Loss Of DeShields Will Sting For A Bit

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The nature of college recruiting is that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And the reason a program loses out on a top prospect varies from situation to situation.

Sometimes, a player may feel that the opportunity to excel is not as great on a program that appears loaded with other prospects.

Perhaps that’s why two of UConn’s major targets for 2013, 6-3 forward Taya Reimer and 6-2 guard Diamond DeShields, have said no to the Huskies over the last 10 days.

After landing the nation’s top recruiting class for 2012, led by national player of the year Breanna Stewart, the UConn women took a big hit Saturday when DeShields, its No. 1 target for 2013, said she will attend North Carolina. Her decision was first reported by HoopGurlz.com.

DeShields, a 6-2 guard and former USA Basketball teammate of many current Huskies, is the daughter of former MLB infielder Delino DeShields and is ranked either the first- or second-ranked prospect on just about every high school recruiting website.

She is also the second top UConn recruit to choose North Carolina over the Huskies, joining Xylina McDaniel, a forward UConn hoped would join the Class of 2012. Duke, Maryland and Tennessee were also in the running for DeShields.

“I felt at North Carolina I can be myself on and off the court,” DeShields told HoopGurlz. “Coach (Sylvia) Hatchell develops players in to young women. I feel like once you get that feeling, you should do it. I have had this feeling about some of the other schools, but never for this long.”

Last week, Reimer chose Notre Dame over the Huskies.

The Huskies will now focus on many other prospects, including guard Saniya Chong of Ossining, N.Y., forward Erica McCall of Bakersfield, Ca., and guard Karlie Samuelson of Huntington Beach, Ca.

North Carolina is coming off a 20-11 season which did not include an NCAA bid. But veteran coach Sylvia Hatchell is scoring big with recruiting. She has five freshmen coming in this season, led by McDaniel, and six players already verbally committed for 2013-14.

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54 thoughts on “Loss Of DeShields Will Sting For A Bit

  1. Joseph M. Smith

    Geno and CD built their empire. And they will take it down. Too many rules. Too much throwing their own players under the bus. Not developing players. Recruiting glorified practice players.

    Go ahead and point to the 2012 class. They have yet to play a WCBB game. Greatest recruiting class ever. You do realize the 2012 class has a better chance of actually never making it to a national championship game then winning it?

    No one saw ND making it to 2 straight NC games. No one saw A&M winning a NC. Baylor is not going away. Neither is Tennessee or Stanford.

    Geno recruited EDD and look where she went. Not only that but Geno followed up the next year with 1 player. Geno recruited Walker and look where she went. Geno recruited X-Girl and look where she went. Geno recruited Reimer and look where she went. Geno recruited Diamond and look where she went.

    7 NCs is not enough to lure most HS AA to farm country in the cold and wet of CT and to coaches who have too many rules and throw their players under the bus.

    Like I said, go ahead and point to the 2012 class. The gains made with that class are lost with the 2013 class.

    1. BKDad

      Hmmm… Sounds personal.

      UConn, ND, UT, NC, and 100 plus others are not for everybody.



    1. BAZINGA


  3. Fairfield Co. fan

    Whatever floats her boat!
    This is the same Sylvia Hatchell that lamented and complained , after UCONN pummeled UNC again this past year (without our strongest team) that the WBB game is ” way too physical”….she may develop players into young women but with that approach to the game it won’t get them an NCAA championship!
    Also I find the quote from Ms. DeShields interesting: “Coach Hatchell develops players into young women” – – -like the other coach’s (Auriemma, Dailey, McGraw, Summitt etc ) don’t???

    1. Not So Fast, JA

      This quote by DD seems directed at Geno and CD.

      “I felt at North Carolina I can be myself on and off the court,” DeShields told HoopGurlz.

  4. Newgirl2

    Too bad, but Uconn fans know that it’s actually DeShields and McDaniel who will eventually regret this decision. Discipline is important to life, and unfortunately some people can’t deal with it. Go Uconn!!

