Looking Forward To Monday – And Playing Baylor

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The huge games enjoyed by freshman Morgan Tuck and Moriah Jefferson on Saturday during UConn’s 65-45 win over Rutgers seem  to bode well for what the Huskies can expect from  them Monday night when No. 1 Baylor comes to the XL Center.

Both teams are 24-1.

Tuck, who has been battling right knee discomfort since before Christmas, scored 15 points with five rebounds in 26 minutes. She hadn’t scored that many since a career-high 16 points against Wake Forest at the Paradise Jam on Nov. 22. Her minutes fell one shy of her career-high at Oregon on Dec. 31.

Jefferson played a career-high 30 minutes with 10 points, five rebounds, three assists and three steals. Bria Hartley was limited to the first four minutes because of illness, according to Geno Auriemma.

“I’m ready to play 30 minutes whenever they ask me,” Jefferson said.

Both are looking forward to playing against Baylor for the first time, especially dealing with 6-8 center Brittney Griner.

Tuck was a junior at Bolingbrook High in Chicago, and in attendance two years ago when UConn beat Baylor, 65-64, at the XL Center.

“I am very excited about playing against her,” Tuck said. “I’ve never played against anyone 6-8 in my life. I got to watch her play a lot, especially the night UConn played Baylor. That [the win] was the deciding factor for me in terms of coming to UConn. Now to actually be in a game against her … I can’t wait.”

Jefferson, a native of Texas [as is Griner] played with her when she was in 8th grade in AAU.

“It was amazing. I would just throw the ball up to the rim and watch her do her thing,” Jefferson said. “We had a lot of fast breaks open dunks when we played together.”



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21 thoughts on “Looking Forward To Monday – And Playing Baylor

  1. Griners Greatest

    During the 1st half this afternoon, I thought the back to back loss streak was about to end on Monday around 11:00pm EST.

  2. Griners Greatest

    Baylor is too quick and too athletic for UConn. Doty will get burned on defense but has to play since Banks is out. KML is not quick. Live by the 3. Die by the 3.

    1. Steve Gee

      You again?
      I imagine you troll the boards for every team on Baylor’s schedule, but have a special affinity for UCONN. You even show-up to blather here when the Huskies win by less than 30.
      But really, I suppose that’s all you’ve got as UCONN doesn’t give you many opportunities to roll-out your tired act.
      So, it’s cool.

      1. Master Mind

        Steve Gee—Griners Greatest said nothing insulting or defamed UConn in any way, so why do you insult him/her??

        They voiced an opinion that is held by many in pundits positions.

        You don’t really believe Uconn will win by 30 do you?? Not after the RU and SJ games. The kids on Uconn have talent but need a lot more experience, you must agree. Sim’s will be difficult to impossible to coral, you know that because of your vast basketball knowledge and watching the games.
        No need to be insulting. Is there??

        1. Steve Gee

          I’m not completely sure what you personally took offense to in my reply to GG.
          Was it the use of “troll”? Because I consider that term an accurate description of the posting habits of said individual.
          Was it “blather” or “tired act”? That is simply my opinion of not just this single post, but their preponderance of posts.
          Just my opinion. One that may be held by others (see BWLs post above, which you found somehow less offensive than mine).

          But somehow, you again single me out?

          I’m confused. Is it only you that are allowed to post something that may be construed as “insulting”?

          “Sim’s will be difficult to impossible to coral, you know that because of your vast basketball knowledge and watching the games”

          Or, am I (as you are) allowed to use straw-man arguments to refute a point that hasn’t been insinuated?

          “You don’t really believe Uconn will win by 30 do you??”

          To quote a supposed mastermind:
          “No need to be insulting. Is there??”

          1. Master Mind

            Steve Gee–I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I did think the Troll was insulting.
            I won’t answer all your comments because I see you felt strongly about what is said. I didn’t mean to attack you or to have you think I attacked you personally.
            I am sorry you thought I “singled” you out–that was not my intent.
            Steve–I’ve seen most of your comments knowlegeable and insightful, it seemed out of character of you to call any one an insulting name.
            I personnal would like to see this blog to take the high road.
            Again, I did not intend to hurt your feelings. Please accept my apology.

          2. Master Mind

            Shut up. Isn’t an insult. Just a statement of what the writer wishes would be done. I’t not name calling.
            Troll by it self is name calling.
            Stating that the person Trolls the internet for Baylor games–has a difference concept.

            Wanting just a well officiated game is much different than winning by 30.

