Kelly Faris Closing In On Maya Moore

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Kelly Faris now has 973 points, 728 rebounds, 491 assists, and 263 steals in her career. Only Maya Moore, a four-time All-American, as ever scored 1,000 points with 750 rebounds, 500 assists and 250 steals at UConn.UConn’s lone 2013 recruit, guard Saniya Chong, was not invited to play in the McDonald’s All-American all-star game this spring. It’s the first time the Huskies will not have a player in the game since it began in 2002. The game will be played April 3 in Chicago. .. Rutgers has lost 29 of its last 30 games against Top 10 opponents. … The Scarlet Knights honored Sue Wicks before the game. The former basketball standout had a long WNBA career and will be inducted in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in June, a class that includes Hartford coach Jen Rizzotti. … Bill Laimbeer, the new coach of the WNBA’s New York Liberty, was scouting the game. The former Detroit Pistons great is returning to the league after a long absence.  … Rutgers senior Chelsey Lee, a major UConn recruit five years ago, did not play because of a sore knee. … UConn was 20 of 23 from the free throw line and is 44 of 53 in its last two games.


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16 thoughts on “Kelly Faris Closing In On Maya Moore

  1. Village Idiot

    Keep going Kelly–but she has nothing more to prove. I think Kelly has out played, out hustled, out toughed one of the toughest ladies in a UConn Uniform—Shea Ralph.

    The RU game was tough–a good experience for the new kidz on the bloc. Tuck took time to get into it, but learned you can’t dribble into a double team and survive. Jefferson played a good to great game, with few mis-ques. She will be a big asset the rest of the season.
    Stewart played a few good moments, not great, but good. When she started I cheered loudly, she made a few good moves and shots. Defense for Freshmen isn’t natural–it will take time for both Tuck and Stewie, Mo jeff failed one or two assignments but played the defense we expected. The Hi Lo game failed no matter who was hi or who was lo. Ru covered that well.

    1. Steve Gee

      Rambling ……
      Faris’ stats here show just how valuable she has been to this team. She’s just a player, in the best possible ways. How idiotic do her detractors appear now?

      One area Tuck has improved on is setting a screen. Her timing / position were usually way-off, but she’s getting better.
      She’s got some good moves around the basket, but still tends to bring the ball down too much, allowing active hands to disrupt before she gets the ball to the rim. She seems to have all the skills, but like most freshman, it takes time to adjust to this level.
      Tuck (like Stewart) looks to have tremendous potential.
      Funny thing about potential though … usually the only time one refers to potential is when someone isn’t living up to it…. (I personally have much potential)
      From the skill-set that Stewie has at times displayed, I expect much more from her. Every game, I’m just waiting for her to bust-out and dominate, not just show flashes of what she can do. I suppose I’d like her to be more aggressive overall.

      But …. soon the Red Sox will begin what promises to be another brutal season…. so I’ll try hard not to nit-pick.

      1. Village Idiot

        Steve Gee–We saw the same game, the same way.
        Tuck has a bad habit, not just the RU game, she at times makes a left move the basket with the ball at hip level–easy to take away\
        Steve–I think Stewie is a fantastic talent. I believe we were fed too much hype early on that hurt Stewie’s expectations. She is and acts like a Freshman.
        I agree with your definition of potential.
        Yet Tuck is starting to show her’s and Stewie has shown hers. Jefferson is showing her’s. Stoke shows flashes. Banks will be great if he ACL does not create a mind set.

        1. fanofit

          Banks is too determined and dedicated for any mind set to stop her. It’s only a matter of how well she heals physically.

          1. V.I.

            I hope you are right. Banks is/was one of my favorites, who I hoped would get more PT (before the injury).

  2. Griners Greatest

    I supposed Kelly, Stokes, and Buck were not feeling well like Hartley

    1. Master Mind

      Really? Is that your comment??

      Buck only plays in clean up time. She’s still on Uconn roster because Geno is loyal and decent.
      Stokes is a work in progress–watch her in the Baylor game, you will see the real Stokes.

      Kelly Faris–how dare you???

