Kelly Faris And The Secret To UConn’s Success

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Some time after her emotional embrace with Geno Auriemma on the floor of the New Orleans Arena Monday, UConn’s Kelly Faris, her distinguished career now complete, tossed a tease into the mosh pit of media seated below her.

A question had dealt with improbability of her team’s about-face in the aftermath of its loss to Notre Dame in the Big East tournament championship game, the third defeat to the Irish this season.

How could it be that a team shouldering so much disappointment a month earlier learned to dance and sing in a shower of confetti after winning its eighth national championship by beating Louisville, 93-60?

“We sat in the locker room [after the Notre Dame loss] and he [Auriemma] looked at us and he said, ‘You know what?  When we get back together, I’m going to show you how to win a national championship.’ And, sure enough, we’re sitting right here,” Faris said.

“There’s times I don’t know how the heck he does what he does, but he’s pretty darn good at his job and he figures out a way to get it done. And happy to have him on my side.”

Faris was asked a follow-up: What exactly Auriemma had done to make the six-game winning streak occur.

“He might want to keep that a secret.  I don’t know.” Faris said. “I’ll let him answer that one.”

And with that, just the second player in UConn history to score over 1,000 points, get over 750 rebounds, throw over 500 assists and pick at least 250 steals walked off the dais into her new life as a WNBA player.

Whatever Auriemma said, it has benefitted generations of players before Faris. The Huskies are 8-0 in national championship games and this one tied Auriemma will his longtime rival, Tennessee’s Pat Summitt.

“On ESPN they put up a list of John Wooden, Pat Summitt, Geno Auriemma, Mike Krzyzewski and Adolph Rupp and I’m like, ‘No, that’s not the way it works. That’s not the way it works.’ I never beat Coach K in a game, and I never coached against Coach Wooden.  So the only person I compare myself to is Pat Summitt.  And to be there in that spot with her means a lot to me.”

But whatever he said, suggested, implied or subliminal conveyed stirred the spirit of this team, one racked with nagging injuries and lingering insecurities as it headed into its first-round NCAA game against Idaho.

“I thought for a large part of this season there were too many times our team was feeling the pressure to win,; are we good enough, what if we don’t live up to other people’s expectations.  And a lot of that has to do with me and our coaching staff. Too many times at practice they didn’t live up to our expectations – usually mine.

“And it got to a point where I could sense it; I could feel it that it was holding us back.  And as soon as the Big East championship game ended, I sat down with our coaches and I said all that’s going to change starting right now.  I tried to make them feel like all that stuff’s behind us now. There’s 64 teams going into the NCAA Tournament.  And a lot of them that think they can win it.

“But we’re Connecticut.  And we go into the NCAA with a different mindset than everybody else.  And they’re so young, the dummies, they believed me.”

The impact of this philosophical turnover was personified in the renaissance of freshman Breanna Stewart, Auriemma’s latest prodigy. After missing the Idaho game with a sore calf, she broke from the pack against Vanderbilt in round two and lapped the nation in New Orleans.

Stewie scored 29 in the semifinal win over Notre Dame, 23 against Louisville. She scored 105 points in the five games, the most by any first-year player since 2000. Maya Moore has held the record with 93. And in the end, she was the first freshman named Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four in a quarter-century, just the fourth ever.

“I appreciate it.  I mean, it’s nice,” Stewart said. “But, still, we just won a national championship, and I think that’s the best thing.  I just played confidently and stopped thinking. When I second-guess myself, nothing good comes out of that.”

And she said it with the oh-gosh smile that has come to exemplify her personality.

“She’s really, really innocent and in so many ways,” Auriemma said. “She has a little kid’s attitude towards everything that happens.  She sees the fun and the joy in everything, and that’s why I’m really thrilled for her, because there were times this year where all that went away, and I was really, really worried about her.
“And she got it back and she got it back just in time, and here we are.”

And where they go next will likely have a lot to do with Stewart and All-Americans Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis and Stefanie Dolson, two pillars in UConn’s pod. And Bria Hartley, who will be a senior like Dolson, will likely be fully recovered, mentally and physically, from the bum ankle that plagued her from August to April.

