Skylar Diggins On The Irish Win Over No. 1 UConn

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Here is what Notre Dame senior Skylar Diggins had to say about the Irish upset of No. 1 UConn on Saturday.

What does it mean to you, beating the No.1 team here?

“It’s a good win for us. We have a lot of basketball still to play this year, but this is a good win to have on our resume. Like I said, we want to continue to get better. We made a lot of mistakes. I’ve got to take care of the ball better. We are going to continue to get better and go over the film and see what we have to do and get ready for South Florida.”

What has this rivalry meant to your college experience?

“I think when we play them, there is a lot on the line, whether it is a BIG EAST Championship or them being ranked higher than us or in the Final Four. This is good for us. The program, the history of the program, how many National Championships they have, how many All-American’s they’ve had that have been successful at the next level. I think a lot of people are afraid of the name on the front of the jersey and I don’t think we are anymore. I thought we did a good job of showing that and being tough.”

Diggins’ freethrows with 49 seconds to play gave Notre Dame its 73-72 win. Despite shooting 4-of-15 from the field in 39 minutes, she had 19 points, six rebounds, five assists, four steals – and seven turnovers.

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48 thoughts on “Skylar Diggins On The Irish Win Over No. 1 UConn

  1. Village Idiot

    Congratulations to her. She led a determined team with a great game plan and won. Winning isn’t everything–it’s the only thing.

  2. beth fortuna

    on the notre dame win over uconn we should have won the game why would bria hartley foul skylar diggins the best free throw shooter they won the last four times against uconn its like when tennessee stop playing uconn and candace parker junior and senior year they beat uconn good luck to them in the acc they are going to have a tough time with duke maryland and north carolina but this game is a good game but its not march or april wrohen it counts so uconn has to regroup and play better like they did against stanford and conn has a tougher schedule they play texas am and purdue maryland penn state stanford duke and louisville and baylor

  3. Wildman

    Great game to be at as a UConn fan, but with a lousy finish! The refs made some questionable calls which effected the Huskies flow and aggressiveness. UConn allowed ND to drive to the basket too many times for easy lay-ups, and did not stop the ball. Every possession is critical against any good team, and UConn had too many lost possessions and too many turnovers, especially at critical points in the game. Ferris and KML played their hearts out, and KML was really banged around and banged up. At the end, I watched Diggins and McBride celebrate by jumping up and down and stomping their feet on the Gampel court like they had just won the National Championship! Maybe this was their National Championship???

    1. MikeT

      The charge call on Stewart late in the 2nd half was atrocious. Refs just seem to be in love with giving the defender the chance to slide under the driver.

      1. Anthony S

        Hard to complain about the refs because they did let uconn play very physical,but,I agree Mike that call was just atrocious,and on 3 or 4 other occasions fouls were called when MrBride and Diggins drove to the hoop,and the replays clearly showed no contact.But,in my opinion,and what the hell do I know,but,it seems to me that in these big games with Notre Dame,the uconn players play very tight,and the Notre Dame players play loose,like they are not afraid to make a mistake,and therefore seem to make more big plays down the stretch.

        1. hjoerring

          AS, could it really be that the psych edge is in the pocket of ND? Or, the coaches of ND have the best game plan. 4 of 5 is nothing to joke over. I don’t see us beating them in SouthBend, not in the final 4 and certainly not in a championship game- if we get to the final 4. We are suffering from not having the Bria of last year and, were it not for the tremendous improvements by Kelly and Dolson, we would be blown away. Like Stanford we are back on the ground again. Stanford against Baylor was not real. Uconn against Stanford was not real. ND against Uconn was real. This is why Baylor and ND are the cream and the others should look over their shoulders. I’m feeling a bit pessim. not over the lost but the how and that I have questions about who can step up even more. Add to this the end of the Big East and the coming of a inferior conf. and the team will take some hard blows. The ACC is where the excitement and great competition will be.

          1. Anthony S

            you make an excellent point hjoerring,and I don’t hear many people talking about it.We don’t have the Bria of last year,not even close really.Used to be when she put a three,I was fairly confident it would be good,now I am shocked when she does hit one,and her misses are really bad misses.With a good Bria,uconn can contend,I don’t think they can contend for a national championship with her playing like this.

