Mailbag: SNY Will Provide Streaming Option

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Here is one of the most popular questions I field on a daily basis:


Last week, I wrote to UConn President Herbst expressing my dismay at not getting UCWB on CPTV Hoopstreams.  We live in Maryland where none of the cable or satellite networks carry SNY.  I received a reply from the UC Athletics Dept that told us that SNY was planning internet streaming of the games.  What can you learn about this?  I wrote SNY to no avail.  UCWB on the net is very important to us rapidly greying expatriot Huskies.  Many Thanks

George Thomson
Churchville, MD

Mr. Thomson:


I traveled to New York last week to visit with SNY executives for a story that should appear soon on the acquistion of UConn women TV rights. In short, like CPTV HoopStreams, SNY will be providing a streaming option for viewers who can not receive, can not afford or do not want to watch the Huskies on their network. And it will be priced in the same general area as CPTV’s HoopStreams was. The details are still being worked out.

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15 thoughts on “Mailbag: SNY Will Provide Streaming Option

  1. Jim Westover

    The original mailer may also want to call DirecTV. I believe they’re supposed to have SNY nationwide if you order their sports package, right?

  2. freddykool


  3. Phil G

    The key words are “in the same general area.” Hold on to yor wallets, Husky fans. It’s going to be a bumpy ride with SNY.

  4. Emmett Casey

    I was proud to subscribe to CPTV’s Hoopstreams for 6 years, since I moved from Connecticut to North Carolina. I love the UCONN Women, but I am ashamed of the university’s lack of loyalty to fans and to CPTV. UCONN made their decision based on business, not on loyalty; I will do the same. I will NOT subscribe to SNY’s service, streaming or cable. To me, the UCONN Women are far more than a business commodity.

  5. Merry Anders

    SNY is not on DISH Network. And from what I see from SNY it will not be. Apparently SNY/Dish have had negative discussions about SNY to be continued on Dish.
    So I believe you Dish users have a “class action” to opt out of Dish, without penalty, because you were supposed to get SNY.
    But getting TV Video on SNY of the games is 10000 times better than streaming video from anyone.
    But the biggest question is WHO WILL TELEVISE THE GENO SHOWs ???? Many times the Geno show was better than some of the games… It would be a real loss should us fans not get 7 or more Genos shows this coming year. John why has no one addressed this issue???

    1. DMerc

      Merry, from all the articles I’ve read SNY will have a coach’s show. The below is an outtake from SNY’s President, Steve Raab.

      “We’re going to rework what had been Geno’s coach’s shows and how we rework it we’re not sure yet,’’ Raab said. “Geno is a big personality and whether this should just be your traditional coach’s show or really take the opportunity to do something different and I think to better spotlight Geno is something that we’re going to work through.

  6. Muriel Winzer

    Am in Colorado and paid $59.95 last year for Hoopstreams so Freddykool got a bargain or made another mistake.

  7. Harry

    On UVERSE (AT&T) SNY is either part of their largest package or separately in their Sports package. Anyway you do it is costs money to watch SNY and it cost nothing additional to watch CPTV.
    I still think someone needs to ask Herbst if she knows that CT isn’t a part of NY. Maybe she is still using the tourist map that didn’t include CT because we didn’t want to spend money to be part of the organization.
    It will be interesting to see how SNY does getting sponsors for Woman’s BB. The football and men’s game seem to have NY, NJ sponsors.

  8. Elijah

    Although this seems like a wonderful chance to expose the UCONN Women’s program on a grand scale, I find myself cautiously optimistic. Connecticut has a loyal fan base, and many are going to be disappointed that they will no longer be able to view the Women’s Basketball program unless they pay some cable company, who is already ‘overcharging’ everyone for it’s services, a fee for service. Many of the women in this state who follow the women’s program ONLY follow the women….they’re not hooked into the feeding frenzy of 24 hr sports madness that so many men get caught up into. So, you take a fan base that doesn’t have all the sports channels, who attended some home games, and watched others on CPTV. Now, you’re telling them that if their cable company carries SNY and they don’t have it, they’ll have to pay more money to get it just to be able to watch UCONN women play. Additionally, for the people who don’t have cable…either by choice or because they can’t afford it, watching the games for them is history….AND THESE ARE UCONN’S LOYAL FANS! That tells me that UCONN’s President is gambling: She’s willing to risk losing loyal fans in the HOPES of possibly gaining more nationally. It’s a risk that she can afford to take; especially seeing the latest tenure of Presidents at the University. However, I don’t know if the people of this state should….especially since it is a Public University. CPTV offered almost as much money to the school as SNY did. So, money was not the issue. Maybe it works out….With Men’s games and other sports, men can watch them at home or at their local sports bar. I don’t think you’ll see too many mothers, grandmothers, and other women flooding into sports bars around the state just to watch the UCONN women play! Maybe some of the restaurants close to UCONN will carry the games…places like Willington Pizza I & II, and others. Also, around the country I don’t think we’ll see many Sports Bars around the country showing College Women’s Basketball games either….Only time will tell if this was smart or stupid! The problem with the latter is losing your fan base maybe very difficult to get back.

    As a footnote: If SNY could work out a deal with CPTV where the two of them broadcasted the games and shared the expenses, it would be a win-win situation. You’d secure the fan base…while also reaching out to those potential new fans.

    1. Pat Finn

      I agree with you wholeheartedly Elijah. What she doesn’t realize either that Rutgers is in NJ and has a huge following as does St. John’s in NY, Pitt Panthers in Pittsburgh – all big east teams but I believe Pitt is leaving the Big East, but women basketball fans will follow them. It would be like UConn selling out to a TN tv station – they might get a dozen or so fans, but not very many more. I have cancelled by season tickets (had them for 16 years)and also my tv. I emailed the President of UConn, but of course never heard back. I am sure they have lost a ship full of fans. Of course, if UConn wasn’t money hungry, they would have a live access link on their website for the games as does a lot of Colleges and Universities at no charge.

  9. David Kross

    To the Maryland writer: SNY is available in Maryland on Verizon FIOS.

  10. Judy J.

    It is now the middle of September and I haven’t yet heard of the possibility of live streaming of the UConn women’s games. Did I miss anything? Please help. I am beginning to feel desperate about missing the games I have so faithfully followed for many years. Dish network does not carry SNY, to my dismay. I would much rather see the games on TV but will settle for streaming if that is the only way I will get to see my favorite team play.

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