Skylar Diggins: The Face Of Women’s Basketball

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Don’t be a hater, UConn fans.

Things have changed around Notre Dame since Skylar Diggins showed up four years ago.

You don’t think so?

 Read this.

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48 thoughts on “Skylar Diggins: The Face Of Women’s Basketball

  1. Ted

    If this prima donna is the face of of WBB, WBB must be in bad shape.

    I seem to have heard the name Griner someplace.

    1. Paul Knopick

      If a pout is the face of women’s college basketball, she fits the bill.

    2. Bitewell

      ELENA DELLE DONNE is far superior to the arrogant Diggins in so many ways, e.g., great game, humble personality, lovely appearance,and (most important) “heart’, compassion and empathy for others less gifted and she. She’s worth a thousand Diggins!

      1. Paul Knopick

        Heart? She departed a sure national championship squad to play before, what, 30 people, with no pressure. Least amount of heart in the game.

  2. Fairfield County Fan

    She is a great player, but I agree Ted, WBB does not need a prima donna as its face at a time when most of the population already disrespects the women’s game.
    And the article neglected to mention the amount of work it takes by ND to keep SD happy…..she even has her own “personal coach” in Nyele Ivey who played point gaurd at ND and was Skylar’s idol…if you watch during time-outs or dead plays, Nyele’s focus is almost exclusively SD. Can’t see that ever happening at UCONN – not even for Diana, Sue, Tina or Maya!

    1. Nepotism???

      It has been known about the Big East since before Diggy baby was hired by ND that to get her they needed to hire N. Ivey.
      I too have taken special notice of Iveys focus and catering was only to Diggy Babe. Why hasn’t John written about that aspect of this WONDERFUL ND player???
      Who in the WNBA will be willing to hire Ivey to get diggins and how long will Ivey last at ND when Diggie is gone.
      Diggins is a very very good point guard, Uconn has no one (yet) like her. But Diggins would not seem as good if she was surrounded by the team that surrounded Maya’s final year.
      Achonwa, McBride, Braker, Turner,Jewels, etc make Diggins look very good. As does Muffet.

  3. UCONN fan forever

    Actually, EDD would be a better “face” of WBB – she clearly knows that the world does not revolve around her, something SD may find out when playing at the next level.

  4. Nice is Nice

    TED is right. Arrogant, unsportsmanlike, bad winner, terrble loser. Not a gracious brain in her body. Even DT with all her arrogance, was gracious when winning.

    I think John has a bad case of Alzheimers–or his brain is going soft. He had Notre Dame as the best team in the country (Baylors is Texas cream chowder?). Diggins is the best point guard in the USA (Sims is a forward??)
    Muffet has Geno’s number?? 28 to 7 Uconn???

    John is just trying to get some comments. Maybe it’s these comment Geno has been reading — because Geno couldn’t be reading his email or the blogs of real fans, most are loyal to a fault.

    All I can say is SHAME on the Courant for printing this and printing the Kelly Faris article with Diggins picture heading it!!!!!

    1. Griners Greatest

      If you are loyal to Geno then you are part of the problem – CULT.

      No matter how you spin it, Muffet is STILL 3-0 against Geno in the Final Four and 6-1 in the last 7 games.

  5. UCONN fan forever

    I don’t know why John wrote that piece in the first place; first I thought he was just passing along another piece written about her by some other sports writer. When I realized it was his by-line I was stunned. I thought he worked for a Connecticut paper, not one from Indiana.

  6. UConn Cry Baby Fans

    Typical cry baby UConn fans. Blame the refs. Blame the Courant. Never blame Geno, CD, or the player.

    ESPN attempted to paint Maya as the face of basketball. Then they realized she is not a leader.

    Maya would rather play in China against lesser competition so she can average 40 ppg instead of testing herself in the best overseas leagues.

    Maya did not want to be the face of basketball. ESPN or any other media is not obligated to paint a UConn player as the face of women’s basketball.

    Don’t blame anyone but Geno, CD, and the UConn players. They failed to defeat ND 6 out of 7 times. Diggins and Muffet own them the last 2 seasons. Get over it. Stop crying like a 2 year old.

    Can’t wait to hear UConn fans blame the refs for turnovers and stupid decision making on Tuesday night. That is if UConn can win on Sunday and Monday.