      2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        Stop blaming the refs. Blame Geno, CD, Marissa, and Shea for yet another soft team. Remember 2 seasons ago, UConn players stood around and watched Maya? This season, the stand around and watch no one in particular. UConn coaching is overrated. Blowing out teams with middle school talent does not make the UConn coaches geniuses.

  4. Geoffy

    Wow…Skylar Diggins composed a complete sentence. McGraw must’ve enrolled her in remedial writing.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Watch the game again. Hartley was SCARED. She is NOT a PG. And she is NOT a go-to person.

        1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

          Take off your Husky blinders and watch the game again. Hartley wanted no part in leading the team.

          1. Nick

            No you got the blinders on Diggins didn’t have a great game 7 TO’s and was being held pretty good by Hartley until those 2 three’s and that one drive to the hoop with a foul being called but Hartley scared come on..she came in as a freshman and has never been scared..she just saved your beloventh winning streak as a freshman..I wonder what you said about her then you Idiot!

          2. Edward Sorin

            Seriously, Nick, look at Hartley’s facial expression. She took 9 shots.

          3. Edward Sorin

            By the way, you gotta laugh at everyone thinking the old Hartley was back after she stole the ball pressing middle schoolers.

          4. Nick

            @ Ed I agree that Hartley should have been more aggressive no doubt she should have definitely taken more shot’s but my guess is most of the plays were being run for Stewart..just watch the game again..and Hartley knows that if you don’t do what he says to do..he will pull you from the game. He did it to KML in this very game..and did it to Bria in the last game against Oregon..I hope that Hartley returns to form shortly..but she had a good defensive game against Diggins 7OT’s and 4 – 15 from the floor and Hartleys had some good games against ND

  5. Geoffy

    Diggins always has a ready insult for UConn. No matter how you try, you can’t spell “C-L-A-S-S-Y” out of “Skylar Diggins”

    1. hjoerring

      Geoff, can you? grow up, even if you are blogging to and for yourself. Adults are those who have learned to give and take credit. ND is a claasy program in the same way as Uconn.

  6. jerome

    That Notre dame team is as tough as nails and hate her or love her skylark is a true leader uconn has top to bottom way more talent then the Irish but thats what makes basketball the greatest game around its the best team sport and the Irish just keep coming hope these two great teams meet again in the final four

    1. Anthony S

      I don’t know jerome,I am as big a uconn fan as anyone but I don’t know about this more talent top to bottom thing..the best player on the floor yesterday was Mcbride,easily,and she supposedly is not notre dame’s best player,I haven’t seen anyone in woman’s college basketball in a very long time with a better mid range jump shot off a dribble,she is a great player.We will never know how the uconn freshman will respond in big games if they continue to only get limited minutes,I would rather watch Tuck and Jefferson try to figure it out,then watch Doty hack a player with 2 seconds left on the shot clock at a crucial point late in the game,stupid plays like that really hurt uconn yesterday.

      1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        Geno was EXPOSED again. Easy for Geno to win NC with POY and multiple “true” AA. Hartley is NOT an AA. Neither is a high post Dolson, too afraid to mix it up down low where 6’5″ should be.

  7. Dogma451

    The better team does not always win. It didn’t this time. It is foolish to suggest calls and non-calls made by refs do not alter (if not determine) the outcome of a game. Notre Dame perhaps arrives with its own refs or at least dares them to blow the whistle while playing as if it were hockey. The game was called exclusively one-way. A UConn three-pointer is reviewed after the first half ended and a point was taken away (correctly). Their three-pointer had a foot on the line and refs refused to review (incorrectly, they win by one point). Why is a review permitted after the first half but not after the second half? We did not execute as we normally do; ND and the refs set the tone and dictated the style of the game. Why a three when down by one? CBS embarrassed themselves with the poorest visual display of a basketball game and the lamest commentary; simply horrible. Diggens (ref’s darling) was 4 for 15 from the floor with 7 turnovers and is given a ton of accolades (9 for 12 free throws courtesy of numerous dubious calls). This game was won and lost at the fowl (not foul) line. But it doesn’t get any more exciting than this. But guys ……. Put the game away, as you should have, you are so much better than them……

    1. Anthony S

      I love the way uconn fans watch the game with blinders on,the refs were horrible,on both sides,as they always are.Uconn lost the game the same way they lost the last 5 out of 6 games against Notre Dame,they could not execute down the stretch,I’m not sure how many points they scored in the last 10 minutes,but I know it wasn’t alot.The refs didn’t hack Ochwna with 2 seconds left on the shot clock,Doty did,the refs didn’t give up the lane to Diggins on Notre Dames last possesion,Hartley did,and the refs did give Farris a time out in the last 20 seconds when she clearly didn’t have possesion of the ball.So quit harping on the refs,I sit there and root for uconn as hard as anyone,but they got beat again by the better team.Get over it.

