Looking For Feedback: Sun Vs. UConn

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I seek your opinions, your thoughts, your insights about something I have been wondering about since the day I began covering both the UConn women and the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun four years ago.

I certainly can feel the enthusiasm my constituency has for the Huskies. I read your mail, I hear your voices, I monitor the debates you have on the Boneyard.

What I want to know, what I need to know, is whether your affection and interest in the players transfers once they become professionals.

What I mean is, are you as interested in what Tina Charles, Renee Montgomery, Kalana Greene, Asjha Jones and Jess Moore are doing with the Sun as you were when they played for Geno?

Are you as tuned into Maya Moore, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Charde Houston, Ketia Swanier and Svetlana Abrosimova now as you were when they were at UConn?

I’d like to know. I think the Connecticut Sun would like to know. I am certain the WNBA wants to know. Maybe even UConn cares. That I don’t know.

Please let me hear you.

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60 thoughts on “Looking For Feedback: Sun Vs. UConn

  1. Jessica Foote

    Yes I keep track of them just as much as when they were in college. Diana Taurasi is still my favorite player and the only reason I am such a huge Mercury fan is because of her. I also now watch just about every team because if the fact that there are UConn players in them.

  2. Gino milano

    To be honest, as much as it hurts to admit this, my answer is Yes and No. While the players at UConn websites like this did a great job letting us into their full career and even a little about their personal lives. I felt like I had actually known some of the players.

    When I actually met Kalana Greene and Caroline Doty all during separate instances, and Geno Auriemma(my life was complete) I was able to talk to them in such a comfortable fashion. I talked to Caroline about tearing ACLs, how we both played soccer and also ran track in addition to basketball. I instantly felt comfortable and calm by Kalana’a aurora.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been as exposed to their professional careers and lives. I can only hope Kalana is being the promising WOMAN I feel that she can be, we all know she’s become a promising athlete as she is part of a team that is going deep into the playoffs, but what’s going on in her life?

    What’a Geno thinking? What does Maya Moore have going on besides basketball and her partnership with the Jordan brand? Is she looking to continue her education? Is Renee Montgomery still looking to become a commentator on ESPN?

    I support all WNBA teams, while showing more support to teams with UConn players (San Antonio get on the board) than others, but I do feel a little disconnected to the players I almost viewed as classmates. I became dug a diehard UConn fan because of the connection I felt I had to the players. My interest in the WNBA is on life support right now, it is being held together by UConn.

  3. Scott Prussing

    The only reason I watch the WNBA is to follow the many UConn women who are doing so well. It’s great that they are scattered over so many teams, because that makes more games of interest to me. Hoping for a Suns/Lynx final series…

  4. psconn

    I am a CT resident who has followed the UConn women avidly mostly via TV, radio,and coverage like yours. I am also a Sun season ticket holder and I LOVE the fact that so many UConn alums have ended up with the Sun. That said, I would support a trade of any of the UConn alums if it put the team in a better position for a championship.
    When I first started going to Sun games, it ws not uncommon for teams like Seattle and Phoenix to get louder cheers when UConn alums sored than when our Sun team score. That is not the case anymore and I have attended a few games where a certain pretty good player from Phoenix was vigorously booed! I knew the Sun fan base was maturing the first time that happened. Today, who get some of the most intense fan love? A freakin’ Tennessee alum… whodathunk? Anyway, I continue to follow all aspects of the UConn alums with interest, but I’m strictly a CT Sun homer come game time.
    It is a great gift that I can hop in the car and be in my seat at the arena in about half an hour. Very convenient. Another great gift is UConn’s fansite, the Boneyard. Thanks to the convenient news links and knowledgeable contributors, I get more news and insight from there than practically anywhere else (just come equipped with a thick skin and a well-tuned BS filter. ;)

  5. RH

    When we encounter a WNBA game while looking for something to watch we generally watch it for a while if there are one or two familiar names (which is just about always). Strangely we never plan on watching any of the WNBA games the way we do with every UConn game, printing out the schedule and setting the DVR. It might be worth noting that nobody here follows any other sport at all.

