Rebecca Lobo Misses Hall Of Fame Cutdown For 2013

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The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced the 12 finalists from the North American and Women’s committees to be considered for election in 2013.

Rebecca Lobo, who was on the intitial list on candidates, is not included among those still in consideration.

The list includes six first-time finalists: five-time NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway, three-time National Coach of the Year Sylvia Hatchell, two-time NBA Championship coach Tom Heinsohn, nine-time NBA All-Star Gary Payton, five-time WNBA All-Star Dawn Staley and six-time NBA All-Star Mitch Richmond.

Previous finalists included again for consideration: NBA All-Star Maurice Cheeks, four-time NBA All-Star Spencer Haywood, four-time NBA All-Star Bernard King, five-time NCAA Final Four coach Guy Lewis, six-time NCAA Final Four coach Rick Pitino and four-time NCAA Final Four coach Jerry Tarkanian.

The Class of 2013 will be unveiled at the NCAA Final Four in April.

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15 thoughts on “Rebecca Lobo Misses Hall Of Fame Cutdown For 2013

  1. Master Mind

    Ms Lobo in Orange Vol Land may be feeling the Geno/Uconn effect. Is the group that runs the “Women’s BB Hall of Fame” that petty??
    I would hope and Hall of Fame would allow a person to be evaluated only merit. Ms Lobo has credentials upto the start of the Women’s NBA. Olympic champion, NCAA Champion, Big East Champion–and a positive spokesperson for Women’s basketball and everything Women.
    Rebecca has made MY Hall of Fame.

    1. Michael Keller

      Rebecca Lobo is already in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. This has nothing to do with Knoxville. She was on the candidate list for the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield.

    2. mark

      lobo! was a very decent college player. but imo. she was just that,little better tan average. donot mean it a a putdown. rebecca was a great student also. very good, creditable tv announcer also. but… do not ee her in he hall of fame. i rebuttle my earlier statement. she was a very good college player for the huskie. their first big recruit. falls jut short, of the hall of fame. ifhave time? will get back, and give some more insight about her stats, to confirm my opinion, have a great weekend everyone.

      1. Numbzie

        Mark–Hall of Fame isn’t always about being superb/the best–sometimes it’s about impact on the game as a whole.

        In that regard, regardless of stats, Ms Rebecca Lobo, impacted he College game for women and was a plank owner with helping to initiate the first Women’s basketball professional league and it’s successor the WNBA. In addition to that she gave a little known College in Connecticut a National NCAA Championship in Women’s Basketball. Now that is an impact most men or women would die to achieve.
        Stat’s are not the only criteria. Griner shall go into the Hall one day–and her major factor is her height, but she developed into a basketball player.

  2. coach777b

    Rebecca Lobo belongs in the Hall of Fame in Springfield. Her credentials are impeccable, her record is vnprecedented. Women’s Basketball rose to prominence based on her record at UCONN, the Olympics and the WNBA. She will be included in the next group.
    As for the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Tennessee, even small minded people out there have to admit she should be there also.Go Rebecca! I thank you and mt three daughters, all six feet plus, thank you.

    1. Harry

      Lobo will hopefully get in some day, but I honestly feel the finalists who were picked this year are more deserving. I don’t diminish what she has accomplished both on and off the court. Frankly, having “Becca”, as my oldest daughter always called her, serve as her role model was one of the greatest things she ever did.

  3. Kevin

    So nice to be a homer when the person is such a sound contributor to the game…..she came from MA and played at Ct and a few years ago I had the privilege of sitting with her on a swing set as she and her children played with my grand daughter, Piper…and she was so encouraging as she coaxed my 2 yr old to climb the steps and go down the slide…Rebecca is grounded and therefore knows her bases…a nominee in Springfield, for sure! john Wooden would hug her as well!

  4. pat

    seems a little one sided with only two women included in the list. guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.

  5. ken

    travesty… is a women who carried her team on her back…if she doesn’t qualify who does……………

    1. Ted

      The other 12 people. That’s not to diminish what Rebecca has done; I hope she will eventually get in – and she probably will. Every great player does not get in on the first try.

  6. BKDad

    Perhaps her short WNBA and international career – due to an ACL injury – diminishes her worthiness to a lot of voters.

    BUT, if nothing else, Rebecca proves that there is much more to life than a plaque on a wall in Springfield. I hope she gets in some day, but I suspect she doesn’t lie in bed at night worrying about it.

  7. Just Sayin'

    Not everyone gets on the Huskies of Honor wall either. But they can wear any number they want to. Go figure.

  8. John

    Rebecca is why I got involved in women’s basketball. She is more than deserving. Honestly, so are quite a few on the women’s list.

    The biggest thing i see is that the NHOF needs to open the finalists up to at least 3. Right now only 2 can be pushed forward to finalists. this is how it was back in the 80s when women could first be inducted.

    With the WNBA and the growth of the women’s game, we need to have more than 2 be eligable to be inducted in any one year.

    I have faith Rebecca will get the call. It may take a bit, but she has done so much. Not just on the court, but off the court. She is a first class person that is a role model for many. I do not think that gets lost on voters

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