Sports On Earth: Leigh Montville On UConn Women

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Up to this point in the history of mankind, the greatest sportswriter who has ever lived is named Leigh Montville. What makes this all the more delicious is he went to Notre Dame of West Haven and began in career at the New Haven Register, just like I did.

There is where the comparisons end.

Leigh Montville is and always will be my muse. I read everything he ever wrote for the Boston Globe and I miss him there dearly.

But he is still writing. And I found this. And I am very happy.

I wanted to share it with you.

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33 thoughts on “Sports On Earth: Leigh Montville On UConn Women

  1. pete

    ” … greatest sportswriter who has ever lived …” — well, an unqualified statement such as that truly is something else — quite a stretch — John, even tho’ ya may feel uconn grad Leigh is pretty, or even very, good ya really need to get a grip on yourself — let’s try to keep it real

    1. Ted

      Lighten up on the negativity.

      Montville wrote a good, realistic story about Geno that stressed his worth to UConn WCBB. That’s positive, as opposed to all the false fans that had been dogging Geno all season for no good reason.

    2. Jim Fuller breaking news

      The suit against Geno has been dropped–per Jim Fuller NHregister.

      Seems they just want to make life miserable and maybe change the outcomes of the Olympics, the final 4 and the championship game.

      Better luck next time–but that won’t happen will it???

      We have two nice things NOT to look forward to—the score of ND beating Uconn on this site for another year and 2 periodic up dates on a non suit/suit a case with no validity against geno.

  2. TexasBogger

    Next to Jerry Nason, Leigh is right there next to Bob Ryan in the Boston Globe lexicon.

  3. Joe

    True measure of a sportswriter is an appearance on Around The Horn. So has Leigh Montville been on ATH, like Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullen of Geno fame, etc?

    1. Husky Fan Nation

      You’re kidding right? The measure of a truly great writer, in your opinion is based on appearing on ESPN’s ATH, coming on at 5 pm EDT? Seriously? How many shots of Jack Daniels did you have before posting your comment? Woody Paige, with the most appearances ever on ATH, is a great all-time sportswriter? Woody, columnist for the Denver Post needs to make his daily appearances on the show dressed in a clown suit. Half of the things coming out of Woody’s mouth are non-sensical. Right now I can’t stop laughing at the thought of Woodrow Wilson Paige going down as one of the greatest writers in the history of American sports journalism just because he appears on ATH 3/4 times per week.

      To clue you in Joe, ATH is a contrived and rigged “game” show, not something to take seriously. The “Sports Reporters” seen on Sunday mornings provides a much more serious dialogue amongst the panel of writers commenting on the world of sports. I truly hope that your comments concerning Leigh Montville’s lack of appearances on ATH was said tongue in cheek.

      BTW, Leigh Montville is a tremendous sports writer and has been so for decades. His article about the success of the UConn Women’s team was a well-crafted piece of journalism. Leigh’s take on the success and credit due to Geno for building and molding the program was 100% correct.

      BTW, back when I lived in New England many a Sunday was spent reading the Boston Globe Sports’ section. With lengthy articles penned by Leigh Montville, Peter Gammons, Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullen, etc., and covering all four major team sports no other sports section in America came as close in quality to the Globe.

      Thank you for posting Leigh’s article, John!

  4. @conn_nation

    This is John’s opinion; you don’t have to agree with him even though he is 100% correct. And, Notre Dame – West Haven is the greatest high school ever. Just ask Dom Amore!

    1. opinions

      you don’t have to agree with anyone else’s opinions even though they’re just as accurate

  5. USA a Great Country

    Few other countries in the world allow you to freely and openly express your OPINION. In this forum you get to express that RIGHT. It’s the right to be: Right, wrong, stupid, intelligent, or obnoxious.

    Expressing my RIGHT–John must be opining out of loyalty to his MUSE. The article by Leigh (he) wasn’t impressive in verbiage or word usage–it was however factual.

    I the greater majority of articles I get to read were nothing more than factual–I would be thrilled. If the evening news –was news not opinions–and it too was factual I would think our country was in good hands once again, but they are not. They are in the hands of hypers, following the pact, biased, almost unAmerican.

      1. Few Countries

        Out of over 240 countries in the world–name 10 percent that have ABSOLUTE freedom of speech??

        Few does not mean many–it means less than most, less than half, less than 25 percent, FEW countries have YOUR right to express your opinion without fear of punishment. Punishment is financial, legal, or being held up to redicule by those in charge.

        Name 100 countries where you have the RIGHT –to express your opinion of those in charge, the system, the political parties–100 is still a few, less than many by more than 10 percent.
        Many “friendly” countries are free, but still control the words and language of their citizens.

          1. Mirriam

            How not to be a pompous buffoon on your blog
            A good blog is a pleasure to read. It’s like a good speech, even though it’s delivered to a wide audience, you feel that the speaker is communicating directly with you, not with a crowd. If you are writing a blog like a “pompous buffoon”, it has the same tone as a condescending college professor, who is long bored with the slowness of his students, delivering a boring lecture. And if I were a student in the audience, I would shoot a spitball at you!

