Obama Offers Presidental Pardon To UConn Women

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ESPN’s Bill Simmons had the chance recently to sit down with President Obama and just talk sports for his “B.S. Report.”

As you may know, the president, a former senator from Illinois, is a rabid White Sox, Bulls and Bears fan.

During the course of the interview, Obama made reference to some of his favorite visitors to the White House (sports team category).


Bill Simmons: What’s the most fun sport for the team that came in? Like, what are the funniest group of athletes?

Obama: Well, you know what’s fun is when the women basketball players come in, because they’re all gorgeous and they’re all 6-foot-5 and wearing high heels. And so they’re walking around through the West Wing and everybody is wondering what the heck is going on. And when Maya Moore and the Connecticut Huskies came, we actually went down to my little basket down here and we played a game of HORSE.

BS: You played with them?

Obama: Yes, we played a game of HORSE. Now, Maya is always annoyed that I point out that I beat her. She was wearing high heels and a skirt at the time. [Laughter.] So I’m not sure if that counts.

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6 thoughts on “Obama Offers Presidental Pardon To UConn Women

  1. Rinky dink

    Uconn Women have some great memories. They have a right to be proud of themselves. This year of a few, very close, setbacks should not rule their thoughts.

    Geno saw the fans walking out on his women with 4 minutes left in the game and would not allow his women to be dissed that way. So he sat his starting five–take that you less than great fans!!!. Only real fans stay to the end, regardless. Walk out when they are winning–ok. Walk out when they are losing—that’s bad form.

    1. cb

      I was at the ND game. As soon as Geno surrendered with about 3 minutes left, I surrendered too and left. That does not make me less of a fan or less supportive of the team. Get of your high horse.

  2. Husky Love

    I agree, you stay to the end!! It seems like the fans this yr arent as dedicated as they were before, I hope it gets better!!

  3. Bud Revet

    Fans are human, at least most of the time, but since I have been a UCONN fan for a long time and am now a #2 Diabetic it is easy for me to see my reaction when the teams are having a rough year. My blood sugar tests have gone up over 20 points, weekly average. Still love them, of course but that does not effect my liver in a positive way. That is how I see this year, their livers are not quite where they should be. Good but not as good as they could be.

    1. Husky Love

      I can understand why you may have to leave, but the others have no excuse. As fans, you don’t leave just because the team is losing/may lose. I sat thru 5 seasons of no CShips, post DT era, in disbelief. I was hurt, but I watched! As UCONN fans, we are spoiled by the tradition of excellence, but you can’t win everything.

  4. Mike McManus

    Since most of us are rabid UCONN women fans, we’re used to seeing Geno’s teams steadily improve as the season progresses and peak at around this time. I think we’re all shocked that this hasn’t happened and I think the coaches feel the same way. After they played a hard fought game at ND, I fully expected them be at their best at home in game #2 against the Irish..instead, they were worse. ND essentially has transformed into the team that UCONN used to be..intimidating defense, balanced scoring, great rebounding, and additionally they are an experienced, senior-based team. No one can explain why this team, especially Tiffany, Kelly, and Bria, can contribute to 46 turnovers in two games, mainly due to carelessness. No team can beat a good team when they lose that many opportunities to score…furthermore, many of the UCONN turnovers occurred in the back court and led to easy ND layups. As Geno has said frequently, ND will have to have a bad night in order for UCONN to have a chance to beat them. As much as I’d like to see that happen, I don’t see it in the cards. I’m not even sure they will get to the title game, but like the rest of us, I sure hope so.

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