Skylar Diggins And Kayla McBride On What This All Means

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An analysis of the UConn-Notre Dame rivalry over the last two years wouldn’t be complete without a tip of the hat to All-American Irish guards Skylar Diggins and Kayla McBride. They’ve been dominating and clutch, the “X Factor” – so to speak.

The only thing Diggins hasn’t done in four seasons is win a national championship. She has one more chance,

“It would mean a lot?? I say this over and over?? not only to me but to our team and our program, the city of South Bend who has been supporting me my whole life, the university, Coach McGraw,” Diggins said. ” It would just mean a lot, so many things so much bigger than myself.  And the opportunity is here now.  And, like I said, I’ll keep saying it:  We’re going to leave it all on the court and try our best to get to that position where we can fight for a national championship.”

McBride doesn’t think there’s going to be much different about this game, in terms of strategy.

“I don’t think there’s that much change,” McBride said. “I think there’s a few things here and there.  We see on film what’s wrong, we adjust from there.  They couldn’t have changed that much in about a week and a half.  So we just try to go out there and play hard and play with intensity.
“I think we pay attention more now than ever.  I think you’re at the point of the season where every detail matters even more.  And we know so much about them, and likewise with them for us.
“But we just have to make sure we come out and still execute our scout defense and our keys to the game.”

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37 thoughts on “Skylar Diggins And Kayla McBride On What This All Means

  1. Steve Gee

    Diggins might be easier to look at, but I find McBride easier to like. She’s got game and as far as I’m concerned, is the engine of ND.

    McBride:”They couldn’t have changed that much in about a week and a half. So we just try to go out there and play hard and play with intensity.”

    We know what happens when you assume.
    We shall see.

  2. What are they doing in Our House?

    This the UCONN HOUSE–what is Notre Dame doing in it??
    Do you think ND sites are speaking of what Faris or Stewie or Dolson are saying??

    Do you think Uconn wants to hear or read their drivel? What of any intelligence would they have to relate???

    John just doesn’t get it–THIS IS UCONN’S HOUSE, NOT ND.


      Hey, John. Look. It’s the Geno Gestapo. Telling you what to write and what not to write. Notre Dame ain’t afraid of UConn. Fans and writers ain’t afraid of the Geno Gestapo. Not as morally bad as the Joe Pa Cult. But just as sad.

  3. UconnFan

    When you play a team for a fourth time there is nothing new under the sun and I expect nothing more than another great game between two very good teams.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Hey uconnfan, I differ in opinion slightly. UCONN is a slightly different team than the team that lost for the BE title.

      The team has one minus and three plusses.

      The one minus is an unknown because it has to do with Dolson and how much she will be limited by her leg pain. I am setting her output at zero, yes 0, for tonight and anything more she brings to the table will be a plus.

      Notre Dame will try to benefit from Dolsons pain (including limping and playing a little slower) and as a result, Dolson will need a litle help in the paint – in shifts, between Stokes, Stewart, and Tuck.

      Now, for the plusses and there are three of them and they are all freshmen.
      I like to refer to them at the “Fab 3 Freshmen), – i.e. MoJe, for Moriah Jefferson, MoTuck, for Morgan Tuck, and, of course, Stewie, aka Breanna Stewart.

      All of them have upped their games, individually and collectively.

      So, UCONN will enjoy more fast breaks, better ball handling, shutting down the paint on defense, and blocking, 3-point shooting, and rebounding.

      All in all, the plusses out weigh the minus and that equates to a victory because ND will bring their same game – maybe they might implement a different strategy here and there, but if UCONN plays a zone defense, it will more than offset their outside shooting – because UCONN is no Louisville from outside – sure they can shoot, but not in high percentages statistically.

      UCONN will win well before the last minute.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        wow, I had too muh Kool Aid. I meant that ND is no 3 point shooting team like Louisville is and as a result, UCONN’ zone will be effective shutting down the middle.

        We also have enough bigs to give up fouls and not risk any on player being fouled out.

        I am including Buck in that group of bigs. Heather can shut down the paint as well as other UCONN bigs.

        Heather sometimes gets lost out in the post but she can shut down the paint with the best of them.

        1. Season Went By Fast

          Dolson’s injury might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe she stands still on her screens now. Buck ain’t playin. Stokes might see a couple minutes but first mistake and she’s done for the evening. Dolson was hobbling in the game but still smiled and danced. Even with a hobbled Dolson, Geno sticks with 8 – realistically 7 with Doty limited.