            It’s pretty easy to check the tone of your blog to see if you are sounding like a pompous buffoon. If it sounds like you are drawing yourself up to your full height, taking a deep breath, possibly stopping to light your pipe, you are. Here is a checklist of things that will make you sound like a pompous buffoon.

            • Your posts are way too long.
            • Even your titles are long and confusing.

            • Your tone sounds like you are speaking to an impersonal audience.

            • You are asking questions that sound like a lead-in to a boring lecture.

        1. Webster

          While few does not always mean exactly the same to everyone, generally a few is more than 2 (a couple) and a small number. A small number might mean 3 to some and another number to someone else. It might also depend on the number of total items that are being talked about. Out of a group of 50, 3 or 4 might be a few. In a group of 100,000, 100 might be considered a few.

  6. mike mcmanus

    It is a great article John because it provided a perspective on Geno that too few people appreciate, especially those who like to vent on this blog. Yes, isn’t America great. It’s one thing to voice one’s opinion with factual information but it’s another for Geno-haters to express their dislike for the coach and even many of his players simply to get a rise out of everyone else….while using anonymous names.

    1. Ted

      You are like a broken record. You just rip apart people who don’t think like you. Find a communist country to move to. Your facts and opinions are not someone elses facts and opinions. Nothing is one sided except YOUR brain. YOU are the HATER.
      Steve Gee use to say the similar things as you but he got caught with his pants down using other aliases criticizing others views in an insulting way and there is no way of knowing if YOU or anyone else are doing the same, therefore, names on this site mean NOTHING. So just give your boring and stating the obvious opinions but leave the people who like to think outside the box alone.

  7. Rene Morache

    I would still like to know how Geno will manage this team next year with only nine players. Why only one recruit for the coming year when three players graduated?

    1. Tom

      Because nine are returning and they are all good players. What would he do with more than the one excellent recruit for next year? The team is deep at every position except point, and the recruit is a point guard.

      1. Big R

        It remains to be seen if she is a true point guard. She is a pure shooter for sure.

      2. bahmi

        The team has Brianna Banks and Moriah Jefferson at point, both upcoming stars. Be still and know….

    2. Husky Fan Nation


      So you dare question a coach who now has 8 NCAA titles on his resume? Perhaps UConn should think of hiring you whenever Geno chooses to retire!


    A nice article by Montville but strictly from a reader’s perspective just that. No extreme emotions raised from the content. The remarks here in the blog on the other hand often do just that. I guess the first question to address is that UConn has to date only one signed player coming in for the 13/14 season. Saniya Chong. People are asking why just one. I hope people are smarter than they sometime sound. It was not a question of how many and what level of player was recruited by UConn. It was that all except Chong decided to attend school and play ball elsewhere. Those kids, their parents, their support people made North Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee, Duke, and more their choice. So many factors beyond the coach influence where that kid goes. Close to home or far away. How soon they start, how many minutes they get. Think about a post player coming to UConn in 2013 and barring injury how much time can she expect? Dolson, Tuck, Stewart, Stokes, I don’t see a lot of minutes available there. Or how about the 3 & 4 spots. Oh yeah, KML, Stewart, Tuck, maybe even Banks depending on matchups. Even in the back court where Chong will vie for time. MoJeff at point, Banks first up. Hartley at the 2 and Banks can fill that as well. For years the naysayers nitpick on Geno for not playing his reserves enough to have them prepped for the post season now complain that he only has nine on the roster. If Chong comes along a little and does not get into a ‘doghouse’ known as Geno’s bad side then I see without injury issues all 9 should average 15 minutes of PT as a minimum. We’ll see how that plays out and yes we are looking forward to November.

    1. Napolean

      Stokes will average less than 10 mpg Aureema aint takin minutes away from Dolsn, KML, Stewart

      No matter how bad Hartley is Aureema aint takin minutes away from the senior so one of Jefferson, Banks, and Chong will average less than 10 mpg

  9. Chun

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  10. Husky Dave

    I agree that many players probably choose to play somewhere other than at UConn, so they get to play at all. However, sometimes the quality of the players’ education is paramount. They go to the Notre Dames, Dukes, and Stanfords. All good basketball schools, too, but among the country’s best universities. Education may be (ha ha) more important to women because their chances of basketball life beyond college is very limited. That said, I’d really like a Big to replace Stef; a lot of guards are in the pipeline . . .

  11. PRACTICE?!

    “Dailey said she had a heart to heart with Buck before it was announced that she would return for her fifth season and needed an assurance that Buck would be able to handle a role similar to the one she had in her first three seasons. Buck said she was and other than one time early in preseason camp when Dailey had to remind Buck of the talk that they had, Dailey couldn’t have been more impressed with the way Buck acted as the good and supportive teammate even though her minutes were limited.”


  12. UconnFan

    There has been a few writers who have been fortunate to follow the rise to power by Geno and his staff who started a year before Calhoun and recruited players that excelled on the court and classroom. When Geno decides to retire, woe be to the one who replaces him who he has established such high standards that and will ripped apart by the press and the fans for failing to won 30 games or making the final four.

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