Sweet (16) Emotion For UConn

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Saturday’s Sweet 16 game was expected to be the Bridgeport Regional’s restaging of a winter battle between Eastern foes, only this time along the cusp of Long Island Sound on a warm, spring day.

“We were talking about how physical the game was going to be,” Geno Auriemma said.

And frankly, there were moments when push and shove led to hack and grimace, just like the last time UConn and Maryland played in Hartford in December.

But UConn’s 76-50 win over Maryland wasn’t really what some suspected it might be at the Webster Bank Arena.

It was tough, but nothing that would have assaulted the senses. This was more of a celebration of UConn’s youth. And UConn’s defense, which limited the Terps (26-8) to 19-of-61 from the field.

UConn’s kids, particularly its three freshmen, controlled the tempo and the temperament, running, defending and scoring. In essence, doing things athletes do at this level can do.

“I said before the game that Connecticut makes teams look bad and you saw that on display,” Maryland coach Brenda Frese said. “They had firepower and open looks late in the shot clock. We struggled against their defense. They made it difficult.”

Apparently, the Huskies have rediscovered who they are and what they were born to do in the first three games of the tournament.

“Our freshmen were great today,” Auriemma said. “That was the story.”

Led by Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, who scored 17 points with seven rebounds, and Breanna Stewart, who added 17 points, eight rebounds and four blocks, the Huskies (32-4) easily took care of the Terrapins.

Alyssa Thomas led Maryland with 13 points. But unlike the last time they played, a 63-48 loss, the Terps lost the rebounding battle (41-36), were outscored in the paint (40-18) and outscored on the bench (25-0).

And now the Huskies are just one win away from a record sixth-straight Final Four, three wins from an eighth national championship.

The skate to eight continues Monday against a familiar Elite Eight foe – Kentucky. Last season, the Huskies beat them in Kingston R.I. to get to Denver. This year the goal is New Orleans.

“It’s the best game of the year,” Geno Auriemma said. “It’s just one game and everything that a player dreams of, going to the Final Four, in on the line.”

Freshman Moriah Jefferson (10 points) was also on top of her game, her defense and ball-handling providing many of the day’s happy gasps from the UConn fans. And Morgan Tuck added added eight points.

“If can continue to play like this it can do nothing but help us to increase our level of confidence,” Stewart said.

There was this one moment that put the physicality of the afternoon into perspective.

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89 thoughts on “Sweet (16) Emotion For UConn

  1. Bracchus

    Maryland just isn’t as deep or talented as UCONN. They also have 4 players out with injuries.

    The one thing that is clear is that Moriah Jefferson should be the starting point guard. Geno’s allegiance to Doty seems ridiculously symbolic at this point.

    1. Tony C

      Don’t forget, Bracc, Hartley replaced Doty today, not Jefferson. Do you want Jefferson to start, not Hartley?

    2. Village Idiot

      Bracchus—I’d argue with you –but I’m so happy with not just the win the way the new kids played.
      When I looked at the stats (on gametracker) at the end of the first half–Doty had 4 minutes MO Jeff had 10. I had to go to the Md Schedule site to get gametracker.\
      Let us all be happy and enjoy this win–the end of our BB season is ending much too quickly.

    3. Bracchus

      Well, Geno said that Doty was the only point guard on the team. I think that Briabis more of a 2 guard. Moriah is going to be a great point guard. My only point was that starting Doty seems more symbolic than anything else. If he thinks that Hartley is a spark off the bench, start Jefferson and let Hartley come in for her.

      1. V.I.

        Bracchus. Symbolic ?? Maybe. I think it’s about loyalty. Geno stuck with her thru injury after injury. Doty has tuffed it out. So he is honoring her with “symbolic” moments in the NCAA.\

        After the Maryland game–he spoke in glowing terms about Jefferson–not a word about Doty.
        Geno a month ago may have meant at that time he only had ONE point guard he trusted, Doty. Since then the trust has swung more towards Jefferson, rightly so.

    4. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Again, it is NOT necessarily who starts – Doty got 4 minutes, Hartley got 21 minutes and MoJo got 26 minutes – that is what counts.

      Geno knows who currently brings value to the team and he gives minutes accordingly.

      Instead of griping about who starts and who doesnt, why not say that MoJo is getting significant playing time finally.

