Stewart’s Absence Just Precautioary

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UConn’s comprehensive 105-37 win over Idaho Saturday featured six players scoring in double-figures led by Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, who scored each of her 23 points in the first half.

And it was accomplished without freshman Breanna Stewart. She was held out of the game as a precautionary measure after feeling something pull in her left calf at practice Friday.

“I grabbed a rebound and went back up to shoot the ball and something just didn’t the greatest in the back of my leg,” Stewart said. “But I kept practicing. It wasn’t comfortable. But I felt well enough to play through it.

“I got it examined and then had an MRI, which came back good, I was planning to play [Saturday] until I was told I would not.”

Stewart scored 51 points in three Big East tournament games and was named to the first conference team.

Geno Auriemma said there seemed no need for Stewart to play and thought she would likely be able to go Monday against Vanderbilt in the second round.

“We felt that it would be better if we used precaution to let her have an extra day [rest],” Auriemma said. “We wanted to almost guarantee that she would be ready for Monday night.”

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41 thoughts on “Stewart’s Absence Just Precautioary

  1. Steve Gee

    Nothing wrong with extra rest for a sore achilles. I hope it doesn’t linger and come back to hamper Stewart when she’s really needed. She could likely sit against Vandy as well. And that’s OK.

    1. Bobby Boyd

      Steve Gee– Absolutely agree–against teams like Idaho and Vandy,why not rest the kid and not aggravate any possible injury.
      However, I would have liked to see Stewie get some playing experience at this level–especially against “easy” competition.
      I think Geno’s and Rosemary’s judgement will err on the side of caution.

        1. Gino says

          Geno Auriemma–you are doing a great job. All real Uconn fans love you and how you are coaching.
          Unlike Wooden and Naismith you are here and now and Uconn has you and THEY DON”T!!
          Keep on keeping on.

  2. Tony C

    Wow UConn knowitall.
    You really DO know everything, including what happens in the UConn trainer’s room.

    Please fill us in on what conversations Stewart has had with her doctors regarding this medical issue.

    1. Uconn Know it All

      Well lets see
      Stewie: It hurts! Dr Swizzle: Where?
      Stewie: Right here. Dr S. There?
      Stewie: Yes there. Dr.S. Hmmm.
      Stewie: Serious? Dr S. Could Be.
      Stewie: How much? Dr S. Medicaide?
      Stewie: No Geno. Dr S. Rosemary too?
      Stewie: Maybe. Dr S. Let us check
      Stewie: Hey forget it, it cured itself.
      And that’s how it went in the UConn Medical Office. Then she asked to play on Saturday and Geno said no, I’m playing Stokes. Stewie asked if she could share time with Tuck–Geno said NO. Maybe with Doty. Stewie said–I don’t have a brace–can I borrow one of hers?? Geno, NO–they came from Springfield, Pa–they are special

      1. Steve Gee

        I notice no word yet on yet-to-be-drawn Powerball numbers or any insight as to “the meaning of life”, but wow, just WOW!

        I do wonder however …. what happens when mom cuts-off the basement internet connection? Isn’t there some risk associated when sunlight contacts pasty-white skin?

        I hope the Cheeto crumbs don’t leave disfiguring orange freckles in some sort of photo-cheeto-synthesis reaction.

        1. Tony C

          It must be a bitch for you, Gee “wiz”, to see your own reflection in these comments.You obviously can’t stand what you see in the mirror.

          1. Steve Gee

            OK “tony c” or whatever name you’re hijacking next.

            To what exactly are you referring?

        2. Steve Gee's Mommy

          Steve Gee was one of those kids in elementary school who always ran home crying to mommmy and daddy because he got beat up for being a douchebag

          1. Steve Gee

            Thanks for the thoughtful, logical, and reasoned response I expected.
            You continue to make my point for me.
            You’re still a troll. No matter how many unclever names you use.

  3. Kevin Cavanaugh

    John A. Is there any chance you would consider postingthe poster’s IP address right after their alias?