  5. Mike McManus

    I don’t know who these two idiots are who submitted thestupid comments…..but please spit your venom elsewhere. There’s no need to have a great recruiting class every year. Competition for playing time will keen for the next 2-3 years. I do believe that recruits look at who will be ahead of them and decide to go where they have a better chance of playing quality minutes.

  6. Genosguy

    Newgirl and Mr. McManus–kudo’s. But let us not throw away the 2013 recruiting just yet–they still have to November. As we’ve seen Kids go to schools and then transfer–for all sorts of excuses. Ms DD may find the Ya’All life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
    But Geno Auriemma and Christine Dailey are the greatest coaching duo in Womens College Basketball, maybe the world–but we have to wait until Late Aug to find out.
    Rejecting Uconn isn’t like rejecting your mother–it’s just a choice and normally not made with much thought, only emotions. Geno and Christine demand the best all the time of their players–that’s only for the very best.
    Geno takes second best players and makes NCAA champs with them.

    1. Mike McAnus

      “Geno takes second best players and makes NCAA champs with them.”

      What are you smoking? UConn did not win the last 2 NCs with your second best players Geno recruited:

      Falls Alot Hayes
      Trick Shot Doty
      Won’t Shoot Faris
      Can’t Shoot Dixon
      Nervous Buck
      Out Of Shape Dolson
      Overrated Banks
      Xfer Walker
      Xfer Johnson
      Worthless Engeln

      1. Janet2938474

        Ur an idiot. . If you are not a fan, why are you here? Hayes isn’t on the team anymore. She Graduated. Players fall, but so what? What does this all have do to with DD not picking Uconn? Ur def an idiot.

        1. Mike McAnus


      2. UconnFan

        I guess you just do not like winners and dislike Geno because he is. He has the all time highest winning percentage, half the Olympic team are former players and three of the top five players in the WNBA are from Uconn players. So your evaluation of players and coaches leaves a lot to be desired!

  7. The Truth Hurts

    Diamond changed WCBB recruiting

    It’s no longer how many NCs or how many consecutive FFs a coach has

    Diamond’s two week recruiting binge landed a better class than the 2 years Geno spent recruiting Stewart, Tuck, and Jefferson

  8. Bruiser

    Man, there sure are a lot of venomous folks out there. Ladies and gentlemen, this is women’s basketball, not heart surgery or cancer research. To denigrate the UConn coaches is simply asinine. Seven national championships in 17 years is unprecedented, not to mention a stready stream of honor student-athletes. Coaches have different rules in many areas, and student-athletes make their choices accordingly. So all you knuckleheads out there denigrating one program or another should get a life, take a few chill pills and enjoy life and your women’s hoops. Otherwise, go to Washington and join the real misfits of the world.

  9. scott

    Geno and Chris Daly are the best in the country at developing players so I suspect the Lady Huskies will be fine. It boggles my mind when people bag of UConn’s program. Did anyone watch what UConn did on this “re-building” year? I see some more National titles in the future.

    1. UNC WCBB Fan

      Geno and Chris Daly are the best in the country at developing players

      Obviously you are too busy Attempting to be a Comedian to Notice that Auriemma and Dailey FAILED to develop Kearns, Dixon, Buck, Johnson, Engeln, and Banks.

      UConn coaches FAILED to develop Dixon’s outside shot. The result was UConn played with 5.5 in the 2011 FF SF and LOST to ND.

      UConn coaches FAILED to develop Buck’s offense and FAILED to taked advantage of Buck’s rebounding and defense in both the 2011 and 2012 FF SF LOSSES to ND.

      UConn coaches are good at recruiting some HoopGurlz obvious top 5 players but NOT developing all them.

      UConn coaches FAILED to develop Maya into a slasher until the middle of her senior season. By the end of her senior season, Maya reverted back to being a 3PT player.

      1. Janet2938474

        Another Idiot. How did Uconn Fail with Maya? Maya was a great player. How come she became the leading scorer with 3000 plus points? Give me a break. Banks was only a freshman. Obviously you havent seen many or any Uconn games. If you are truly not a fan though, why are u here? You are the one how is the FAILURE

  10. Trevor Bayers

    Guess diamond isn’t interested in winning any national championships. Her loss, not UConns. The Huskies will get the last laugh when they beat her and NC by about 40 points.

