Kelly Faris For President

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This must now seem obvious to everyone who has watched UConn and the Big East Conference this season.

There are only three choices for conference player of the year; one based on statistics, one based on reputation and one based on reality.

If the coaches in this conference understand what makes a team a team, they will take the bold step and select UConn senior Kelly Faris over Georgetown’s Sugar Rodgers and Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins as the Big East’s Player of the Year.

“Ah Kelly Faris … my idol,” Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis said.

At the very least, Faris better be one of at least three UConn players on the team along with Stefanie Dolson and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis. Perhaps Breanna Stewart even merits inclusion as a fourth. And Faris is, without question, the Big East’s Defensive Player of the Year.

In fact, if those who vote for the Associated Press and WBCA All-America team decide to actually think about what they are doing, Faris merits inclusion on both of those teams, as well, along with Brittney Griner, Diggins, Elena Delle Donne and anyone else who may be considered.

Who deserves to be an All-American more than Kelly Faris? Who exemplifies the concept of what an All-American is more than Kelly Faris?

We will be watching the results with great interest. What she is doing this season is one of the most remarkable things any UConn player has ever done in any season.


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24 thoughts on “Kelly Faris For President

  1. Genosguy

    John–everything you say is 100 percent correct.

    Kelly deserves recognition for being–the heart and soul, defensive leader of UConn.

    Most improved player—Kelly
    Best Defensive player—Kelly
    Best Team Leader——–Kelly

    But alas, the pundits focus on scoring as most meaningful. While Kelly can score–she assists

    Uconn Fans agree Kelly Faris for President

    1. nhntc47

      Everything JA said is correct and everything Genosguy said is correct,too.

      Kelly Faris is a great basketball player, not just a scorer.

    2. Donald J. Porter

      ONE EXTREMELY WONDERFUL Young woman – who happens to be a FABULOUS baketball Player . She is what John Wooden spoke about with Woman’s basketballbeing being PURE Basketball !

  2. bruinbball

    Which would you rather have:

    10.8 PPG, 55.1%FG, 45% 3FG, 73.7 FT, 5 R, 4.6 A, 54 steals (3/game) and 7 blocks, with an A/TO of 2.83 – 18 games played.


    15.3 PPG, 40.0% FG, 31.8% 3FG, 87.6 FT%, 3.3 R, 5.9 A, 51 steals (3/game) and 13 blocks with an A/TO of 1.59 – 17 games played.

    The first is Kelly, the second is Diggins.

    1. TVD

      Diggins – because she is the floor general, on top of those stats. Most on the JA chat and Chris Dailey state that Doty is the floor general. So Diggins does more.

        1. TVD


  3. Robert Gery

    “Geno is God”…. that’s what the sign said a few years ago on a small Connecticut store that raised some controversy!

    The new sign needs to read “Geno was God. Kelly is now”! no controversy at all. I LOVE TO WATCH KELLY PLAY.

    I was only saddened by the fact that she didn’t get 10 assists to really top of the numbers.

    I am sad that points seems to be the only criteria for All-American status.

    1. John Bodnar

      Geno is a great coach.Kelly Faris is an outstanding basketball player. However , neither one of them is God.

  4. TexasBogger

    Keep lobbying hard, John. If Kelly keeps up her current level of play and we find a way to get the ND monkey off our back then she should receive the accolades she deserves.

  5. JohnD

    Blood,guts but no glory thats Kelly in a nutshell.She is all about team and not vanity but deserves much more recognition then some All Americans with the all about me attitude.I enjoyed watching her play even before offense was added to her repertoire this year.I would say that she more then likely could have scored more often in the past but seemed to defer that part of the game to others and was content to just play defense on the opposing teams best scorer and contribute in other ways.Great for her that now she is finally getting her just rewards and hands down she should be voted All American in her senior year.I’ll sure miss the Little Engine That Could after she graduates this year.Go Kelly & Go UConn !!!!Both the UConn Men & Women basketball teams have made my last 25 winters much warmer.

  6. Keith

    Just about everything said prior is correct. Tv doesn’t really capture the experience of being at the games. It was electric. They should put kelly’s shirt on the wall in gampel- and start a new retirement category- heart hustle commitment attitude. Truth is we get this from almost every player on every play every yr- but she takes it to those jen rizotti shea ralph levels every second on the floor. How lucky are we to “witness perfection” on almost every offensive and defensive possession!

  7. Valerie Mills

    Kelly plays basketball like Pete Rose played baseball.

    Push the top three WNBA draft candidates aside and vote Kelly as the #1 pick!

    Inspired women’s basketball a la Jennifer Rizzotti.

  8. SBB

    They need to have a category for the Huskies of Honor called Heart (or heart of hustle as another poster suggested). For those players who made a difference without having the stats to stand out to the media.


      If fans or media have to create a category to honor someone, that means the player is not held to the same standards as everyone else.

  9. TVD

    Super stars with stats don’t get enough credit for all the hard work they put in. It goes unnoticed because fans are watching the stats action.

  10. John

    To assert that Skylar Diggins would receive the award purely on “reputation” is rude and incorrect. After losing 3 of her fellow starters to graduation, Skylar has willed her young team to victories- including one over the “UNTOUCHABLE” Huskies. I don’t remember Faris stepping up to make the plays to win, but I do remember McBride lighting her up all night.

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