      You are entitled to opinions. The should have some level of merit. Do you know something about Hartleys Health that we don’t know?? Or do you get your facts from the TV folks–did you believe Kara and megan??? What do they know–if Geno said it as health related, it most likely is health.

      1. Steve Gee

        So MM…. are you beginning to see why I would perhaps refer to GG as a “troll” ?
        You’ve read nothing yet. The closer the Baylor game gets, the worse GG’s posts get. You’ll see “insulting” first hand if UCONN indeed takes the loss.

        1. Master Mind

          Steve–Maybe a troll maybe not. But stupid ignorant opinions are still opinions.
          I am almost disgusted in what Griners Greatest may write about “my” girls. However if we kicked off this posting all those that were ignorant, stupid, unthinking and unkind–many of us wouldn’t get any space here, probably starting with me. I’ve been in the past very unkind to Stewie, KML and yes even Buck–but I’ll try to not do that again.
          Also, if you give those like the one you speak of–any replies or comments it only gives them energy to do more and worse.
          I however have real problems with insulting Kelly–that too far.

          1. Steve Gee

            Well now I’m thoroughly confused.

            *I never said anyone wasn’t entitled to their opinions.
            * I never suggested that anyone be “kicked off” a posting.
            * Perhaps you should take your own advice and not reply to “those” that I speak of.
            * Are you possibly referring to GG’s post as “stupid ignorant opinions” ?
            That sounds rather …. how would MM say it ….. insulting?

            I still don’t know why on earth you called me out for such an innocuous post to begin with.

  3. Just Sayin'

    Let me know when Kelly Faris is a 4x AA and on the Huskies of Honor wall like Maya. Only reasons she, Tiff, and Doty have NC are Tina and Maya. Faris runs around like a loose cannon and is often out of position. That is why she has made stupid fouls and stupid passes since the Duke game. Stop acting like she is some perfect basketball player. She is far from it. For 3 years she was an offensive liability to UConn. They might have 1 more NC if she could shoot before this season.

  4. Buffy the Troll Slayer

    Fact: Doty is hampered by 3 ACLs and will be slower than the Baylor player she guards.

    Fact: Hartley has a bad habit of dribbling the ball up by her shoulder and sometimes by her head, making it easier for a defensive specialist to steal the ball.

    Fact: It is nearly impossible for anyone to block Griner’s shot because of her height, length, and proper mechanics.

    Fact: Stewart hates the physical nature of WCBB. (Would not be surprised if Mulkey instructs her players to bang Stewart hard often and early.)

    Fact: Tuck has a bad habit of holding the basketball down around her knees and rushing shots.

    Fact: UConn has blown a lot of open layups and put backs this season. Stewart is not alone. Dolson has missed many open put backs. Faris recently blew a wide open layup and the previous game before that hit the bottom of the backboard twice.

    Fact: Refs rarely call a foul on the defensive player when the offensive player is attempting a 3 point shot. (If UConn expects to shoot free throws, the Huskies cannot live outside the arc.)

    Fact: UConn has lost the last 5 games decided by 5 points or less. UConn has a recent history of failing to hold leads againt Notre Dame and Baylor.

    Fact: Auriemma has a trust issue with his bench players in recent years and thus hardly plays them in the most critical games of the season.

    Fact: UConn has not won a NC without one player winning one of the several POY awards. UConn does not have the POY this season.

  5. Master Mind

    Really full of yourself, arent you S.G. giving yourself The noun WE does not always mean you and others, I was speaking of all of us–you may not have been included in the WE.
    Buffy the Trolly Slayer/Steve Gee–Ignorant stupid insulting is a very accurate your blogs. You put yourself of an expert with vast knowledge of every aspect of the game __FACTS–your facts are YOUR opinions.

    Don’t be Sarcasic–it’s insulting. You are not the intellect or wit you may think you are.
    I replyed to your comments regarding Griners Greatest but you are too myopic to see, it as a friendly gesture. So take your sarcasim and put it where the sun dosen’t shine \\ Griner Greatest is a saint compared to you.

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