UConn’s 2013-14 team, no longer with Faris, Heather Buck and Caroline Doty, will welcome freshman guard Saniya Chong, a WBCA All-American guard and prolific high school scorer from Ossining, N.Y. And it will play another ambitious non-conference schedule in a new conference.

“Right now, I’m really anxious for next year to start because I want to see what Bria Hartley looks like and I want to see what Stefanie Dolson looks like as seniors, because they’ve been in the middle of this since their freshmen year,” Auriemma said. “And for them to finally be seniors next year, I think it’s probably going to be pretty exciting for me.”

And as for Faris, who worked so hard and worried so much about her team and her teammates, she can leave now knowing winning her title was always a part of the plan. She awaited her arrival with simple survival.

“I don’t think people understand how much we needed her to get to this point,” Faris said.  If we didn’t have [Stewart] we wouldn’t be here.  And we all know that, and I hope she knows that.  If she didn’t turn it around and step up like she has; I mean, we have a freshman that’s the MVP of the national championship game.  And that doesn’t happen anywhere but here.

“And she deserves it.  And I’m glad she’s on our side.  I wouldn’t want to be playing against her.”

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69 thoughts on “Kelly Faris And The Secret To UConn’s Success

  1. Kelly Faris--Doty--Buck

    Kelly Faris played her greatest games ever in a Uconn Uniform in the last 2 games. She was all over doing everything scoring and defense–amazing.
    Doty who has had bad knee’s played her best game in three years against louisville (except for the elbow).
    Buck in the last few games played as she should have for 5 years–good defense and most of all looking to score.

    Good to great games from all the seniors. Now going out with an Championship (Diggins never got one) is exceptional for our Senior and Freshmen.

  2. Bob St Amand

    On Monday I said UConn in a route and Stewart MVP. An astute observer of the obvious.See you next year.

  3. Workin' For MCAA

    EZPN convinced the MCAA to have the refs eliminate Baylor. This gave the EZPN Huskies a free path to their 8th* championship*.

    EZPN pointed out the obvious to the MCAA. Grinder will be gone. Diggings will be gone. Lady Vols and Lady Huskies will both have a clear path to next season’s National Championship game.

    The most epic battle and most anticipated game in women’s college basketball history. The battle to see which team is the first to win its 9th National Championship. Rating$ for E$PN. Exposure for the $port.

    Talking on the Peck and Laws show, Geno dropped some subliminal messages that last night was a travesty. That’s your cue to jump on board with EZPN and the MCAA.


      Baylor got down 19 without any help from the zebras. If they stop only one of the 3 point shooters maybe they could have won anyway.

      The “epic” nature of TN and CT is somewhat lost without the personal nature of Geno vs. Pat. Despite the fact that Holly had been with Pat for 30 years or so it’s just not the same.

      What message did you see from Geno? Geno coaches pretty much until there is no time left on the clock. Louisville is lucky that Geno had Buck, Stokes, Doty, and Tuck to give some minutes to at the end or it may have gone to 40+ points.

      1. JD

        Get over it. They won. Show some class. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

    2. you're off your meds

      Remove the tin-foil hat and back slowly away from the keyboard.

    3. pat

      what a bunch of crap. so exactly who is EZPN? if you think all the refs were paid off they need to be reported to the commission. amazing that you got subliminal messages out of his report. guess you don’t know him very well. put away your keyboard and find something else to occupy your time

    4. jj

      Wow, I think the ratings of a championship game between Baylor and UCONN would have been huge. ESPN was promoting Griner all year and Baylor’s loss did not help them. As far as next year a UCONN vs. Tenn battle there is little difference if UCONN was trying to tie (win their 8th title) or Tenn, pulling away from UCONN by winning their 9th. If you have a grudge with the officiating, fine, me too.

    5. Master Mind

      Work For the MCAA—

      You are an Idiot, but you were smart enough to use MCAA and EZPN so that they would not look up your IP address and sue you for libel. Your remarks are those that get millions from those that are stupid enough to make libel statement.
      They may still do so since everyone on this site will state that although you used EZPN and MCAA we all knew you meant ESPN and NCAA. See you in court. Have a great day.