  2. UConn Husky Fan

    Great victory by UConn today! Glad to hear Doris Burke, the analyst and both Kara Lawson and Carolyn Peck back in the ESPN studio state what an absolute travesty it was that no call was made on that play late in the first half when Kelly Farris drove to the basket and got creamed by one of Maryland’s thug players. It would not have been out of the realm of possibility that a flagrant 1 foul should have been called. Can’t blame Geno for going ballastic as, stated clearly by Doris Burke, he simply was trying to protect one of his players for that pathetic no-call by Curly, Larry and Moe masquerading as referees. Those 3 clowns should officially have had their season ended with that game. No way, based on merit should they be rewarded with the opportunity to ref in an NCAA women’s tournament game from this point forward. They were awful, to say the least and should be refereeing elementary school basketball games; not D-1 college Women’s basketball games.

    I truly hope that the training staff can somehow get Stefanie Dolson ready for Monday’s Elite Eight game against Kentucky. UConn is going to need Stefanie to be effective in the middle to ward off the Wildcats’ inside game.

    Moriah Jefferson came of age in this game making the Maryland guards look inept in how she directed the UConn offense and harassing her opponent on defense. UConn fans, I believe that Moriah IS our point guard of the future.

    Breanna Stewart, for the third straight NCAA game, (she missed the first round game) played extremely well, including a few blocked shots on defense. Folks, with a little off-season work in the weight room this young lady is going to be awesome next season.

    Great victory by the Huskies today. Let’s hope, just like in last year’s Elite Eight game when they defeated Kentucky by double-digits, that UConn can go to their sixth straight Final Four. I’d love to get another crack at Notre Dame in the National semis, (assuming that the Irish make it that far).

    1. Bracchus

      Well, Geno said that Doty was the only point guard on the team. I think that Briabis more of a 2 guard. Moriah is going to be a great point guard. My only point was that starting Doty seems more symbolic than anything else. If he thinks that Hartley is a spark off the bench, start Jefferson and let Hartley come in for her.

    2. Bracchus

      That was not a thug foul. Your implication is beyond ridiculous. The Maryland player clearly was going after the ball. It ended up being a hard foul because their bodies collided. Nothing more.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        I agree, Bracc, it was a hard foul, but not deserving of a T-1, or a T-2. That said, the officials did a disservice to the game by not calling a foul – it wasnt just a shoulder contacting another shoulder – it seemed like their entire bodies came into hard contact – way too much contact for a foul not to be called – no matter what team was on offense and what team was on defense.

      2. Jcbjr

        THAT WAS A THUG FOUL – Should have been a Flagrant 1: the refs (love the 3 Stooges reference!) owe Kelly and Geno a PUBLIC apology!!!

        1. Bracchus

          Take another look. The Maryland player is clearly going after the ball. No question that it should have been called. But, the reality is that the officials were letting them play. There were no calls that hurt Maryland as well. Perhaps not as obvious. To call it a thug play ascribes motivations to the Maryland player that were not apparent.

          1. Maryanne

            The hard foul was such that (after looking at the replay twice) Md went after the ball, got substantial body contact then slapped Kelly’s arm 8 inches below the ball.
            No matter how you preceive this —it was a foul. Worthy of a Technical–no. But worthy of a call, if for nothing more than to set a tone for the game. this one set a negative tone.
            But Geno got pay back for his Technical, the second half he got more calls than he did’t.

    3. Griners Greatest

      remember that Maryland’s starting backcourt has been out with ACLs, so it wasn’t like Jefferson played against Simms or Diggins and McBride

        1. Country Gentleman

          3 games against Notre Dame, Jefferson with some play (although limited) Diggins took advantage of her once. Diggins took advantage of Hartley (2 or 3 times) Doty (too many to count), Faris a few. Point is Diggy babe has quick hands and quick reactions and fouls often with hand checks.
          Jefferson learned a lot from those games. With her quickness, she is more of an asset than a liability. At times she may be the lessor of many other evils.
          Doty, as a 5th year, is not quick enough for Diggins or Sims. Is gutsy enough to take on Baylor or ND teams alone.
          While I’m on the subject: Ever notice that ND and Kentucky do a lot of hand checking and slapping in their defense??’Both are fouls.

