Kelly Faris Stays Home [Sort Of] With The Sun

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Throughout her heralded UConn career, Kelly Faris was called a “glue” player by those who admired the way she kept things together for the Huskies’ eighth national champion.

   Appropriately enough, the characterization has stuck to her as a budding professional, like an actress with and a character after the role of a lifetime.

    The respect held Faris in high esteem Monday as the WNBA’s 12 teams prepared for the 2013 draft. But it also caused concern she’d be drafted by a team ill-equipped to best utilize her unique ability.

   That’s not how the Connecticut Sun view themselves. And that’s why they selected Faris with the 11th pick of the first round.

  “We were pleased that Kelly was available,” Sun coach Anne Donovan said. “She will bring a high basketball IQ with her. She is a great defender and she brings all of the intangible qualities you look for in a young professional.”

   Faris ended her career just the second player in UConn history to accumulate at least 1,000 points, 750 rebounds, 500 assists and 250 rebounds. The other was Maya Moore, UConn’s only four-time All-American.

  And Faris accomplished obscured in a national shadow, never chosen as an All-American let alone to a Big East Conference first team. But UConn coach Geno Auriemma knows the truth.

  “Was she was a great passer, a great shooter or a great ball handler?,” Auriemma said.  “For Kelly, it’s more … Kelly is great at putting you in a position to win.  That’s what she’s great at.  So when she leaves Connecticut and people ask me, you know, ‘Who’s one of the best players you’ve ever had at Connecticut, and I say, Kelly Faris. They’ll say, Why?  She was great at making sure we were in position to win every night.”

   Faris, the Big East’s defensive player of the year, improved her draft stock with her improved shooting touch. Not only did she shoot 53 percent from the field, but she made 41.5 percent of her three-pointers, including four in the national championship game against Louisville.

   Her assist-turnover ratio, which led the nation for a great part of the season, was stellar (156 assists, 74 turnovers) and see led UConn with 96 assists.

   Still, despite all this, Faris is not considered a sure-fire WNBA starter because she hasn’t been able to score easily or abundantly enough to convince scouts she is worthy of 30 minutes a game.

   And like Notre Dame’s Natalie Novosel, a very similar player drafted eighth overall last season by woeful Washington, being in the wrong situation could have potentially harmful to her Faris’ career.

   Novosel played barely played 10 minutes a game for the Mystics and scored in double-figures just once (12 points) with 31 games for a 5-29 team.



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31 thoughts on “Kelly Faris Stays Home [Sort Of] With The Sun

  1. Obama Speech was Lame

    Now that EDD will play for Chicago and be away from her sister Lizzie – we can put to bed that excuse as to why she left UConn. In other news, why on earth did Washington pass on all that talent for Taylor Swift. Of course the Mohegan Huskies picked Faris. No one else was left. Thought she was headed to Liberty.

    1. nhntc47

      This site is for Uconn basketball. It’s really annoying to read some nonsense posted by fools with stupid user’s names.

      1. mike mcmanus

        I fully agree with you, but these folks never seem to get the message because they love to get a reaction. Just check out hip-hop-hood on the men’s blog. He’s a classic example. No one should be able to participate w/o using their proper name, and somehow verify it.

  2. martin fallon

    Kelly Faris helps UCONN win their eighth national championship. She helps shut down the third-round pick in the WNBA draft. She helps create tissue debt in the ND locker room. Kelly helps return order to the women’s collegiate, basketball universe. The pros pick this remarkable athlete in the first round. Good luck Kelly; it was great to see you smiling at the end and thanks for everything.

    1. TGIGG

      “She helps create tissue debt in the ND locker room.” DUUUUDE, you’re killing me, I’m gonna bust a gut laughing, Just too good, will go down in UConn women’s bb history as one of the all time great quotes. If it’s original you should copyright it. It’s cruel but oh so funny! GENO SHOULD HAVE SAID THIS!! Can you just picture that? How hilarious would that have been?

      Back to the topic…..At the parade we discussed this, could the Sun get her? We’re so lucky, the Connecticut/Faris love affair can continue!


