Kelly Faris Falls On The Sword

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UConn senior Kelly Faris considers herself the leader of the team. And because of that, she expects certain things from herself in big games.

On Saturday against No. 5 Notre Dame, Faris scored 13 points, had 11 rebounds, seven assists and five steals in 40 minutes. UConn lost by one.

But Faris was not interested in accolades for herself. What she saw were the 21 points scored by Notre Dame’s Kayla McBride – her man to guard. And it crushed her.

“I take responsibility for this loss,” Faris said. “I don’t just say that because it sounds good. As a leader on this team, I am supposed to set the tone. And I didn’t do it defensively, which is usually expected of me. McBride got any shot she wanted and she made just about all of them [10 of 21].”

Geno Auriemma would have none of it.

“That is how Kelly is,” Auriemma said. “She takes every little thing very personally. She feels responsible for everything that happens. But there is only so much that one person can do.

“She looks at the big picture and says there was more I could have done. That’s the way she is.”

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90 thoughts on “Kelly Faris Falls On The Sword

  1. martin fallon

    There are better examples for falling on the sword, but ND played well enough to win, AND UCONN played poorly enough to lose. Obviously the game was a tossup. The refs let them play and Dolson, Hartley and Faris left their hearts on the floor. There will be other opportunities against the Irish, who really enjoy handing it to Connecticut. The next time the Huskies win against them will be sweeter because of today. They continue to be our match-up challenge and they don’t like the championships discrepancy. This is not sour grapes, but a healthy Moskeda-Lewis makes the last shot. A cold Stewart didn’t help and Banks didn’t get a chance to really attack the rim, those being just two observations. I agree with John that this was two quality programs giving their all, what women’s college basketball has wanted to showcase and this time delivered.

    1. Village Idiot

      Diggins is a great player–expected to go #2 in the WNBA draft, she’s that good. Would be 1 except for Griner.
      Kelly Faris is an amazing good player.
      If someone should fall on their sword, it’s Geno.
      But I agree if KML’s ankles were good the shot would have gone in–we shoot with our feet and legs. That’s why it was short.

      Great game to watch great game to win. Terrible game to lose by 1 point.
      Somehow Geno has to toughen up Stewart–she’s a great talent, but doesn’t handle the pressure well–but she is a FRESHMAN>

      1. Village Idiot

        Can anyone tell me how Muffet has so many Freshmen who shoot the lights out and play like Juniors and Geno’s Freshmen play like Freshmen??

          1. FREDDY UNKOOL


        1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

          Geno tears down his players and then builds them back up. Old school Bobby Knight. UConn players have trouble in close games because they are afraid to fail. Geno rips them a new one in practice for failing, so in tight games his players let someone else take charge so they won’t fail.

        2. Edward Sorin

          VI – Because Muffet provides learning opportunities and minutes in games. And because Muffet can manage more than 6 players at time, unlike Geno.

      2. Redcee

        Diggins is NOT a great player. She’s not even the best player on her own team. McBride is better. Diggins one talent is she drives and gets foul calls; other than that she’s pretty ordinary. She’s not a particularly good shooter. She’s a great Tweeter; not a great player.

          1. Redcee

            Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while. And she did not have “a hand in her face.” She sucks!

          2. Edward Sorin

            Redcee – Look up suck in the dictionary. Next to the definition is your face, Doty’s, Jefferson’s, Buck’s, Johnson’s, Engeln’s, Kerns.

      3. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        Odyssey Sims would be #2 in the WNBA draft if she as eligible. Sims is much better than Diggins.

        1. Village Idiot

          UHF—You are right. Sim’s is the player Baylor can’t be without. She’d make any team much better.
          If EDD goes at all in the Draft, Diggy Baby will go 3 (WNBA Draft) I don’t think Mulkey will let Sims go this year –or ever (if mulkey has a choice).