    I am sick and tired of all the tacky and insulting comments being posted here. The Courant has access to the poster’s IP address and if we saw repeated inappropriate posts coming from a specific IP address – we would be able to identify the individual who continues to take cheap shots and hide behind a variety of aliases.

    1. Kevin--First Amendment

      Kevin–“I hate every word written, but I shall defend to the death your right to write it”
      First amendment–does not say, YOU MUST AGREE with what is said or written.

      You cannot write defamatory, libel or other illegal comments–well you CAN write them, but you can then be sued or jailed for breaking existing laws.

      Yes Kevin, the Courant can NOT accept certain IP/email/url’s –then they open themselves to being sued for MILLIONs for discriminatory and illegally violating the first amendment.

      1. Steve Gee

        Time for troll school:

        Actually Troll, you’re completely, entirely wrong.

        You can indeed “say” or “write” anything that you choose.


        The Courant has ZERO responsibility to print or post what you write or say, and have every RIGHT to refuse to remove what you post on their site.
        You see, it doesn’t belong to you, or the public, it is the property of the Courant, and they allow you to post here as a courtesy. They don’t have to.

        Many sites now require a registration process, linking a username to an email address so they can remove posting privileges (yes privilege,not your right, get it?) from those addresses if they find it’s in their interests- as is THEIR right.

        You see, the 1st Amendment is about you’re right to say it, NOT about forcing others to print what you say.

        Similarly, the Courant is NOT obligated to print a letter to the editor that they find offensive or not interesting (yours would likely fall into this category)
        You get it now?

        So, you can sue all you’d like.

        I hope I didn’t stop you from enjoying your ignorance.

        OK, maybe a little.

        1. STEVE GEE Know it all

          Steve Gee Ignorance be thy name.
          Read with comprehension. No one does more TRolling than you. You waste more space on this blog than anyone.

          The Courant “posts” immediately all posts, have you noticed?? They DO NOT have to post them–yet they do.
          ONCE posted they the poster now if being libelous opens themselves and the Courant up to being sued. That civil law.
          Your motive in trade is mis reading or mis interpreting what has been written.

          The first amendment applies to all written or spoken words. Once you see them here it applies.

          Why you chose to argue what was not said is why people are “trolling” you comments and taking you to task for making yourself the Mao of the blog and correcting opinions that are not your’s.

          So Steve Gee expect more anti-gee comments – I haven’t posted one negative comment about you yet, now they begin–hey those of you who dislke this Gee’s negativity –join the diss-ing GEE parade.

          1. Steve Gee

            Nice try.
            I suppose I should be like you and post under a slew of different names, many belonging to others. That way (like you) I wouldn’t have to own any comment I’ve made and could continue to antagonize everyone as you do.
            But no, that’s just not me.

      2. Kevin Cavanaugh

        I do not agree with the supposition that site cannot post a users IP address. WordPress and other blogging sites show all users IP addresses when they leave comments.

        I also have no problem with people leaving ridiculous or even offensive comments – I only want to get past the “pseudo names” that people keep changing to mask who they are. There are a handful of caring, intelligent posters here that use their name or nickname all the time – they do not keep using different names to either avoid showing that they are the same person or they use different nicknames to make it appear they are someone different.

        Many news and sports sites require a user name that cannot be changed. I just love first ammendment people who demand their first ammentment right yet hid behind a variety of nicknames because they are ashamed to say who they are.

        1. Steve Gee

          Well said.
          Other sites at least require a registration linked to an email address. That at minimum forces troublemakers obtain a new email address when they change names or get “booted”.
          There is one person here, that for the last several weeks has been on a mission, posting garbage under many names, including mine and others who frequent this blog. And when I respond to it, I’m the troublemaker.