          Even making those 16 3s against Baylor, Louisville does not win the game if the referees called the obviously eye gauging, grabbing, arm chopping. Would love to know what Kara, Carolyn, Rebecca, Mechelle, Michelle, and others said off camera. Opinions are tempered in front of ESPN cameras. If the referees allow excessive play, Louisville wins the NC by 10+, regardless of the opponent.

          1. Kevin Cavanaugh

            Hey “Season” I agree with you about Dolson. For the life of me, if she is hurt as it appears by her limping and wincing, why in the hell is she choosing to dance? All that extra movement could injure her and make her exit the court.

            I have also written about her moving picks and she is fortunate she hasn’t been called on it more times.

            Regarding Louisville, I do not think they (or any other team for that matter) can shoot the lights out to that degree again.

            Just like I do not see UCONN making over 30 turnovers again or Notre Dame making clutch 3’s again (or UCONN leaving them open to shooting uncontested 3’s_.

            My gut is that the late game winner will also win the final game and I believe it will be UCONN.

            UCONN has the bigs to shut down the middle and they have the defense to implement an effective zone and ND cannt counter with enough 3’s to break the zone.

            All this speculation, including mine, is off the charts, right?

            Go UCONN, Go Huskies.

        2. Bracchus

          Kevin, you are as enamored of Buck as Geno is of Doty. Forget about it. Buck hardly plays in 40 point blowouts and you think he will put her in against ND? If she could shut down the paint with the best of them, why won’t our HOF coach put her in. Sorry, Geno is right on this one.

          1. Youcon Fann

            Agreed Bracc. I’m surprised Kev didn’t see the palpability of the Buck situation.

          2. UConn 2.5 Favorite

            It’s not Buck’s defense that’s the problem. It’s her ability to pass the ball back outside when she has an open put back.

          3. Kevin Cavanaugh

            You are so right Bracc, I just believe Buck can be one of those bigs protecting the paint. I would rather Buck committ a few fouls and stop Diggins from scoring on a layup than having Stewie or Dolson of Tuck foul out doing the same.

            She doesnt bring a lot to the table but as long as she stayed on this year and can give some flesh in a victory, then so be it.

            Maybe Buck could be UCONN’s answer to ND’s Rudy.

  4. Kevin Cavanaugh

    Good afternoon; I wrote my last blog about the women’s college basketball season, the Final Four, and comments about the ultimate winner.

    It is too long to replicate here, so I invite all to read my blog at:

    I am originally from New England and have been a UCONN fan for years. I blog for fun and make no money as a blogger. I love the women’s game and I hope that UCONN wins tonight and also wins the final game on Tuesday. Go UCONN, Go Huskies.

    Feel free to leave a comment after reading the blog. Thanks.

    1. Steve Gee

      Kevin–we won’t hold being from New England against you. It comes out in your writings as one who has little tact or choose rough wording.
      Or are considerate of others. And lays out way too many words to say the simple things.
      Others like my self are of fewer words saying the only truth.

    1. Steve Gee

      Sure, I’ll go out on that limb.

      UConn 72

      ND 63

      Log that in the “wild guess” category.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Hey Steve; Game is over, can I bring you a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke out on that limb?

        What a great game…

        1. Steve Gee Gueeer

          Stupid you’se!! I am steve gee and you are a troll.
          I am the real Steve Gee the guesser is the troll.
          He’s the askhole troll.
          I predict Uconn 79 Notre Dame 59

  5. No nite owl

    Why don’t they start the game at 5:00am so we can watch it before we go to work? Put the marquee matchup at primetime so everyone, even young hoopsters, can watch the game in full. Ratings after 11:00pm are going to nosedive. Louisville/CA should be the second game. That’s not the way to give exposure to the women’s game. Just mindless.

    1. Early Bird

      “That’s not the way to give exposure to the women’s game. Just mindless.”

      2014 the world series will return to day time. as will the super bowl. and of course the final four.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      ESPN knows full well that if UCONN / ND played the first game that many people would turn off their tv’s.

      Plus I don’t mind waiting for the better game.

      In addition, it gives other programs some exposure they havent had before.

      First time ever for Cal.

      We cant have everything.