    2. Bud Revet

      Kelly did not have her best game but if all the UCONN players had played as well, UCONN would have won. Her man played very, very well and I doubt anyone could have done a better job of guarding her this game. The season is far from over and the biggest mistake so far was rating Stanford #1 and dropping Bayler below UCONN. At this point in the season, Baylor healthy is the best in the country and probably will still be come March

        1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

          With a healthy Griner and a healthy Sims, Baylor beats UConn by double digits.

      1. Edward Sorin

        If the economy was great …
        If cigarettes were not addictive …
        If the Mayan calendar scholars did not get their degree online …

  2. David Schulz

    I’ll be glad to see Diggins graduate. Getting tired of her getting the Jordan treatment every time she goes into the lane.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      You would be ok with KML or Stewart getting that Jordan treatment

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      EDD is a big risk for 3 reasons. How will she handle being away from her sister? How often will Lyme disease keep her out of games. EDD has not been tested by WNBA quality players except 1 on Maryland.

  3. Bob Kuslansky

    I would rather the Huskies lose a game in the regular
    season than in the tournament. The gals will peak in time for the tournament to win another national title.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      UConn will not win the BET and will be lucky to earn a FF trip. UConn cannot win close games against opponents of equal or better talent. Even Geno said Stanford game was an anomaly. It does not help when Geno say KML could be the greatest UConn shooter ever and when Geno says Stewart could be the greatest UConn player ever. Those are ridiculous expectations to put on young freshmen.

  4. MikeT

    Geno has work to do. I’m not sure I like Stewart’s outside shooting. Down low, she seems to do more damage but not sure she’s tough enough to mix it up. She missed her last 4 shots in the last few minutes. UConn got run-out on after misses and ND converted a lot, EVEN when UConn had more numbers. ND looked quicker and got a lot of O rebounds. Hartley was quiet. All in all, if they shoot just a little better, they win.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Stewart is an overrated ball handler. At 6’4″ her dribbling is easy to pick.

    2. Uconn White and Blue

      If I’m not mistaken offensive rebounds were 27/27
      total was like 44/45. Watching the game I thought ND did a better job but they didn’t.

      Stewart at 6 4 has no business dribbling in the lane. Open floor she does ok, but not against tested proven steal-ers.

      I think the occasional 3 shot, undefended, is good to keep the defense honest and away from the post.
      For a Freshman in her first down and dirty B.E. game did well–not great, well. She drew some of the attention Dolson normally gets.
      But passes into Stewart has to be accurate–she’s not a guard with good hands.

  5. Misty

    Geno’s fault:

    – Down 1
    – Our ball
    – 21 seconds on the clock
    – Shooting 2 if fowled

    This called for taking the shot with 3 seconds to go and taking the shot from in close.

    What does Geno call for: A three.


    1. Nick

      Falling on the sword is nice but I think it’s true Geno should @ least once..(he won’t do it though) admit he’s getting out coached by Muffet. Why Uconn would pass out for a three when you could shoot a very makeable two is beyond me but we haven’t been excecuting against them in close games for 2 years now so coaching has to come into play when this keeps happening. A little dissappointed in Steward’s play from top to bottom but she’s a freshmen but she should be in the low post more often. Why did KML only play 26 minutes? Talking about the first half..she took one bad shot and Geno took her out for a long time

    2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Geno got out coached again. He only wins against high school caliber teams.

  6. Big Jim

    Have to agree with Kelly. She did do a really poor job guarding McBride.

    However, it was Genos fault:

    No picks or screen to create shots. It doesn’t work to run around until you get open as the wrong people tend to get open easier and so they are taking shots that belong elsewhere.

    1. Nick

      I agree it’s that stupid princeton offense!!! Can they do some pick and rolls or something!

    2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Geno is infamous for sticking his hand in the air and making a circular motion. That is NOT coaching.

