to a deeper rotation, PROVIDED the players have earned it and can play at a high level…remember when UCONN had “two starting fives”?? It was said that the UCONN second five were as good as many other teams first five…so maybe we will see that again sometime during the next few years! Can’t wait!

  6. natalie no show & pouty peters

    best thing to look forward to next season is miss falls alot no show wont hurt uconn in the tv games like she did for 4 years
    if geno & cd dont change their stubborn ways expect to see 7 players next march while 6 remain glued to the bench
    doty unfortunately
    dolson out of shape fumblin stumblin bumblin
    blued to bench in march
    engeln dont come back transfer
    johnson dont come back transfer
    buck dont come back
    geno & cd loyalty cost uconn a chance to play in the nc this season
    doty sucks and is a liability on both ends
    faris cant and wont shoot most games
    hartleys terrible ball handler and wont be a leader like renee
    dolson will never by aa or poy like tina
    kml aint the greatest shooter
    stewart will be slightly above average at d1 wcbb because of her height and lenght but never great
    write this down: jeffersons lousy attitude will get in her genos doghouse from day one – you will see her pout and not cheer on the bench – just wait and see
    take the blue blinders off
    dear espn diggins is an ugly time bomb just waiting to go off
    dear espn griner wouldnt be aa if she was 6-4 or shorter
    dear espn fire carolyn the mistake peck and trey the clown wingo
    dear espn fire doris burke she is annoying like dick v and cheapens the coverage
    baylor 40-0 next season and breaks uconns 90 win streak the following season – go back and read the predicitions about baylor unbeaten at beginning of the season – husky blinders made you think that wouldnt happen but it did
    uconn leading by 11 at baylor means nothing – no one cares – there is no asterisk next to baylors 40-0 that says uconn was winning by 11 in waco

    1. janet293847

      Ur an idiot. What does this have to do with the chat? If you hate Uconn, don';t bother watching or comment as you do know this is A Uconn blog and not a blog for haters like you. Sput your gate elsewhere and go somewhere private where no one can see your pathetic loser comments.

      1. janet293847

        Opps. repost with correct spelling and gonna add on to what I said. Ur an idiot. What does this have to do with the chat? If you hate Uconn, Why are you here and bothering to comment, etc? Don’t bother watching or comment if you are not a fan. As you do know this is A Uconn blog and not a blog for haters like you. Spute your gate elsewhere and go somewhere private where no one can see your pathetic loser comments. Uconn will be just fine and they will have a better season next season.



  8. newgirl2

    HarryH, if you should re-listen to the ESPN commentators (Doris Burke & Co.) during the FF semi-finals between Uconn and ND, you’ll agree that most of their comments were in favor of ND. They were all infatuated with Skylar Diggins’ “pretty face”, Dev Peters “rebounding ability”, and Natalie Novosel’s “floor leadership”. Sadly, non of these factors was good enough to defeat Baylor. After all, If Uconn didn’t win the NC, then by all means, Baylor should have won it, and they did!

  9. Bud Revet

    Ladies, I hate to see the season over, what a great effort by a young team! On an OK year for UCONN they were in the final four. Who knows who will stay and play UCONN stype of play but we can be sure Kelly will as will all that return. I figured S16 likely, 8 with luck and final four with great determination. The young ladies played terrific and I for one am very proud to have been born in CT a long time ago. A great experence to be a UCONN fan!!


    I can’t believe some of the garbage I have been reading. Gino took a very young team to the Final Four and we have a bunch of babies talking doom.I wish I lived in Conn. during women s basketball season so I could join the real fans of women’s basketball. Shame on some of your comments. Tony in Florida.

    PS: we fly the UCONN flag every season

  11. Tony Z

    I have followed the ladies for over 20 years now.
    This year was the hardest for them to make FF. If the three nubies are half as good as everyone says so maybe Geno can play his bench more.

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