Mosqueda-Lewis Has A Concussion

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UConn has just announced that sophomore Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis suffered a concussion when she crashed into the floor with just over two minutes to play in Saturday’s win over Purdue at the Paradise Jam tournament in St. Thomas.

KML was being observed by UConn’s medical staff immediately after scoring 15 points in 29 minutes in UConn’s 91-57 win. Soon after, she was walking unaided in the hallway outside the locker room talking on her cellphone and eating pizza.

She will continue to be evaluated as her status for Wednesday’s game against Colgate at the XL Center is unclear at this time

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28 thoughts on “Mosqueda-Lewis Has A Concussion

  1. John Singkit

    If I were GA, I would play it safe. It’s only Colgate for the next game, so that will be 9 days to Maryland game. You can never play it safe enough for this sort of thing.

      1. Kyle Broflofski

        NO. Have been complaining about this for years. Auriemma would rather run up the score and pad his players stats instead of sitting his stars on the bench. A few years ago Maya made a 3 point shot with UConn up by 58 against Holy Cross. Seriously? Same game which Miss Falls Alot scored 30 in the first half. Meanwhile, non stars are sitting on the bench.

        1. coach777b

          When you become Head Coach at UCONN, we can take potshots at your management style. If you were a true basketball fan, you would know that the score DOES NOT MATTER to Geno. He judges his players by how they play the next possession. When a good coach keeps winning, no matter if it’s by two points or fifty points, he is doing his job and his players are playing his style. Your style is different and when Geno retires you can show how good your style is. But you first will have to get past Chris Dailey, Gen Rizzotti or even Shea Ralph. Good Luck!

        2. DS

          You have no idea what you are talking about…who were the non stars sitting on the bench that could have taken Kaleena’s place?????? The team is 10 deep, 11 deep if you count Heather Buck. With the exception of Heather, everyone plays substantial minutes, there are no bench warmers. Geno had all freshman and sophomores in at the end of the game, he had to have 5 players on the court. Who do you think should have been playing in Kaleena’s place? Doty, Dolson, Hartley, Faris…who???

          1. Tony S

            exactly right DS…it’s obvious what Geno has been doing at the end of blow out games this year,having his freshmen and sophomores playing together with an eye for the future.Other than Heather Buck,the team is 10 deep,there has to be 4 very good players on the floor at the end of a game no matter what the score.

  2. Village Idiot

    Concussions are extremely dangerous and they come back to haunt you at age 50 and beyond. I agree with Mike and others: Why was she in with 2 minutes left, ah yes, it was Soph and Frosh cleanup time.
    24 point and 18 of them on 3’s ?? Geno USUALLY shuts down the 3 ball shooters. Bet Colgate doesn’t make 6 three’s in a row.
    Congrats to Blase’ Stewart on being select the Outstanding player, she certainly was in the last game.

    1. Mike McManus

      What would a daily blog be w/o the learned comments from the Village Idiot, who like his brother, the Charter Oak Bridge, has such an appropriate name. Geno rotated his players throughout the game, trying different matchups along the way. What happened to KML could have happened to any other player. Why does some Idiot always have to find fault with whatever Geno does. This would be a really enjoyable blog w/o the Geno-haters!

    2. Tony S

      @ Village Idiot
      last time I checked KML was a sophomore,aptly named ..idiot. ok so tell me which 5 should have been on the floor at the end,Heather Buck,Moriah Jefferson,Morgan Tuck,ummm ok we need two more players who you think would be expendable if they were to suffer an injury at the end of a game..doty,farris,hartley? stokes,stewart,dolson? ..come on help me here find the expendable case you haven’t been paying attention a team consists of 5 players..oh wait I know..he could have done the Gene Hackman Hoosiers thing and played with 3 or 4. Geno shuts down the three ball??? most good 3 point shooters in women’s college basketball can probably shoot over geno,he his kind of short.