  7. allofus

    good game. diggins will go middle of the first round, maybe later. faris will go higher. there are plenty of guards in the wnba better than wiggins (although not suggesting she is not good), and they are sitting on the bench. she is a bit small for the wnba, and not as good a three shooter as they like. wnba does not like streak shooters who have minimal other skills. hartley still looks a bit weak on cuts and pivots, hurts her mobility. faris played as well as she could. moving screens not called, hurts defense. della donne third or fourth in draft. now, next years draft will be interesting. geno did as good a job of coaching as his team would allow. mosqueda-lewis still mediocre defender, needs to improve this and next year. still pretty good player. hope ankle heals soon. stewart doing fine. lot of pressure. handled fairly well. need stokes.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Hartley is overrated. Dribbles head high and gets away with carrying. She will have trouble in the WNBA.

      1. Nick

        You suppose to keep your head up numbnuts,,so you can see the floor everybody is overrated every time Uconn losses a freaking game calm down dummy!

        1. Edward Sorin

          Hartley sucks at dribbling but not as bad as Stewart. Have you ever seen footage of Stewart dribbling the length of the court against middle schoolers? The over hyping of Stewart’s abilities is re-donku-lous. Husky fans still think to this day that Maya could dribble. 3 dribbles and shoot does not mean you can dribble.

          1. Redcee

            Ed–The only thing you know about dribbling is that stuff that accumulates in your drool cup, you halfwit.

  8. Master Mind

    With all the Hype of Stewart and the big Stanford win–everyone (including me) thought Maybe JUST Maybe this was Geno’s year. ND showed the warts of the motion offense, the Freshman that Freshman Stewart is.

    Have no fears Uconn world. This too shall pass. Geno will work or rework his system and his team. Bring Stewart along slower, give her toughening up lessons and find ways to get everyone open, especially KML.

    Those that disagreed with KML taking a 3 at games end–B.S.. KML is an amazing 3 ball shooter 50 something make percentage–who has better. the inside game took too much time to evolve–only option was a very much hurting Kaleena M. Lewis, missed a shot she would have made without the pain in her ankles.

    All in all it was a great game. Refs were fantastic, deserve kudo’s for all the non calls.

    Muffet had a great game plan and executed it well.

    1. hjoerring

      This was a great game. It goes to show that ranking is for the birds during this time of the year.Stewart is given a lot of freedom, but she is a year away from being a critical factor, and this game may have set her back, psychologically. Injuries have demanded a pound of flesh- Bria, ML, Stokes, etc. And Kelly will have to step up, starting in practice today, and toughen her teammates. For me, the major difference was ND toughness and poise. We are tough with the little girls but, we get handled by the big women. Unless we can change that we are just another team in the top 10.

        1. Nick

          Dude take it easy the point is that it’s one point 2 points 5 points all the time now..we don’t know how to beat them in these close games and I’m getting tired of it. With 1 minutes left I text a friend and said looks like we’re going to lose.

        2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

          The difference was 5 losses out of 6 games. It is called a pattern. UConn is soft against equal or better talent. Geno is not an Xs and Os coach. All he does is roll the ball out onto the court and tell a bunch of former high school all americans to run the motion offense. That is NOT coaching.

      1. Edward Sorin

        Gino was the clown who said Stewart could be the greatest UConn player ever. Gino was also the clown who during last season was bragging UConn could go undefeated the next 2 seasons.

  9. Pete

    Tough Loss. Freshman are inconsistent, even the best, see Maya, Diana, etc. My main critque is not about the last shot but about keping Dolson so far from the basket during the last 5-6 minutes. She was clearly the one UConn player that ND had no answers for. When not shooting well from the outside maybe UConn should go “big” inside and take advantage of its size and skill there. Would at least create fouls and free throws. UConn can win from inside the 3 point arc.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Geno’s fault for constantly practicing with Dolson up high. He looks like a genius when UConn plays Oregon and Oakland.

