No Surprise That Geno Isn’t That Impressed With No. 1

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If you have listened closely to Geno Auriemma in the past, you already know that he matters little to him – or his team – whether or not the Huskies are ranked No. 1.

His attitude didn’t change Monday when he was asked by UConn’s ascension to the top in the Associated Press poll for the first time since the end of the 2010-11 regular season.

The Huskies had 37 first-place votes Monday while No.2  Baylor got the other three. Duke moved up to third. Stanford is now fourth and Notre Dame is fifth.

“I don’t think it means anything,” Geno Auriemma said. “Maybe it would more significant for other programs. But if you asked any of our upper classmen how they feel, they would say things don’t feel any different than they did on Friday [before the Stanford win]. We didn’t do anything different in practice, nor are we carrying ourselves any differently.”

UConn has now been ranked in the AP Poll for 355 consecutive weeks and is 296-13 when playing as the AP’s No. 1. UConn has also been ranked No. 1 for a record-total of 156 weeks.
Prior to the January 9, 2012 poll, the Huskies had been ranked 1 or 2 every week since the final poll of the 2006-07 season, a span of voting 65 weeks.

UConn has been ranked No. 1 in the final AP Poll ten times in its history (2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09, 2007-08, 2002-03, 2001-02, 2000-01, 1999-00, 1996-97, 1994-95).

“The only thing that will change is that when we go home everyone will be talking about how the No. 1 team in the nation will be playing at Gampel Pavilion [Saturday against No. 5 Notre Dame],” Auriemma said. “Who knows, maybe there are a couple of fans who were waiting for us to be No. 1 again before coming to a game. Hopefully we will see them on Saturday.”

The game is already a sellout


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28 thoughts on “No Surprise That Geno Isn’t That Impressed With No. 1

  1. John B

    Geez, Ms. Hartley has to get more minutes. She’s going to transfer out. What are you doing Coach Auriemma?

      1. John B

        FREDDYKOOL:No I’m not a coach. It was sarcasm, what I thought was obvious sarcasm.If you would have read a little further down, you would have seen that I already stated that it was sarcasm. Maybe I should HAVE USED CAPITALS SO THAT YOU COULD SEE IT.

        1. Palimpsest


          Just read the Stanford write up of the game. They implied that Dolson was so much bigger than chiney (six five vs six 4 and agile) she was too much for Chiney. Also Tara and the write up said that 3 uconn players smothered Chiney all game . I wonder then what those 2 cardinals were doing while their player was on Chiney. Seems before half time Tara could have told those unguarded to make themselves available to score. But of course they were being guarded and only Dolson was on Chiney all the time–she just seemed like more. How to go Steff.

  2. Village Idiot

    John B–That’s just silly. Bria is a HUSKIE thru and thru . She knows she’ll get her time. She was rested in the Oregon game.
    I watched a DVD of the Uconn Stanford game of Dec 23 2009. Uconn 1/stanford 2. Kelly came off the bench with a face mask. She was the shortest one on the floor until Dixon came on, but she handled 6 ft 3 Pederson well, no one else did. Kelly didn’t develop recently into being a great defensive player she was then too. Love that Kelly.
    BTW–Maya wasn’t manhandled and did a job on Stanford from the 3. Not so later in 2010 (both games in the 2009/2010 season)

      1. Village Idiot

        Sorry, took your comment for real. I’ve been charged with idiocy for making similar comments –hoping to be funny.
        There is a word for that : Sarcastically Witty—facetious

        You were being facetious.

        1. John B

          Village Idiot: No worries, reading a comment is quite different than seeing and hearing it in person.

  3. Nay Geno Nay

    Maybe they don’t walk with a swagger now, but on Sunday 6 January they shall walk tall and with a swagger for the rest of the year.
    Being number one this week or next means little. But I am sure Uconn Women love being number one. And they shall work to keep that rating.
    Kara Lawson (whom I now like very much) after beating Uconn at Hartford ran around the floor with her index finger up in the air. I hated her for a long time for that. But Uconn beat them for the Championship–payback.
    Don’t show off when you are number one–payback is he-l

  4. nhntc47

    Everyone would rather be #1, but I believe Geno, the Huskies don’t care much about ranking. They always play hard and try to win. That’s why they are such a great team.

  5. Artie A...

    There are two groups that care about rankings. This being writers who need more to write about and schools and fan bases that are not normally ranked. This is an exciting thing for them as it relates to successful progress.

    Any coach team or player that has been there done that realizes the only poll that matters is the one taken after the final four. In Geno’s case that will be the one that comes out on April 10 2013 the day after the championship. The only one that matters…

    I agree, it is no surprise that Geno isn’t that impressed at this time…





    1. HarryH

      My thoughts exactly. She is one of the key elements of this team whether she scores or not. Her numbers yesterday are just an added bonus.

      1. Big Jim

        SOOOO – not everyone agrees on whether Doty is in the top five. Although many would say that she is in the top six. Almost everyone would say that she is in the top seven. A few will suggest that she is eight or ninth.

