Motion Filed To Dismiss Hardwick Lawsuit

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While away this weekend attending a family wedding in East Lansing, Mich., the following was filed by the attorney’s representing USA Basketball in the suit by NBA security offical Kelley Hardwick vs. USA Basketball., Geno Auriemma and the NBA.

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8 thoughts on “Motion Filed To Dismiss Hardwick Lawsuit



  2. Ann Miller

    Easy there Mr. Freddy…the motion to dismiss is common in situations like this. John’s just letting us know it has been done.

  3. Walterlinesjr

    way to go attorneys hope this stupid bogus lawsuit gets dropped because what kellyharwick claims happened never happened im 110 percent sure of that takecare all gouconn

    1. g

      I crave to read about the players, the recruits. I have zero (ZERO!) interest in this lawsuit garbage
      John, tell me how KML looks; tell me if Brianna has put on some new muscle; tell me how Caroline is moving; tell me how Kia is moving and whether she seems more offensive-minded. Let us see the players through your eyes.

      1. JD

        Give me a break. If you7 dont like what’s being posted skip it. Don’t read it. Simple

  4. Walterlinesjr

    well so far uconn womens bball have no commitment partly because of kellyhardwicka nd this law suit since some people believe evrything they ehar without knowing the facts and even after some people who are not guilty are found not guilty some people still theink theya re guiltya nd im not talking about the guilty oj just to let you know takecare all godbless gouconn

  5. Genosguy

    Get used to reading it for the next two or three years. USA will drag it on, waiting for settlement. Hartwick will push but not wanting a court date–they get more mileage out of whats in the media.
    But once the “season” starts we’ll forget about any of these “press releases”.
    Bring on Dolson, Stewart, Hartley, Doty, Faris, the “Uconn Squirel” Jefferson, Buck, KML, Stokes, Morgan Tuck, and Brianna Banks. Wow, what a cast?? Best point guards in the land, with backup PG’s, three of the best “big centers”, Kelly Faris,Doty, Tuck three Miss Everythings, and We’ve got KML and they don’t.

  6. Bill Naples

    I understand billable hours. What I do not get and have observed here many times is how can Auriemma be included in an employee discrimination action. Claims against the NBA and USA basketball may or may not have merit. The issue here is simply one of Geno never having any employment relationship whatsoever with Hardwick and the most her attorney could hope for would be to call him as a witness to testify to what he did or did not say to people in supervisory positions over Hardwick.

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