  10. bii

    Relax Uconn fans long season the lost will help the Huskies in the long run Don’t forget 73-72 Really Kelly played great she can’t guard Mcbride PLUS help out on others aswell the other Huskies did not play good DEF
    Look at her stats missed shots but so did the rest MY major concern is Jeff _ Tuck instead of BANKS thats BS when she was in the game she played great With KLM hurt Banks for THREE or Hartley BANKS should transfer she start on 95% of the teams out there Geno talks about how good she is but no mins whats up w/ that???

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Banks should transfer and tell Geno where to go. Banks would be the 6th player on Notre Dame and see plenty of playing time. Banks would start on Stanford and Maryland.

  11. Tom G

    Same old geno, coaching is passing him by. When he did not have the best players in the country back in the day he was a great coach and judge of talent. Now he makes a decision right or wrong and won’t change at the teams expense. All we hear about certain players is what they can’t do. Others are allowed to continue to fail at the teams expense. Two examples…. Last years four guard offense allowed all big teams to pound them down low. I like Kelley but her matchup in the ND game last year was a big reason why Uconn lost. All I heard last year was how good she was. My eyes told me otherwise. The girl can’t shoot. She has done better this year but if you watch she is the one they leave open and put their worst defender on. KML gets all the attention on defense. Why did we not try a big lineup at all? Geno wanted to win with four guards at the teams expence. Buck plays well when she gets a chance but at this point he plays the young players at the teams expense. Buck should be third big in the rotation in front of the soft sophmore and the I want to shoot every time I touch it freshmen Tuck. All should be playing. Remember when Buck came out of High School. They said she couldn,t shoot. They also said she was the 5th ranked center in America and many schools were interested including Stanford. Do you think she would be playing if she went out there? That coach loves big bodies. Also remember when the 6’8″ girl comes to town Heather will be our only big not crying in the corner asking for mommy.
    Second example….. Bria Hartley is a very good basketball player. She has potential to be great. But it will never be as a point guard. The girl can’t dribble. She gets away with carrying the ball. Her dribble is at her chin all the time and she exposes the ball to often. Look at all her matchups in the big games against the good guards and if your honest you will admit she can’t get it done. Yesterday was a prime example. She was switched to ND’s point in the 2nd half and look what happened. Their point made all the big plays. Who ever said she made her 3’s with a hand in face wasn’t watching. Hands were down and she was 5′ away. Now if she was allowed to play 2 guard she would be better off. Get the ball out of her hands. He has two choices at the point. A freshman or the lefhanded sophmore. The sophmore should be the point but that will never happen because that would require sitting his pet Kelley. My suggestion to Geno is pull out the Lobo championship tape. Take a close look at the roster. Yes there were some All Americans on that team but there also were role players. Not everbody had to score to help. Pam Weber and Jamell Elliot come to mind. Lets get back to the days when it was about the team and not Geno!

    1. Nick

      A lot said in that statement I don’t agree with you on the Bria handle..she has a terrific handle..she is a true 2 guard I agree,,but the problem is composure in these close games we have to get better in that department or no banner will hang this four yes, but no championship..I also hate this princeton offense have never really liked it..the pick and roll causes more problems that any play in basketball and everybody knows it.

    2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Geno has never been an Xs and Os coach. Geno is an anal retentive practice coach who just happens to be a good recruiter – sometimes. Geno fails to develop his players because he is a stubborn 6 player rotation coach. Jefferson and Tuck play like high school freshmen. Banks should transfer because Geno is too in love with Doty and Faris to play her.

  12. RAY RAY

    great game but lets face it,uconn is soft.they get outmuscled all the time.if KML hits the big shot,it would still be a issue

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      … and UConn still has the same old problems. Soft. Weak. Unable to run any plays except motion. Outcoached when talent is even. Afraid to lead like Diggins or McBride.