  7. Boneyard Commentary

    Saw comments that speculate whether Shea would leave UConn for Pitt or Clemson. Hope she remembers the pain that Jamelle as gone thru. Big difference between working as an assistant at a university that supports WCBB and working as a head coach at one that does not.

  8. redcee

    “Don’t be a hater, UConn fans.” Go to hell, John. I’ll hate her just as much as I want to. And I’ll hate you, too, if you write anymore crap like this.

  9. Dear John Altavilla

    You have some of the dumbest readers ever. They still cannot figure out that you push their buttons to justify your job. You did it with EDD for 5 years. You did it with Diggins for 4. In an ironic world, the CT Sun would trade Renee, Ajsha, Kalana, and draft picks for Diggins. Your assignment would include writing about Diggins 24 7. :-)

  10. fanofit

    Top 5 players:

    1)B. Grinner
    4)O. Simms
    5)K. McBride
    6)S. Diggins

    1. Steve Gee

      For me the jury is still out on EDD. She plays in the Colonial, and other than a once-strong Old Dominion, she just doesn’t face many top-ten challenges.

      1. Geeper Creepers

        EDD is a very big fish in a very tiny pond.
        Towson, Blue Hens, Georgia St, Dominion (moved), W&M, etc CAA. The CAA is a pretty good group, lost of fun, and play hard. But none of them could have any hopes of beating Villanova, Syracuse, or Uconn. Yes they did beat one Big East team this year–but I won’t mention who. Beat them by one point. With EDD playing long and hard.

      2. KML got gifts

        I haven’t seen her this year. But I saw her last year and she looked really good. She had much to do with her team’s higher ranking.

  11. nhntc47

    Diggins is a very good player, but she’s no Diana Taurasi. Please do not mention Diggins in the same breath with the great Taurasi.

    1. Diggins & Taurasi in same breath

      Diggins owns UConn better like Taurasi owned Tennessee

  12. nhntc47

    Griner can’t be the face of women’s basketball because she’s a guy.

  13. martin fallon

    As a UCONN fan, I say that Stephanie Dolson is the face of WCB and next year it will be Kalena Mosqueda-Lewis or Bria Hartley.

      1. Ted

        The Ted above is a fake Ted, not me.

        Don’t you have anything productive to do?

  14. Edward

    The face of WCBB shot 11-31, 0-5 on threes and committed 8 turnovers against UConn. Today she shot 5-21 and 1-4 on threes, while again helping her team to almost lose – this time against the no. 8 seed USF.

  15. Geeper Creepers

    For me the prettiest Woman in the Big east (prettiest inside and out) is Steff Dolson. KML is a very close second.
    I’ve never been turned on by pouty, self centered women–assertive, technically/financially/artiscally capable women now that is a big turn on. I like strong women who haven’t been blown so full of smoke that they think they are the world.

    1. Geeper Creepers Daughter

      Dad go back to surfin pron websites – you have a better chance to hook up with webcams than you do with assertive, technically/financially/artiscally capable women

  16. yap yap

    Diggins is a primadonna who can get very pouty when things don’t turn her way.
    Griner’s “physical identity” is questionable.
    Amazing how many writers here are apparently very angry and jealous of UCONN’s success over the years.

  17. UCONN fan forever

    and Skylar’s “personal coach” continued to pamper her during the game yesterday! – I watched from the seats above their bench -Unbelievable! During almost every time-out this was the scenario: Coaches (minus Ivey) huddled; players (minus Diggins) sitting; Ivey & Skylar elsewhere on sidelines – Skylar pouting/complaining & Ivey reassuring……R U Kidding me ?!

    1. UConn fan-dumb forever

      and you wonder why Skylar is 6-1 against UConn in the last 7 games

      ha ha ha ha ha

      maybe the UConn players are as “brilliant” as you

  18. Huskypat

    I agree with a lot of the posts. Just look at the stats of every Notre Dame game – they usually go to the foul line 2 or 3 times more than their opposing teams. Diggins is great at causing others to foul. She is a pouty player both on and off the court. My nickname for her is the Puss and for Muffin – Muppet. Good sportsmanship is getting harder to come by especially with the ND players. Just my opinion, so don’t bother to answer my post as I won’t be back to check it out.

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