    1. UNC WCBB Fan

      The Huskies will get the last laugh when they beat her and NC by about 40 points.

      Get your head out of Auriemma’s hole.

      UNC will stomp UConn if they meet in the NCAA’s during 2013-17.

      1. Janet2938474

        UNC will stomp on UConn? haha. ur Joking right? Ur def an idiot. We will see about that one. Uconn isn’t playing them anymore anyways unless they play them in the NCAAs or some kind of toruney, but we will see, but doubt it UNC will stomp on Uconn.

  11. hjorring,DK

    OK, and so it goes. Let us give up the idea that Uconn should get the top players in every class. Those days are over, if they ever were.My view is that one wins championships with good, solid and tough players. Also, uconn is not duke, n.carolina, stanford or ND, and despite that the school has done well in recruiting.For women’s bb, why would an 18y.o turn down a premier univ with a premier bb program for conn. Tenn., etc. That we are in the game for such players say a lot. Don’t for a minute think that coaches from those schools are selling there’s school degrees. Wouldn’t you want your daughter to have a stanford, ND, NC, Duke dgree and play for a top program at the same time? Lets put our seat belt on, it can only get more interesting/competitive. Actually, I am more disappointed about the loss of Reimer than Deshield. She may actually not be the second coming of Miss M. Moore. Let us go back and find those true blue collar players and give them an opportunity to play so the others can ssek in and not think that that are acting presumptious in thinking that we could possibly have an interest in them. Lastly, Hayes has been kicked around so much in her time here that I am surprise that she didn’t run for the door– she certainly had all the capital to do so, thanks to those of US who think that anyone below miss Moore is a burden.

    1. UNC WCBB Fan

      “Let us go back and find those true blue collar players and give them an opportunity to play”

      Obvious issue is that Auriemma does NOT give opportunities to blue collar workers like Banks, Buck, Engeln, and Johnson.

      Auriemma recruited these kids to be glorified practice players who only see action when UConn is winning by 40. Auriemma recruited Faris to play.

      14 to 18 year olds see this and they do NOT buy into Auriemma’s bull crap about earning playing time in practice.

      Even the kids know that you get better with game experience.

      1. Janet2938474

        Ur an idiot. Why are you even sputing hate if ur not a fan? take your trash talking elsewhere as this is a Uconn blog. Not a blog to trash teams.

      2. UconnFan

        The Uconn haters just show their ignorance and how little they actually know about the game. Most of them do not have the intelligence of a severally mentally damaged child!

  12. Zumated

    This thread is pathetic as is UNC WCBB. Lots of venom and no friends. Wasted empty words to cram up the internet. The proof will be in the scores. How can an intelligent b-ball person doubt the UCONN program?
    More wag and less bark!

  13. joe nardello

    don,t waste your time posting with all these idiots that writing such negative things about UCONN. fOR ALL YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENT writing people, have your children apply to Uconn and see if they get accepted. THis year they got over 30,000 applications r and only like 4,000 get admitted. My son is a sophmore there at its a very good school. As far as basketball goes, it the best and all ,these other schools your mentioing are going to get trounced this year including: Stanford, ND. Geno wil probably do well for recruits for 2014 and Uconn is not for everyone.

  14. BKDad

    Choosing a college is a very individualized event, especially if you have lots of options. It should be obvious why a lot of kids wouldn’t want to go to UConn or play basketball there. It’s out in the country. Winter can be pretty daunting, especially for a kid from warmer climates. The women’s basketball team has its rules and ways of doing things. Plus 972 other things that distinguish UConn women’s basketball from other programs. If that’s not what you want, then you probably won’t want to choose UConn. Those same reasons might just as easily be the reasons why UConn is the perfect choice for other kids.

    But, so what? The same could be said about every other school and basketball program. NC certainly has its own pluses and minuses. They all do. It’s up to the kid to choose what she feels comfortable with. Better for them to decide that now rather than later, as has happened a few times.