  6. BridgetB

    I love seeing the UCONN women as professionals. They are the focus of what I watch in the WNBA. But I have also embraced the non-UCONN players like Kara Lawson (though it is hard to forget she used to be the enemy) and Tan White. I think the Sun is smart to have so many UCONN players. It helps them with the fans and it certainly helps them win games.

  7. Charity

    My husband and I are season ticket holders for the UCONN women at both Gampel and HCC. We schedule our personal lives around the games in season. This can make for an intensive winter due to all of the games.

    We keep an eye on “our” players when the join the WNBA. We love to hear how they are doing and will catch an occassional game on TV. We do not go to CT Sun games – mostly as we dislike the atmosphere at the casino – the air quality is lousy from the smoking and I am not thrilled at being patted down when attending events there. The biggest reason we don’t watch the games on TV religiously as it is summer, and we don’t watch much TV in the summer. The UCONN season is pretty long. As much as we love going to the UCONN games, there is something special about April when the season is done and we have time for a normal social life again.

  8. CT_OR_Guy

    Absolutely follow the UConn players in the WNBA. Loved them in the Olympics! But I agree with BridgetB — I really like following all the women I came to know in college as they play professionally. Really happy for Nneka Ogwumike this year, for example. Very excited to see how Elena Delle Donne fairs next year. Meanwhile — how about a UConn – Sun charity game sometime?

  9. Sal Pace

    I would say that although a fanatical UConn wbb fan my interest in the wnba is only slight I follow my favorites Sue Svetlana Diana but not all of them and I root for Jenn Rizott’s teams. I also follow HuskyNan and ESPN recruiting daily I would like to see you more invested in the whole UConn women’s game from recruiting to summer activities and less on wnba topics that don’t really address ex-UConn players. You,re reporting for both UConn women and the WNBA but the people who comment to your Blog are mostly college BB fans. Why aren’t we hearing about our failure to recruit any 2013-14 players yet? Why aren’t you addressing progress on the elusive “new BBall facility”? These are things we UConn fans want to hear about!

  10. MN

    Absolutely, I am interested in our UConn women once they get to the WNBA. And I’m interested in the WNBA in general, though I admit that my favorite teams all have a heavy UConn roster. (That being said, I followed Minnesota long before they got this good.) Please, more on the WNBA, and more on what our UConn women are doing once they get there/graduate and move on to other things.

  11. Dick

    We have been SUN season tickets holders from the beginning and UCONN season ticket holders for a long time. It is nice that UCONN players are scattered throughout the WNBA, but they are not the reason that we go to games.

    When UCONN former players come in to play the SUN, they are applauded, but they do not get the ovations they used to get.

  12. Fairy Godfather

    Like many of the others following WNBA games UConn or Not is hard to do. Finding where and when they are on TV is a challenge for even the gifted surfer of tv schedules.

    But I would follow the UConn Women 12 or even 13 months a year. Any tidbit is swallowed with gusto. I don’t go back to Pam Weber days, Svet, Shea, Sue, and the other fab 5. But I became addicted with the Geno kind of game. I enjoy all the Sun information. Even Lawson (who I hated at Tenn, she was that good) is now one of my all time non Uconn favorites. Harding, Toliver, and all those who played on the Olympic team–I follow, when I can and I can find a schedule of their game.

  13. Mike McManus

    Yes, I do follow former UCONN players in the WNBA but I must add that coverage of the WNBA in the media is pretty poor. I was especially interested on how Maya would do last year but often I had a hard time even finding a box score in the Register or USA Today and to be honest, I thought the Courant did a poor job of keeping us UCONN “Junkies” informed about how the girls were doing..and that includes meager coverage of Tiffany Hayes this year. I think you can do better and based on the above comments. Huskie fans are indeed starved for more information about current and past UCONN players.