  13. Chris Saran

    Mike T, you need glasses. There was no hand in Diggins’ face on either of those threes. Blown layups and giving up too many offensive rebounds is why UConn lost. They have a lot of work to do. The positive side is there’s plenty of time to get everything straightened out. As far as the freshmen, Morgan Tuck should have played more and Jefferson will never get better with a minute here and a minute there. What’s happened to Brianna Banks all of a sudden?

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Banks should tranfser and tell Geno where to go. Stubborn old man is in love with Doty and Faris. Tuck is terrible. How she was ranked in the top 10 in high school is a mystery. Big body and all she wants to do is shoot 3 PT. Jefferson is an over hyped Dixon who teams will learn to not guard becaue she shoots worse than Stewart.

      1. Nick

        You keep overeacting talking about Banks transfering that would not be good for her..also what were you saying about Hartley when she was a freshman and saving Uconn’s winning streak? You suppose to keep your head up while dribbling the basketball so you can see the a fan but I don’t think you ever played the game..lot’s of comment’s from you mostley negative though..Hartley will do fine in the WNBA..the only thing you right on is Geno and that stupid motion offense.

        1. Edward Sorin

          and tonight Hartley still carries the ball and gets away with it – sort of like Diggins “always getting calls her way” according to UConn sore loser fans

          1. Nick

            As long as she’s getting away with it what the hell are you worried about it for! damn some of you people are getting carried away with this one loss she didn’t get called for one dribbling OT I don’t want to quote Redcee on what he had to say to you about dribbling but that was pretty funny. You people are making up things that had or have nothing to do with the game..must be nothing to do over there in Conn except watch TV and rock back and forth in the rocking chair and talk crap about these wonderful student athletes that come to your school and carry on a tradition of least the women are going to their classes!

  14. bii


    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Banks should tranfser and tell Geno where to go. Stubborn old man is in love with Doty and Faris. Tuck is terrible. How she was ranked in the top 10 in high school is a mystery. Big body and all she wants to do is shoot 3 PT. Jefferson is an over hyped Dixon who teams will learn to not guard becaue she shoots worse than Stewart.

  15. Tom G

    As I mentioned Banks is the lefty sophmore that should be this teams point guard. She has the ability to penetrate and has shot and played well when given the chance. Like Buck she will never get consistant minutes to prove her ability here. Some will play reguardless of the results. Remember in Geno we trust. But of late he has chased away a lot of talent. When they leave we hear negatives about them. Lets see how he recruits going forward now that he is not coaching the National Team. That is just another reason not to come to Uconn and listen to his crap.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Geno is a stubborn old man. He lucks out and gets Stewart. But then she turns out to have problems with her feet and cringes with contact. Geno bought into the over hyped Jefferson and Tuck. So now he is stuck with them. This over hyped recruiting class caused a 2nd one player recruiting class in 4 years.

  16. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

    Remember the good old days? Renee, Tina, Kalana, and Maya trouncing ND and everyone else on the way to 39-0?

  17. Mike McManus

    All it takes is a UCONN loss to bring out the venom in a couple of Geno-haters who have dominated this blog. It’s really a shame. The team simply did not execute his game plan, especially in the first half. Don’t blame the coaching staff for that. They were simply out played by a team that was better yesterday. They know they’re supposed to set picks and keep their hands up on defense, and cover for one another on defense…but for whatever reason, they didn’t do those things. Those of you who find satisfaction in finding fault with Doty, Stewart, Tuck and others…..go and spread your venom elsewhere, especially the so-called UCONN Fan!

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Stop drinking the Geno-Aid for once in your life. Geno did not have a game plan. He never does. Geno relies on former high school all americans to figure out the game for themselves.

  18. Erik

    Hey UHF, give it a rest already. OK, we heard you re “Banks should transfer”, but think about it for a moment.

    If she transfers, she must sit out 2013-2014 season.
    But if she stays (as she should – young folks need to learn to honor their obligations.), what does the 2013-2014 UCONN line-up look like after the graduation of Doty-Farris-Buck?

