Notre Dame Has A “Distaste” That Geno Can Relate To

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When asked how she felt about the UConn program on Monday, Notre Dame senior Skylar Diggins said the Irish don’t dislike the Huskies as much as they have a “distaste” for them.

Geno Auriemma said he could relate to that.

“If I was her, I would feel the same way,” he said. “We have seven national championships, they have one. We have Big East [tournament] championships, they have none. If I was her, I’d be upset, too. I think she is telling the truth.”

Auriemma said there is little sentimentality surrounding this final Big East championship.

“We have been the only two teams in our league to win national championships,” Auriemma said. “We’ve been to the most Final Fours. But there is not a lot of nostalgia going on, as you can tell with all the conference realignment. I don’t think people go to our league meetings and say, ‘For old time sake, I think we should do this.’ I don’t think anyone else is paying attention, but I am glad we’re playing in the game and I am sure Notre Dame is glad it is playing, too.

“But all the schools leaving probably wish it was just someone else, at some point. It seems like its just been us. But we are the best two teams in the league and its fitting the best two teams play for the championship.”


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64 thoughts on “Notre Dame Has A “Distaste” That Geno Can Relate To

  1. marion

    Good for Geno – we feel the same way – my friends and I do not “hate” Skylar personally – she is a great player – it’s her attitude and showcasing that annoys most of us. The team comes out with their green tops and white sweats on and what does Skylar come out in – all white – she has to stand out. You don’t have to dress or act different to let anyone know you are the star – it just shows up in your game. I don’t think UConn ever had anyone showcase as much as Skylar.

    So – yes John – there is a ‘distaste’ there. What does she think is going to happen in the WNBA if her attitude continues to be “look at me” “I’m Skylar.”

    lol – I’ll still have my coffee with you in the a.m.

    1. Turnover Kelly

      Bird and Taurasi have that look at me attitude. In fact many more pro players do.

      1. nhntc47

        Taurasi had it, maybe, be she’d proven that they should look at her when kicked their butts.

      2. John B

        Ms. Bird is the last player that has a look at me attitude. She is a class act. She is a tough competitor but look at me—NEVER

      3. Steve Gee

        Yes indeed.
        You’re still a troll.
        No matter how many unclever names you use.

    2. Newgirl2

      Marion I agree with you, and find it very funny when the sports announcers “declare” that Skylar Diggins is the face of WBB. While she’s a good player, her attitude sucks, but the WNBA awaits her. I am hoping for an excellent game tonight from both teams, and unnecessary foul calls by the refs.

    3. Geeper Creepers

      Notre Dame is not a one pony show–I fear MCBride going off on UConn more than Diggy Babe.
      The WNBA will love “flamboyant” Diggins–the more of her antics the more press they will get. The Wnba needs press.

      Uconn lost their heads last night, a few times. Stokes was taken out WAY too soon–she had to learn how to handle Alexander. Dolson didn’t do much better with Alexander.
      Stewart was the difference in the game. I love KML but where is the side step, step back, the quick 3 shots. For UConn to win from her on out KML has to score big–while being guarded.
      Hartley played really well. Faris was great. Jefferson was great, Tuck was give an daunting task, mistake by Geno.
      Pressing teams hate to be pressed.
      Weakness of Notre Dame—when they get behind by 15 it blows their mind and they start turning over.

      1. Newgirl2

        That’s true but she can be limited if she gets into early foul trouble.

      2. Misty

        To: Creepy

        Hartley and Farris didn’t play really well and great, respectively:
        Hartley 4 turnovers
        Faris 6 turnovers

        Not good enough.

        And, I don’t want to hear anything about the “sprained ankle” alibi from Kelly tomorrow.

        If Geno doesn’t lose the run of himself tonight, we win by more than twenty.

        1. creepy Crawler

          Except for bragging rights, with the demise of ND out of Uconn league what is the major benefit of winning the Big East Tourney title??
          The Big East regular season title is gone–and the selection committee, in he past has shown the winner of the BE tourney title means nothing.
          So why is everyone so hyped up about it?? Do they all want to say so long to Diggins??
          A rash of turnover against Syracuse was unexcuseable. No one is giving Hartley a by on the ankle issues nor is Kelly getting one.
          The final score of tonights (Tuesday 3/12) is all that matters.

