Kelly Faris Five Rebounds From Elite Company

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The contributions made by senior Kelly Faris during her UConn career have been numerous and extolled many times in this space over the last four years.

But there is still plenty of time left to add a few more adjectives. And maybe on Saturday at South Florida, Faris will again give us the reason.

Faris scored 11 points with nine rebounds, three assists and four steals during Tuesday’s 76-36 win over Pittsburgh.

That gives her 1,011 points, 745 rebounds, 503 assists and 275 steals in her career.

If she can get just five more rebounds before the season ends, Faris will join Maya Moore as the ONLY player in UConn women’s basketball history to go 1,000, 750, 500 and 250 in her career.

“I know you want me to say a lot about it, admit I am excited about it, but it’s hard to me to do that about statistics,” Faris said, ‘The way I think is that [success] is not always on paper and so I’ve never focused on numbers or gotten too into it. For me it’s what you see on the court. I could have a billion points and still be the worst teammate in the world.

“I appreciate that it is being acknowledged. I really do. But I will not sit here and gloat about or get excited. But its not necessarily what I came here to focus on.”

Moore scored 3,036 points, 1,276 rebounds, 544 assists and 310 steals.

“Hey, I”ll take being in the same conversation with Maya Moore, but uh, yeah.”


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8 thoughts on “Kelly Faris Five Rebounds From Elite Company

  1. UConn! Huskies!

    Hartley was outstanding last night. Doty was even better. They are the best starting backcourt in the nation. Notre Dame and Baylor don’t stand a chance.

    1. billnaples

      Sarcasm is not your best color. But also a comment for another place at another time. This post is about Kelly Faris, comments should reflect that. No matter her refreshing look at stats it is how so many view the success or failure of an athlete. And Kelly’s numbers speak volumes about the kind of player she is and moreover defines who she is as a teammate.

      1. Village Idiot

        Bill Naples: A bright and shining light in an otherwise darkening world. I love Kelly, have for almost 4 years. Numbers or no numbers
        KML is on a track to be among the greats at Uconn.
        Don’t be away so long BillNaples, we need your sanity here.Same goes for you HarryH>

  2. Tiff >> Doty + Hartley

    As great as Faris numbers are, Maya’s numbers, 4 all american awards, 3 player of the year awards, and 2 NC put her in WCBB all time top 20. Maybe even top 10. Faris might finally earn one second team all american award.

    Chamique’s numbers were eerily similar to Maya and she earned 1 more NC. Maya might have earned a third NC if Faris could shoot her first 3 years.

    That final four semi final loss must have deeply hurt Maya. Her teammates stood around and watched her amazing effort just to keep UConn in the game against ND.

    I get that some fans love Faris to death. But as a long time UConn fan, Faris is no where near Maya. And this season including last night Faris throws some really dumb passes leaving Geno and fans scratching their heads.

    Having said that, this UConn team would not have a shot at this season’s NC without Faris. Just do not think that KML, Dolson, Stewart, and Faris can win the NC with the way Doty and Hartley have played this season. Their numbers do not lie.

    And since Geno will only play 6 or 7 in the BET Championship, Elite Eight, and Final Four, UConn is stuck with Doty and Hartley. No matter how deep any team is, coaches reduce their rotation in March. Stokes is done for the season. Tuck will lose minutes to KML and Stewart.

    ND has the psychological edge, winning 5 out of 6. We will soon see if Faris can slow down McBride (or Diggins, if Geno tries to be cute).

    1. Winning is Everything

      Doty should not be considered as a major factor on the UConn team. She offers moment of good play. But with her damaged knees she cannot stay with fast/quick players. She does however have tons of experience and doesn’t get rattled in big games. In addition she is a streak shooter–if she hits one, the next 5 will go in. When ON thats an asset on any team. Hartley too is EXPERIENCE. I am not happy with all the shots she takes, but she again will hit 5 in a row if one goes in. I prefer her attacking the basket.
      McBride and Diggins are both problematic for Uconn to guard. I would like to see Kelly on Diggins–I think they both have a lot to prove to each other.

  3. HarryH

    Maya’s only come along many, many years apart. There are players who not only play great but make others around them play great – that is Kelly. I’d take her on my team anytime. Hey in the last couple of days I’ve even seen her smile.

    I don’t think people understand Doty’s role on the team. She sets the pace and keeps the effort going. She is much more valuable than her statistics indicate.

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