  14. John Singkit

    John: you missed Tiffany Hayes on your list. And yes, I do follow them into the threshold of retirement from basketball. Then again, if something comes up on the retired ones like Shea, Rebecca, Kara, Jennifer, etc, I read whatever comes up.



  16. Marion

    John, yes – yes – yes – I read your column every morning while having my coffee and I follow the CT Sun all the time and follow all the girls, past and present, at UConn. They are part of ‘our’ family and that will never change. I watch all WNBA games when they are televised and read all your blogs and comments on the Boneyard. I still have my all time favorites like Dee, Sue, Swin, Asjha, (who made the games exciting to watch) and all the ones who came after them.

    Keep the comments coming – I just love them and know many more who do. Like I said “they are part of our family”

  17. Maryann

    I follow all of them to the WNBA and understand you cover both Uconn and The Sun, I have no issue with The Sun articles, etc on the Uconn blog… you keep us informed, thanks… see you at the games!

  18. Joann

    We follow ALL the current and former Huskies at Uconn and the WNBA and all news of those that are retired or coaching or broadcasting or whatever! We’re old enough to remember the days before Title IX and we are so proud and happy for our UCONN women! We also love other players like Lawson and Whalen and Augustus etc! You Go Girls we’re so happy for all of you!

  19. Deb

    YES!! My daughter and I are die hard hoops “junkies”…we follow the UConn women no matter where they go! They’re always part of our family!

  20. Eric Auerbach

    For some reason, I am more interested in the ones from the Bird-Taurasi-Ralph-Abrosimova period, including perhaps some who are not in WNBA. What ever happened to……..?

  21. Roseanne Patrick

    After reading all of the above I’m wondering where to start? My obsession with the women’s game started with watching Nykesha Sales at UCONN; a gifted hometown girl who was/is shy. As they graduated, some began to play professionally on the now defunct NWBL Springfield Spirt & the ABL New England Blizzard where I held season tickets. The venues had easy access to the players but I had to stop being shy myself so I could talk to the ladies. I was lost without a pro team & elated when Mohegan picked up the one from Miami who thrilled me instantly by having my originator/mentor Cool Kesh on the team now called the “Connecticut Sun”!!

    My title at the Sun is as “a Hall of Famer” because I’ve held a season ticket with them now for 10 years. As a retired person I have plenty of time to puruse the internet and follow the players on facebook & twitter. To me the UCONN and Sun players become my family/daughters. I friend their families, husbands/Moms and my life/world is full. My own daughters/husband often tease me “don’t talk basketball with Mom or the converstation will never change”!! Ha ha

    Nope, I didn’t like Kara Lawson for two reasons; a Tenn player & her team (Monarchs) beat CT Sun in the finals back in 2005!! Time passes and I listen to her on ESPN & when she went to the Olympics in China; she and her husband are bright, friendly and she is an amazing 3 pt shooter!! They are family to me now!!

    Margo Dydek, a 7ft, 2in magnificent person/player came to the CT Sun. I adopted her; the Sun gives fans lots of access to the players (STH events, pre-season games) plus I followed them to Seattle/Sacramento playoffs and saw the teams outside of the court. I friended her on facebook when she became a Mom and she would tell me all about her experiences with her two boys; we exchanged photos etc. Yes, when she died I cried like a baby.

    I used to ask for autographs but I’d rather mostly have hugs now-a-days. One of our girls is now a police officer; another is a great artist w/it’s emotional baggage; teachers and a good deal more are still playing either in the WNBA or overseas. It’s rather easy to follow them if you know where to look; all WNBA games/dates/times are listed above the articles and one can watch them on line for just $4.95 + tax every season.

    Unfortunately I’m starting to reduce my daily news email I send to over 30 something people because many papers are asking me to pay . . . which is sad because the people who really want to read the material can’t or won’t pay the many fees ($9.95 or higher a month) like myself.