      1. Dogma451

        It is easy to accept the outcome while finding fault and pointing accusatory fingers towards individual players for poor execution. There were missed lay-ups and defensive lapses here and there (as in most games). Mistakes always appear more glaring as the clock winds down. The calls were “uneven” and altered the play of the game. A foot placed on M-Lewis’ left foot (an obvious foul shown a few times on replay with the ref but three feet away) caused her to twist the right ankle. Issuing a three on a line non-call is but another example in a game decided by one point. Calls and non-calls will always be a part of the game and sometimes we simply have to live with the results, but knowing that does not make it any easier. To call out a player on one play, beyond the professed love and blinders alike, is particularly bad form and pales well beyond the call.

        1. hjoerring

          How many times do they have to beat us before we acknowl. that they know how and it is us who must now figure out how we can beat them.But this is what is so good about rivalry– we will never acknowl. that the Other can and have done it on their own. It is always the hiddened man who has put them up to it.

        2. Edward Sorin

          Inadvertant stepping on toes is not a foul in WCBB and is not a penalty in the NFL.

      2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        UConn cannot execute down the stretch in the few close games they have against the few teams with equal talent. That is because Geno and CD are not Xs and Os coaches.

    2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Auriemma and CD are not Xs and Os coaches. That is why UConn has trouble winning close games. Auriemma and CD have no trouble beating teams with no one capable of earning a UConn roster spot. But when UConn plays against equal talent, Auriemma and CD are exposed. It is not just last night’s game. Remember the loss to St. John’s? Remember the loss to ND in the 2001 FF when UConn was up by 15 or 16?

    3. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Notre Dame *IS. THE. BETTER. TEAM.” Muffet is the BETTER coach.

    4. Edward Sorin

      Notre Dame was the better team. Ask Geno. The better team won. Stop believing every high school player ranking and every word the CT media writes. Watch the game, not the jersey.

  8. HarryH

    Through out all my sports watching career ND always get the calls – football, basketball doesn’t make a different. If they called Diggins every times she lead a drive with a forearm shot she wouldn’t have made it out of the first half.
    As good as Dolson played at Stanford she was twice as bad last night. She plays great offense when she plays under the basket but after the first make, how many quick worthless long shots did she take. How many ND players walked past her for easy baskets, how many times did she leave her player alone under the basket.
    Stewie played like a freshman and you have to accept that will happen.
    Muffit has Geno’s number and he has to think of a way to change things to out play ND.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Remember all that excitement when Doty filled her box score against Oregon? The Ducks were a high school team.

  9. TexasBogger

    Disturbing loss. Going back two years, when the games are close the Huskies have serious trouble “closing the deal”. They need to figure it out or more frustration is in the offing come Baylor game and March.

    KML: She makes that final shot on a healthy ankle. Give her a break.
    Faris: She was spot on, it never should have come down to a final shot.
    Dolson: Why is Geno in love with the high post? She is far more effective down low, passing be damned.
    Hartley: When will she regain her sophomore output?
    Doty: Love the girl but her limited offense hurts.
    Stewart: Still a diamond in the ROUGH. She will polish up.
    Jefferson: Needs to learn how to shoot the ball, not just throw it at the basket. She looks like Lauren Dixon revisited.

    Lot of nit-picking but at the top level nits are important. There’s plenty to work with prior to March when the Notre Dame benchmark again rears its ugly head.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Expect UConn to get dominated by Baylor, if Griner and Sims are both healthy. Expect UConn to lose at ND.

  10. coach777b

    The officiating was atrocious! For both sides and definitely decided the game. UCONN played an offense that was puzzling. Where was the high- low offense with Dolson and Stewart? When Hartley was not seeing her usual offense, why didn’t she compensate by getting assists. Geno got an undeserved tech in Stanford and he should have challenged the officiating here, even if it risked technicals.
    I love this team but even though it’s been ranked #1 (for a week), it has not jailed into a juggernaut YET! Late season will show fans that this team is still top four in the nation. Suck it up fans. Lose early, win late when it means championships.