  3. Dick

    I think this is a terrible first round pick. Kelly is a wonderful support player; but with Jones and McCray gone we need instant productivity, especially in the front court. Kelly would have been a good lower round pick.

  4. Sal and Irene

    We are happy that Kelly is going to the SUN. We should be able to see her play more often than her being on another team. She will do for the SUN what she did for UCONN. We loved her then and will continue to love her on her new team. We were disappointed that ESPN nor ESPNU did not show her receiving her jersey or being interviewed.

  5. t-wolf

    Wonder how many head coaches, who had a team compete against Kelly Farris, thought this was a horrible first round pick? Those who have coached or played college sports know she was so much more than a support player. Don’t know how much you think she will help her new team, but I can guarantee you she won’t hurt them in any way.

    Just a guess, but there will be some who passed on her with higher picks who have the same regrets as the coaches who couldn’t figure out why the Uconn staff recruited her in the first place.

    1. Kelly Faris

      T Wolf–well said. I hate the BRAND on Kelly as a “role player”. Before she is done she’ll be the star she should have been seen as going into the WNBA.
      She’s the engine that made Uconn run, as Kelly went so went UConn.
      I’ve watched Kelly from day one at UConn. Geno said she may be a bad play, but never a bad game–he was proven true.

      EDD looked superb, handled herself with aplomb, smart, classy, she is the real NEW face of the WNBA. And she was beautiful to boot.

  6. Brent

    So many teams playing UConn have said after their losses that good teams look bad when they play against UConn. Kelly Faris was a big part of that result this season — both by her actions on the court and her leadership. And defense wins championships. Kudos to the Sun for selecting Kelly and a huge thank you from this UConn fan to the teams with the 8-10 picks for leaving Kelly available to the Sun!

    1. Kelly Faris

      After all the bad raps for the Entire UConn TEam against ND–it was Kelly who took Diggy effectively out of the game. My heart just swelled watching her greatest two games in a Uconn uniform as her last 2. When she did guard Diggy babe,she had McBride a more difficult guard and did a great job.
      Kelly isn’t a role player, she a basketball player top to bottom–she scores, assists, rebounds, and sets up plays–that’s not a role player , that’s a leader.

      1. Bracchus

        When Kelly Faris first came to UCONN and for most of the first three years of her career she was not an offensive threat. Teams wouldn’t even guard her. In the last tear and a half she has developed some offense. That is what got her the number 11 draft pick along with Connecticut nostalgia.

        Kelly was fortunate in coming to UCONN and playing on a team with significant offensive talent. She was also fortunate in finding a coach who was willing to allow her to develop on the floor. Her choice of schools has been critical in her college success and allowed her the visibility to have some cache as a pro pick.

        But, lets be realistic. Had she gone to Western Kentucky State, no one would have ever heard of her.

        To paint her as some kind of a superstar is revisionist history. Kelly, for 2/3’s of her career was a role player. She became a solid starter in the last third, but not a superstar.

        Kelly was what she was.

        1. A BB players Player

          Bracchus–you do have a way with words–it’s called twisting them.

          Kelly was a high school star in Indiana. Rated highly. No one called her a super star. She is and has always been–a basketball player. A no nonsense player. I resent the Brand of ROLE player–she’s a basketball player.
          Yes she is fortunate she went to Uconn–like many highly rated players are going to top rated player are fortunate in going to those schools.
          Diana was fortunate to be at UConn. Maya was fortunate as was Tina, Rebecca, Sue, Swin, Asya, Williams, etc. Bad argument on your part.
          You have this mental love affair with Diggins–and racisim where none exists.
          I feel sorry for you thinking everything and everyone is out to get you–but maybe they really are.
          You probably need serious mental health help. Those without education, are not employed, are in serious need of medical/mental care can get it by going to ST Francis Hospital (they probably even watch ND games). They will help or direct you.

          I hope you are successful in getting the help you so obviously need. Bet of luck in that endeavor.

          1. Bracchus

            Most of those players that you named could have gone to any school and made a name for themselves. My point was that Kelly’s skills would probably not have garnered her the same attention on lesser performing team.