  2. marion

    p.s. – yes, John – you still are the best dressed sports writer and by far the friendliest. See you tomorrow night.

  3. Cliff

    To Geno & Our Magnificient UCONN Women:

    Wipe them off the court tomorrow.

    Bring your A+ game until the end.

    Let’s settle this when it counts.

    Go get’em!

    May the Force be with you!!

    1. Turnover Kelly

      Faris and Hartley intentionally did not bring their A+ game last night

      1. Steve Gee

        Running out of material?
        That comment is lame.
        Even by troll standards.
        No matter how many unclever names you use.

  4. Pat

    I just hope UCONN leaves a bad taste in Skylar’s mouth. We want to send them running to the ACC. The Atlantic cupcake conference!

    1. Turnover Kelly

      and the Big Least 7 and America 12 won’t be cupcake conferences ?

    1. Turnover Kelly

      That smug hey look at us is one reason why many fans hate UConn. Geno being the other of course.

      1. Newgirl2

        Most times it takes five members to play in an organized basketball game and that’s why it’s classified as a “team” sport. Maybe you should collaborate with Diggins and learn how to work together as a team.

        1. James

          So you’re saying Diggins beats UConn single handily? Wow! She really is great then.

          1. Newgirl2

            Not at all. It’s just that she believes that she and she only, not the other members of ND beat UCONN. I’m not suggesting that she shouldn’t show some ‘tude, but be a little more classy and ALWAYS speak nicely (especially publicly) about the opponent.

  5. Jim Clark

    To beat the Irish tonight we have to play our “A” game. If we do we will win. It will be a close one but we can beat them and we will.

  6. Turnover Kelly

    Geno’s favorite KML had 3 bad turnovers and got screamed at in typical Geno fashion on ESPN family of networks. Kelly had 6 turnovers and Hartley had 4. But they get a free pass being fan favorites.

    1. JR

      Please improve your trolling. Auriemma has screamed at both Faris and Hartley during the season.

    2. David Schulz

      Wrong! He got into Kaleena’s face because she had just been given a perfect pass by Faris, and passed up a wide open jumper from the right edge of the free throw line in order to throw the ball away on a failed bounce pass down low to a teammate who had drawn double coverage. Having read all of your previous comments, you don’t get much right. The only thing that seems to come out is you are one of those Geno haters.

      1. Uconn and Geno are Greatest

        I’m happy Geno gave KML a lashing. I had issues with the dozen or more very,very, very brief moments KML was “open”. I wondered why she didn’t shoot. She’ been blocked in the past, but you’ve got to keep trying or you’ll never shoot.

        Uconn collectively were playing too fast and were not looking before passing–. When Sue Bird (who never pouted or strutted) and fab 5 team played they were methodical–Ok if a team got up a few points, they knew they’d get them back–confidence, confidence, confidence.

        I do however thing screaming at player causes more stress and cause more missed shots and more turnovers, unless of course you are Svet and DT who never listened anyway.

    3. UconnFan

      Geno’s all time personal favorite was “Svet” and he screamed at her all the time and he also benched Tina Charles for the whole game in a Big East tournament and at one point has screamed at every one of his 6 Olympians in the past – so what. if you don’t get it, take some medicene and get over it.

  7. Dear Shea Ralph

    You can’t throw Stokes, Jefferson, and Tuck under the bus this time. UConn’s “5 all americans” were the reason for the out of sync play and all the turnovers in the second half. Bye bye.

  8. Mike

    25 2nd-half points won’t cut it against ND tonight. Last night’s game has tapered my expectations, for sure. More and more, I think this team has talented players who just don’t make good decisions. I hope UConn wins but I’m not expecting it.

  9. ralph esp[osito

    geno is like a broken record. if you are his pet you can do no wrong’ if tina had comitted 11 tos stupid fouls and then followed it up with another sloppy game he would still be yelling. dolson plays like an all american when the players are half her size. they might beat n. d. but baylor that would be a miracle

    1. JR

      So you’re saying Dolson has trouble with the most dominant player in Women’s NCAA history. She’s probably the only one.