    Tina, NeNe, KB, AJ & Jess I consider my friends as are all the other Sun women. When Sue, Swintayla, Ketia S & my bald headed Charde come to town, I reach for a hug each time they come to CT. I care about their safety overseas and their emotions when they get hurt. It’s just the way I am with everyone in my life so while I’m still able to get around, I’d like everyone to know I care about them honestly & truly.

    1. Trevor Bayers

      As usual, a long winded post by Roseanne. Oh, and the Sun weren’t originally from Miami. They were originally from Orlando. The Orlando Miracle. The team from Miami was called Miami Sol.

  22. BH

    No, I can’t seem to find/make time for the SUN, but can’t get enough of UCONN WBB year round.

  23. Marlene

    No way I’m going to a game in the state of CT (i.e., at Mohegan) where UConn greats like Diana, Maya, and Sue get booed by the crowd. Sorry, blood is thicker than water — and HuskyNation is blood. I don’t really follow the WNBA — I follow the UConn women who are in the WNBA.

    1. Roseanne Patrick

      Marlene, If you follow UCONN women who are in the WNBA you can’t find a team with more UCONN players on it than the CT Sun. Players such as MVP Tina Charles, Olymp player Asjha Jones, 6th man Renee Montgomery, awesome themselves . . . Jess Moore and Kalana Green!! BTW, we cheer when their names are called “Sue, Diana, Charde, Maya & Ketia Swanier but once that ball goes up for the start of the game, it’s GO SUN and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You are welocomed here any time; how about for the All Star game next season!! No one gets booed at that event. Hugs

  24. Donna Chamberlain

    Uconn womem will always be my favorite and also the CT Sun – I’m a bball fantic. I follow the WNBA not only for Uconn players but all college students turned pro. It is great watching the skill level of these girls as they develop professionally CT is basketball country thanks to UCONN and the CT Sun

  25. Eileen

    John, Yes, Yes, Yes — keep the articles coming on the ex-UConn players in the WNBA, especially the Sun. I watch all of the Sun games during the long, hot summer to get my bb “fix” while the UConn team is on haitus. I try to watch many other WNBA teams too, especially the ones with ex-UConn players, since my favorites are Dee, Sue, Maya and Swin. I appreciate the weekly updates on what our UConn players have done the past week in the WNBA. I agree with Eric in that I would like to have some stories about the ones that are NOT playing in the WNBA and what they are doing in the game called life. While I can’t wait for the UConn season to start, I am into the playoffs–GO SUN, BRING HOME THE TROPHY. Thanks, John for all you do to keep us informed, whether UConn, Sun or WNBA. See you at the games.

  26. Hoopsdiva

    I am an enthusiastic (some might say fanatical) follower of women’s basketball at both the college and professional level. I read every bit of news I can get about my UConn Women Huskies – past, present, and sometimes future – and would love it if there were an equal amount of coverage for the Connecticut Sun (kudos to CPTV Sports for televising so many of their games this year.) I am just as happy to read an article about former Huskies as I am to read about former Sun players, including in their overseas careers. I can never get enough of my favorite teams and players, at any level. I appreciate every morsel of information you can get for us John, and hope your bosses at the Courant will continue (and even expand!) the coverage you provide.

  27. Mike


    I watched and followed Renee a little bit when she went pro, and then Tina more so when she was drafted #1.

    But it wasn’t until Maya made the jump that I went all in so to speak. Now I’m all Lynx, all the time. It pains me to say it, but if even they were to play the Sun for the title I would still pull for the Lynx, all because of Maya. Sorry but I find I am physically incapable of rooting against Maya Moore.

    HOWEVER, if the Sun were to win it all against Minny, I would still be all smiles seeing Tina, Renee and especially Asjha hoist the trophy after the game. That would be an awesome moment. Confused yet?

