SNY To Announce Schedule, Talent On Thursday

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Well, UConn women’s basketball fans have been waiting for this….

The first schedule of SNY telecasts for UConn women’s basketball will be released Thursday morning at 11.

And along with it, the network will announce its play-by-play team and New York studio team, who will be handling pre- and postgame shows.

We’ve already told you that Kara Wolters has been hired to work in the studio. There likely will be other pleasant surprises in terms of the play-by-play team.

Expect it to basically replicate what you are accustomed to seeing on CPTV. By that I mean all of the games that haven’t been picked up by ESPN2 and/or CBS and CBS College Sports.

The only question mark seems to be the Oregon game on Dec. 31, the rights to which are owned by the Pac-10 Network.

But we shall see.

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9 thoughts on “SNY To Announce Schedule, Talent On Thursday

  1. Genosguy

    If Megan Coumo is one of those selected for “on air” she needs some re-education to get rid of the “lasShear” (Last Year), Warry for Worry and that god awful laugh. If they can take the Pennsylvania back country out of her she may be a good asset.
    Bob Picozzi is an excellent caller of games (announcer?)he gives minute by minute game actions including fouls, timeouts, nothing about fashions, what happened at the hotel, what’s going on at dinner after the game, what Pat Summitt is wearing in Tenn, all non-important crap not to do with the game. Ala Doris Burke, and a dozen other ESPN/CBS sports color people.

  2. RH

    The other thing we still need to know from SNY is how good the streaming will be and what it will cost.

    1. JC

      The quality of the SNY streaming will be excellent (same as MLB streaming which is the best). I’m more interested/concerned with the cost. Sounds like streaming info will be announced next week.

  3. UConnPhann

    Streaming costs are an important issue. But if you are a DISH customer, you can transfer to Direct TV and they will pay for costs of dumping DISH. SNY is available on Direct on 639.
    I asked about DISH (from SNY) and SNY said Dish dropped SNY and does not seem to have any interest in picking it up again. I got DISH expecting SNY to be on it. Seems like this could be a class action to get free exit from DISH.
    DISH Programming people will at times tell you they have SNY–and others will say they don’t have it. But SNY ends the confusion by saying Dish said NIX no SNY.

  4. Harry Hampton

    I don’t care if they have the same team and cover the same games it was a terrible decision by UCONN and evidence that UCONN management thinks we are in NY and not CT.
    It should be law that for any state university team whose game isn’t on national TV be covered by a station that is available over the air as well as by cable and other outlets. People who can’t afford or choose not to purchase cable TV should have the same ability to watch as those that do.
    Did I hate CPTV’s begging – sure but that is what mute buttons are for.
    UCONN’s president has forgotten if she ever knew that UCONN’s mission is for the state of CT.

  5. Mike

    As a husky fan who lives in New York City, I love that can see the Huskies on SNY now (and no longer have to pay for streaming). I hope the move broadens the audience (and fanbase) of the UConn women. Now if we can only wake up the Courant and have it write more about the upcoming season we’ll be in good shape.

  6. Bill Naples

    As long as the streaming costs are not way out of line with what CPTV has charged the past couple of years I expect to sign up. Sat dishes not an option (condo w/access only to the north) and I hate the idea of going to sit in a bar for 2.5 hours, especially when I don’t drink.

  7. jk kozaczuk

    i dont think every one understands that we will have to pay to watch uc women’s bb. i can just picture the family crowded around the computer to watch the games. cptv got shafted and so did uc women’s bb fans. are the men’s games also going to be streamed for$6o a month. i think not. if this isn’t gross sex discrimination, i don’t know what is.

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