      1. UconnFan

        I guess you do not remember Tina being benched the whole game in the Big East tournament game and I do not remember one of his past players during his 20+ years ever complaining about him being rude and big Brit is the most dominate center in the world and with her stellar shooting and passing – Dolson will have a long pro career!

  10. marion

    If you recall Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi let their game do the talking. Everyone has ups and downs but to constantly showcase is another thing. They never drew attention to themselves by having to dress differently to be noticed, they never walked around like pouty children, and when they won a championship or a rivalry match they jumped up and down with smiles on their faces. I also don’t think it’s up to the sportswriters to name the ‘face of women’s basketball’. They tried that in the WNBA and it didn’t work. There are plenty of excellent basketball players on other teams that should be commended and talked about by the media but they are not. It’s one thing to be confident and another to be “okay here I am – look at me – I’m the best.” I love it when Geno says “we are a team – there is no “i” in team”. As for fan favorites – as soon as any girl puts on a UConn uniform I consider them my family and love them no matter how they play.
    Let’s hope for a good FAIR game against N.D.

    1. Uconn and Geno are Greatest

      Marion ][[ Sue Bird never pouted or strutted absolutely. DT never pouted–true. But DT was as big a ham/strutter/goal post pounder as Diggins. Sue always followed up a turnover by a steal. DT took them one on 3 or drained a 3 to shut them up (the opponents fans) DT was definitely a showboat–she was good and she knows it.
      DT nor Sue never ran around the court after a victory strutting, saying this is MY HOUSE. But DT did pull out her top to show the UCONN on it’s front.

      1. Steve Gee

        I was speaking with a lovely elderly lady today.
        She caught me off-guard when referring to Diggins she said ” I can’t stand that little (B-Word)”.
        I laughed heartily.

  11. Newgirl2

    I do hope that both Muffett McG and Diggins’ mom council her about publicly making such distasteful comments. While it may be okay to feel that way about another team or individual, it is never okay to state it. As competitive as the teams are, it’s still only a BB game, and Diggins doesn’t know which member of this “distasteful” team will be her neighbor, MD or boss in the future. But then again, she is the “face of WBB”.

  12. marion

    Well said Newgirl2 – and if she pulls this same act on her WNBA team they will put her down hard. I’m just surprised that N.D. coaches let her do this for four years. It’s nothing new – I love to watch good basketball and I do give credit where credit is due and, again, she is a good player, we know it, so try a little humble pie. You’d be surprised at how far it can get you.

    1. Uconn and Geno are Greatest

      Muffet nor Diggy Mom will say a word about her (Diggy) showboating, strutting, NO In MY HOUSE act, or taking credit for wins—where do you think she got permission from for the past 3 plus years.
      Geno nor Christine would ever stand for that. If you are good you don’t have to ask to world to know, they will know by how you play.

      The face of Women’s Basketball??? What ass’s!!

      Have no doubt Diggy is among the great point guards of the last 3 years. Her equal (or better) is Sims, no strutting there.
      Jefferson next year will be among the All American point guards from UConn–mark these words. Stewart, Stokes and Tuck will be among the elite on the elite team, next year–and maybe here on out (she says hopefully).

  13. UConnHypocrites

    LAST YEAR DOLSON MADE THE SAME COMMENT ABOUT NOT LIKING ND. Stop hating Skylar cause Shes better than all your players.

    1. Newgirl2

      Hypocrites, you got it wrong. “Not liking” is so much better stated than saying “I have much ‘distaste’ for you”. I know that there is not much love amongst ANY BB team — men/women. But it’s so much easier and better to be polite and respectful than to be prideful. Remember, “Pride goeth before a fall”, and sometimes those falls are huge. Have a great day and we’ll talk again tomorrow after the game.
      PS. SkyDigs is an excellent BB player, but she’s not the only one in this senior class.

    2. fanofit

      Please refer back to my rankings repeated here.