    So yes, I’m still invested in the players, and yes I will probably need a shrink if the Sun and the Lynx meet in the finals :)

    1. Roseanne Patrick

      Hi Mike, I’m with you in a way in that it has been a real problem for me watching the Ct Sun in the playoffs vs the Indiana Fever. It is no secret that I am one of Erin Phillip’s biggest fans. When she gets a 3pt shot & I scream with glee, my seatmates bat me about the head & arms. I’ve been to Adelaide & met her family & we remain friends. When we win the next game & have to go up against MN it’s not Maya who gives me problems but Lindsay Whalen esp & Taj McFranklin too who are former Sun players which is why I have to say “May the team who wants it the most, Win”!!

  28. WC

    I will always wish the former Huskies all the success in the world. But, I am not a WNBA follower. I am, overall, just not interested in professional sports. I watch lots and lots of college sports – football, mens and womens basketball, volleyball, baseball, track and field…but the only professional sports I watch is the Super Bowl (for the commercials, truth be told), an occasional Red Sox game (only when they are in the playoff hunt and I can’t find anything else to watch). I catch a handful of WNBA games, but will only watch WNBA games if a UConn alum is playing. I might have greater interest in the WNBA if the season was not in the summer when vacation and other outdoor pursuits occupy my time. But really, the biggest thing is my general disinterest in pro sports.

  29. Jeanne

    I’m very interested in all UConn players…current, past, and prospective. I follow the UConn games fanatically and the pro games consistently. I find myself attending more Sun games because they’re so much easier to get to and the parking is free and effortless. I attend Lynx games when I visit my kids in Minneapolis. I, too, would like to read more about the former UConn players who are not now playing professionally.

  30. Cliff

    YES! I closely follow our UCONN girls as they go into the WNBA! And it is amazing to see those former UCONN arch “enemies” now play on the same team with our UCONN alum. With the WNBA you get a cross pollination from former enemy to now team-mate and I, for one, am glad I got to know all the UCONN women and their classic opponents before they got into the WNBA.

    Here’s the difference this year, 2012: Before the coverage on TV was spotty, so it was hard to see everyone and track who was going to challenge whom. But this year, with Live Access, WNBA made EVERY GAME available at our fingertips. This really drove up the excitement and interest.

    Now when the attendance rises because of the new Live Access coverage, a fire will be lit that thrusts the WNBA women into the spotlight. Watch closely! And then salaries will rise, so the women get the fame and $$ they deserve.

  31. Sara

    I think the main reason the college game is so much fun to watch is that we get to watch the players grow up, basically. If we’re lucky, we get to see them for four years, maturing from timid freshmen (ok, not usually in UConn’s case) to seniors playing each game as if it’s their last. Recruiting news in the offseason keeps things interesting, especially when the players live in your area and you can go see them before they ge to UConn.
    That said, I do watch the WNBA if it’s on, but I don’t plan my weekends around watching a game, like I do with UConn.

  32. Fran Dagostino

    I definitely do. It’s great watching how far they’ve come since the first day they stepped onto the floor at Gample. Watching Tina now knowing how far she’s come is exciting, as it is with the other women we have come to love over the years. Touch decision sometimes, what team to ‘root’ for, when so many of our women are on the floor, Says a lot for the storied UConn program and how hard these women have worked. Now let’s see the Sun and Lynx in the finals… hmmm, hard to choose who to root for, Maya or Tina and crew, lol!

  33. NueHavenJude

    When I do get to watch the WNBA, I always root for our UConn women who are on the team, even though I may not root for the team itself (I do root for the CY Sun). Having said that, I have a difficult time focusing on the basketball in the summer. I wish there were a way the games could be scheduled during the real basketball season but I understand that is not possible. I also don’t like going to Mohegan Sun. I hate having to walk through the Casino both because of the gambling atmosphere & the constant smell of smoke, even in the “alleged” non-smoking areas. I’d probably go more often if there were a direct entrance to the Arena without having to go through the Casino. I really wish the games were at the XL Center.