            You are correct in that all of the ones you named obviously get more press from being at UCONN. I am sure that this is a part of the attraction. I just think this was more useful for Kelly than some of the others given her skill sets.

            Now, it is highly unlikely that you and others who are in a UCONN/Geno trance would ever be objective enough to acknowledge that fact. Doesn’t make it any less true though.

            As far as racism goes, it rears its ugly head in many ways. When people are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized that is just as racist as using an epithet or other racist actions. The beauty of your attacks on Skylar can always be explained by you as simply being related to her demeanor. But, I have seen this act before.

            You see you and many in society are the ones in serious need of mental health care. You have brainwashed to see people in a certain way and interpret their actions differently based on things other than individual merit. Griner was accused by someone of targeting white players for physical abuse. Certain teams wih large numbers of blacks have been accused of playing “thuggish” basketball. It goes on and on.

            I don’t expect you to see it. You are convinced that you and others do not have a racist bone in your bodies. Really? I wonder how you or Geno would react if one of the black male players showed up on your doorstep to date your daughter. I wonder how some of you color blind people would feel if Tina Charles moved next door to you.

            You see, these are the things that no one wants to talk about. So, what do we get-platitudes. Crap like not discriminating against purple or polka dot people. It is all BS.

            Now, my comments are going to make a lot of you uncomfortable. But, that is a good thing. Because maybe you will stop and ask yourselves are you as free of racist ideology as you think you might be. Maybe you won’t. But, I have made my point.

  7. John D

    @ Bracchus- If she had gone to where ? Are u sure your on the right website ? No one that I can see is remotely suggesting Kelly is a super star but on the other hand I would prefer having five starters on my team such as Kelly rather then one “it’s all about me super star”.Now go away and spew your nonsense somewhere else.

    1. Bracchus

      Your comment is palpably ignorant.

      First, the constant comparisons between the two, which seem to be based more on demeanor than basketball, are ridiculous to any true student of the game. Sklar was a point guard for ND. Her job was to distribute the ball and lead her team on the floor. She had reasonable offense and excellent defense. She also had a very high basketball IQ.

      Second, Kelly Faris started clearly as a role player with limited capabilities, which really centered around her hustle quotient. She played very good defense and went after every ball. All admirable. But, she would have been a liability on offense were it not for the offensive talent of the other Huskies. Kelly did improve her offensive skills aobut a year and a half ago to her credit. I believe that is what got her drafted 11 in the WNBA.

      Third, Diggins has been relatively consistent in all four years at ND and was the face of that team. Her leadership has been critical to their success. She is a highly spirited young lady that wants to win, That is it. But, somehow the myopic views in tis forum want to paint her as some kind of a selfish villain. Ridiculous. She is attractive, intelligent and a competitor.

      Fourth, my comments about Diggins and Faris have nothing to do with each other. Each young lady should be evaluated in her own light.

      Now, I am going to say something that needs to be said. Skylar is a black female. There is a tendency among many to want to paint blacks who are confident, assertive and spirited as arrogant, egotistical and difficult. This is why the comparison to the far more placid Faris is so important. Yet, the same people wallow in Geno’s arrogance, ego and difficult personality. Please. The different treatment is palpable.

      Now, you go somewhere else and spew your crap.

      1. t-wolf

        First of all, I could care less whether S.D. Was black, white, purple, or polka-dotted. Being confident, assertive, and aggressive are positive traits for any athlete. The issue I had with her play is that she exhibited those when things were going her way, and the negatives you deride when the the going got tough. The same spotlight she sought when winning, she shunned by blowing off reporters @ half, or putting her hand in front of a camera during a timeout. I could even handle that if you didn’t also see her in an absolute dog-trot back on defense as the game was being decided. If the player you are comparing her to did that in the previous three losses this game would have never even happened.

        Furthermore, the traits you characterize Geno with lead me to ask a very simple question. Since the best prep players in the nation can play at any program in the country, why do they choose his? Whatever his style is, you can’t say it doesn’t work for him & his players seem to be productive while under his influence and after moving to the next level.

