Kelly Faris, This Is Your Milestone

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With her six rebounds Saturday, Kelly Faris joined Maya Moore as the only two players in UConn women’s basketball history to score at least 1,000 points with 750 rebounds, 500 assists and 250 steals.

“You think of the accomplishments she [Moore] had, everything she was able to do during her career in such a short amount of time,” Faris said. “Just to be mentioned with her, in any way, means a lot to me. But when it really gets down to it, statistics are just on paper. I am more about what happens on the court and some of that stuff doesn’t necessarily show up [in the box score].

“I’d say I probably had to work the most for my rebounds [she now has 751]. Mentally, the toughest accomplishment was the points [1,016].”

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, who scored a career high 32 points in Saturday’s 85-51 win, is in the midst of a great run. She has scored 98 points and with 39 rebounds in her last four games and has had only two games in single-digits since scoring nine at Georgetown Jan. 9. .. Stef Dolson’s double-double (25 and 10) was just her second of the season, her first since scoring 10 with 14 rebounds at Stanford … UConn was 22 of 23 from the foul line on Saturday

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28 thoughts on “Kelly Faris, This Is Your Milestone

  1. Arrogance 101

    Faris said “I am more about what happens on the court and some of that stuff doesn’t necessarily show up [in the box score].” As if Maya or her present teammates haven’t done “that stuff”. Even Geno and CD said Doty does “that stuff”, like be the floor general.

    1. Tom

      That is the most ignorant comment I’ve seen on this blog all year – and that’s saying something.

    1. Pat

      TexasBlogger: Why don’t you just go back to Texas and root for Baylor. You evidently aren’t a UConn fan, so don’t appreciate the individual accomplishments like a true UConn fan does. So, go root for Baylor and Griner, but stay out of UConn territory.

  2. You're an Arrogant Idiot 101

    Faris wasn’t comparing herself to her team mates with that remark. She was responding to again being asked about her statistics, and yet again stated that the personal stats don’t really much to her.

    “But when it really gets down to it, statistics are just on paper. I am more about what happens on the court and some of that stuff doesn’t necessarily show up” [in the box score].

    You must be some kind of arrogant idiot to twist that comment into any sort of slight against her teammate.

  3. Elias

    Statistics in sports are there to measure performance. Media, fans, and Faris are confusing hustle and heart with running around, getting out of position, putting teammates in no win situations trying to cover her buttocks, pretending to have the passing skill of a high school point guard, and shooting so poorly for 3 seasons that she was left unguarded outside. Any writer or fan can research and come up with groups of numbers that put an average player with a legitimate superstar. ESPN thrives on that. Faris (like Doty) gets a free pass, while Hayes was always held to different standards. Stoke, Tuck, and Jefferson are held to different standards than Faris (and Doty). Exactly what did Faris do to help UConn win a national championship in Maya’s senior season? Faris is not a legitimate All American yet media and fans continue to pretend like she is. KML and Dolson are the true stars of this team and legitimate All Americans. Look at today’s box score and then tell me what specifically Faris did that KML and Dolson did not do, that makes Faris this special player. You know what special is? Tina Charles monster double double in the National Championship. Yet she constantly gets scrutinized for not playing up to her player of the year performance during her first two seasons. Again, another example of someone held to a different standard than a player who could not and would not shoot for 3 years. See a pattern here? Faris standard verus the standard Tina, Tiff, Stokes, Tuck, and Jefferson are held to.

    1. Elieass

      “Exactly what did Faris do to help UConn win a national championship in Maya’s senior season?”

      Just that comment alone shows exactly what you know about team sports.

      If there were stats for idiotic statements, you’d be an All American.