  34. Trevor Bayers

    I like the WNBA much more than women’s college BB. I love the Huskies though but once they graduate, I cease to follow them or care about them in the WNBA unless they play for the Sun. If they don’t play for the Sun, they are the enemy. The WNBA is so much more exciting than college. It’s hard to stay awake when the UConn Women blow out every opponent by 30-50 points. Close games in the WNBA are thrilling, and 90% of them are all close games. 90% of the UConn Women’s games are huge blowouts which drop the level of excitement to below freezing.

  35. Chris Noble

    Blog entries with links would be welcome. It would reduce the need to search for former players. My interest in the M. Sun and WNBA in general is linked to my concern and interest in the careers of former players.
    We attended games at the Casino with our friends this summer and really enjoyed the quality of the play and the UCONN personnel.
    Thank you

    1. Roseanne Patrick

      Chris Noble, I was happy to read that you came to CT Sun games this summer; I hope you consider getting a season ticket some day or even one of the special packages they sell for 4 games or more.
      I’ve been with the team since they came up from “Orlando” & I’ve noticed that more & more guys are coming to the games; even Dads & daughters which is exactly what the WNBA needs to become as successful as the NBA!! CT is considered the women’s basketball capitol (or is that just my opinion)TY to UCONN & the CT Sun. Love the fact that I can be involved almost yr round; summer the WNBA, Fall/Winter UCONN and FIBA, where the players go during the US off season!! GO SUN

  36. Cliff

    @Trevor>> So you’re gonna be rooting against Maya Moore in the Finals???

    How can MM be the enemy in anybody’s book??!!

    Explain, cowboy.

  37. Patty Bailey

    Yes and no. I rearrange my schedule to watch every UConn game. I will watch WNBA games if I come across them, but I don’t make any extra effort. If it’s the Sun I will usually watch the rest of the game…other teams not as much. I’m still interested in what the former Huskies are doing on their new WNBA teams, just not at the same level as my interest in the current UConn team.

  38. TJ

    I love all future, current, and past UConn players from the moment they commit to the first time they put on that UConn jersey to day they graduate and throught to draft day all the way until retirement and beyond!!! Once a UConn player, always a UConn player. More UConn fans need to support the players as they graduate and become professionals (including my father — I told him so yesterday actually) so that there is always a WNBA for the players to move on to after they leave UConn. Thank you (and all your fellow media) for all your coverage of both UConn and the WNBA!!! It’s very appreciated.

  39. Jake

    I watch Sun games when they are available.
    I was dismayed today (Monday) when the Courant’s “Th FLY” wrote that the only game on tonight was a football game. Shame on Yantz.

  40. fanofit

    I want to see Gino in the WNBA finals talking ball again when Lynx play Sun.

    1. Roseanne Patrick

      Back when Seattle took the Championship away from the CT Sun, I was at a wonderful seafood restaurant (w/friends) right on the water. Who should be seated directly next to us but Geno, his wife, Sue, Nykesha, Asjha & I can’t remember who else. Us fans are well known by all of them & we felt comfortable saying Hi & wished them all good luck in the game. Did my heart good knowing that Geno & Kathy Auriemma took the time to come watch their former players in the Championship finals. You might not have know he was there except for that coincidence.

      1. fanofit

        Geno does stay close to former players. But you never know what to expect. I liked his comment from the side lines in a WNBA game last year regarding Maya’s new found ability to drive the ball. He mentioned what players would do when they get paid. That was good stuff.

  41. Harry Hampton

    I have been a season ticket holder for both UCONN locations for the woman’s game for years. I love watching UCONN basketball (ok not so much when they play ND). I try and follow the women once they go to the WNBA but honestly WNBA basketball just doesn’t interest me anywhere as much as college ball. It is similar to the differences in the men’s games. Too much of the woman’s pro game is run and shoot – no where near as much team work and not as much real defense. It just doesn’t hold my interest.
    As to why the Sun want to know – even though we are college season ticket holders we go to maybe 1 Sun game a year and did none this year. I’m not sure mileage wise but it seems like a much longer trip to the Sun than to Storrs (which is also a long trip). To go to a Sun game seems as if it is a trip and an event rather than just going to another game.
    I also really dislike the Sun games. Their (at least in the last few years ) on court cheer leader announcer and all the kids junk just absolutely turns me off.
    It is also very hard to actually follow the Sun. The mobile versions of the Courant and other local media never carry the scores or games. I have to go into ESPN online in the am to get the scores.
    Sorry, as much as I’d like to I just can’t seem to get into the WNBA game – sure I like to watch DT but she is just one person sometimes I care about in a whole game.

