Replay: Wednesday’s Weekly UConn Women’s Basketball Chat

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Click the play button and replay our weekly UConn women’s basketball chat with The Courant’s John Altavilla.

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13 thoughts on “Replay: Wednesday’s Weekly UConn Women’s Basketball Chat

  1. Kenny

    K Rae i agree as much as i like doty she will have to sit
    in favor of Stuie in big cames

  2. Nick

    Been way too busy to join the starts @ wrong time for me but looks like way too many people still consider Caroline a starter. That could happen if Hartley sits or is red shirted. But Jefferson and Banks will see major playing time and they are points, not SG’s Also Stewart KML, Faris and Tuck also.. and don’t forget Stokes who should have been in the game against Notre Dame in last year’s final four.

  3. Where is EDD ?

    Red shirt Hartley. No sense in risking further damage and more severe damage. Red shirt, minor surgery, rehab, play next season. Resting now is only going to delay the inevitable – IR and surgery. But I get why Geno is waiting to red shirt Hartley. If either Doty or Jefferson blows out a knee or achilles, Hartley is the insurance plan for this year.

  4. Dingle Barry

    WHERE IS—You probably won the Hartley will play lottery. To days Chat was not up to Johns normal standards–I think he was looking too far ahead to turkey time and the Islands.
    John it’s a nice place I had a sail boat I sailed the PR, Viecas/Roseyroads/SJ St Croix trek. But the food in Chicago is better. Watch the sailboat valets, they are fantasitc, sail them into slips using their feet, totally amazing. The DEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, FAA, DoD all have agents in the area–they are no dopes they like the sailing.

  5. Jawanna

    Someone in today’s chat was high on life. Banks is not a better basketball player than Hayes. Banks will not come close to being in UConn’s top 10 all time scorers like Hayes. Banks is not great. Faris is not great either. You need the ability to score to be great. A great player can rebound, assist, play defense, lead, score, and shoot well.

  6. Jesus Martinez

    I still laugh at the fanatics wearing Husky blinders last season who kept writing that Johnson would be a key contributor to UConn this season and that Engeln should have played more. Geno recruited them for garbage time only. Unfortunately for Geno his screaming chased Engeln and Johnson away from a NC next season. So now Geno has to play some stars in blowouts and hope they don’t end up with a season ending injury.

  7. Pete Kossoris

    RE: Heather Buck – granted she hasn’t developed into a
    starter or even a rotation player BUT she cld play a big part in UConn’s chances of winning a natl title.
    That’s because, in my observation, she does the best job of anyone UConn has of guarding BGriner, & since UConn’s regular starters who might be on her will be susceptible to getting into foul trouble, Heather might be of significant help. The disadvantage is she weakens UConn’s offense, but even so she may be needed & of significant value if they have to beat Baylor to win the title, which they’ll almost certainly have to do.

    1. A Question Of Balance

      Tuck will be no better than Walker or Buck was against Griner in game 1 last year. Quick foul trouble, unable to stop her, unable to score on her, foul out.

      Dolson cannot guard Griner all game. Stewart is not strong enough to guard Griner. Doubt any Husky will stop Sims either.

      Baylor has athletic tall forwards who could shut down Stewart. Baylor wins by double digits in February and again for NC, assuming the tournament committee does not play favorites with Stanford, ND, Maryland, and Duke.

      1. Nick

        Tuck for all practical purposes will not have to guard Griner, even though Walker did in fact do so.. now Uconn has Dolson,Steward, and Buck to handle the task Tuck can help out on occasion, but Uconn vs Baylor will be interesting especially if Hartley returns.. Baylor’s forwards are athletic but nothing special, don’t know if they can shut down Steward..but she can have a bad game, just as Griner did her freshman and sophomore seasons.

  8. UConn Husky Fan

    Against the CoC, KML looked like a fat Meighon Simmons. Ball hog jacking up 3s. KML is still not the greatest UConn shooter ever. KML is a volume shooter like Simmons and that 76er who hated to practice.

  9. hjoerring

    Lots of talk about transfers. Let us hope that Stokes and Banks stay put, because they are really starting players- even at a place like Uconn. And if they were to go, it would send a loud message to every recruit in the country:”unless you are better than their starting 5, stay away.” To be fair to recruits, you should only recruit players that the team can find minutes for- should that mean 10minutes per player, then so be it. Of course, there are some who will not play in games– like Buck. But in these cases the players are in agreement. They are there for the experience of it all and for the scholarship, plus their invaluable contribution to the team. What would Dolson be like if she didn’t have Buck to play against? It is way too soon to be discarding players as if they are paper plates. Leave that for the other schools. Its not the Uconn I have supported.

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