Some Elaboration On UConn’s Conference Chances

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The following info is embedded in my story about Saturday’s UConn-South Florida game. But it bears some additional highlighting.

The Huskies (26-2, 13-1) can win the Big East’s regular-season championship by beating the Bulls and then winning at Notre Dame on Monday night in the regular-season finale.

If UConn sweeps the two games, it will finish tied with the Irish in the Big East standings at 15-1, providing Notre Dame also wins at Providence on Saturday.

Each team’s loss will have come against the other. Notre Dame beat UConn 73-72 at Gampel Pavilion on Jan. 5.

Here’s where is gets a little confusing, but it is all according to Big East by-laws

There will be no coin flip to determine the first seed in next weekend’s Big East tournament if UConn and ND are both 15-1.

UConn would be elevated to top seed by virtue of its 2-0 record against Marquette, its travel partner this season. Notre Dame played the Golden Eagles  once and won.

Saturday’s game at Providence will be Notre Dame’s second against the Friars, the Irish’s travel  partner.

Since Marquette will finish ahead of Providence in the Big East standings, UConn’s accomplishment is considered superior.

A fluke, perhaps. A fact, nonetheless.

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21 thoughts on “Some Elaboration On UConn’s Conference Chances

  1. Bill Corely

    Not confusing, looks straight forward. Uconn beats ND they are seeded 1, Notre Dame Beats Uconn they are seeded 1. All by virtue of Marquette being a high rated opponent. simple.
    Now all Uconn has to do is beat SF who took ND into overtime and then on Monday beat Notre Dame for only the second time in 2 years out of 7 games.
    Now this game hangs heavily on the performance of Uconn’s Freshmen. How goes KML, Steff, Faris and the Kids go Uconn. And my money’s on Uconn!!!

  2. mike mcmanus

    ND will certainly have no problem with Providence and UCONN should win in FL but Monday night is an entirely different issue. As I stated elsewhere, I think Monday night will depend on turnovers. If UCONN can limit its turnovers and protect the ball, they should win. JA, I’m surprised that I didn’t read a word anywhere in the media about ND’s game with Syracuse at South Bend this week. Syracuse led during most of the first half and was ahead at the break but eventually lost the game. That was quite an effort on their part but never mentioned.

  3. The Great & Wonderful OZ

    Mike McManus–The ND/Syracuse game was mentioned at half time of the UConn Pitt game. The Orange were leading by 12 at the end of the Pitt game it was mentioned Syracuse lost. Nothing in the Register or Courant.
    I think the key to winning at ND is the Freshmen and Turnovers

    1. mike mcmanus

      So what’s new OZ? Where did you think that I got the info that I cited? I specifically stated that I didn’t READ a word in the media [ie. press]. I realize that the score was mentioned during the half-time show.

  4. Not the real Stephen A Smith

    UConn will be lucky to win defeat Notre Dame one out of the next two matches. Don’t care who UConn plays in the Final Four semi final. It will be Geno’s 7th loss in 14 tries in semi finals. Zero Doty and Selfish Hartley will be the reasons why KML, Dolson, Faris, and Stewart won’t win a National Championship. Brilliant coaching Geno. Just brilliant. One set of rules for Zero Doty and Turnover Hartley. One set of rules for Tuck, Jefferson, Banks, Stokes. If the goal is to win a National Championship, throw out the favoritism. Stop trying to prove you’re the man up stairs. Start coaching.

    1. Tom

      Stop whining. You’re displaying your ignorance.

      Don’t you think it’s mean-spirited to try to belitttle college students who have given a lot for their school?

  5. It pays to be Ignorant

    NOT REAL—- I’ve had similar thoughts. Doty against fast athletic teams maybe a liability. Geno it would appear has favorites–I’m not sure he doesn’t have valid reasons to chose them. It’s far too late in the season to try to get Stokes and Stewart “up to speed”, I am of the mindset that: learning plays and tactics are learned in practice and learning HOW to play against Div 1 competition is learned in games. That to me means to play the young troops against lessor talented teams, and limited against tough teams. But it’s way too late in the season to do that, maybe in sweet 16 or first BE games, not against Notre Dame.

    1. John B.

      Disagree. Geno has done a great job of getting Breanna Stewart meaningful playing time in recent games – and she appears to be past her funk. Tuck also has gotten some nice playing time and looks like she could contribute in crunch time

      UConn should have two convincing wins in the BE Tourney and two or three in the NCAA’s. Now that SF is out of the way, all games from this point on give valuable experience to whoever gets the minutes.

      My sense is that BStew and Tuck have the ability to contribute this year in meaningful moments. Jefferson may be a year away.

      ND and Baylor are by no means unbeatable teams – and they are the real competition for a national championship. ND looked weak vs. SU and I am watching them play Providence a lot less effectively than we did.

      Had KML sunk that 3 in Storrs v. ND the psychology of this season would be different. Had Griner been flagged for her second flagrant foul that game too would have turned out differently, though not necessarily a UConn win.

      Go Lady Huskies!

  6. Pat

    Mr.Smith and pays to be ignorant – Smith – Geno has won 7 National Championships, second only to Pat Summitt who has won 8. You sound like a Notre Dame fan – well, my question to you is how many national championships has Notre Dame won – if my calculations are right – 1. How many has the famous Sklar won – 0 – that is a big fat zero.
    Mr. Pays to be Ignorant – where have you coached to be so knowledgeable about how players learn – freshmen always hit a wall, sometimes early, sometimes late – being critical of 18 years olds is stupid and cruel. Come back when you are a coach of Div. 1 women’s basketball and maybe you will know what you are talking about.

  7. Whiners

    Laugh my bleep off every time someone thinks accurate comments are from ND or Baylor fans. It is acceptable and normal to be a fan and still provide accurate criticism. These are adults coached by their grandfather. Get over yourselves.



  9. beth

    hi everyone
    I think that on Monday caroline doty and bria Hartley are t gagoing to have break out games and they are going to win
    at notre dame and I would love to see in the tourney the mighty sklar agains elena elena will win hands down

  10. rambo1

    Good thing that Elena D. never played a game for Uconn, Breaking News. They would have won at least one more championship, probably two, because they would have had 2 superstars for 3 straight years. No one could beat Uconn when they had Charles(Junior) and Moore(Soph), then Charles(Senior) and Moore(Junior). If E.D. stayed at Uconn, she and Maya would have gave them 2 superstars who would have beaten N.Dame(Final4) and Texas A&M(championship game). Then in E.D.’s senior year, she would have teamed up with an improved Dolson to beat N.Dame(Final4) and possibly Baylor in the championship game. right up there with Griner as the hardest players to stop from scoring. And her defense is top notch too.

  11. Victor

    It comes down to the ND game and the guards for Uconn. If they don’t perform like they are supposed to, then its no contest at ND. Thier guards are too good. Lets hope they play a good game. Go ladies.

  12. ray

    I don’t belittle any young lady but 0 for 11 and 5 turnovers won’t win against ND.

    1. Mike

      The good news is she could not possibly come up with such a futile game like that again……..I don’t think.

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