Kara Lawson A Big Fan Of KML

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Count Connecticut Sun guard Kara Lawson as one of Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis’ big fans.

Lawson was at the XL Center Monday night to work the game between Baylor and UConn for ESPN2. And she watched KML light it up with 26 points (11 of 14) and a career-high 15 rebounds in the Huskies’ 76-70 loss to the top-ranked Lady Bears.

What strikes Lawson, in particular, is the way KML shoots three-pointers. There is no greater three-point shooter in WNBA history than Lawson and you can tell how impressed she is with the UConn sophomore.

KML is 76 of 155 from three-point range this season.

“This is a typical UConn team; very balanced,” Lawson said. “They don’t have an over-reliance on one specific player. They are very sound defensively and smart, which stands out.

“But I will tell you something; I think what Mosqueda-Lewis is doing, and how efficiently she is doing it, the rate she is shooting the basketball … I’m not going to say I’ve never seen it before, because I’m sure we can research some other numbers, but just look at how many three-pointers she has made.

“Are you kidding me? Shooting over 50 percent from the field, too. That kid is not getting enough whatever [praise]. I’ve never seen anything like it. There are great shooters out there, but they don’t shoot like she does. Whoa.”


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40 thoughts on “Kara Lawson A Big Fan Of KML


    Wish KML could jump higher an an inch on her shot. Still mad she get swatted by ND and cost us the game.

    1. Village Idiot

      KML is the most active, hustling player on the floor in any game Uconn plays. 15 rebounds in this game, 26 point. What more do you want from her??
      This was a good game,not played perfert but well. Kaleena and Dolson was the offense. Geno had a point KML maybe should have attempted shots when guarded and hopefully got the foul.
      Praise these women, it was a tough game–up by 10 in the first half –no one else has done that to Baylor this year. If a loss can be good — you finish it. Praise Geno , don’t bury him.

  2. Master

    Kara has it exactly right. KML is an all American. Geno puffs up Hartley and Faris and we all know that neither is anywhere ner in KMLs class. Doty is a non factor and Geno wants to have her on the floor anyway and get as much enjoy as possible; whats up with that. How about some consideration for Stewart. She leads the team in rebounds and is second in scoring….but, she is not a center and so she sits….comeon, let her play the wing this year and give KML some help. Faris, Hartley and Doty had 11 of the 18 turnovers in the Baylor game – but hey, lets bench Stewart.

    Bad job by Geno.

    1. David Schulz

      Stewart is proving that she is not ready for this level of competition. Right now the game is too fast for her and she isn’t strong enough. I just love all you armchair coach’s. You all know more about coaching the UCONN women than Geno. What a joke.

  3. redcee

    Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis is the best player in women’s college basketball under 6’8″.

  4. UCONN.alum9

    KML is the team, without her UCONN would not be #3. Geno praised Dolson and complained about KML for 7 minutes. He did not mention the poor play of Dolson, Faris, Doty or Hartley.

    1. David Schulz

      Dolson was great. You try guarding Griner. You’re nuts if you think he wasn’t loving KLM. She was the best player on the floor, either team. He was being Geno and poking her because he wants her to know she has the ability to do that every game. That’s what he wants from her. She only took 5 or 6 shots in the first half. He wants her to take twenty in a game.

    2. Master

      Neither Dolson or Hartley played poorly Bria did have 5 turnovers and Dolson got winded and could not keep up her first half numbers Faris had an off night and Doty was in fact horrible but of course Uconn would not be #3 without her..as they wouldn’t be without Hartley Dolson or Faris…so what are you saying???

  5. Walter

    if only briahartel would learn how to play like an all american and learn how to outplay odsseysims and sdiggins takecare gouconn kmlewis is great

    1. Mulkey > Geno

      Hartley has been selfish since day one. She blew a 2 on 1 with Doty. Insteand of giving Doty the ball for a layup Hartley clangs a pull up jumper. Then Hartley has the audacity to try and shoot at Griner. And finally there is Hartley turning the ballover with her head high dribbling. And to compound matters Hartley rakes her hand across the face of the player who stole the ball from her. Hartley was garbage 3rd team all american last year. She was nowhere near being a first teamer.

      1. Master

        Wow you really hate her huh? you suck! I’ve been seeing some of your comments and nothing is going to satisfy someone like you…I saw that play where Hartley went for the steal..so what these things happen in sports..looks like you never ever played the game at all. Just sit on a couch and talk about people what a loser you are.

  6. Walter

    i meant if only briahartley would learn how to play like all americana nd outplay odsseysims and sdiggins takecare gouconn

    1. David Schulz

      Hartley isn’t really a point guard. I think we are going to see a lot more of Jefferson in the coming weeks.

      1. redcee

        Bria is far more of a true point guard than Moriah Jefferson is. Jefferson gives you speed in abundance, but to what purpose? She doesn’t see the open man, she doesn’t hit the cutter, she can’t create and she’s too small to drive the lane. Beyond that, she has absolutely no outside shot. She’s a pesky defender and she’s fast. You need more than that to be a point guard.

