Notes From UConn’s Win Over Charleston

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The first impactful decision made by Geno Auriemma this season took place before Sunday’s opener against the College of Charleston at Gampel Pavilion.

Without injured Bria Hartley, his returning WBCA All-American, Auriemma needed to configure a starting lineup and wasn’t sure on Friday who would fill the last two spots after Kaleena Mosqqueda-Lewis, Stefanie Dolson and Kelly Faris.

On Sunday, he filled things out by inserting freshman Breanna Stewart and fifth-year senior Caroline Doty.

“Caroline is a huge key to this [team] right now,” Auriemma said.

Doty scored 10 points in 16 minutes and Stewart tied Maya Moore’s record for most points in a debut with 21 in 23 minutes as UConn romped, 103-39.

Auriemma said he wasn’t as concerned about who would start as much as what impact it might have on those that didn’t.

“I thought we needed somebody really steady in the backcourt and that’s been Caroline, who has been practicing exactly how she played [Sunday],’ Auriemma said. “And Breanna, right now, kind of like Maya Moore did, is able to impact the game as its being played. She’s the one player on the floor that no one has an answer for.”

Class Of One

Saturday night’s announcement that high school senior Erica McCall, of Bakersfield, Calif, will attend Stanford likely ends UConn’s recruiting process for the freshman class of 2013.

There will be just one member Saniya Chong, a 5-9 guard from Ossining, N.Y., and the Huskies will have just nine scholarship players next season unless something develops before the end of the early signing period Nov. 21.

McCall played for the USA Basketball’s 2011 FIBA Americas U16 Champions and averaged 3.8 points last summer at the FIBA U17 World Championship.

Road to New Orleans

Another decision likely to impact UConn was the one made by the NCAA awarding Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport the 2013 women’s basketball regional taken away from Trenton, N.J.

What this means is UConn’s path to what would be a sixth straight Final Four would go from Hartford (Big East tournament), Storrs (first- and second-round games) and Bridgeport (third- and fourth-round).

The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) was originally scheduled to host the regional in Trenton, N.J. But the NCAA announced Oct. 15 it was withdrawing from the commitment due to a new state law permits gambling on both college and professional games.

It will be the second straight year Fairfield will host the NCAA women’s basketball tournament in Bridgeport. The Stags hosted a regional in Bridgeport in 2006. It also had first- and second-rounds of in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Last season, UConn won its first two games there before moving ahead to Kingston (R.I.) The Bridgeport regional games are scheduled for March 30 at noon and 2:30 p.m. The regional final will held April 1 at 7:30 p.m., with the winner advancing to the Final Four in New Orleans April 7 and 9.

“I think when Trenton lost it, through no fault of their own, I’m sure the NCAA was probably hopeful that somebody would step up,’’ Auriemma said. “And Bridgeport being a place that’s had regionals and done it successfully, and they’ve had great crowds down there in past years, I’m not surprised.

“I think it makes all the sense in the world. I think once a conference is going to step out and want to host it I think it’s the right thing to do to give them the opportunity to do that.’’ …. Auriemma and Chris Dailey, UConn’s associate coach, were honored before the game for winning their 800th career game last March. … UConn men’s coach Kevin Ollie was at the game watching from the baseline. … All 10 players scored at least two points and played nine minutes



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22 thoughts on “Notes From UConn’s Win Over Charleston

  1. Baylor 80-0

    Redshirt Hartley now. Why waste her junior season on-and-off the UConn IR? Huskies need healthy bodies next season, thanks to their stellar recruiting class of one.

    1. TexasBogger

      That’s a very reasonable suggestion, 80-0. The revelation of a ligiment tear lends credence to the idea.

        1. Baylor 80-0

          I can only take an uninformed wild guess that UConn might be waiting until the last possible moment to redshirt Hartley. If either Doty or Jefferson or Banks suffers a season ending injury prior to the redshirt deadline, maybe UConn asks Hartley to play thru the injury and she agrees.

          1. JD

            Give it a rest. If you aren’t a Uconn fan, why are you here? Harley will be fine. She will be back in the Paradise Jam game.

  2. Baylor 80-0

    Why on earth is Geno risking injury to Stewart and KML with a 50 point lead? Oh, that’s right. Engeln and Johnson transferred. Next season Geno will have no option but to risk injury to even more of his best players when up by 40+ because UConn has only 1 recruit and loses 3 seniors.

