No Kidding, Geno Is Very Fond Of Stewie

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Out of the corner of his eye Saturday night, Geno Auriemma located his unsuspecting target leaning against a wall outside the UConn women’s locker room.

A smirk creased Auriemma’s face. He locked in on his mark. An avid golfer, this was a 3-foot putt with a great lie. He pulled his club back and swung through.

“You know,” said Auriemma, feigning conversation with a third party, “every once in a while, you get players that are really good, but tend to be dopes.”

Auriemma looked to his left, now smiling broadly.

“You have to figure how to take the good in someone and overlook the fact that they are a dope. Sometimes God gives you everything; he gives you size, ability to shoot and pass and a large wingspan.

“But he forgets to put the brain matter in there.”

At this point, Breanna Stewart reacted with a small smile and a sigh. Welcome to the program, kid.

Just moments before, Stewart, the highly regarded freshman, had accepted the MVP of the Paradise Jam Tournament. Maya Moore was the only other rookie so honored in the women’s event.

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15 thoughts on “No Kidding, Geno Is Very Fond Of Stewie

  1. James Kerwin

    The ever present smile on Geno’s face this year is because of Ms’s Stewart, Tuck, Jefferson. These three have by some strange stroke of luck made EVERY member of the Uconn Team better. Look at Stokes and Banks they have been amazing. KML while very good last year is also amazing. Dolson, Faris, Doty have become the perfect leaders.

    I hate drooling and cheering on Freshmen because we’ve seen some of them change drastically almost like they’ve never played the game before.
    But in watching MS Stewart–she is as Geno has said–she is everywhere on the floor, comes out of nowhere to block shots, puts up 18 point before you realize she was scoring. KML is a quiet scorer too and her game has come up at least 7 (out of 10) notches.
    Smile Geno, this isn’t Candid Camera, it’s for real!!!!

  2. Fans For Kindler Gentler Blog

    UConn Women Blogs are about expressing YOUR opinion. No one has to agree with you. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how anyone may feel about it. TRUE FANS WILL NOT DAMN OR CALL NAMES BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT RUTGER FANS DO. SO ALLOW EVERYONE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES AND IGNORE THOSE YOU CANNOT ABIDE.

      1. Sal and Irene

        Look at the words I can use MAMA. I am all grown up now! I am a big boy.

  3. Fans For Kindler Gentler Blog

    Forgive me, for one asking for Civility in the blog I violated my request. I apologize to all for my R U Comment, my bias is showing.
    A kinder gentler blog starts with ones self. \

    Ken Burns in researching our history determined we are and have been and will always be biased individuals within our nation

  4. HarryH

    Has there ever been a player that Geno “liked” that he didn’t say something similar about? I think one of the great learning requirements for UCONN WBB is learning to ignore Geno’s comments. You see it as they approach the bench during a game – as a young freshman they stop to hear what Geno says; then they just learn to ignore him. Svelta had the best approach – she didn’t learn any English for 4 years.

  5. Chris Saran

    None of you get it. Geno was kidding and Breanna knew it. Why do you think she went to UConn, for the tropical weather. She wants a first-rate education and as Kelly said that starts with Geno and his life lessons. Also, wanting to be the best she can be is the other reason. Look at Tina Charles: two consecutive undefeated championship seasons, WNBA Rookie of the Year, US Olympic gold medal, and WNBA MVP. Stewie has the ability to do at least as much, and Geno will be the person to get her there. UConn basketball alums don’t return there for no reason. Geno and his staff are the reason.

  6. tonyc

    The freshman and sophs are two great classes. Next year Chong and the following year a very very good class. It looks like Ekmark, Calhoun, Wilson, Caldwell and hopefully Turner. WOW.

  7. Walter

    breannestewart is great glad she picked uconn over duke and soem others takecare gouconn cant wait till they play stanford baylor and notredame paybacks for playing at stanford and for baylor and notredame gouconn

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