Quentin Hillsman Offers Praise To Doug Bruno

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There is no better dressed coach in the Big East than Syracuse’s Quentin Hillsman and UConn fans will see evidence of this again Saturday when the Orange plays at the XL Center for the perhaps the final time – or at least until the dopey ACC gets off its butt and invites UConn into its family.

Syracuse and Pittsburgh are headed to the ACC after this season.

I just wanted to pass this along to you because I know many of you are also big fans of DePaul coach Doug Bruno, who worked for Coach Auriemma for USA Basketball during the 2010 World Championship and 2012 London Olympics.

Syracuse beat DePaul earlier this week at the Carrier Dome. And this is what Hillsman said about Bruno after the game.

“I think that Doug Bruno is one of the classiest guys in this business. Every time we play them, before the game and after it, he always has nice things to say. You don’t find that a lot in this business. You go his place and at practice he walks in and asks you if there is anything you need. He’s talking about how good team our team is playing. You don’t find that much in this business. He’s a really, really classy guy.

“DePaul is one place that I am going to miss traveling to. And he [Bruno] is a guy that I am really going to miss when we leave this conference [for the ACC] after this year. He has been really good to me from Day One. So this was very bittersweet for me.”


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7 thoughts on “Quentin Hillsman Offers Praise To Doug Bruno

  1. Village Idiot

    Q is the exact opposite of Doug Bruno. But it was decent of him to point out Doug’s qualities.
    Uconn fans shall miss Depaul not being in the BE. But with the Geno/Bruno relationship I believe Depaul/Uconn Women shall be on the schedule for a long time to come.

    Everyone I heard that has met Doug Bruno all say the same thing–he is a sweet guy (not just nice, but sweet), he is also a very good basketball coach, that’s why he was with Geno in the Olympics.

  2. Master Mind

    John, I don’t think Doug “worked for” Geno in the USA/Olympic time frame. I think both would say he worked with Geno. Offering advice from years of experience to Geno. They are great friends.
    Doug truly is a very nice man.

  3. John B

    I met and talked to Coach Hillsman at the BE tournament 2 years ago and he was very personable,friendly and gracious. I enjoyed talking to him.

    1. Master Mind

      John B. Maybe his on court persona is a game face. Geno may seem similar to Syracuse fans.
      But from Q’s antic’s he does not seem very nice.

  4. Hartley inflicted with Doty disease

    For a 20+ win, that was ugly and concerning. Great trio with 20+ each. Doty sucked again. Hartley was worse. Geno once again yanking Banks and Jefferson, instead of letting them figure it out. Banks would be smart to transfer.

    1. billnaples

      Another lost soul here with this BS that Banks should transfer. What part of thefact that career ending games that will be played at some point this year Doty and Faris is lost on you? Barring any other serious injury losses Geno will have Dolson, Stokes, & Tuck up front, KML & Stewart on the wings, and Hartley Jefferson & Banks in the back court and I think only one new face in Chong (sp?)to take up playing time.

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