    1. JD

      Ur an idiot. Why are you even here if you aren’t a fan? Uconn will be fine. How will he risk injury even if they have 9 players next year? Why even discuss it when this season just started

    2. billnaples

      The rules require 5 players on the floor. Only KML played 75% of her available minutes. Stewart, Dolson, Faris, Tuck, and Jefferson played as a group about 60% of the total game. Exactly where do you expect these players to get game time as they work on fine tuning the machine they clearly are rying to be if they are on the bench? Right now it figures that Banks, Doty, Stokes, and Buck are the last four off the bench yet they played over 50 minutes, more than 25% of the total available. And by the way every player risks injury walking out of the locker room. Auriemma did not get to 800+ wins as a coach by mishandling the health of his players.

      1. JD

        How is he risking injury? Are you the coach? Nope so how do you know he’s risking injury? Uconn will be fine next season. So Im not worried, but If you aren’t a fan, why bother reading stuff on Uconn or watching?

  3. Best UConn Fan Ever

    (1) Diggins and other athletes would run down Stewart in the open court on a break away.
    (2) I noticed Tiff did not fall down in the game.
    (3) I miss EDD already.

    1. billnaples

      (1) I will wait to see how Diggins handles Stewart after she catches her.
      (2) What does Hayes falling down have to do with anything?
      (3) How can you miss what never was?

    2. Jeff

      BestUConnFan Ever,

      When you have the time please go to the Webster’s dictionary and look up the words “moron” and “idiot”. In the definition for both words you will see a picture of your face. You fit the definition of both of these words perfectly.
      If a clown like yourself ever mentions EDD one more time on this blog you should be eradicated from the human race. Who gives a hoot what Skylar Diggins would do; her last chance to win an NCAA crown at any point in her career ended last season when Notre Dame fell to Baylor. The Irish aren’t coming anywhere near the championship game this year.

      Do the world a favor. Crawl back under the rock from which you first emerged. The thoughts coming from your convoluted mind are completely worthless!

      1. Phil

        Actually, I thought the reply was clever. Diggins probably can catch Stewart, although the rejoinder “then what?” is apt. The Hayes point was clever, sorry some didn’t get it. And I miss EDD as well.

  4. Ffld County fan

    Looks like it will be an interesting year with obviously-partial Baylor fans “infiltrating” the blog….used to be Tennessee – how times change!

  5. Genosguy

    Don’t let 80-0 make you act irrationally–he/she/both may be trying to tweek you and is really a UConn Fan. Why else would IT say to bench/red shirt Hartley — that’s a reasonable thing to do. Don’ respond – psycho’s only want attention.
    I’ve blogged over and over to get an MRI. If done in Sept maybe she’d be in a cast by now or have an operation to repair the tear–and we’d be getting her back in January. But as long as Jefferson and Doty keep on –getting on, UConn will be ok. As for Baylor getting 80 and 0 this season–dream on. Remember Uconn was 91 and 0, can Baylor beat that??? NEVER…

  6. HarryH

    First UCONN isn’t going to win #8 without Hartley – obviously if she still can’t play going into February then red shirt will be the option but I thought last week Geno said she was close to being able to practice. Bria also has to be willing to be red shirted.
    I still don’t see the Dolson love – even Charleston players just walked around her and she was way out of position to rebound most of the time. I think she is the weakest link on the team. Will Tuck and Stewart provide enough coverage to hide Dolson’s weakness?

    1. JD

      How do you know if they won’t win without her? They were fine yesterday and played great. If they walked around Dolson, So what? Maybe they were in a hurry or something. Do you evne watch the games? If not why are you even here?

  7. fanofit

    Baylor will have it tuff against UConn this year. Baylor may win it. When Grinner leaves, they sink.

  8. Chris Saran

    Baylor has only thirty-nine games scheduled for this year. If they go undefeated, they will be 79-0, IF. UConn has the best chance of defeating Baylor. Britney Griner can’t cover all five players. The way UConn can shoot the ball, every team will have the tough task of stopping them, even Baylor.

  9. zanfy

    The Twin Peaks will take Baylor down. Griner can’t cover both. One on one Stwart has the edge, better skills and conditioning. Huskies beat Baylor, win NC

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