    2. Dear John Altavilla

      tacky comments and insulting comments always start with Steve Gee, Mike McManus, Ted, Neely, and a few others

      if the courant permits them to do that then retaliation is the only recourse

      the instigators pretend to know it all and put others down for having an opinion

      the instigators use harsh words when correcting others

      wipe the instigators off this site and it will be cleaned up

      it’s such a simple solution

      1. Tony C

        Sorry,I did not mean to repeat what you said. We think alike and were writing the same thing at the same time!(3 minutes apart)

      2. Dear John Altavilla

        You are sooo right Steve Gee has set himself up as the corrector of comments he disagrees with–and he does it disagreeably. Nasty. Distasteful.
        He demands, he mis reads, misinterprets, then–lays it on bloggers as their own.

        Disgusting person that steve gee.

        I was defending him–but he is too disgusting to defend. Mr Perfect is the only one who is entitle to an opinion.
        Ignorance, inability to read that’s his stock in trade.

        Stupid Steve Gee makes this blog unpleasant for everyone else.
        His IP adress should be blocked.

      3. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Unless I have missed a bunch of his comments, but to my knowledge, Mike McManus is a straight shooter who does not initiate nasty comments – he might tell someone off who wrote offensive comments, but I believe Mike generally takes the high road.

    3. Tony C

      When you have someone of Steve Gee’s character, (there are others) who disrespects and belittles other’s opinions in the guise of being a “true fan” you are going to get nonsense like this. What one dishes out will always come back to hit you in the face, that’s life. So no name calling, no belittling, no ‘I’m a true fan and you’re not” nonsense and this site will be just fine.

      1. Steve Gee

        Tony C,
        If you can find a single instance of me doing what you say, please point it out. If I disagree with someone I’ll simply say it, and include why.

        I have no qualms calling a troll for trolling, but I try not to do what you accuse me of here.

        Now there is one troll who indeed posts under various names, including mine and yours. They personally berate the players, coach, and the program. And I have NO issue calling them out for it. If calling someone a troll, for trolling is offensive to you, then on that I am guilty.

        But if you’re going to accuse me of something, please back it up.


          Steve Gee still on the internet in his mom’s basement

          still correcting others

          still pretending to know it all

          acting like he never puts anyone dow

          1. Steve Gee

            If calling a troll a troll is putting them down and it bothers you, perhaps you should stop trolling.
            Because you’re still a troll, no matter how many unclever names you use.

        2. Tony C

          Hi Steve, see below your comment responding to someone’s non offensive observation of Stewart’s injury. As far as criticizing players and coaches, they are public figures subject to our scrutiny, An ESPNU commentator said the end of the Notre Dame game set the girls program back 50 years in front of a national audience. You can be assured we are justified in being critical. And we are not critical to bring the program down but to elevate it.Do we do it in a professional way? No. So what? If you disagree if our observation, great! So what is your take on the play? That’s all.

          Wow UConn knowitall.
          You really DO know everything, including what happens in the UConn trainer’s room.

          Please fill us in on what conversations Stewart has had with her doctors regarding this medical issue.

          While you’re at it, how about listing the up-coming Powerball numbers or answering the age-old question “what it the meaning of life”?

          1. Steve Gee

            Thank you Tony for including that post here.

            If you read the post I was responding to, you’ll see that the poster went after Rosemary Ragle, UConn’s trainer with this entry by UConnFan @ 12:52:

            (“when your pigeon toed & have foot drag problem its not surprising achilles hurts
            trainer has not gotten proper help for stewart & like geno she is having a down year
            maybe stokes will play more but i doubt it since she wont drink geno aid” )

            Now, this poster pretends to know not only the origin and nature of Stewart’s injury, but also exactly what the UConn Training and medical staff has done about it. And stated his opinion as “fact”.

            Was my response sarcastic? Absolutely.
            When someone posts under the name UConnFan, and takes every opportunity to disparage the UConn coach, staff, and players, I reserve the right to make a sarcastic rebuttal.
            In the post you refer to, I intended to be snarky and humorous, while also pointing to the complete lack of credible evidence as to how in the world could they possibly KNOW what is going on in the UConn training room.