      1. master mindless

        apparently you never watch ncis with their tvs tuned to znn with fake news

        1. MCAA/EZPN

          Apparently you don’t know about artistic license–NCIS.
          Your comments are libel, not artistic license–everyone who read your comment knows you are speaking of ESPN/NCAA–are you not trying to say you didn’t mean either?? Because if you did, it’s libel. I see no way you can call this artistic or not what you intended was the NcAA or ESPN. Have a nice court date.

    6. Masters Mind

      Work For the MCAA—

      You are an Idiot, but you were smart enough to use MCAA and EZPN so that they would not look up your IP address and sue you for libel. Your remarks are those that get millions from those that are stupid enough to make libel statement.
      They may still do so since everyone on this site will state that although you used EZPN and MCAA we all knew you meant ESPN and NCAA. See you in court. Have a great day.

    7. UconnFan

      Working For MCAA, I think you ought to check in with your psych doctor and get some new meds for your paranoia and delusions!

    8. MCAA/EZPN

      replace the Z with an S–it becomes ESPN replace m with an n–it becomes NCAA. No way you can replace the REF’s with anything . You say that these organizations CAN and WILL tell the REFS to effectively throw the game for ratings or fans ?
      It may be artistic for eSPN or the NCAA (but it’s not) –even a legal novice can see you are defaming (a legal term) the REF’s.
      If they want a piece of your or all of you for the next 20 years—I think they have it–ESPN/NCAA/REF’s have a field day with this guy.

  4. tex2299

    Hey, Workin’ For MCAA, you forgot something. Did your NCAA/ESPN conspiracy get the refs to eliminate Notre Dame, too? After all, they were something of an obstacle on that “free path to their 8th championship” that you conjured up. And Tennessee? By your thinking (if we can call it that), shouldn’t Tennessee have advanced to the championship game?

    On an unrelated note: It must suck to be Notre Dame right now.

  5. Allen Freshler

    Enjoying the moment, memories forever, the joy of a full recovery. It great to be this beacon of light and a benchmark for young gals today. Go UConn!

  6. V.I.

    He hasn’t finished this year and he’s thinking about what next year will look like–and he’s looking at it with great expectations.

    I hope there is one or two big difference:
    1. Geno believes in his fans as they believe in him and his team.
    2. He sees the pleasure on Stewie, Tuck and MoJo as they play with passion and abandon. Great players don’t look to the bench for approval or what to do next. Like some player who didn’t win a national championship.
    Sue didn’t check during the game
    Svet didn’t check
    DT didn’t check
    Maya didn’t check
    Rene didn’t check
    Tina (when she finally got it) didn’t check
    Stewie didn’t check in the KY, ND or Lville games
    Stewie, Tuck, MoJo, Kelly Faris ,KML, Dolson Hartley are all in good company.

  7. Pete Kossoris

    I’m glad Sara Hammond went to Louisville; w/o her they probably wldn’t have beaten Baylor & Baylor & Griner wld have been a very tough opponent in the final.
    With RChong added, BBanks back (hopefull6), Hartley
    at full strength, & the nucleus of Stewart, Dolson, &
    MLewis, & improvement from the other 2 freshman, Jefferson & Tuck, looks like a terrific team next year.
    After Stewart, Dolson, MLewis, & Hartley, wonder who the 5th starter will be.
    – Pete Kossoris

    1. Donald J. Porter

      Hmmm Next years team will be a MAJOR problem for ALL other teams

      Injury free will likely lead to another final 4 & a probable 9th WOW !!!
      GINO is AMAZING with his talented associate & others AND CT SUPPORT !!


    It is possible to see a couple of different starting lineups next season. Certainly Dolson (5), Stewart (4), Lewis (3) are probablyy givens. Then the likely backcourt would be Hartley at the 2 and I would tend to favor Jefferson at point. Backcourt subs will be I think strong with Banks and Chong (admittedly an unknown), and Tuck and Stokes will get minutes up front. Stewart’s length can take minutes in the middle if Dolson gets in foul trouble but I like the athletic nature of Tuck as well. Banks, if fully recovered, could fill a lot of the role that Faris had this year. She has the quickness to be there. Time will tell. November can’t come soon enough!!!!!