        2. Master

          Are you kidding? she can’t guards those players with that knee..why doesn’t people understand that when she plays against elite players she’s going to get dogged.

      1. Barry Bonds

        I just love Griner in that new Geico commercial where she’s blocking shots and wearing that Mutombo jersey!

  3. Allen Freshler

    Wonderful win with major contributions from the three freshmen. This is the team many of us thought it might be. Good picks were set, steals and fast break points in the second half set the tone. We had speed at the point and desire on the part of the freshmen to penetrate and shoot! Stuart was hugh on defense and chasing down loose balls, keeping thing alive. We had zero turnovers at the point, haven’t seen that this year, under 10 turnovers overall! This was our very best game of the year by far even not shooting ball from three point land very well.WOW! Go Huskies!

    1. Mike

      Great comments. I believe, though, Doty turned the ball over on a two on one fast break when she threw a bullet to Stewart in a bad spot. That was a key part to her brief appearance.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        …and there was absolutely no need for her to throw a bullet pass at warp speed.. Stewie’s miscues usually center around her not securing the ball and one would think a point guard would be aware of that and pass accordingly..

        On a side note, I want Doty to have less and less playing time – especially if she is not running on all cylinders – but the tokenism for her to start – only until it is obvious that she needs replacing is fine with me.

        Almost like a 65 year old overweight policeman not getting patrol duty and instead getting desk duty.

        If Geno is not going to give Buck much playing time, Doty could help Buck “hi five” up and down the bench when Connecticut players are doing well.

        1. Bracchus

          Geno can’t have it both ways. Stokes is nailed to the bench because of “practice.” Yet, she is reasonably consistent when she gets in a game. Doty has done absolutely nothing in many games, and Geno has to pull her fairly early, yet, she starts.

          If you pride yourself on playing players who produce, then that is the standard you live by.

          The announcers referenced some meeting where the question of whether the team had confidence in Jefferson at the point came up. Supposedly, they did not. Did they ask the same question of Doty?

          For a freshman to hear that and come out with Jeffetson’s confidence in herself is amazing. She is aggressive, energetic and gets that team moving. She moves at warp speed which is probably tiring the other players who seem to prefer the half court game.

          This kid just needs more playing time. Lets see how she handles Kentucky.

          1. Country Gentleman

            I’m a huge Stokes fan. She has superb potential. However, as an end of the year soph (almost a Jr) potential should become product–ie producting.

            If you watch her in the game she move from place to place without thought to what she need to do. Much like buck.
            When she’s under the basket she rebounds well. The kid can shoot, her percentage is excellent. She needs to get her head into the game and Know what’s to be done and do it.

            I don’t think her lack of time is all about “practice”. I think it’s about where her head is.

            If she ever does get what she needs to do on the floor, Uconn will be a very hard team to beat.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      I agree Allen – Stewie did a lot of things – in addition to scoring and rebounding and blocking shots.

      She also did things that Faris does so well – Stewie went after the ball knowing that UCONN was the last one to touch it and even though she did not have a chance to get the ball before going out of bounds herself, she chose to bounce it off a defender to keep the possession.

      Play by play, shot by shot, block by block and rebound by rebound, she is developing into a EDD kind of player – it might be a stretch to some regarding the comparison, but make a note of the timeframe (post season, post Big East tournament), she is improving by leaps and bounds.

      What I think was going on all season was this: UCONN already had a very good big (Dolson) and they already had a great 3-pointer (KML) and they had some very good and developing back up bigs (Tuck and Stokes) and they had a very good utility player (Faris) and a halfway decent point guard and Stewie felt she was not needed and did not know if and how she could fit it. (Remember how she wandered here and there and everywhere, like a lost puppy?).

      Well, a few nice EDD type 3 pointers, a handful of good blocked shots, a few steals, a bunch of offensive and defensive rebounds, and ESPECIALLY, a handful of smooth intimidating one-on-one drives to the basket – and we now have a big we can count on. Maybe UCONN will not go all the way this year – but next year we will have KML, Stewie, Dolson, Mo-Jo, Tuck, Stokes, Bria, Chong.

      We will never play ND 3 times or more in future years, but starting next year, (and maybe in a week), we will be looking at Irish Green in our rear view mirror.