  15. fanofit

    After looking at film, DD didn’t appear to be of UConn stock.

    If these recruits are required to be good passers, I didn’t see her make a single pass to any of her wide open teammates. She appears to be a ball hog. It would not be very fun to watch since I’m accustomed to watching an awesome team oriented strategy by UConn. I believe this great chemistry would have been destroyed.

  16. Jim Walkley

    I don’t agree with everything Geno does with public criticism of players, but the UConn women are a classy group of athletes year in and year out. They know what is expected of them before they arrive on campus and I am proud of how they handle the high profile attention they get.

  17. gENOSGUY

    Mike McManus–Some of those mentioned are perennial pine sitters, true. But Mike–look at past history, remember Uconn has only one Junior and the only senior graduated. Dolson, Banks, KML, Stokes are Freshmen and Sophs. Tina Charles was a disaster her first two years, Rene Montgromery was hit or miss until late her junior year. You don’t develop players to win NC’s with in 2 years. Maya without Rene or Tina would not have brought home NC’s. Maya didn’t win an NC in her senior year–ONE player does not make up a UConn team. It’s great to have that go to scorer (that was their problem this year), But go to scorers don’t win alone. But, without one, you have little chance at the NC.
    Mike wait–Dolson is better at this point in scoring than Tina–KML is a better all around player at this point than Maya, Banks is as good as Rene at this point. Mike–give
    Geno and Christine time to work their magic–don’t moan and groan when we don’t win the NC—it’s foolish to think any team can win them year after year–7 so far is superb by any measure. Geno, you will see one day, will be accorded his due–along side of John Wooden, Rupp, Ira, etc

  18. gENOSGUY

    OOOps mike , I forgot Stokes–who is this teasm Swin Cash. Given the playing time Kiah will out do Swintalia. She has the potential to be great–physical problems and working hard not withstanding.

  19. Dave

    From the comments made by “The Diamond” she sounds like a primadonna. Maybe a little undisciplined to boot. Every player has a right to make his or her own choice. But the “Diamonds” comments seemed to take a shot at the UConn coaching staff. I’ll take Geno and Chris every day of the week over Sylvia Hatchell. 7-1 NC and 14 FF. Quote by Sylvia UConn plays to tough and physical. Well of course Sylvia makes girls into nice young ladies. Translation (Soft)

  20. anonymous

    Several curious points about UNC. First, by my count, when the 2013 recruiting class arrives on campus, the North Carolina women’s basketball roster will include 19 players. They will have to cancel the scholarships of at least four players. And it is possible that some players who gave verbal commitments to UNC might have second thoughts now that they see how many good players are there. But UNC has put together a great group of performers. It’s like Stanford in years past: they’ve just stockpiled excellent talent. But just like Stanford, they could end up as also-rans.

    The curious thing is the silence from Tennessee. Last year they got a reasonable recruiting class, but not an outstanding one. And now a lot of kids have piled into UNC. It’s as if this DeShields-led recruiting class has sounded the end of the Tennessee dynasty. Perhaps Tennessee will become like UCLA after Coach Wooden: just a name that people used to associate with national championships.

    But not a big problem for Geno. He’s had three excellent recruiting classes in a row. UNC will now be in the mix for the Final Four after Griner. Notre Dame will be back,and Duke and Maryland are contenders as well. Should be interesting. With all of this parity post-Summitt, it appears that the premium will be for great coaching- and Geno has that edge!

  21. JR

    Uconn could still end up with Linnae Harper and Erica McCall and have one of the better classes in the country. Obviously, the future prize is 2014 target Brianna Turner who might be #1 in her class.

  22. RP

    Do not understand this at all. Why UNC? Great education and a beautiful campus, but it is hard to think of a team that is more underachieving over the last 10 years. How many Final Fours, despite the wealth of talent, for UNC recently? I can see that some people would not want to play for Geno, but go to a place that gives you a chance for the Final Four and a championship. Coach Hatchell has not won anything meaningful for decades. Her teams are always woefully underprepared to play UConn, jusdging by teh routine blowouts.

