Mailbag March 14: What Did EDD Cost UConn?

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Here is an interesting question about perhaps the greatest player to ever slip through the hands of UConn.

Question: What recruit was lost due to the choice of Elena Delle Donne?

Jerry, Milford.


It is impossible to read the minds of high school kids to determine whether the presence of one player makes them think there may be no room for them.

In the recruiting class that originally included Elena Delle Donne were forwards Chelsey Lee and Nneka Ogwumike. Lee decided at the last minute to attend Rutgers, which stunned UConn at the time, I am told.

Ogwumike seems always destined for Stanford, because her parents wanted her to go there, just as they directed her younger sister, Chiney, away from UConn to the Cardinals.

I supposed its possible to draw connecting lines, but Geno Auriemma likely wouldn’t want a kid on his team who was afraid of competition.



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17 thoughts on “Mailbag March 14: What Did EDD Cost UConn?

  1. TippMan

    EDD is at Deleware and flourishing. She has said that winning a National Championship is not as important (to her) as being near her sister.

    Good for her, let it go please….

  2. john

    John please quit the courant and just move to delaware already. It has been four years move the f**k on!

    1. TippMan

      My comment was aimed at Jerry from Milford as he was the one that posed the question. Jerry, needs to get a life.

      And John (the commenter) with the vulgar language needs more home schooling.

    2. ROFLMAO

      Nearly 4 years after EDD leaves UConn summer school, idiots and morons like John ***STILL*** have an internet bookmark to John Altavilla’s Blog to see if there is a new article about EDD. How ***STUPID*** are some of your readers, John Altavilla? Freaking hilarious.

  3. Olde Dude

    Like an auto race to win it’s ateam effort. You neeed horses under the hood and a good pit crew so the star driver can get the praise. Geno likes to say you need an All American to go all the way, but he doesn’t forget the rest either.

  4. Knickle Ndime

    EDD like all people must justify the decision to not stay at UConn. I’d bet a nickle or two that EDD would dearly love to have the 3 or 4 titles UConn would have brought home with her as an addition. She made a bad decision and is mature enough to live with it. Nice kid, nice family.
    Chelsy Lee was a great miss for UConn, her career at Rutgers has been lack luster. C Vivian had 5 HS All americans including Lee and has struggled with them.

    Wish they had taken Johnson and Englen too–nice kids, not much output from them–

    1. mARCH mADNESS iS hERE

      Johnson and Engeln are DIVISION II level talent

      It is so FREAKING OBVIOUS that Geno and CD recruited these 2 to be GLORIFIED PRACTICE PLAYERS

      7 time national championship coaches are SMART ENOUGH to recognize that Johnson and Engeln were NEVER going to amount to anything

      Geno is just so DAMN LAZY when it comes to COACHING GAMES

      He wants 6 or 7 players and that is is

      1. Bill

        While you hope it never happens, UConn has a lot of experience with season ending injuries changing the rotation and yes sometimes shortening the bench. More likely Johnson with the size could be a contributor in a pinch than Engeln with ball handling and shooting skills. I would not for a moment believe that Auriemma ever recruited someone just for practice, Absurd on its’ face.

        1. Amy Kelly

          The level of talent drops off a cliff between Stokes and Buck, Engeln, Johnson. And Stokes is in Auriemma’s dog house.

  5. RAY T


    Too much time in NY as a beat writer for you . This is a dead issue . Move on or please move to Delaware. You are sounding more like a blue hen. Leave EDD alone.
    Remember the Huskies? A real Div.1 Womans BBall team

    1. ROFLMAO

      Nearly 4 years after EDD leaves UConn summer school, idiots and morons like Ray T ***STILL*** have an internet bookmark to John Altavilla’s Blog to see if there is a new article about EDD. How ***STUPID*** are some of your readers, John Altavilla? Freaking hilarious.

  6. Bob

    To you IDIOTS ranking on John. GET A LIFE besides showing us how little you know! He is doing his job!! A reader wrote and asked him a questioned and he answered it.John KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK for every one of these idiots there are hundreds of us who like your reporting.

    1. Bill

      Bob, Apparently Ray and ‘commenter’ John have not completed their remedial reading classes and as a result missed the question from Jerry in Milford that started this series of cheap shots at John A. And by the way folks the question in and of itself is not a a bad one. Perhaps one that might have been raised 2-3 years ago to be more on point. Remember the other recruits in that class were Hayes, Doty, and Buck, the later two having another season due to injury and illness.

      To Nickle – RE: EDD, somewhere in her deepest feelings she may have a small sense of ‘what could have been’ but it would never rise to a ‘bad decision’. Her closeness to her sister means so much more to her than all the personal accolades she might have received.

  7. HGN

    EDD at most cost UConn a National Championship. Either last years , or possibly this years. Her presence on the floor alone (along with Maya) last year would have meant 1-2 more victories. And would add a significant scoring threat to this years team. Enough of a scoring threat inside and out to push us over the top to a NC…..So its not so much what she cost UConn in players lost , but in Championships possibly lost.

    1. Amy Kelly

      156-0 would realistically have been possible with EDD on UConn. UConn would have become the evil empire. :-)

  8. Husky love

    I bet the majority of the people slandering Geno are Irish fans. Get over it, Geno is going to do what Geno wants to do, you should know this by now!! Go Huskies!

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