  4. TexasBogger

    No more “knocking at the door” for Mo Jeff. She has stepped into the ballroom with Stewie right behind her. Quality minutes also from Morgan Tuck.
    Steph will gut it out going forward. Looks like another shot at Kayla McBride.

    1. Uconn got it's Mo Jo back

      That Mo Jo is MO JEFF!!! I’ve loved that kid since day one–but today, made a lot more believers.
      Geno did exactly the right thing in going ballistic on the refs. In the second half Uconn got some calls it didn’t get in the first half.
      Stewart Tuck Kaleena Hartley, Stokes, Dolson, Faris, Doty all gave good minutes. I could have slapped Doty silly for the bullet pass that was unnecessary–think geno thought so too, because she came out quick after that.

      Let me be the last to say—Elena Della Donne is an amazing basketball player. tough and talented. I liked her positive comments after the game–it shows her mothers class.

      1. nhntc47

        Can we, from today on, call her Mo Jo? She’s a joy to watch. Too bad my girl Brianna Banks couldn’t be out there.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      If anything Stewie and Mo are entering the ballroom together.

      If pushing comes to shove and Dolson ends up with limited playing time, I could see the 3 freshmen AND Stewie and KML and Faris carrying the team on. Also, I see Stokes contributing in a big way. Oh, I do not mean to slight Hartley – she should be able to participate in a big way.

      By the way, Dolson needs to slow it down and get better. She should be used sparingly. I would rather have Stewie and Tuck or Stewie and Stokes than Dolson and half strength.

      1. Bracchus

        Against ND and Baylor we will need all hands on deck, particularly against Baylor. Griner will get hers, but you have to make her work. If Doty is gimpy, the best answer there may be Stokes. The problem is that whoever guards Griner is going to have to worry about fouls. If Griner gets the ball in the right spot, its lights out. UCONN has to try to keep her from her spot and prevent the inbound pass as much as possible.

        My assessment is that UCONN has a chance at beating ND, less so of beating Baylor.

        The ND game will come down to who plays the smartest. We don’t have any guards who can stop Diggins from being Diggins and directing her team. We don’t have any guards who can stop Kayla McBride. So, we can’t let them take KML out of the game. Stewie has to continue her roll. Then, Jefferson, with her speed has to make ND spend a fair amount of energy on defense. The little things will make a difference. A stop here or an unforced error there could decide the game. Then, we need a clear strategy for a close game in the final minutes. Rushing plays and passes should not be a part of that strategy.

        1. Country Gentleman

          McBride needs a big quick fast forward to guard her. Not a small guard. McBride shoots quickly and a big (who can stay with her) has a better time blocking her shot or her drive to the basket. McBride’s “made” shots are more than Diggy baby. Diggins is a great disher at the end of her drive. Uconn (if they play her) needs to be ready for the last second dish under the hoop.
          Rushed passes or plays are never part of Uconn’s game plan–emotions have been the factor, not coaching.

        2. Steve Gee

          Final minutes of a close game:

          Yes there was a strategy, and situational plays called that have been practiced at length.
          I doubt that whatever play or strategy Geno called for involved him instructing for rushed plays and passes.

          The problem was that the strategy just wasn’t executed by the players on the floor.

          They played helter-skelter, seemingly flustered by the pressure of the D and the situation.

          I don’t think we’ll know if they’ve moved past that until a similar situation presents itself again.
          I would think ND is in their heads now, and I’m interested to see how they react the next time.

        3. Kevin Cavanaugh

          I agree ALL hands on deck. UCONN has to be careful to not have their bigs get into foul trouble – but that is where UCONN’s hometown girl, Buck, can come in. She can sacrifice her body in the paint against McBride or Ochonwa or even Griner (baylor). Buck and Stokes and Tuck can take up space and tie up the lane to players from ND or Baylor that feel they have unlimited access to the lane.

  5. JR

    Sure hope Morgan Tuck’s knee won’t hamper her career because she has some terrific offensive skills and moves within 12 feet of the hoop and a really nice outside shot as well.

    Stewart is incredibly talented but seems to have so many options offensively that she doesn’t know where to go. That’s probably the thinking issue Auriemma has talked about. If she ever gets that figured out and adds some weight, she’s going to be national POY. And she’s got a chance to be a game-changer on defense with more muscle as well.