      1. bogey29free

        yeah but you didn’t answer the question,exactly what did she do?? the semifinal loss to Notre Dame,when Maya literally was forced to single handedly try and keep uconn in the game,where was Kelly Farris.Stat’s look really pretty when they are built up against teams you are blowing out by 50 points.And by the way,if you actually are paying attention,and you are such a “team” sport guru,then you will know that every single person who has played for geno has been “team” oriented,I can’t think of one selfish player at Uconn since I started really watching in 1995.In fact,it usually is the greater the player,the less selfish they are,taurasi,bird,maya,rebecca,jen rizzotti,tina,all great players and all great “team” players.It’s a joke to put Kelly Farris in the same category as any of those great uconn players.But I’ll make a deal with you,if she comes up big tomorrow night,plays good defense on either McBride or Diggins,and manages to come up with the same kind of stat line she does against the Marguettes of the world,then I will come here and eat crow,happily,because it will mean that Uconn probably won.By the way,what all Uconn fans should actually be worrying about is Bria Hartley.If she continues to play like she has the last couple of games,and pretty much all season,not only will they not beat Notre Dame,but they might not make it to the final four,the huskies really need Hartley to play good.

        1. Elieass

          “Statistics in sports are there to measure performance”

          All you seem concerned with is how many points she scored.
          As if that’s the entirety of the game.

          Faris is also usually defending the opposition’s top , non-post player.
          I guess it’s merely coincidence that whomever Faris is guarding usually struggles. That’s her job.
          To answer your question, she does her best, every minute of every game. No plays taken off when she’s on the floor. Is she perfect? Nah, she’s only human.
          She gets flak for not scoring well in her first 3 seasons. It wasn’t her job to score, it was her job to defend and hustle, set the tone. She did however realize that she was being left open and wasn’t capitalizing like she could. So what happened? She worked her rear-end off to improve, as usual.
          Bad mouth Faris all you wish, it only makes you seem a fool.

          1. bogey29free

            yeah kayla mcbride really struggled badly in the first notre dame game, I’m not talking about statistics at all,I’m talking about effecting the game to help your team win.In games that matter,that doesn’t happen.See you here Tuesday,prove me wrong,I hope she does.

          2. FIRE GENO 2013

            Elieass just made excuses for why it was ok for Faris to FAIL miserably at the most important goal of basketball – put the ball thru the hoop. Even her coach knows that.

        2. Jeff Brown

          To Bogey and all the other Kelly Faris Haters –

          You’re all ignorant! In a previous blog post, Bogey remarked how K. McBride “torched” Kelly in the first meeting this season and that Kelly never shows up for a big game.

          I went back and checked the stats from game #1. Here they are:

          K. Faris – 13 pts, 11 rebs, 7 assts, and 5 steals. A typical all-around performance, I might add.

          K. McBride – 21 pts (on 21 shots!), 3 rebs, 3 assts, and 0 steals.

          So, idiot, who didn’t show up for that game?! Who got torched?!

          As you’re watching “every UCONN game from buzzer to buzzer”, might you be getting just a tad bit distracted?! Please explain the stats above, which should have been the basis for your opinion. Instead, they make you look like an idiot!!

          Bottom line, UCONN has been blessed to have a lot of very great players and it makes no sense to try to rank them individually. Kelly isn’t the best individual player to ever play at UCONN (she would tell you that herself), but she’s made significant contributions (based on actual stats), plays hard every game, and represents her school and teammates well. She has been and always will be a big winner, on and off the court!

          So, eat your words from last time and get your facts straight! Might also try keeping your eyes open the whole game!!

          1. bogey29free

            so let me get this straight,Uconn’s defensive stopper is asked to guard Notre Dames “second” best offensive player,and she goes for a game and career high 21 points,shooting just under 50 percent,and every single time Notre Dame really needed a basket she seemed to score(I just watched the reply a few days ago,go back and watch again before you make an ass of yourself) and somehow that isn’t getting torched.I don’t have a problem with Kelly,she is all the things you mentioned above,hard working,plays hard every game,and represents the school well,my problem is with the announcers and reporters who want to put her in the same class with the great players before her,and mostly with this bogus stat line putting her in the same category as Maya Moore.Hopefully she plays good tonight,I would love to see it,but you are insane if you think she didn’t get beat badly by Mcbride last game,she did,go back and watch it.

  4. Pat

    Elias – you know what you can do with your stats and know it all attitude. This is UConn country and we appreciate everything each of our players do both on an off the court.
    Evidently, you are not a true blue Husky fan or you wouldn’t sound off the way you did. Don’t bother responding to my comment as I don’t care what you have to say.