  11. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

    It’s not rocket science.

    Every year, CT media and UConn fans buy into the ridiculous over hyped rankings of HoopGurlz, Peach State Basketball, Blue Star, etc.

    Be objective. Watch tapes of UConn games without sound and without prejudice. You will see the obvious.

    Doty’s box score is empty against top teams. Stop blaming her knee injuries. Doty was never going to be something special. She is a role player.

    Tuck is the most overrated big in UConn history. Where is all this toughness that UConn fans bragged about? Where is all the talent?

    I have said it many times and I will say it again. Jefferson is an overhyped Dixon. Terrible outside shooter who gets lost amongst the trees when she drives to the hoop. She built her high school stats playing against players her own size.

    Stewart falls down because she is severely pigeon-toed, inhibiting her balance. Stewart also has foot-drop, drags one foot without contact. If the UConn trainers are not working to correct this, they should be fired.

    Even before this UConn game, the word was out that UConn hates physical play. Why is that? Really. UConn has male practice players. So why is UConn not tougher?

    Geno is a 6 or 7 player rotation coach, regardless of how many over hyped freshmen or sophomores on his team. Geno gives the press all sorts of excuses about players not earning playing time in practice. Players never get better unless they play in real games.

    Geno won 7 NC with 7 POY. There is no one on UConn capable of being in the Top 5 voting for POY this year. UConn will not play in the NC game this season.

  12. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

    Remember the good old days? Renee, Tina, Kalana, and Maya trouncing ND and everyone else on the way to 39-0?

  13. McBride BE POY

    Faris has a lot of nerve calling out anyone. Faris was an offensive liability to UConn her first 2 seasons. Teams dared her to shoot.

  14. RAY RAY

    exaCtly UHF.I blogged that early this week to the know-nothing uconn womens fans and DOTY lovers in particular.

  15. Edward Sorin

    UConn lost because Tiffany Hayes was not here to lead them into battle and emerge victorious. She was an underrated leader.

  16. Edward Sorin

    To those adult UConn fans still drinking the Geno Is God juice, who believe Players Lose Games and Coaches Win Games.

    Geno used to say “we have Diana and you don’t”. He never said “Diana has me and your players don’t”.

  17. hjoerring

    Doomsday. And the Latterday saints are on the march again. UHF,reading your comments about Stewart gave me the impression of a 19th century physical anthropologist (I’m thinking of that anthro/criminalogist– Lambros…?)clothed in 20th C sport physiologists garments. How many different measurements have you taken of this poor girl- who only crime is that has (not as yet) fulfilled our fantasies. But, we certainly have our work cut out for us, don’t we. The only negative I have is that we (the fans) and the coaches have set the bar so high (‘we will not lose another game again for 2years’)that it has become impossible to lose to ‘equally’ good teams. I like what the Stanford coach had to say about US beating THEM: ‘they were on a mission. they executed. mission accomplished.’ Let us go back to work and fix these annoying leaks.

  18. gouconn13

    I understand the fans didnt like how the game was control by the referees in the first half toward to the second half.

    But I think the biggest turning point of the game was Uconn going on 2-1 fastbreak where they could have got the lead to 3 points. Instead (I forgot who) gave up the ball up to passed the ball to KML to have her to shoot the three points shot. She missed it, and ND went the other way to get a two points basket via two foul shots. Had Uconn just go for a two point basket instead via 2-1 fastbreak, Uconn would have an easy chance to win that game. Uconn need to stop trying to make thing to look fancy such as to try to shoot 3 points shot to try to increase the lead by one more point. Shooting three is a big deal. Uconn have whole bunch of big frontcourt players, they can just keep trying to score point in the paint to try to get easy two points or get fouled when the game is close!! That is the third time Uconn blew it against ND in the the last 6 games cuz they tried doing something fancy, and all these outcome didnt favored Uconn. Geno need to draw something better during his timeout so he can get someone to shoot foul shot!!

  19. Cale

    Leave Hartley alone ! Was she supposed to just let Diggens have the layup at the end ? SMH !

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