  9. Hijoputas de la Madre Locos

    Sopapilla Stokes tuvieron algunos buenos momentos pero cuando más importaba, Señor Loco no confiar en ella.

    UConn necesita una verdadera niña grande para ayudar a Stewart después de la graduación de Dolson.

    Lo que otro grande verdadero está en el radar?

    1. Senor Webster

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      *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your

        1. Webster



          n. slang, derogatory A slow-witted, unresponsive, or inept person (usually male).
          n. US, military, slang, derogatory A recruit who is unintelligent or difficult to train.

  10. Jake

    Translation sites leave a lot to be dersired but here’s from above… whatever it means…

    Sopapilla Stokes had some good times but when it mattered most, Lord Loco not trust her.

    UConn needs a real big girl to help Stewart after graduation Dolson.

    What else is real big on the radar?

  11. Lynne

    We haven’t even had the parade yet, and there is already speculation about next year’s starters??

    GEEZ…can we please enjoy the moment???

  12. AnotherHuskiesVictory

    I’m sure Geno did a fine job in the past month along with his staff, but this talk about “What exactly Auriemma had done to make the six-game winning streak occur” really does a disservice to the players who IMO stepped up big-time. It’s hard to remember such an all-around great team effort from so many players — of course Stewart was great, but KML and Faris led like champions, Dolson played hard through pain, The Return of Brea Hartley (who has gotten no mention at all for her lock-down defense on Kayla McBride), Tuck off the bench — just a really really terrific team effort. It does them a real disservice to think Geno just pressed a switch. A shame Baylor lost and the Huskies didn’t have an opportunity to beat them for the title.

    1. blasphemy

      geno is arrogant and has fooled thousands and thousands of geno juicers into believing all great uconn players were created by him. geno didnt teach kml how to shoot. geno didnt teach stewart how to be tall and long or how to block shots. geno admits to talking to a group of players and asking them to give up something. its snow balled into geno winning the lottery several times over finding the right button to push for each player.

      1. Steve in Maine

        Your comment reminds me of a story about Henry Ford (which may be an urban legend, but is illustrative nonetheless). After the retirement of his long time assembly line supervisor, the line broke down and no one could figure out the problem. Finally, Ford called the retiree and asked him to come in and solve the problem. After a few minutes of investigation, he jiggled a few wires and levers and the massive machinery roared back to life. Ford was ecstatic and asked the man what he owed him. He said he would mail him a bill. When the statement arrived, Ford was aghast to see he was being charged the king’s ransom of $500 for about five minutes work to jiggle a few wires and levers. He called his former employee to complain, and asked for a new bill. The man agreed, and in a couple days a new statement arrived which said “For jiggling wires and levers – $5. For knowing which levers and wires to jiggle – $495. Total due – $500.” Ford paid the bill. Long story short, Geno knows which buttons to push, and for that he is handsomely paid and richly rewarded with national championships. Get used to it!

        1. Bracchus

          Excellent point. Bit, here is another. Great teams tend to have great players. Now, I am not saying the coach isn’t important, but if anyone thinks that Geno could take a group of women from St. Mary’s of the Woods and make them national champions, they are mistaken. No coach, no matter how great can turn mediocre talent into champions.

          Phil Jackson is probably now considered the greatest coach in NBA history. Who did he coach? Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. All H0F players. Red Auerbach coached Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Tommy Heinsohn, John Havlicek. John Wooden coached Jabbar and Walton .

          All of these players had certain talents that they brought to the team, and by the time they got to the pros had been coached by several individuals.

          Same in college ball. Coaches are looking for outstanding performers who ready have certain skill sets.

          Let’s take Baylor, for example. I am not sure whether Kim Mulkey is a great coach or not, but the fact that she had Britney Griner and Odyssey Sims got her one championship and seasons with few defeats.

