McGraw Says She Used Geno Comment To Fire Up Irish Before Big East Final

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Muffet McGraw says she tries not to read many things Geno Auriemma says because they are friendly and she’d like to keep it that way.

She knows Geno likes to dig and McGraw said her nature isn’t to fire back in a public forum. And she was smiling when she said it.

Then she was reminded Saturday of something Auriemma told the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce in March.

Undaunted by three previous defeats to Notre Dame this season, Auriemma said he was confident the result would be different if the teams met again at the women’s basketball Final Four in New Orleans.

“Had we been beaten decisively in all three games, I would feel terrible,” said Auriemma. “But I don’t feel that way at all. My staff, my players and I feel like we lost those three games.

“And we’re not going to lose the next one.”

McGraw said she hadn’t heard about that. But she did hear what he had to say before the Huskies played the Irish for the Big East tournament championship on March 12.

Notre Dame senior Skylar Diggins had said the Irish don’t dislike the Huskies as much as they have a “distaste” for them.

Auriemma said he could relate to that.

“If I was her, I would feel the same way,” he said. “We have seven national championships, they have one. We have Big East [tournament] championships, they have none. If I was her, I’d be upset, too. I think she is telling the truth.”

McGraw said she heard about that and used it to inspire her team.

“I did hear the guarantee for the Big East championship,” McGraw said. “And so that was a great motivational speech I didn’t have to give my team. That was something I did see.”




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14 thoughts on “McGraw Says She Used Geno Comment To Fire Up Irish Before Big East Final

  1. Sal and Irene

    If Uconn had won 3 squeakers in a row, I would be very worried that that the next game would catch up with them.

    Go Uconn women- #8 is coming up!!!!

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Well said, Sal and Irene. The “Fab 3 freshman” are peaking at just the right time.

      Also, they will also kick it up a notch to give Dolson the extra support she needs.

      Anything Dolson can provide will be gravy because all the UCONN bigs will chip in to shut down the paint and UCONN’s zone will dominate over ND’s 3-point shooting. ND cannot shoot 3’s with regularity and if their inside game is shut down, then it is lights out for Notre Dame.

      I wish Skylar the best in the WNBA but I hope her collegiate season ends tonight.

      We have heard about the “Three to Watch” all year long.

      In my opinion, there is only one to watch and she was not part of “The Three”.

      The “One to Watch” is no other than Breanna Stewart, aka “Stewie”.

      Sure, there will be others playing their hearts out tonight – upper classmen as well as freshmen, but Stewie is the icing on the cake and NotreDame has no one to counter her game.

  2. despite all of Geno's accomplishments

    the 3 ff losses recent 1-7 bug creppe out of him as does most here

    1. Uconnphann

      Typically in the final 4 the refs are told to “let them play” only the really big fouls are called. I think this goes against ND. The elite 8 game Diggins didn’t get calls jumping into players and got called for back slapping the ball–the refs are on to her.

      Uconn Fans remember you have been to 13 final fours 7 championship included–and these poor souls who are negatively commenting on Geno or our team. May never ever be at another final four –or at best may be again in 10 years. While Geno and Uconn will be in the finals for the next 10 years.
      Poor souls they only wish they could be Uconn.
      Sometimes their negative comments are very flattering to Uconn.

      1. may geno have mercy on your soul for being stupid

        hey geno juicer he ain’t coachin’ ucant the next 10 years

        1. Steve Gee

          I think N.D. even won a National Championship.


          Over a decade ago.

          “UCant” has won SEVEN National Championships.

          When did Ruth Riley graduate?

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