        Consider these attributes:
        1) Fearlessness
        2) Ability for Quick Ball movement
        3) Experience
        4) Leadership
        5) Handles hostile environments well
        6) Takes pressure off teammates
        7) Teammates trust
        8) Sets great example
        9) Gets the ball to the right teammate
        10) Scoring the Basketball

        Given all those, is it any wonder that we disagree as to who should be on the floor and when.

        Here is the question everyone should ask themselves:

        If you were to list those attributes in their order of importance, would that order ever change depending on a game situation?

        If you are in the “NO” group – please enlighten the rest of us?

  8. HarryH

    Get off the people not going to games. For most fans going to Gample is not a great experience. It is far away, there are no real places to eat(until your place opens), parking is more expensive than in Hartford and then people buying tickets get to sit on hard benches, drink expensive soda to watch a game that is over in the first 5 minutes. Many of the games are evening during the week we precludes bringing kids or for many who have to work the next morning even going themselves.
    Hartford, may have fewer issues but you should try watching a game from the upper section on the ends or up top.
    Keep producing a great product and be happy that you draw what you draw. The days of only getting tickets as season ticket holders are over for now.
    You should worry that you have 2 9:00 pm weekday start games – one is Baylor that should have a crowd but UCONN should tell the networks if you want to broadcast our games you do it at times that are great for our fans.

    Those issues you can’t fix.

    1. cj

      add to that a fan base which feels betrayed by moving the center of connecticut to new york. it’s all about the money, not the basketball. so go ahead and sell your product wherever you think you can. but if the homers aren’t buying, you don’t have much of a going concern. perhaps geno can take that up at his ‘leadership conference’.

      1. Husky Fan

        Good points HarryH. I used to go to the games and by mid first half, it was a 20 point Husky lead and basically a scrimmage. I went to one game in 1997 and Uconn won by 78!! A lot of fans don’t want to drive up to an hour & pay for the gas/parking, and sit on a bleacher seat for 2 hours for a sporting event where the outcome is already known. Geno should watch other games on TV and realize how good he has it with the crowds the team draws now.

        1. Misty

          You are NO “Husky Fan” and should go back to your armchair and channel surf to your little hearts content.

          So – don’t join in on adult conversation as you have nothing to offer.

          Take a hike.

          1. Husky Fan

            Honestly, aren’t the close Husky games more enjoyable than the 50 point wins? My favorite game I saw in Gampel was in ’01 where they beat ND by 2. The others were just boring blowouts. Misty, it’s okay that you’re entertained by lopsided games, I’m just not. Hope you feel better Misty.

  9. Tom


    Stop whining. Fans go to games – that’s what makes them fans. Have another bag of chips while you watch TV.

  10. Donald J Porter

    Gino & his Teams are THE FINEST Women’s Basketball package in AMERICA !

    We are VERY fortunate to have him here @ UCONN in CT.

    Please choose to support in any way that you can !

  11. TexasBogger

    Yo, Geno, what’s the best way to get the #1,#1 seed in the NCAA’s? Finish #1 in the final poll.

  12. Baylor has 2 best players in NCAA

    Muffet is going to spank spoiled rotten old fart Geno’s buttocks on Saturday. Hope the fans walk out early on that big mouth.

    1. Village Idiot

      Geno can’t fix the lack of attendance, SNY/CPTV had a lot to do with it. Hard, unfriendly Gampel is more. Cost is a bit. But if you want to go, go. Most of us remember the days when only Big Bucks people had all the seats (unoccupied).
      So it’s easier to stay home, open a beer, some chips, push back the chair and complain about the calls to the the spouse.
      Big JIM—Doty is a lot of the things you say, but she is NOT a good passer, for a 5th year senior she has made too many bad passes–luckily during big wins, where they didn’t matter
      Baylor Has—Sims and Griner are among the very best players in the country. Griner is the biggest and agile. But Muffet with Loyd, Achonwa, McBride and Diggins isn’t prepared for the NEW Dolson, Stewart, Faris, Doty, Hartley, Banks, KML, Tuck, Jefferson–she can no longer get Novesel to jump into players to create a foul on Uconn or Mallory, or Peters to whine her way into calls, or Becca–they are gone and Uconn has improved.

  13. R Cronin

    Greed killed the golden cow.
    Go to a concert at Jorgensen, parking is free. Go to a game at Gampel and parking is what $10? Tickets are >$20 for crappy seats (benches)and food is lousy and expensive.
    Go to a game at UH – tickets are LESS than $10 a game for a season ticket holder, the seats are nice, comfy cushioned chairs and the games are competitive. Jen Rizzoti has them playing a great brand of ball. Oh, parking is free and the food is decent & reasonably priced.
    So, why would I spend @ $50 to drive just as far when I (fortunately) can watch on tv?
    Geno, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

    1. Misty

      You “R Cronin” just described yourself as someone looking for cheap entertainment; certainly NOT a UCONN Basketball fan.

      And “R Cronin” high school games are even cheaper…why don’t you go see those…..OOOOOH, Sorry! the’re not on TV.

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