    This seemed like a game to give Stokes a chance to break out, but Auriemma just doesn’t trust her. Too bad because the Huskies could really use her.

    1. Stewie

      Did you notice that Stewart got knocked down a number of times and came back and played with agressive vigor. She folded in the first game–too physical. But the kid has learned and whether she has another 20,30,40 or no pounds added she proved today she can play with the big dogs (uconn).

    2. Bracchus

      Geno doesn’t trust Stokes. Ridiculous. This kid gets in the game, gets rebounds, plays defense, doesn’t make stupid mistakes and even scores. What is their to not like?

      Here is what I think is happening. He tends to be harder on taller players. She seems to have a laid back personality which is inconsistent with his. My guess is that she isn’t that vocal in refuting whatever his perceptions are of her, and he just goes with them. Her not playing clearly has nothing to do with what she does when she gets in. I have seen him stick with others who were literally stinking up the place..

      1. JR

        Sometimes Stokes does those things, and sometimes she just sort of stands around like she’s bored. I think he needs to giver her more of a chance due to her talent level, but I understand his frustrations with her. He needs her to be more bulldog than butterfly.

        1. Bracchus

          I would agree to some extent. But, she tends to get the ball primarily at the top of the key and then passes it off. I don’t know how much latitude she has to shoot or go to the basket. I would try to get it to her down low though. I think the guards have to get her involved . And, while some of what you say is true on offense, I think that she is very involved on defense.

          1. Merry Anders

            Latitude to Shoot? Stokes like all Uconn team members are allowed to shoot every shot they can make.
            At the key, Stokes hasn’t missed. If she wants playing time–shot the damn ball and make them. Geno respects initiative that works–if she shoot 3 and missed –good bye girl. If she shoots 3 and makes them–hello honey.

            Geno loves success in his team and in his players. If Stokes has the shot shoot it. That the lattitude she has. The only thing holding stokes back is stokes. Be agressive, be assertive, be a player.

      2. Country Gentleman

        Bracchus—Read what I said above. Her not playing is all about what she doesn’t do when in the game.
        He moment of snagging a rebound or put back–are over ridden by her being lost on defense–watch her time in the Md game. She ran from spot to spot, not seemingly knowing where or what she was supposed to do.
        Her magnificant talent and size is lost because her head isn’t into what she is doing–much like Buck with talent.

    3. Kevin Cavanaugh

      People might disagree with me on this but Stewie looks, at times, like EDD. She has moves to the basket that remind me of Tina Charles and Chiney from Stanford and Stewie will only get better.

      Dont get me wrong, Stewie is no EDD but she is starting to do a pretty good imitation of Elena…. and as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery.

      1. Griners Greatest

        As a freshman, EDD faced easier opponents. But EDD was options 1 and 2 for the Fighting Blue Hens, thus getting double teamed almost every time. Stewart faced tougher opponents. But Stewart was option 3 on UConn, putting less pressure on her.

        1. Allen Freshler

          Some good points about Stuie being #3 on offence but the fact that she is playing in practice against other top players will help them all down the line. She can also create her own shot as Jefferson/Tuck also proved in this game. The three freshmen are different from some other players on this team in that regard. They are shoot first if open players, not pass first!

  6. nhntc47

    Great win. I hope our talented freshmen continue to play like this throughout the tournament. It was a great joy to watch them. Go Huskies!

  7. Uconn fans remember these comments

    I hope everyone remembers all these great comment and the love for Geno —If/When Uconn loses in the NCAA tourney.
    It’s been a FANtastic ride. I’ve enjoyed every minute of every game–even the Baylor and ND games. They showed Uconn and it’s new kids had grit and the ability to win almost any game. Other teams have more and deeper talent than Uconn did earlier this year, hopefully they are catching up. If no, I won’t cry for anyone other than Buck,Faris or Doty–this is their last hurrah!! The three of them have given me hours, days, years of great fun and entertainment–you’ve got to love these women.