  6. gwalt0771

    Freshman Breanna Stewart showed that her high productivity average is no fluke. She is now 7th in the nation in overall in productivity average at .943 – best on UConn and way better than Big East Frosh-of-the-Year Jewell Loyd at .613. Dolson has dropped to .894, Mosqueda-Lewis to .884.

    1. Bracchus

      There are some truths that are becoming self evident.

      Breanna Stewart is the new face of the UCONN franchise.

      KML will become the second option, but what a second option. Early in the ND game when it was nip and tuck before she got two fouls, she was very effective. I suspect that she will get even better over the summer. Look out. UCONN Couldvwin three or four championships in a row.

      By the time Breanna finishes her career the argument over who was better, Maya or Diana will be irrelevant.

      In a weird sort if a way UCONN lost EDD, but got a very similar player.

      The womens game has taken another step with the emergence of 6-5 players like EDD and Stewart who can play inside or outside, handle the ball and shoot the lights out. Somewhat comparable to the change in the NBA when Magic Johnson became the first 6-9 point guard.

      Should UCONN win on Tuesday night that could be the first in a string of championships going forward. But, I sense with the talent coming out of high school and the emergence of some good coaches, it won’t be as easy. Not because UCONN will get worse,because others will get better.

      Recruiting will become even more intense. As with most everything involving competition, talent is the key. UCONN has four players who were ranked in the top 5 coming out of high school. Those players are starting to kick in and are making a difference. But, the success of other programs will make them attractive destinations as well. Win or lose, imagine what this run has done for Louisville’s recruitment. And, of course, another UCONN championship adds to their mystique.

      I can only hope that the people in the greater Hartford area will recognize the gem of a team that they have in womens college basketball and fill those seats at Gample and the XL Center. I know that many of the games are over by halftime, but this program deserves our support.

      Was it my imagination, or did Geno seem a little more reserved than usual. Not totally, butler reserved. This seemed particularly true early in the game when. UCONN had a bunch of turnovers.

      I am not always a Geno fan, primarily because of his mouth. I think he could be far more complimentary. But, you have to give him credit for building a basketball dynasty comparable to those of Auerbach, Wooden and Summitt. He and Calhoun turned UCONN into a basketball Mecca, while at the same time giving the school publicity that has allowed it to grow .

      1. Steve Gee

        Bracchus—In you’re uninfinite wisdom you have stated the constitution, unwisely.

        Equality isn’t guaranteed the opportunity to work for equality is all the constitution will allow.

        Uconn with another National Championship, and Geno with his 8th. Those players who want a ring will opt for the guy who has been there 8 times before. Pat got many top recruits because she delivered, now it’s Geno’s time. He will deliver 2 or more times in the next five years.

        Parity is here for those who think not–Louisville proved it. They are loaded with talent at every position. Defense is what has beaten ND and LVille and Md, and KY–Stewie’s defense is overlooked because she has a great eye.

      2. Greer/Dee Rowe

        Uconn was a basketball mecca long before Calhoun brought his under educated NBA bound players to UConn.
        Under Greer and Dee Rowe real student athletes (Doctors, engineer, managment) led this team to the NIT finals year after year.
        You may not remember but the NIT was the Championship long before the NCAA.
        Dr J (of the Philly 6ers) played for UMass and ran rampant over the Yankee Conf–URI and UConn/UMass and Holy Cross gave us great basketball. So speak the truth not just what you think you know.
        Calhoun is the only coach who got UConn rejected from Post season play–ever, if he didn’t retire there is a strong possibility hew would have been fired.
        He deciminated Ollies team, but his Ncaa illegal actions, some jumped to other teams, some went to the NBA early—and Ollie as a coach paid the price. Recruitment could have been better–but with a dishonored team, the pundits say that’s a reason the ACC wouldn’t accept Uconn. So drop the crap about Calhoun

  7. Lynne

    I love this team.
    Sure, other teams may have been more talented, but this is a “real life” team. They really don’t boast a superstar (like Griner or Diggins): rather, they share the ups and downs, the aches and growing pains, the agony of defeat (and “de feet”)and yet they never lost their drive and focus. They have kept their eye on the ultimate goal, and now that they are on the cusp of realizing their goal, how sweet it is for ALL of us!

    Louisville is not a “cupcake.” They have great coaching, a mix of stellar players, and the ability to shoot the “three” nearly at will. They have already slayed a couple of huge dragons, and they know another one awaits. But, after beating KY by 30 and ND by nearly 20, I think the Huskies are on a mission. An ACHIEVABLE mission.


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