          In UCONN’s case lets look at the emergence of Stewart. Basically, what she did was to go back to what she does best with confidence. I am sure that Geno talked to her, but she had to take her talent and use it.

          But, that doesn’t mean that coaches Re unimportant. I think that setting overall game strategy, in game adjustments and recruiting are their main areas of contributions. Assistants generally work with players on improving skill sets, but many players do that on their own as well, particularly during the summer.

          None of this detracts from Geno’s 8 championships. Every other coach in the league has access to the same players. Every coach in the league can use strategy and adjustments. Geno has done that better than the others consistently. He deserves credit for that.

          As to salaries, I do not think that athletic coaches for state schools should be making millions of dollars. The coach makes more than the president of the university and is often the highest paid employee of the state.

          The rationale has been that these programs bring money to the school. Then why is tuition going up and taxpayers still funding the school? This doesn’t even approach the glaring disparity in the treatment of athletes versus the treatment of coaches and universities in what is supposed to be an “amateur” environment . But, that is another story.

          1. Bracchus's box

            Bracchus– there is an old legal axiom: What the Traffic will bear–and that applies to entertainers, sports figures,lawyers, doctors, and coaches.

            It is true great players come to Uconn with exceptional talent. But do not delude yourself in thinking Geno or his coaches have no impact in making very good players into exceptional players (Sue,swin,Tamika, DT, Maya, Stewie) However Stewie is a work in progress as is MoJo and Tuck–we have yet to see their full capabilities–that will be brought out by the work of Geno, Christine, Shea and Marissa–without this work these players shall never reach the heights obtained by the truly greats.
            That is what is missing with the exceptional recruits Duke, Baylor, ND, or Tn fail to achieve–

          2. Bracchus's box

            A point I Missed was the Pro players you mentioned all had great high school and college coaches that made them into the exceptional talents they became.
            You cannot make exceptional talents out of player like Buck, she was what she was. No matter how great a coach you are. There are only so many hours in the day, week, month, years and if you have 12 other good to great players, who want to learn, you do the biblical 90 and 9 thing, you work harder with those willing to work harder.
            Personally I believe in the communist axioms that all workers-EVERYONE, doctors, lawyers, senators, presidents, etc work for a living and none are more important to the outcome of life than another–so all should be paid equally. Sounds great but no one will go into engineering, ditch digging, Medicine, because they are had work and take a lot of time to learn–
            I don’t believe movie actors or NBA/College coaches are worth millions or NBA players–but Eliz Taylor got 20 million for a picture–and there goes the cap. Mike Jordan get 10 mill and there goes that cap.
            If Their industries held firm and didn’t pay the overly high salaries–Mike would have played, Taylor would have acted. Blame the executives–they make too much money as do corporate heads–who get millions even when their companies fails–no coach gets millions when his team fails, only those paid with my dividends.

  13. nhntc47

    Uconn has three exceptional freshmen who have just won a national championship. Now their confidence is unshakable. Next year Hartley will definitely return to her All-American self. Kaleena and Stefanie will be two of the most dominant players in women’s college basketball. I feel bad for other teams.
    McBride should transfer to Uconn.

    1. you should be put out to pasture

      ncaa read your comment and cancelled next season. they agreed its useless. just hand uconn the trophy. and put the starting 5 on the 1st or 2nd team all american list. better yet make uconn play the season and deal with injuries head cases slumps egos. make uconn earn a trip to the final four in nashville.

      1. Is Steve Gee at it again

        Another stupid comment by Steve Gee.
        He didn’t read the “be in the moment” comment by other bloggers.
        In the moment means enjoy everything including speculation about next year.
        Don’t be you normal Askhole self.

  14. Proud to Live In CT

    Kelly Faris will be greatly missed.
    She is to the Huskies as Derek Jeter is to the Yankees
    Doesn’t get the big home runs, but does everything else one can possibly do to help her team win. Loved watching her.
    She is a champ in my book, and so glad she came to CT.