            Do you disagree with my assessment, or simply with the way my response was presented?

          2. Snarky/Sarcastic/Narcisst

            Tony C. Steve Gee has set himself up as judge, jury, executioner of comments with which he disagrees.
            He took my –tongue in cheek–banter between Stewie and her Dr as an afront to the Uconn and him personally.
            He loves being sarcastic –to which anyone not knowing his bent towards sarcasm would think him posting his beliefs. Snarky?? You make the most of that word.
            He has become a real problem on this blog and many others are seeing him for what he is : A royal pain in the glutus maximus (he’ll have a comment on that).
            He believes he his superior in intellect and knows all about all.
            All people dissing Steve Gee keep on doing what you are doing. Maybe he’ll go to another blog–and torment them.

        3. Truth be told

          Steve–Just read any of your comments on other peoples blogs and you shall see nasty, disgusting, disagreeable comments from you. WHY?? Is that the way you go thru life getting your jollies making life miserable for others? That seems to be your major stock in trade.
          I join Tony C and others in damning you actions and tell you if you want proof READ almost anything you have written.

          Or are you so narcisstic to not see your own misdeeds, words, actions??

          Your comment about the team are usually positve–but when you disagree with any one you are down right nasty and insulting.
          You may find the (as you call them) Trolls attacking you less–if you attack less. You are reaping what you have sewed.

          1. Steve Gee

            (truth be told)
            If you do indeed see comments under my name that are nasty and disgusting, be assured those aren’t from me.
            Also, this is the ONLY blog I post on, so if you’re telling me you supposedly read my “nasty, disgusting” comments on “other people’s blogs” you are either reading posts by someone else using my name, or are making it up entirely.

            A I’ve mentioned, there is one (yes I call them a Troll with a capitol T) that frequently posts under the names others typically use. And I’m not the only one this person has been antagonizing in this manner.
            I also realize I can’t expect most people to always be able to differentiate those fraudulent posts from the ones I’ve actually made.
            I understand that.
            And that is the entire reason that the Troll does it.
            I also know that some folks that have been reading my posts for a long time here can often tell the difference.
            That’s not a complaint, just the way it is.

            I will also not back down, nor apologize for calling this Troll for what they are.

  4. Tony C

    (there was no reply box) Steve, I can only repeat myself. Public figures are fair game (Leno and Letterman make a living off of it) and posters deserve their say. Comment on the situations, not the poster, because that is what sets off the avalanche. That is just my opinion from a simple man. Others, I’m sure, have theirs which I respect.

    1. Steve Gee

      I hear you Tony.
      However I stand by my comment, although sarcastic, in response to that poster UConnFan, pretending (and that’s what it is) to know what Rosemary Ragle has done about Stewart’s injury as a matter of fact. That poster went out of their way to pointlessly disparage the UConn trainer, in effect saying she was derelict in the performance of her job.
      All without so much as hinting to how they might have access to such privileged information.

      That poster had their say, and I mine. If it’s you’re opinion that I shouldn’t comment on the poster, only on the public figure, I understand that. But in that sense, you’ve done something similar in your posts here to me. I however take no offense.
      Have a good one and enjoy the games.

      1. Tony C

        Steve, for the record, a) I never said to comment only on the public figures. b) posters are trying to show you how insulting your comments are by being insulting and you still don’t get it or ever will. c) I want to thank you because you have been a source of entertainment that I did not expect on this site. Yesterday I was literally rolling over on the floor in laughter by others comments. It could not have happened without you. d) have you ever considered a career in poker?

        1. Steve Gee

          I find that quite amusing myself:
          The fact that I made what you call “insulting” comments to illustrate how “insulting” their ( the site troll)comments are… and that somehow I am to blame for THEIR comments being insulting (not only their original insulting comments, but also the ones that followed because they didn’t like my response to their insulting comments).

          Yeah, I get it now.

          I believe they call that circular logic.

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