          3. Steve Gee

            MM, you said:
            “Troll by it self is name calling.
            Stating that the person Trolls the internet for Baylor games–has a difference concept.”

            In my opinion, GG is indeed a “troll”, and you don’t have to like it one iota. I am wholly entitled to my opinion. An opinion in this case backed by more than 2 years of reading GG’s posts here on these very pages. You don’t have to agree.
            Be assured, I have no issue calling the troll, a troll. If the troll wants complete civility, the troll shouldn’t keep coming in here, bashing UCONN and it’s players.
            What does the troll expect?
            MM, you said:
            “Wanting just a well officiated game is much different than winning by 30.”

            Yeah, you think? Which I find it amusing you go back to that again, as I NEVER SAID THAT ( 30 points).
            I don’t know how I could write that more plainly. I have no idea why you even used that straw-man argument in the first place.

            Perhaps you conflated the words of another with mine?
            I made NO such “30 points” prediction.
            In fact, I made NO prediction about this game whatsoever.

            But that’s fine. If you wish to continue to parse my every sentence, purposely looking to be personally offended, have at it.
            But no. You wouldn’t do that. You prefer to “take the high road”.

            And one more thing.

            Griners Greatest is a TROLL.
            Just so we’re clear on that.

            Now how ’bout them Red Sox?

        2. Newgirl2

          Master Mind, I believe you’ve just “insulted” Ms. Sims by spelling her name incorrectly. It should be “SIMS” and not Sim’s.

  3. Chris Saran

    It’s funny how Baylor actually regressed during Britney’s sophomore year. They made the semi finals her freshman year, and Tina Charles ran her to the point where she asked to come out of the game. Her sophomore year they made it to the quarter finals, only to be beaten by Texas A & M. Their center was 6’1″ Danielle Adams. Then Geno coaches her before her junior season, and Baylor wins the National Championship. Britney is the best center in college basketball, which is why I was surprised that Stanford was able to beat them. Odyssey Sims is as important to Baylor as Griner. It’s all talk until they play the game. Let’s hope for a competitive game and an exciting finish. Neither team gets many of those.

    1. Master Mind

      Chris—That’s how to state your point, excellent. Not an insult in the blog. We can disagree without insulting them. The effect is the same, less stressful.

      Tina was the best Center in the land at the point Uconn played Baylor. Griner was still able to swat Tina’s shots away–because the kid is big and mobile.

      Geno likes Griner, he says she’s nice kid who wants to learn–the kind every coach loves.

      Griner did something no Uconn would ever do–asked to be taken out of the game, because she was being beaten in the post. She doesn’t do this any more.

  4. TexasBogger

    Stewart was the third best freshman on the floor yesterday. Hope she finds incentive in that because she needs to step it up for the postseason run.

  5. Jay

    I am getting concerned about Stephanie Dolson’s reactions to foul calls. Sheis working a=on getting TEE’d up. Refs don’t tolerate some of her reactions and it is only a matter of time….

  6. Numbzie

    Steff commits obvious fouls, and she knows it but reacts anyway–she shall get a T before the end of this season. Hopefully not against Baylor or ND.

    Stewart was the 4th best freshman on the Floor of the RU game. But she was the first most talented Freshman on the floor. Her us side is amazing, time and experience will make her among the greats.

    Stop Sim’s stop Baylor..

    1. Palimpsest

      Strawman–also known (in UK) as Aunt Sally.
      An informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To attack a “strawman” is to create the illusion of having refuted the proposition by the opponent.

      The use of STRAWMAN could in itself be considered an insult.

      1. Steve Gee

        lol, interesting catch.
        I wonder where supposedly I made this “Huskies win by 30 points” prediction I’ve been taken to task for.

        My only comment that contained the “30 points” reference was simply to point out the fact that Griners Greatest can’t even wait for a Husky loss to come in here trolling (because they’re few and far in between) and even comes trolling when the Huskies WIN by less than 30 points (as in the game just played with Rutgers).
        Could that be it?
        Could a supposed MasterMind knot my simple statement into meaning that I somehow predicted a UCONN 30-point win in this game?
        Nay. Couldn’t be.

  7. Palimpsest

    More Strawman;

    Use of Strawman arguments go like this,

    a. Give the children ice cream after school
    b. Do you want to harm their health?
    c. Do you want them to starve??

    It would seem one MUST mis represent another’s position or stated words in an argument. Argument when two parties iniially disagree.

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