    1. steve r

      I like this comment. It is too easy to forget these are young women who are giving everything they can to achieve a goal for their team and too often the tone of comments on this page reflect a lack appreciation and compassion for what they give and the effort they exert . Everyone on the team has contributed according to their skills and it has been a joy to watch them develop as people, teammates and players. If they disappoint us as fans, we should remember how we would like to have our every move scrutinized by anonyomous “experts”. So I say, bravo to Geno, coaches and players. I certainly hope Uconn wins the NCAA Championship; but I hope we will all celebrate their accomplishments whatever the outcome.

  8. Slvrhwk

    I can almost agree with final four seer on taking it to the hole on the last possession if the ball is in MoJo’s hands, but I still think that the best pure shooter in the country has got to touch the ball. Kml = #8.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      KML is truly a great shooter – but she tends to miss more frequently when she shoots from the corners and I do not know why.

      She shoots with greater accuracy when shooting 3’s from left of the foul line. However, she can make short jumpers from anywhere inside the 3 point line.

      1. Griners Greatest

        Haters make fun of Diggins and EDD shooting percentages in big games. But KML was 1-7 from 3PT and 8-21 overall today.

        1. JR

          Diggins can’t shoot period. 42% overall on the season. KML 53% even though she’s taken 113 more threes than the princess.

          1. JR's Mommy

            Faris is not an all american because she can’t shoot. Geno and CD keep saying UConn would not be here without their floor general Doty. UConn has NO leader for the 3rd straight season. Diggins’ role on ND is equivalent to Faris plus Doty plus a Leader. Now, son, go to your room. No more Geno Juice for you.

          2. JR

            Diggins’ role is equivalent to Faris? That’s a good one. Diggins is supposed to be one of the best players in the country which she isn’t. Faris is a very good role player. And Faris doesn’t have the refs in her pants like Sky does either.

            Diggins’ wonderful leadership is going to bring ND all of zero national titles.

  9. Führer und Storrskanzler

    Dolson was in obvious pain with injuries to both lower legs. And the big girl still had 10 rebounds, 9 points, 2 blocks, 2 steals in 26 scattered minutes. And a few laughs to boot. Dolson proved you can produce when injured and in pain. KML also proved that earlier this season. So I gotta believe there was more to Hartley’s season long funk than just an ankle issue. She has been much more mobile than Dolson was today.

  10. Griners Greatest

    Nice to see Geno give credit to Jefferson. Reality is Geno still does not trust Jefferson, proven by her lack of minutes in big games. Geno was forced to play Jefferson early and often today because Doty was physically unable to contribute and Hartley had 3 early head scratching turnovers. Geno has zero trust in Stokes in big games, playing her 4 minutes in a 26 point win. But she calmly had 2 points and 2 rebounds in those 4 minutes.

    1. Bracchus

      Geno has veterans at the guard position who have not contributed. To say he doesn’t trust Jefferson is as ridiculous as saying he doesn’t trust Stokes. Stokes plays a calm and measured game. That is her strength and her weakness. I would think though that in a 26 point win you could find more minutes for Stokes.

      I think Geno is mistaking Kia’s demeanor for a lack of effort. That clearly is not the case.

      The reality is that she will stay at UCONN. Whether she gets more minutes next year will depend on what bigs they recruit. She is an excellent student and may not see the WNBA in her future.

      What happens when Stephanie graduates. Does Stewart become the starting center with Kia as a backup?

      I think the starting 5 next year will be Jefferson, Hartley, Lewis, Stewart and Tuck. It would seem that Stokes would be a major factor if they do not recruit another big. In a way, I hope they don’t so that Kia can get more meaningful minutes.

      1. Brachiosaurus

        Dolson will be here next season
        And starting
        Unless recovering from surgery





      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Also, JR, I wonder if SEC could come up with a team in the SEC or ACC for that matter, that UCONN has lost two in the past several years?

        Not Maryland or Duke or Kentucky or Vanderbilt, or Texas A&M or maybe even Tennessee (Oh, I am wrong about Tennessee because Pat chose to cancel the series).

        The SEC and ACC teams that are brave enough to schedule UCONN during the year have been blown out or beaten outright.

  13. Not the real fake Katie Lou imposter

    Stanford lost in the Sweet 16. On the west coast. With 15 players. Geno just signed for 5 more years. Maybe winter won’t be so bad. After all, I’ll be indoors.