        1. Bracchus

          Why is it that when someone mentions how blacks are perceived, suddenly new polka dot and purple people are created for comparison. Telling isn’t it?

          The problem with your last paragraph is not its veracity. You are correct. But, the same can be said for Diggins. No championships, but certainly a successful career at ND, and ends up being a number 3 draft pick behind two superstars.

          Further, as to Geno, I not debating his success. That would be stupid. The discussion was demeanor. I , for one, find wise ass comments, sarcasm and plain old negativity far more offensive in a “mature” adult than I do in a college student. And, that is not to suggest that Skylar has even approached Auriemma in that regard.

          The black thing is ingrained in this society. You don’t even know you are doing it. But, we have all been conditioned to see black as evil and white as players are gifted. White players are hard workers. Black players are arrogant and violent.(Someone here went so far as to say that Britney Griner targeted white players for abuse. The same person used a 3 year old example if Britney punching a white player after the white player slung her across the floor and had been roughing her up all night). Black players are instinctive. White players are cerebral.

          I see this crap imbedded in many of the articles written and comments from the fans. You can deny it and ignore it if you wish. I will not.

          1. Diggins has talent

            Bracchus—Diggins didn’t get a Championship–that pleasures me. She is a talented player, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes in the projectors personality.

            Notre Dame can and maybe should (not knowing all the crap behind the scene) like Diggy babe talent.
            But she is a shameless self promotionizer (300,000 plus on tweeter). That rubs the grain, whether it’s a ND player or TN player or one of some race other than black–because if I say black you immediately jump to me being a racist. You don’t know me or almost anyone else on this blog, you twist words and comments to fuel you biased views.
            yet this is a Uconn Women’ BB site and you are infringing upon our rights according to the first amendment to discriminate against those who use this blog to tout and blare your horn(y) over someone who apparently means more to you than a basketball talent.
            To tell you to take you case for Diggins to Notre Dame isn’t racist –it’s discriminatory and since it is clearly a UConn Women’s BB site I feel clear in saying bug off take your hate somewhere else. Now don’t you feel that palpable??? Stupid??

      2. Racism is racism whatever the source

        Palpable–As I’ve reminded you a dozen times–this is a UConn Women’s BB site–if you want love for Diggins go to ND sites.
        Too bad you can’t pull up a dozen ND sites during Maya’s or DT’s time at UConn–lots of negativism then–and it wasn’t race bias.

        Geno is arrogant, a loud mouth, a philly wise guy, and (I admit i don’t like him with negative comment in the media). His former players say this is how he communicates–and they didn’t have an issue with it.
        All the above is basically true–the other sides of Geno are multifaceted: 1. He and his team gives back to his local/state community. He is first with big dollars for cancer, Pats foundation, Newtown foundation, and 100 more I currently forget. 95 percent of his player love him–they keep coming back to work with him and the new kids–why –not because he’s the S.O.B. you make him out to be–but because he is loyal toa fault, he sticks by his kids (players) and they stick by him. Geno nor none of his coaches has a bias bone in their heads—if you think that–go visit the guy, really, tell him what you think–ask his coaches, his former players. Oh yea some don’t like him, I’m sure–I bet everyone who knows or reads your crap love you either.
        I’ll join you in damning his media offenses on the players–but on every other aspect you are wrong. Wrong WRONG

        1. Bracchus

          Diggins Has Talent:

          This is what I am talking about. You are criticizing her because she has fans. What? There must be a reason that she has 300,000 fans on Twitter. Obviously, there are people who do not view her as you do.

  8. t-wolf

    My point, after playing with and coaching players of every possible ethnicity, is that I don’t “perceive” anything about a player or teammate, other than how they performed, and what they added to the group effort. My comments about what I observed in the semifinal game are strictly about the basketball game itself, and to insinuate there is any other agenda involved is nothing but a fabrication.

    My comments about Geno are strictly related to results. Point being that if your characterization of Geno were accurate, no quality athletes would be attracted to his program. Even if they were they would not compete with the fervor his teams compete with, since players will play hard for someone they don’t personally like, but not someone they don’t respect.Your description of an arrogant, egotistical, difficult to deal with coach would not lend itself to garnering respect from student athletes.