    1. Proud to Live

      Statistics prove Derek Jeter is one of the worst fielding shortstops for Hall of Famers. He’s in the top 10 for hits all time. Despite that and his world series rings, after factoring in fielding, he’s not in the converstation for 1 of the greatest shortstops ever.



    1. Michael Keller

      I like Kiah. I’m glad she’s staying. She still has a lot of potential and will only be a junior. Look how much Dolson improved this year.

      I admire Heather Buck for staying too.

  16. Michael Pohl

    The third loss to Notre Dame was the key to UCONN’s astonishing transformation. Geno correctly identified the problem. It was him. He over coached the freshmen. He made Breanna Stewart into an emotional wreck. He adjusted his intimating coaching style and the rest is history.

  17. dom

    “Faris was asked a follow-up: What exactly Auriemma had done to make the six-game winning streak occur.”
    Well, you could start with 4 straight home tournament games, as is so often the case in the ncaa’s.
    It is sometime tiresome to hear all this exalted Geno talk. He is a very good coach, who’s end of game coaching has been rightly called into question, since their close game record is rather poor. BUT he is one of the best recruiters around, evidenced by how he gets the best players in the country to go to uconn year after year.

    1. Commentary

      It’s not just Geno doing the recruiting. CD, Shea, and Marissa deserve credit for their long hours, travel, words of wisdom, and dedication.


      Dom – Reality check time. First and foremost to the issue of 4 “home” games. UConn played two at Gampel before moving to Bridgeport for the next two. Seems to me the crowds were significant. Not nummbers you would likely get at so called and completely neutral sites. So we know (or shouold know) the NCAA above all else is about MONEY $$$ and lots of it where ever and when ever they can get it.

      Part two: 105 – 37 over Idaho (16 seed)
      77 – 44 over Vanderbilt (8)
      B’Port 76 – 50 over Maryland (4)
      83 – 53 over Kentucky (2)
      So nearly 37 point margin average. You think UConn could have won those games played in each schools home court?

      Then you get to New Orleans and an 18 point win over Notre Dame followed up by the 33 point win over Louisville. I’ll concede ND might have been different in South Bend but this game this year not probable. And the title game, from the 7 minute mark or whatever it was exactly, was never remotely in doubt. You should pretend to at least do a little common sense analysis before making claims on these blogs.

      1. Awareness

        If you had any common sense, you would not have included the “first and foremost”
        part of your statement, which is totally irrelevant to Dom’s point. He never said the scheduling shouldn’t be that way, as you seem to have implied, Your good reputation is going downhill fast, Bill. Start thinking about the baseball Pirates.

        1. BILLNAPLES

          Awareness: My take on Dom’s statement stands. It was his clear assessment of the six game winning streak began and continued due in some fashion to the fact that UConn got “four straight home tournament games”. I did not suggest he said the scheduling was inappropriate, only that it contributed to UConn’s advancement in the tourney. How else to you read what he said?

          1. dom

            my point was somewhere in between (man, you guys get personal quickly here). Of course everyone knows why they play 4 games in CT, but its undeniable that it cheapens the tournament somewhat, and that those games make it easier win 4 straight, and make the final 4. Yes they likely would have won at least the first 3 anywhere with the better players they have (hence my compliment to Geno’s recruiting), but to make Geno sound like he reinvented or reinvigorated the team by doing something to make the 6 game winning streak occur, is an exaggeration.

  18. Commentary

    Spewing hatred towards other posters just makes you a sadder human. You’re not going to convince others to think, talk, and write like you do.

    1. Is Steve Gee at it again

      Commentary–you are right!!!

      Only Steve Gee has that right, or thinks he does. Even if he misses chats and then misrepresents comments because he wasn’t there.
      But this HIS (Steve Gee’s ) Blog so we have to bow and Kiss ask.

  19. tapeworm in cats

    I like the valuable info you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  20. UconnFan

    I am as happy for the coaches and players for a tremendous season as I am for the self imposed misery of posters like Steve Gee who will go to his grave with delusional ideas and excuses. Geno and his staff recruit great scores with the ability to pass, but he and the coaches turn them into great defensive players where the team is amongst the very best every year.

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