Stefanie Dolson Now An Impact Post

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Every post player develops at her own pace. There is no growth chart a coach can consult suggesting the norm, whether a player is ahead or behind the pace.

But when you see a player blossom you can tell. And junior Stefanie Dolson is now seemingly in full bloom.

“The average person watching us on TV or in person can see somebody’s athletic ability and go, `Wow, that kid’s going to be a great player,” Geno Auriemma said. “But they never see the kid’s true personality. And that’s what makes you a good player.

“If you have skill, if you have some talent, but no one [a recruiter] knows what the kid’s personality type is, it’s hard to figure it out [potential] when you’re recruiting because you don’t get to know them that much, you don’t get to spend enough time with them. Then when they get here the most upbeat, positive, out-going personalities are the ones that become the best players. And that’s who she is.’’

There is usually always a smile on Dolson’s face. And this season her positivity has combined with her conditioning and skill to turn her into one of the nation’s top players. If not for Brittney Griner, Baylor’s 6-8 senior center, UConn would be looking at its next first-team All-American.

Dolson came into Tuesday’s game against Louisville 24 points shy of becoming the 36th player in team history to reach 1,000 points. She is averaging  12.9 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 26.6 minutes with at least five assists in her last five games.

“I think it’s the hard work she’s put in,’’ Auriemma said. “She’s always been an incredibly positive person. She’s always been upbeat. She’s always had a winning personality. You can’t underestimate how much that has to do with being a good player.”


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14 thoughts on “Stefanie Dolson Now An Impact Post

  1. Coach H

    Steff Dolson is one of my favorite UConn players. When she is given some room and is not “man” handled she scores with ease around the basket. When that is denied her, she struggles. She gave ND’s bigs many problems. She has not to date be able to stop Griner.
    The knock on Steff and Stewart is they cannot score while being physically attacked. Few College players handle that well. The challenge for UConn is to find a way for Steff and Stewart to score while being beat up.

  2. Village Idiot

    Steff Dolson is the happiest, friendliest, nicest, hard working, agressive player on many a college team. She seems to be a pleasure to be around.
    Geno has, since the day Dolson arrive, be a big fan of Steff Dolson. Two years ago Geno said she was the best Center in the game.

  3. dude in New Britain

    Geno: “the most upbeat, positive, out-going personalities are the ones that become the best players.”

    The “out-going” part of that statement doesn’t describe Kelly Faris too well, but the last few words certainly do. Sometimes, Geno just likes to utter quotable generalities without much caring how accurate they are.

  4. bridget

    nothing suprises,about this girl she is a real great center post player for us and I love her personality.

      1. Michael Keller

        Right: you idolize a player who’s 184th in the country in rebounding, and blocks fewer shots per minute played than Kia Stokes.

  5. Sydney White

    What a gal she is. She is a hard player, a hard worker, and loves to have fun off the court. She sure is a different girl physically than she was when she first arrived at UConn. She has worked very hard and it shows. She obviously came to UConn as she wanted to become the best and she has done just that. Go Stephie and Go Uconn.

  6. Griners Greatest

    Biggest kid on the floor should be option number one down low. Geno used to preach inside-outside. But he has let his team dictate the offense. KML and Hartley have nothing but 3pt on their mind, even if no UConn player is in position to rebound.

    1. Sal and Irene

      Geno has said to the women: if you have an open shot, take it. That means 3 pt shots. If you are open, why work to get the ball inside to someone who is double teamed. Shooting 3’s will open the lane by drawing players out to the perimeter.

      1. No Assault Rifles for Obama's Body Guards

        Hartley shot 2-10 3pt. Geno laughed at Sugar Rodgers for being an inefficient scorer against UConn. How’s that working for you now?

  7. Sal and Irene

    One more comment. Steffie is a beautiful young woman who could be a model someday for tall women’s clothing. We love her smile!!!

    1. No Assault Rifles for Obama's Body Guards

      Have you not watched women’s college volleyball? Full of tall models.

  8. Tonyc

    when you ask why. Stef has made a committment to be a great player and it starts with a positive attitude and a great work ethic.

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