      1. Village Idiot

        Mike are your glasses fogged or don’t you read the written word well??
        Read the second sentence again. The part after the colon:
        Seems like you and Tony S went to the same school and missed the reading completely before commenting lecture.
        It does say—OH YES THEY WERE ALL SOPH’S ANF FRESHMEN. That’s why he wasn’t putting in Freshmen and sophs to replace them. Reading is fundamental–to some..

  3. Chris Saran

    As with Bria Hartley, there’s no need to rush Kaleena back. Colgate is not a threat; however, rushing Kaleena back before she is ready would be a threat to UConn’s season. Geno has shown that he will be conservative, and he has Rosemary to give him the best advice. Kaleena will not play until she is 100%.

  4. Kyle Broflofski

    Hope that Simmons wannabe does not have bulging discs from her head snapping. Hope she does not have nerve problems from this.

    1. DS

      Simmons wannabe???? Are you talking about Meighan Simmons from Tennesssee???? Kaleena and Simmons are in 2 different worlds. Don’t make me laugh….your ignorance is truly amazing but now I understand why…you are a Tennessee fan

  5. Redcee

    To the people who think KML shouldn’t have been playing due to the score: use your head(s)! He’s only got 11 players; he plays 10 of them on a regular rotation. What do you want him to do–start pulling people out of the stands? Send Shea Ralph and Chris Dailey out there?

  6. NYWheels

    Kyle, this comment (Auriemma would rather run up the score and pad his players stats instead of sitting his stars on the bench.)illustrations why anything you have to offer to this forum should be dismissed based upon your utter ignorance of UConn under Auriemma.

    ’nuff said.

  7. NYWheels

    Or illustrates… Guess it depends on the form of media you’re commenting in. :-)

  8. s williams

    Uh Kyle, UConn has 11 H.S. All-Americans and no-one else. Five of them have to be playing in the final minutes. Even if you don’t count Heather Buck – who has never developed into a star – there are still 10 great players to choose between.

  9. nhntc47

    Nobody knows what’s going to happen in a game. So stop blaming the coaching staff. Should we let the stars sit on the bench to keep them safe and let the non-stars play? But as some of you have aptly observed, Uconn has 10 stars among their roster of 11. Anything can happen to anyone, and the coaching staff is to blame?

  10. NHntc47 comment

    I believe all the comments meant that Geno in the last 3 minutes of every game should have only 10 players on the floor with Buck sitting on the bench. With 10 players it present a mathematical problem of probability how long before anyone of them (on an individual basis) get seriously hurt. You must remember SVET, SHEA, MEL all got hurt in the later parts of their games.
    Or–maybe just play the 5th year senior and have the other 10 on the bench. No star will be injured in the last 3 minutes then.

  11. Mike Or Mike MC

    When you use both names Mike, Mike McManus–it is confusing. It seems you went to HOLY Moley High School and educated by NONE’s, or Fryers or San Yusophe.

  12. hoop102

    For Kyle and for Mike thoughMike wasn’t accusatory- if Geno likes to run up the score then why was the MVP of the tournamnent only playing 21 minutes? And why did he pull the press off of Marist in the second half? You mean you never notice he has bascially pulled presses many,many,many times especially to start second halves? If he pulls his press so often how can you say “he likes to run up the score and pad stats?”

  13. billnaples

    I just got back from the “stats” page. But before we go there apparently some people (idiots and others) fail to recognize that bad breaks in the form of injuries occur early in games, early in the season, late in games, and of course late in the season. Timing is the luck, good or bad, of the draw. Minutes played. All but Hartey are 5 games, Bria of course is only 3. There are four players in the “20’s”, KML at 28.6, Dolson – 25.4, Faris – 24.4, and Stewart – 21.4. Those four and Doty (17.0) have been the starters for all five games and collectively they are averaging only 58% of the available minutes. Of the other 7 only Heather Buck at 4.4 is under 14.4 minutes per game. Silly numbers but if the roster was 10 deep and you had perfect distribution everyone would get 20 minutes. The reality is the spread is from 14.4 (Stokes) to 28.6 for KML. The shortest time is on the floor for 36.5% of one players max. The longest is a shade over 71%. I know too many numbers but maybe it will make Village and Bridge take a walk together.

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