    1. bogey29free

      well I am a true blue husky fan,I never miss a game on TV or in person,but in this instance Elias is exactly right.In what kind of bizzaro world do we rig statistics so that somehow Kelly Farris is mentioned in the same breath as one of the best,if not the best,women’s college basketball player of all time.Kelly Farris and Maya both had 1000 points??? Huh..Maya had a thousand halfway through her sophomore year,it would take Kelly two more 4 year careers to get to the 3000 plus that maya finished with.They both had 750 rebounds?…maya finished with 1200 plus while playing alongside the greatest rebounder in uconn women’s history for 3 years….Everytime the announcers at SNY made mention of this “milestone” yesterday it made me want to cringe.And this is nothing against Kelly,this is the hype around the program,and in my opinion it’s an insult to Maya’s amazing career.

  5. masnalpak

    hey Elias, apparently U fail to understand the concept of team vs individual efforts. Faris is the epitomy (look it up ) in team effort. Geno has already said she is his MVP. He does not care about stats persay ( look it up) He cares about W’s. True, that Kelly is not first team All American material ( but not that far away), but nobody plays as hard as Faris game in and game out. Take your blinders (look it up) off next you watch a game

    1. bogey29free

      First of all Maya compiled her stats and still managed to be the ultimate team player,and she compiled them in the big close games and the blowouts.Let’s see how Kelly does tomorrow night against Notre Dame and Kayla Mcbride who had her for lunch in the first game this year.I’m hoping she proves me wrong,I will be thrilled if she does.

    2. Fan of Diana & Tina & Maya

      Faris does NOT do anything on the court that is special. Stop confusing running around like a free safety with hustle. Pay attention and watch how many times Faris is “hustling”. She gets out of position and then has to chase down the ball handler. Players on the teams that UConn blows out do the same thing. You see the opponents chasing after UConn players. They are doing the same thing that Kelly does. Glad there is a lot of love out there for Kelly. But she is not Richard Hamilton.

    3. Fan of Diana & Tina & Maya

      Geno said the 2 most important players on the team are KML and Dolson. If you cannot see that for yourself, you don’t understand UConn basketball.

  6. Damon J Walker

    I think it is a sad state of affairs if Kelly Faris can’t be lauded for her accomplishments simply because there was a Maya Moore at UConn.

    It is ludicrous to contend that the 1000/750/500/250 stat combo is not anything special. Re-read John’s post. How many players in the history of UConn Women’s basketball have done it? TWO? TWO? And one of the two is…. Kelly Faris.

    Very special player. Don’t take my word for it. Go back and check what every person that played with her has said.

    Outstanding, Kelly. I have enjoyed watching you play and I admire your game.

    1. Just Passing By

      Its sad that Faris is held to a different standard than Tina and Tiff ever were. Its sad that Faris (and Doty) are held to different standards than Stokes, Jefferson, and Tuck are. If you cannot see the pattern here then ask someone with more common sense to explain it to you.

      At the start of Faris freshman season Auriemma proclaimed she would never have a bad game in her UConn career. Unfortunately some UConn fans still believe that is true. Faris had 3 seasons full of bad games. Auriemma also said you cant win a basketball game unless you put the ball in the basket. For 3 years Faris did not have the talent or the will to put the ball in the basket.

      I have nothing against Faris. I have issue with the obvious bias.

  7. Sports Information Director

    Kelly Faris stats:
    1,000+ points
    750+ rebounds
    500+ assists
    250+ steals

    Tiffany Hayes stats:
    1801 points
    680 rebounds
    483 assists
    223 steals

    Faris is not in this select group at UConn:
    1800+ points
    680+ rebounds
    480+ assists
    220+ steals

    1. Steve Gee

      Bringing up Hayes as the counter to Faris NOT having her best games against top opponents?
      Now THAT’S FUNNY.
      Nothing against Tiff, but you sure don’t watch much WCBB do you?

  8. ray-ray

    farris is a chump killer—-cant shoot layups all nite in wnba—–decent college player,nothing speacial

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