  9. Bracchus

    Of course you see color. The first thing that we notice about anyone is their physical appearance. The assertion that you are color blind is either duplicitous or just plain stupid. Seeing color is not the problem. It is the assumptions that are made because of color. I guarantee you that if Diggins were white she would simply be seen as an intelligent, attractive and spirited young lady-period.

    Nothing you said contradicts my comments about Geno. Top players want to come to winning programs. They will often sublimate themselves to the culture of that program to get where they want to get to. The fact that he can attract top players does not lessen his egotism or arrogance.And, when you are a winner you can get away with a lot of things.

    But, following your same line of reasoning, Diggins was highly regarded by ND. Many in the administration speak very highly of her and saw her as an excellent representative for their university. Your description of a selfish diva would not lend itself to such respect.

    1. Mr Palpable at it again???

      Hey Palpable–You are stupid or a racist in asserting if Diggins were white we’d love her—Freaking WRong!!

      A witch is a witch, a B is a B, a pouter is a pouter, a strutter is a strutter, a player who spends 1/2 the game in the coaches face, I would more than dislike if she were green, asian, black, blue, oriental, mongolian, hispanic, french, polish, german, italian, or even a little of each.
      It surely appears you are racist against white players–or white male coaches, or anything —
      Geno gets great players (black or white or hispanic or oriental) because he is great. In the bad ole racist daze–female coaches said “you can’t go to Uconn–all they take is white women”. Luckly Uconn type of players/people don’t and didn’t fall for that crap.
      It didn’t work then why do you think your racist baiting comments should work now.
      You jumped all over another blogger for having a similar but opposite opinion–what makes your comment less racist–because you are saying if she were WHITE–that makes it ok???
      Racism, ageist, ethnic, nationality, planet, gender, sexual orientation, are all equally wrong for either side of each argument. Join the 21st century.

      1. Bracchus

        How am I being racist for suggesting that the comments about Diggins are affected by perceptions of race? Do you know the definition of racism?

    2. Racism is racism whatever the source




      1. Bracchus

        You actually see a person’s personality and education before you see their color? Think harder? You can come up with a better response than that!

    3. Bracchus you'll never believe this

      Bracchus–As unbelievable as this may sound to you.
      I told my wife what you said about If Diggy babe was White she would be considered intelligent and attractive and none of the negative comment would be going her way (I put that last part in myself)

      She said: You mean she isn’t white???
      Apparently because of her very light complexion and smooth hair and being at Notre Dame–2 teams she has followed for years (Men and Women BB), I think she just assumed Diggy white.
      Yet the wife doesn’t like her pouty, strutting, mouthing, blocking camera and walking away from Holly at half time of the game she was losing. So My wife like me, just dislike “unsportsman like conduct by players of any racial make up”. You see she went to Christ the King HS, which was a racially balanced school. Notre Dame was held up as the epitome of Universities–with the Jesuits commanding. Oh yes she does like Sue Bird, Tina Charles, Dixon, and now Calhoun- but not Diggy. So I guess she is discriminatory–in selecting the conduct she dislikes, not the person. You see she really is color blind as she is with her grandson.
      As racially charged as your psyche is an how bias and prejudice as you come across. It would be intelligent and palpable to rethink your apparently biased opinions.
      Yes when the other guy said Griner was striking white players–I knew it was what it was–and chastised him for it. Griner is big and black and I like her game–I discriminate that way too.

      1. t-wolf

        Bacchus, I appreciate so much your ability to tell me, and many others, in your posts what we feel, see, and think with such keen insight. If your day job as a Skyler groupie ever falls through you have a wonderful future as a psychic.

        What I do think is that I will follow some of the best advice my father gave me: “never argue with a fool, the bystanders may not know which one is which”.

        1. Bracchus


          Glad you respect your dad’s advice. Actually, it is pretty good advice.

          But, I think that I will respond with a saying my dad was fond of quoting. “Just because you put a cat in the oven, doesn’t make it a bicuit.”

          By the way, I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I don’t even care if a person is opaque.

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