        1. Geno, Shame on YOU

          Redcee—What Jefferson were you watching?? Mo Jeff drew the defense and dropped off the ball to Dolson who scored. She set up players. My only knock on her game (with Baylor) was when the path to the basket was open, she didn’t use it. But Mo Jeff will be the point and Hartley/Tuck the 2 guard the rest of the season.
          Doty is playing because she is sometimes needed to calm the team with her experience. Clanging 3’s doesn’t look good but she’s a streak shooter when one goes a dozen go.. You never know which doty you will be getting.

          1. redcee

            Obviously not the same game you were watching. MoJeff does NOT draw the defense. Why should she? she presents no scoring threat. She doesn’t see the open player, she doesn’t spot players cutting. She does not create. She is NOT a point guard. Not yet anyway. Long way to go.

      1. Sal and Irene

        KML has improved her total game. She is a special player and so enjoyable to watch. She will be a first team all-american pick this year.

        1. David Schulz

          She should be, but you never know with the people who do the voting. The best thing is we get to watch her play for two more years.

        2. Geno, Shame on YOU

          After the first ND game last year, when Geno had Freshman KML in and she was a disaster at regula games end. From then on KML became a Basketball player, she was a factor in the BE win agains’t ND and in the NCAA touney. With her Dad she became the player now know as great.
          Maya as a Soph wouldn’t have gotten 50 against Baylor–get real Geno!!! Praise in public–make a fool of yourself in private, use it GENO.

  7. nhntc47

    I guess when you lost nothing you did matter any more. KML was fabulous, and everyone was just talking about the 6’8 guy. Geno was not happy that she didn’t score 50 points? Had Hartley, Doty hit a couple of shots the Huskies would’ve won. Keep up the good work Lady K. We love you.

  8. Mike McManus

    KML was indeed great and played her heart out. For someone her size to get 15 rebounds is phenomenal and it points out the value of effort and anticipation on her part. I feel the key to the final score was turnovers. That was 18 fewer opportunities to score and made a significant difference in the outcome. But give credit where it’s due….Baylor’s defensive effort was superior to UCONN’s especially in the 2nd half when they forced so many turnovers.

    1. Mulkey > Geno

      don’t forget the missed open 3s early on when UConn had a chance to open the lead up and don’t forget Geno panicking and using 3 timeouts in the first half.

    2. Mike and opinion of JOY

      Where have you been MIKE?? We need your knowledge and calming influence.
      KML did everything against Baylor Score, Rebound, dish, attack. Geno may being trying to MOTIVATE KML with is comparing her to Maya-to me there is no comparison (as Sophs). KML wins hands down. I don’t think anyone has such a pure shooter as KML, from everywhere. She a moving machine. Baylors defense was superb–yet Uconn was behind by less than 5 point with 1 minute to go in the game. That is why I don’t understand all the tears and moan’s –Baylor is tallest, most experienced at all positions–yet Uconn was up by 10 against them. Don’t count UConn or Geno out just yet. Maybe even Stewie will come alive in the Tourney, but if no–she will be great next year–she has talent. Tuck is coming along, as is Mo Jeff–if Banks was healthy, wow it may have been a different outcome..

  9. elrod

    great to see all the adulation for b griner who it turns out is one of the dirtiest players in the game. Her two throw-downs of Dolson were disgusting. Geno should have inserted someone to bust her nose open and then call for sex and drug testing. She’s got a deeper voice than Carmelo. A real scumbag.

  10. ctmike

    KML was very impressive. I think they need to live or die with Jefferson out there. UConns problem is a lack of a true point guard. Doty, Faris and Hartley are definitely not point guards. Really, Doty should be given minutes when Jefferson needs a rest. Her skills are gone! Unable to make a wide open 3 time after time. Hartley plays out of control and too fast. Faris, who I really like! travels everytime she gets the ball. She shuffles her feet and they finally started to call it in the Baylor game. Dolson needs to go out of character and send a message to Griner early by giving her an elbow in the right place. Sometimes you have to go down to your opponents level to get your point across. You know the great UConn teams always had an enforcer.

  11. ctmike

    a few notes on Stewart. The physical game has intimidated her. You can see she is a finesse player and doesn’t want the contact. She needs to get stronger and tougher mentally. Dolson should get her to do the same program as she did. When all she wants to do is take 3 pointers, you know she wants no part of the inside tussle. I think Geno needs to move her away from the basket and let her find that intermediate game.

  12. ctmike

    Why is it that Griner didn’t want to play in the Olympics?
    It probably has nothing to do with sex testing. Just a thought.

  13. Fingerprince

    Oh, elrod! You, too, ctmike? “An elbow in the right place?” Hell, Stefie might rip his jockstrap.

    I see no one has forewarned us: might Kaleena prematurely go pro?

    I say UConn’s crazy loss to Baylor, for the TEAM AT THIS MOMENT, was THE BEST that could have happened: now this year’s future is totally in Geno’s hands.

    Nor, if it takes Geno longer to groove the team would it be so terrible to lose at South Bend. Wha? Then to go undefeated through the National Championships?

  14. Walter

    Kallenamlewis is great player top notch if only briahartley would learn how to outplay odysseysims and skylardiggins and if only uconn women would learn how to play 40 minutes vs baylor insetad of 20 or 30 minuets by kmlewis is great hope she starts rubbing off on some other players and baylor is dirty things who will do anything to win in wnba when bgriner does her cheap shots though i predict another player will pucnh her in the face like shes asking for takecare all godbless gouconn

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