    Dolson (Sr)
    KML (Jr)
    Stewrt (So)
    Hartley (Sr)
    Plus BANKS now in the starting line-up!!!!!

    Off the bench:
    Backcourt – Jefferson (So) + freshman Chong.
    Frontcourt – Stokes (Jr) & Tuck (So)

    Worse case, Banks is the sixth man next year. And for 2014-2015 (when Hartley has graduated), she is a senior leader on the team.

    Two questions:
    How many Final Fours did Jean Clark, Marci Glenney, Rashidat Sadiq, Liz Sherwood, Kia Robinson, etc get to play in? (All players who previously transferred out of the UCONN WB team).

    How many future Final Fours do you think Samaire Walker, Lauen Engeln, and Michala Johnson will get to play in?

    Brianna Banks has made significant improvement this year. In her own words I believed she said it was because of a change in her attitude and hard work during the off-season. IMO, she will contribute more as the season progresses, and will be a KEY component of the 2013-2015 teams.
    So lets not encoutage her to jump ship, OK?

    1. Just Sayin'

      Geno is doing a disservice not only to Banks but to UConn. Wonder how good some UConn players would have been if their head coach showed some faith in them. You do not get better in practice. You get better in games. UConn gets all heavenly praise about their practices. And look where it gets them in close games.

  19. McBride BE POY

    Faris has a lot of nerve calling out anyone. Faris was an offensive liability to UConn her first 2 seasons. Teams dared her to shoot.

  20. t-wolf

    What’s next for some of you? How about going down to the local undertaker and telling them how to properly embalm a body, since they obviously have no clue. Believe me you know just as much about that as coaching or playing D-1 basketball. Geesh, I can’t believe how many of you must of stayed at a Holiday Inn Express before the game.

    Put a whistle on, go to practice,and the first question to 99% of you about whether to hedge, trap, or switch a ball screen your socks would be getting mighty damp if you catch my drift. Let the coaches coach, officials officiate, you spectate, and go back to selling shoes the next day.

    You have a coach that would be unemployed for all of 5 minutes if you succeeded in running him off, maybe some of you could polish up the resume.

  21. RAY RAY

    GENO has 7 ncs.he must know something.i blame the players.DOTY,STOKES,TUCK and JEFFERSONare on the free ride.IM a big BANKS fan.she entered game, had a steal,a breakaway layup,two “made” free throws and didnt see her for rest of game.missed layups,free throws,bad passes and DOLSONS stupid plays were more to blame than GENO.

    1. Nick

      Yeah but Ray Ray Geno is the one who runs everything..he’s the one who played Dolson for 40 minutes he’s the one sending in the plays so why blame Dolson she’s doing the best she can..Geno has got to put the team in the best possible position to win,and he hasn’t been doing that against this team for some time. They know how to play us..know we gonna take a lot of three point shot’s with long rebounds..and they attack and get to the free throw line that’s part of the formula they are using to beat us..Geno just should change things up and has been very slow responding to Muffet’s game plan..He’s more responsible than the player’s don’t you see that?

  22. Edward Sorin

    UConn lost because Tiffany Hayes was not here to lead them into battle and emerge victorious. She was an underrated leader.

    1. Nick

      Now that’s got to be the joke of the day because she was there last year and the year before and never showed up against ND so that must be a joke.

  23. David Schulz

    The stupidity of most of the people commenting here is mind boggling. Geno can’t develop players? How many former UCONN players were on the Gold Medal Olympic team??? Geno sat Kaleena in the first half because of fouls. I love the idiots who say he should sit Faris. Faris was the only one who competed for 40 minutes and had 13 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 5 steals. Stewert played like a young freshman. Dolson made a lot of dumb mistakes after playing a tremendous game against Stamford. Hartley is not herself yet. Geno has how many national championships? What a bunch of morons. And McBride was the best player on the floor.

