Motion To Dismiss Filed Again By Auriemma Attorneys

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And so it goes in the ongoing case between NBA security officer Kelly Harwick and Geno Auriemma, the NBA and USA Basketball.

The latest is that Auriemma’s lawyers have once again filed a motion to dismiss the case.


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22 thoughts on “Motion To Dismiss Filed Again By Auriemma Attorneys

  1. Chicago Seven

    The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching. Geno smacking Kim on the behind constitutes sexual harassment in this age. Willing to bet that was not the first time Geno ever smacked any female like that. Will he fall in line behind players or coaches who have been worshipped at the altar and turned out to be someone else?

    1. Judy Letoile

      You’re a dope and apparently didn’t read the story behind the “slap”…

    2. 1 Husky

      More than a dope…a total moron. BTW…isn’t it up to Kim to decide sexual harassment? I seem to remember a smile on her face in the photo. Touching between two consenting adults does not constitute sexual harassment. I suppose that every time a player pats a teammate on the butt it means sexual harassment. Are you really Hip Hop, or are there two jackasses who post here?

  2. TGIGG

    When Geno slapped Mulkey’s rear I cringed, “oh no, this will be used against him in that sexual harassment lawsuit”. I realize it’s just Geno being Geno, and I hope he never changes as he’s so entertaining, but probably was not the best thing to do while this legal dance is going on.


    1. Steve Geepers

      How dare anyone on this blog having any opinion other than MY sarcastic rantings. How do you know anything until I told you. I have a daughter so I know everything about everything. So next time you want to write ask me, I own this blog. That is why I use sarcasm to insult .
      Compare BKDad’s rantings with those of Steve Gee, surprise

      Dad of BK.

      1. Steve Gee

        Hey troll,
        if you have something to say, lets hear it.
        You like to throw a lot of crap around, but as usual, cannot be specific.
        If you have issue with anything I’ve ever posted, let’s hear it, and be specific.
        Time to put up or shut up.

  3. BKDad

    Based on all that I’ve read over the past several years on various web forums, and heard on various radio programs, I think women’s basketball, if not all women’s sports, ought to be abolished. That would eliminate the boring games, at least compared to men’s sports, and get rid of the awful people who coach. Not to mention the money spent, and often wasted on scholarships for players who could never measure up.

    I hope that would make everybody happy.

  4. William Wert

    Wow. The ignorant have spoken. No one has any idea what Geno did or didn’t do. BKDad, obviously you have no daughters or brains. Don’t like it don’t watch, but telling a female she can’t play sports is ridiculous. Caveman.

    1. BKDad

      Ummm… Check out my posting history. In fact, I have a college aged daughter who plays on a varsity sport team, albeit not basketball.

      Have you ever run across the term “sarcasm”? Try Google.

  5. Fairfield County Fan

    BK Dad – I knew you were being sarcastic b/c I have read your previous posts….I am sure that would make lots of folks happy (elim. women’s college athletics)- – until they found they had nothing to criticize or post negative comments about- then they would not be happy at all.

    1. BKDad

      I guess you can’t please all the people all the time, can you?

      To be serious for once, and only once, I find that all of this is way out of proportion. These are college kids, playing a sport. A small minority – perhaps not so small at UConn, but certainly out of the entire NCAA – will get to make their careers out of playing or coaching sports. But, while playing in college they are all subjected to extreme amounts of public scrutiny and exaggerated expectations from the public at large. People feel that these kids are their employees because the kids might have a scholarship. How many scholarship aided math or history majors are subject to the same rancor? Personally, I admire them all for their effort, no matter the outcome.

      1. SBB

        Here’s the thing, especially if you have daughters. Playing a team sport at the level the UConn players play, looks very good on your resume. Even if you never want to play post college, employers know that being able to play on this level takes a person who can manage time, be on a “Team” etc. etc. etc. This is not about playing in the WNBA. This will serve these young women well for many years to come.

      2. Artie A...

        BK…Got a clue? What does the case aginst Geno have to do with the kids? Your so called serious comment here has nothing to do with the topic of the post…
        Even your weak attempt at sarcasm was way off topic…
        You are to go to the front of the class and write on the board 100 times, read the post before you comment…

        1. BKDad

          OK. Message received and acknowledged.

          Bye all! Good luck to all the teams going forward.

  6. Genosguy

    I’ve hated these harwick stories. I’d love to see them done. I for a long time thought there was nothing there. Geno doesn’t have to stop living, but prudent actions are sometimes necessary to not fuel a lukewarm fire.

  7. billnaples

    The next time someone tries to slow me down because I am “long winded” and try to tell short stories as though it was War and Peace I am going to make them read the motions from Auriemma’s attorney(s). I know a couple of lawyers well enough and have spent some time in the jury box as well to understand much (no where near all) of the motions presented in support of a dismissal. The short version is something I have been saying for a long time. There is simply no case. Auriemma had no factual duties in any way as to the duties assigned to that woman. Jurisdiction is of course a no brainer. All of the actions Hardwick made up even if they happened, would have been other than in NY. Throw this out and make her pay for the legal fees Geno had to spend.

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  9. Hip Hop Hood

    Interesting that UCONN continues to let Geno coach women and be in a women’s locker room after he was charged with sexual assault and harassment of a female.

    1. 1 Husky

      You must try real hard to be a jackass. If you are going to throw barbs at Geno, the least you can do is be accurate…your jokes to spur a reponse, or whatever you consider them, are meaningless. Tell us, who charged Geno with anything? Your statement is borderline libel.

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