      1) B. Grinner
      2) EDD
      3) KML
      4) O. Simms
      5) K. McBride
      6) S. Diggins

  14. final four foreseer

    i’m sorry but “distaste” means “dislike”.
    apparently the digger wasn’t a scholar athlete at nd.

  15. David Schitz For Brains

    can’t wait to hear the same old excuses after notre dame wins – referees and injuries

        1. JR

          ND deserves credit. Unfortunately for them, they won’t be winning a NC anytime soon. That choke job basically on their home court against A&M two years ago was their best chance.

  16. JUSTME

    In the Courant today, Geno says he is not the one playing tonite and he will coach tonites game no differently than the previous Notre Dame game and it is up to the players to play well. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? He is already taking himself out of any blame if his team loses. He is a pathetic excuse for a coach and I used to be a huge Geno fan. No more! He’s nothing but a clown.

    1. Newgirl2

      JUSTME, I’d take an unpaid month of vacation to see you head-coach, assist-coach, or even manage a BB team, men/women. You seem to be so knowledgeable of the game. I’m impressed!!

    2. FIRE GENO


    3. Uconn and Geno are Greatest

      Just Me—I’ve been up and down on hating and respecting Geno over the years–his skin is too thin for a loud mouth.

      But I learned to respect him and his RESUlTS.

      The game is about the PLAYERS. How they execute. Both ND and UConn. No one can predict the effect of emotions on either team, that’s why the game is played.

      The game plans are set, corrections have been made, players assigned, the tendancies of the opponents have been learned. The game is no longer in the hands of the coaches. Momentary corrections can be made, but this game belongs to the plyers.

  17. Fairfield County Fan

    Diggins reminds me of Angel McCaughtry when she was the star at Loiusville….she always was apart from the team during warm-ups, time-outs, dead balls….usually didn’t even come out for warm-ups until the last seconds. Angel used to talk with Coach Walz on the sidelines constantly, even during the game – pouting after a call (or a no-call on the other team), seeking attention and reassurances from coach. Skylar is similar. Both great players, but a bit too self-centered. Coaches go along with it because the player is so-o-o important to the program.
    I just don’t see Geno tolerating that type of behavior, even when he has had legitimate super-stars. Then again, he probably would not have even recruited them – I am sure that was their personality in HS also.

    1. Uconn and Geno are Greatest

      Angel is and was a volume shooter. I.e. throw the ball up as often as you get it and some will go in. Her shooting percentages are terrible. She did have some streaks–but not many.
      Diggy is close as a volume shooter–she’s better shooting the 3. But much better getting to the foul line.

      During the game against Louisville diggy took a number of play off. Was seen roaming the side lines no interested in the play. During foul shots she typically is talking to Ivey on the side line.

  18. final four foreseer

    well said justme.
    best comment of the day, besides mine.
    i also was a big geno fan, until last seasons final game of the regular season via nd. down by 10 or so, with more than enough time left, he pulls the fist string and says i’m taking my ball and going home, so i won’t get blamed.
    what a big baby.
    i forsee not only a final four without uconn in it, i see a new big east tournament champ. i wish i was wrong but i’m not.
    and i am not a troll because my opinion differs from yours



  20. Dear Shea Ralph

    Nice to see Doty finally getting more time to get to know Buck and Stokes

    1. Mike

      We have always had the best bench cheerleading squad in the nation and no one can take that from us.

  21. John

    Ok Lets get it started Refs sucked Dolson got ripped off again That wasnt a charge on Hartley Faris was injured so dont pickon her Diggins shot lousy again Its fixed They want the face of woman hoops to win a natty champ We only lost by one How many natty champs does Noter Dame have We have seven Next year we win 8 Baylor is nuthing without Grinder Stewie will get strong with no peds Uconn will have 5 allamericuns next year GEn0 will not lose next year Notre Dame will suck Chiney only beats up on bad pac12 Huskies will beat notre daem in finalfour Refs hate aureema UConn got robbed by zebras

  22. John

    It’s all over now. Let’s hear all the whinning from the Ucan’t fans. Go Irish!

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