One Last Chat

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Before we all head off to the off-season, I will be holding one last UConn women’s chat, Thursday from 1030-noon at

If you are still in mourning, it is OK to wear black. It’s what my grandmother would do.

This is the time to get everything off your chest. Let it go, let it rip. If you are mad, talk it out.

I will be there to try and help you.

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5 thoughts on “One Last Chat

  1. Karen Bray

    Brittney Griner did not respect the National Anthem with hand-over-heart … she should not have any opportunity to do this again on a winning podium at the Olympic Games.

  2. Bud Revet

    Hey folks, why feel bad about the ladies making the final 4? They had a season most teams only dream about. They could have beat NB a couple of more times and even Baylor but they were great even when the score did not look so great. In a way it was better living so far away, I could not get to any of their games and probably never will, Alaska is just too far away but coverage is much better than it was 20 to 30 years ago. No stiff-upper-lip needed!

  3. Dave morgen

    As the years go by we have become so spoiled by the success of the women. Geno did an amazing job this year and nobody should have any doubt about the very near future. I to was disappointed about the ND game that was short term. Can’t wait until next season. Personal note Feris is awesome Defines team player

  4. natalie no show & pouty peters

    best thing to look forward to next season is miss falls alot no show wont hurt uconn in the tv games like she did for 4 years
    if geno & cd dont change their stubborn ways expect to see 7 players next march while 6 remain glued to the bench
    doty unfortunately
    dolson out of shape fumblin stumblin bumblin
    stokes or tuck
    blued to bench in march
    stokes or tuck
    engeln dont come back transfer
    johnson dont come back transfer
    buck dont come back
    geno & cd loyalty cost uconn a chance to play in the nc this season
    doty sucks and is a liability on both ends
    faris cant and wont shoot most games
    hartleys terrible ball handler and wont be a leader like renee
    dolson will never by aa or poy like tina
    kml aint the greatest shooter
    stewart will be slightly above average at d1 wcbb because of her height and length but never great
    write this down: jeffersons lousy attitude will get her in genos doghouse from day one – you will see her pout and not cheer on the bench – just wait and see
    take the blue blinders off
    dear espn diggins is an ugly time bomb just waiting to go off
    dear espn griner wouldnt be aa if she was 6-4 or shorter
    dear espn fire carolyn the mistake peck and trey the clown wingo
    dear espn fire doris burke she is annoying like dick v and cheapens the coverage
    baylor 40-0 next season and breaks uconns 90 win streak the following season – go back and read the predicitions about baylor unbeaten at beginning of the season – husky blinders made you think that wouldnt happen but it did
    uconn leading by 11 at baylor means nothing – no one cares – there is no asterisk next to baylors 40-0 that says uconn was winning by 11 in waco

  5. scott

    I may be missing something, but I don’t see Brittany Griner not putting her hand over her heart as disrespectful. I do it, but many people do not. I think as long as a person stands and doesn’t talk or laugh they are fine. It bothers me when I see people whispering or singing off key or overly loud. That is rude. I think people just want so badly to find things wrong with Griner because of her success. As for the idea that Griner wouldn’t be such a great player if she wasn’t so tall, that is just silly. Would Lobo been successful if she wasn’t tall? Let’s face it, being so tall brings its own challenges and Griner can flat out play. Finally, people make me laugh when they want to bag on Geno’s coaching and discipline style even though he has had such success. Get a grip, folks.

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