  23. nhntc47

    This girl, DD, said “coach Hatchell develops basket players into young women”. Did Geno develop his players into young men?

  24. Dominic

    Jefferson is better than both Danials and Desheilds.

    KML and Stewart are almost unbeatable on their own but add JEfferson, Dolson, and Tuck and you have what could go down as the best UCONN teams ever.

  25. Truetarheel

    Again this saddens me… Why is everyone hating on dd and
    Mcdaniels… Uconn fans u no doubt have a wonderful women’s program and a good men’s program I am sure Gino will no doubt get more blue chippers so why the hating on these 2 as I stated before uconn is a great program but both UNC and uconn sell themselves we fans who are so critical would die happy if we could play one stinking minute or our beloved schools or favorite college I am ecstatic Carolina is lining up super recruiting class after super recruiting class after this yr as no doubt tenn will and so will uconn c’mon uconn fans and UNC fans big recruits aren’t something new to either school so neither is losing out on them after all uconn wanted griner and didn’t get her u did fine after that so wish the young women well and move on as or UNC fans we have had our butts kicked by uconn alot recently so we need to shut up and prove them wrong on the court

  26. hjorring,DK

    Truetareel you are right. Interestingly, I have read on this site that two assistant coaches from Duke left the Program for NC(?) They were said to be excellent recruiters. Am I right in this? Could this have impacted on the wave of recruits who may have been in the pipeline and are now being ciphering off into NC. Again,the loss of one player–Deshield is far from being interesting– afterall, most of the noise about her being already in our grips were ours. The latter explains why we are chewing so hard. I will say it again, the Reimer girl is more intersting and more the type of player at fits well here. That she went to ND is a disappointment. Deshield I have brushed off. It will be interesting to see what NC can do in the ACC. I hope we can have a chat about the Big East wbb because I’m beginning to get nervous, should ND decides to go elsewhere. Have we not lost two good coaches this past season. Can the perennial dog house teams ever climb out, and can the middle gor more competitive? It will not be a lot of fun to play with teams that are vastly less talented.
    Lastly, all have an opinion– zealots, unbelievers, charlatons, etc., so there is really no need to get verbally upset when others write nasties(?) Just laugh and write (our)truths about the Program. I for one enjoy when others write things that are (un)true on US. It shows that they are following us.

  27. dude in New Britain

    I think it’s time to close down the comment part of this blog. The vitriolics and anti-etiquette of the Internet arrived here not too long ago and don’t show signs of going away. I propose that all comments be made on The Boneyard board, where the moderators do a good job of squelching these kinds of ugly postings. No reason to have the spewers of hate and disrespect have yet another platform from which to blow their own horns. They have plenty elsewhere.

    Let me be clear: Keep the blog, please. Many of us enoy and learn from it. Thank you, John A. Just end the comments. (Or add a moderator.)

  28. HGN

    DeShields and the others made their choice. And thats fine. UConn will not get all the best recruits , no program will. No one on this blog is hating and we wish her and the others well. UNC will have a target on their back just like UConn does. So I say welcome to the party UNC.

  29. Truetarheel

    Hjorring,dk thank u and I only know of one assistant that left duke for UNC as this is a HUGE rivalry u can imagine the fall out here in the tar heel state… And no doubt it probably did have a huge impact on recruiting but so probably did the renovations to Carmichael arena that make that place an envy now… Sylvia could always recruit so it’s no surprise but what isn’t talked about is how dd and the other three super recruits were already friends and wanted to play together but uconn wasn’t recruiting all of them UNC was recruiting every single last one of them. So once it was established that yeah we would like to play there or I’m interested they all recruited each other the scary part is UNC is still being seriously considered by some of the other tips prospects for this class so stay tuned… Uconn and Tennessee will both be fine reports of those two behemoths of wcbb are GREATLY exaggerated… It’s just that UNC is now again an elite program GO HEELS but also wish uconn all the best until we play each other that is

  30. Lorena Wood

    DD and EDD

    UConn wasted valuable resources recruiting the double d’s

    Hope that DD does not cause UConn to have another 1 player recruiting class like EDD did

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