  24. ctmike

    Here are the real problems for UConn. You noticed KML front rimmed the last shot. That means she was tense and tight on the shot. Winning every game by 40, you are not used to shooting shots at the buzzer to decide games. Most UConn players never play in that situation and it shows. UConn still needs a true point guard. Bria is good but lacks as a point guard. Stewart is a freshman…..need I say more. Mabery for ND. Freshman made 3 3’s when all she can do is shoot 3’s. We let her have that last one late in the 2nd half that really hurt.

  25. gouconn13

    Problem for KML, she got hurted like three times in the game due to bruise thigh to bruise knee. I knew she would start missing bunch of easy three points basket cuz her mentally wasnt there. Still, Uconn didnt need these threes to win the ball game. They should have fed the ball to Dolson in the last minute and half of the game!! Dolson didnt even touch ball again. Big mistake by Geno on game calling.

  26. Master

    Didn’t see or hear the comments Faris supposed to have made about Stewart..has anyone? I for one have only about a 20% blame on the players.. the coaches in particular Geno must step up and except blame for not changing in game strategy while you are getting picked apart by a team with less talent overall…Muffet has a great game plan on how to play a team that jacks up a lot of three point shots with long rebounds and they attack the rim forcing as Geno said last year to make a call. If he knows this why hasn’t he adjusted his own game plan?? I didn’t even hear his comments or no one on the team’s for that matter..they ran outta there faster than you can say jack rabbit!!

    1. Master

      They also handle the Uconn pressure well so the TO’s they do get don’t lead to fast break points that Uconn usually gets during a game..they have been getting to the line getting our defense out of position and have been doing this a little over 2 years now..or since they sent Maya packing after Uconn had owned them for I don’t know how long.. But Muffit learned something over that time and now Geno must come to grips..maybe stop running that awful princeton offense stop having Steward 20 ft from the basket Dolson too open up the middle and run some pick and roll or pick and pop plays that will get Uconn on the line as well. Will we ever get to the line more than they will or have..will we stop going crazy with the 3pt shot.. Will we stop fouling Diggins in the last minute with the game on the line will we deny her the ball and put pressure on the other ball handler sometimes..will we surprise them with anything that we do. Dammit!!

  27. RAY RAY

    there are certain things that fall on a coach.but making shots,passes,stupid decisions,fouls are on the players.uconn will be o.k., but some things need fixin for sure.

    1. Master

      That’s true and it’s up to the coach to fix them.. what the player’s do and don’t do..and what the game plan is to attack a team. And it varies from team to team..Notre Dame has made this adjustment against Uconn and it’s easier because they play them so much..but they haven’t been able to get over the baylor bump. I think ND can beat Standford and Duke as well..Uconn has the best chance I think in beating Baylor even though we can’t seem to beat ND

  28. David Schulz

    You don’t actually have to foul Diggins. She gets the Michael Jordan treatment from the refs. Always has.

  29. billnaples

    I wonder.
    How can Auriemma average about 34 wins a year for the last 18 seasons?
    How can he (with CD) collect seven championships?
    How can he be selected to be in the H-O-F?
    How can he survive into his 28th year with over 800 wins?
    Why hasn’t UHF gotten a Division One Head Coaching job?

    Thank you Erik for the details on how stupid it is to call for Banks to transfer. And speaking of the transfer issue look at who has transferred recently. Samarie Walker is the only one who had the talent to start and contribute at UConn in a major role. Engeln and Johnson were very unlikely to ever rise to that status, not at UConn and not likely anywhere else. Is the 2013 recruiting class 1 at this point, absolutely! Not the first time that has happened and may not be the last. Come back and talk about it when it happens 2-3-4 years in a row. UConn just came off (make a smart a$$ remark about the player rankings) a 2012 recruit class with the one, two, and fourteen (or close to that) spots by people who know a lot more about talent than UHF or I should ever think we know.

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