    1. Roseanne Patrick

      Hi Harry,
      The WNBA plays way more defense than the NBA does, believe me. The current Sun team are playing as a cohesive unit exactly responding w/team work beyond any other team we’ve ever had. They are young, a product of great college coaches (yes, Geno & Pat + others) & are all hungry for a Championship!! If you use the computer go to the WNBA website if you want scores, schedules etc OR go to the individual papers as I happen to know the media guys (John A – Cournat & Mike D New London Day for example) will provide game stories,photos, & boxscores.
      You are right in that going to Sun games are more likely events rather than just a game . . . From the moment you walk into the concourse you are welcomed by the teen summer workers &/or the cheerleaders. The music, the players, the Sr, Jr & the Solar Power dance teams, the ever awesome Blaze the mascot & the ever supportive Super Fans make the game and actual EVENT. Kids creating their cheer cards, games played on court, T-shirts thrown to the fans etc are just wonderful. If you want to only attend games & sit in silence then no, the Mohegan Sun arena is not the place for you. The people who put the event on are excited to give folks a good time; I’ve always given them my Thanks and appreciation as it is one big happy family location with young ladies eager to give the fans what they come for; a great game.

  42. Lisa

    I follow the WNBA specifically to see UConn players. My affection for Bird and Taurasi is undying and I want them to win every game – even against the Sun – and I got a whole ration of you-know-what from Sun fans this year when I came wearing my Bird and Taurasi shirts and rooted for them. Booing any former UConn player, especially Bird and Taurasi is unacceptable – they just gave us too much. I only wish that the West teams played here more … seeing Maya, Sue and Diana only once a year just doesn’t cut it.

    As for the SUN, I love AJ – she is the cog that makes the machine run! Tina is fantastic . . . but until the Sun bring in a new coach, the Sun will always be runners up.

  43. Chris

    Absolutely LOOOOVE Uconn hoops. Men or women. WNBA I just can’t get into. If I still lived in CT or even a state with a WNBA team, maybe possibly. I kinda follow the box scores, and sometimes a WNBA video. If I lived in Phoenix I would almost certainly strongly follow the Mercury.

  44. Ed

    I do follow the W and especially the exploits of former
    UConn players. Also follow USA basketball when the teams
    contain UConn players, commits, or recruiting prospects.

    But my first and greatest passion is for the current
    UConn team. I want to hear about all the girls and how
    they’re doing, how we are coming along on the recruiting
    front, etc. Keep up the good work, John.

  45. Polly

    We’ve traded in our UConn season tickets for Sun season tickets. We started going to Sun games because of the former UConn players but we are staying because of the quality of play by all the players on both teams. The quality of the competition is just so high! Also the fans are treated really well at the games and you don’t need to big a big donor to get a good view!

  46. Peter

    Personally, I am much more interested in the exciting UConn legacy that Gino and has staff have created at the collegiate level; and, while I try to watch – or at least follow – every game on their schedule, I rarely watch WNBA games. For me, they have little excitement even if the entire team is ex-UConn players. That said, during the UConn off-season, it is nice to hear occasionally about some of the ex-UConn players in the WNBA – but I do skip over many of your articles on that topic and would much prefer to hear about recruiting news of the UConn targets

  47. Eileen

    Another comment from me–after the last LA/Lynx game and the Sun/Fever game–two WNBA games that were SO exciting right down to the last second, how can anyone say that college bb is more exciting than the WNBA games. When do you ever see that when UConn is playing–too many one-sided games. Don’t get me wrong, I love the UConn women, but the WNBA is faster paced and more exciting than college bb. I am looking forward to the UConn season and looking forward to the CT Sun bringing home the championship. I go to some UConn games at the XL Center since Gampel is too far to travel, expecially at night. As far as going to any Sun games, I did go to some day games a season or two back, but I agree with a lot of comments that I do not like the venue, walking through a smoke-filled, noisey casino to get to my seat is not what I want to do!!

