Mercury Win First Pick In WNBA Draft Lottery

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Who says life or basketball is fair.

The Phoenix Mercury, who basically allowed Diana Taurasi to skip the 2012 season (at least the post-Olympic part of it), used the strategy and some luck to win the top pick in the 2013 Draft on Wednesday.

And despite what Carolyn Peck said on ESPN after the draft lottery was over, they almost certainly will take 6-8 center Brittney Griner from Baylor because the team needs her and not taking her would simply be stupid.

The Mercury had 276 chances out of 1,000 to receive the first overall selection, the second most of any of the four teams in the Lottery mix. It’s the third time Phoenix has won the WNBA Draft Lottery.  The Mercury previously came away with the No. 1 overall selection in 2004, which they used to select Diana Taurasi, and for the 2009 Draft, when they chose Lindsey Harding.

Chicago, which already has an Olympic center, Sylvia Fowles, but could use Notre Dame guard Skylar Diggins, gets the second pick, which means they would have to overlook Delaware’s Elena Delle Donne first.

The Sky had smallest chance of winning the Lottery (10.4 percent).

Picking third will be lowly Tulsa, which also has a center, but one (6-8 Australian Liz Cambage) who didn’t even play a second for them this season because of the Olympics and then her disinterest in coming to the USA.

Washington, which could used Delle Donne to boost attendance, will pick fourth, which will be like getting stuck with vanilla ice cream when the italian and french pasties and souffles are gone from the buffet.

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9 thoughts on “Mercury Win First Pick In WNBA Draft Lottery

  1. uconnphann

    So Washington may get the left overs??? As reluctant as I am to say this–EDD isn’t chopped liver. Fowles may have been an Olympian but she doesn’t have the skills of EDD. Diggins may be a great point guard (I really think she is) but EDD can play Center, Forward and if pushed Guard. On top of all that she had the greatest Mom in the NCAA. She is a LADY with all the class that goes with it.

      1. Newgirl2

        I see your point. But even though Ms. EDD won’t be waiting for her name to be called in the fourth position, she will end up in Washington. The team who selects her second or third will trade her to Washington. She will demand that, or just walk away from them. Remember, she doesn’t want to be too far away from home, and Washington in close enough for her. Now after five years in college, maybe she has grown up. But which ever team she plays for will be more than slightly improved. I wish all the players an excellent senior year in college, and a brilliant pro career.

  2. fanofit

    None of this matters. Los Linx will still have Maya and no one else will.

  3. FanFit

    No one has considered that maybe, just maybe EDD with her monied family may not want to be drafted into the WNBA?? We did see her in the Olympics and maybe we will never see her in the Olympics. She may want to just go home and live the life of the ONE PERCENT. I for one would not blame her.

  4. dude in New Britain

    Does anyone have any actual evidence that the homesickness EDD had 3½ years ago still exists? People do a lot of maturing between age 18 and 22. Moreover, the WNBA season is a lot shorter than a college academic year. And even if she went to Washington, half the games would be away games. So, all in all, I doubt that EDD has any Washington-or-nothing attitude. Nor do I expect her to retire into the life of the 1%, ala Paris Hilton. That seems very much out of step with the way she appears to carry herself and live her life.

  5. uconnphann

    Who ever came up with her or her family belonging to the 1 percent of the very rich?? Also, if rich is so bad why do we all want to be rich. The lottery tells us more than 60 percent of the population want to be rich. But the lottery will not make that true.
    EDD Mom is the nicest lady. Her sister is extremely limited in doing anything for herself. IF EDD wants to be home–she has my blessings. But if asked she will play in the Olympics. Maybe she will not accept any draft. But we’ll all see. Nice kids float to the top and she has in my estimation. Yep I complained when she opted to go to Delaware–I wanted to fry her, but she is an extremely good kid. Sorry John–I’ve stolen your thunder.

  6. Pat Finn

    Wish her the best of luck – it is too bad she didn’t stick with UConn as going to Delaware (not a great program from what I have seen)would have probably made her the #2 pick – Brittany Griner will be #1 if only for her block shot ability. Too bad the Lynx couldn’t get her – with Maya, Simone and Lindsay and add Griner to the mix, they would be WNBA champions for as many years as the four of them could play together. Maybe another TN or Uconn in the making.

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