  48. Erik

    Yes, I follow them and am interested in their post UCONN exploits.
    Thanks for your coverage, John.

  49. Barbara

    It started with Rebecca Lobo, and I haven’t looked back since, and appreciate CPTV making women’s basketball a part of my life. I’m a bit too old to have benefited from Title IX,so my cheers are for all women athletes and the inspiration they give to the next generation. I was ecstatic when the WNBA was formed and religiously followed the New York Liberty in the early years thanks to MSG tv. I later became an XL ticket holder for the UConn women, often making a mini vacation staying at the Hilton (met Pat Summitt in the hotel gym the day after DT went off and beat Tenn, she was in awe of Diana’s talents) and have become a huge Big East tournament attendee, attended many NCAA games at both Gampel, XL, and Bridgeport, gone to MSG for the Maggie Dixon classic, and thrilled that we have our own WNBA team in Connecticut. I have traveled to Seattle, Chicago (I’m sure Kalana was perplexed that a fan in Chicago was cheering her on with the Libery), New York to see other WNBA teams (and former UConn players) while on vacation. Key Arena in Seattle is a great fan venue, Chicago has a great venue but few fans, a real shame, and when the Liberty are at MSG, what could be better? I don’t have a season pass for the SUN (this thing called work often gets in the way and my husband, also a fan, can take only so much of loud crowds and late night rides home) but I do have a pass package and the casino often comps me tickets, too, so I do attend often. I think it is important to put my money where my mouth is, so even though I could be comped more tickets, I pay to support the league, I want it to stay. I welcome UConn alums at SUN games, but root loudly for my ‘home’ team. I especially like to see the more recent grads return to Connecticut (such as Tiffany Hayes this year, and, of course Maya Moore, and before she became a SUN player, Kalana Greene) and to see their former teammates and current UConn players in the stands not knowing what team to cheer for when they have former teammates on opposing teams! I follow players on Twitter, even those now only playing in Europe such as Barbara Turner, because they tell the story of the life of professional basketball players around the world. I believe I alerted you John last year when Renee Montgomery had problems in Hungary. I missed the UConn women tweeting last year during the season, because I liked their stories, hearing about early practices, classes, exams, success with papers, etc. It becomes more real and more remarkable when you see what it takes to be a student athlete. Geno/CD, let them tweet, I really think it helps grow the sport of women’s basketball. A ticket to London this year wasn’t in my budget, but I did travel to DC to see the USA women play the Brazil national team. Last year I attended all the USA scrimmages in Connecticut. I also follow my alma mater, the Yale Women’s basketball team and have been to one of their games at Quinnipiac, a fabulous new venue. Tickled pick that we have Yale alums as owners in WNBA franchises. But it all started with Rebecca Lobo and the accessibility of UConn women’s basketball in my living room.

  50. Nancy Lehman

    The “thing” that draws me and keeps me a UCONN Women’s Basketball fan, is their shared pursuit of EXCELLENCE. It is evidenced in everything they do, from their disciplined approach to the fundamentals of the game, to their consistent play as a TEAM (not as individuals). It is expressed in their thoughtful response to questions that lead them to praise their teammates -and not themselves. It is even evidenced in the realm of personal comportment (Thank You Chris Dailey!). Within this system then, I certainly “fall in love” with the players and become a devotee of their skills, abilities and character. While I am always interested in hearing about the “graduates” of the program, the WNBA has not captured my attention or my heart.

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