  14. Führer und Storrskanzler

    Dear UConn fans, the refs helped my Huskies today. By not calling fouls, UConn had to play thru physical contact. UConn fans know the refs don’t like to blow the whistle on ND. And the refs most definitely won’t take Griner or Simms out of the NC game. So UConn will have to play thru physical contact to win the NC. Thank you refs for preparing my team. – Führer und Storrskanzler

  15. Good Luck EDD

    Twitter tweeters can have Diggins. I’ll take Delaware’s Danielle Parker any day. All smiles. No pouting. Beautiful young woman.

    1. Country Gentleman

      I agree—Blue Hens handled the loss with dignity. EDD, and I’ve been a detractor, was class all the way. So much so I was cheering for her and the Hens to win.

      Edd’s Mom is never seen or heard. If you’ve ever met her or had her send you a note, you’d know a class woman when you’ve met one.
      She is the epitome of being a Catholic women, from years gone by, she’s religious and lives the giving back and being kind and generous to everyone. This is one very very very nice woman–hope EDD follows her example.

    2. JR

      Diggins isn’t even attractive. I’ve never gotten the fascination with her.

      1. David Schulz

        You gay? Don’t like the personality she exhibits on the basketball court, but she is a good looking young woman.

          1. David Schulz

            Nation seems to love her. And in this country, looks seem to mean more than any skills a person might possess. Wait until you see all the commercials she will start getting. They’ll be lining up outside the locker room as soon as the season ends. She has how many twitter followers? People who us famous faces to sell stuff are loving her already.

          2. Master

            Come on she’s attractive maybe not to you but most of the world thinks those kind of looks is attractive but she isn’t a great shooter very streaky but has taken and maken the big shot or the assist so she is good very good. She plays the point but has just broken the all-time ND scoring record so that says something..I don’t like the personality on court either but you got to give her..her props

  16. Ted Morehouse

    I would like to focus on Hartley who has gone from an all American with great upside to a liability this season.

    Her early turnovers were horrid, including a terrible pass to a wide open Stewart. Her ” three’s “, more often than not, are not even hitting the rim.

    She can drive to the basket well, but that is her only offense and, on balance, she is a net negative
    ( turnovers, missed shots, open shots she passes up, etc ) when on the court.

    I sense that she, deep down, no longer has the fire or desire to be playing, her recent personal comments to the contrary ( ” basketball is my life “)notwithstanding.

    She reminds me of a baseball player with the “yips”, as per Chuck Knoblach. Chuck went from an all star to a
    disaster, for no physical reason. And he never regained his skills.

    She is a lovely young woman and I wish her only the best. But this is crunch time, and I don’t see her improving. Yesterday’s effort showed that in spades.

    I would love to be proven wrong, because we could win it all if she played as she did freshman and sophomore years.

      1. Brachiosaurus

        Blame Geno for starting and playing Doty. Geno’s obvious favoritism with some players while keeping others in the dog house is why UConn fans like myself cheer for the players and don’t give a rats ass about Geno. It’s the players who win or lose games.

        1. David Schulz

          You seem to know very little about coaching a basketball team. Think about it for just a minute. These young women were all stars on their high school teams. The star in their state. Some, the top high school star in the country. You think it’s easy to take all those ego’s and mold them into a team? I think players put themselves in the doghouse if that’s where they end up. Why would Geno want them there? He wants to win games. He wants them to win games. He wants everyone of them to grow as players and women. If he did not, he wouldn’t have the record of success he has had over his career. You gripers are really something else. You all must be young and have never seen the hard times, when games would have only a few hundred fans, or less.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      UCONN is now in the position to mix and match their starters and their bench. So, if Hartley can add something for a few minutes before she turns cold or if Doty does start and makes a play or two or gets a rebound or makes a 3, then MoJo comes in, and we sub in Stokes and Tuck and keep UCONN hitting on all cylinders, then it enhances the probability of a victory against Kentucky, then ND, and possibily Baylor.

      If UCONN posts and guards move the ball well, KML will get her opportunities and if our bigs spend some time in the paint, we will get offensive rebounds.

      Key to victories from here on is solid passing – not at warp speed or lobs – just crisp passes will insure victories.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        If our young guards can deal with Doty starting (only for a few minutes) then all is well.

        If coach wants to have some kind of predictable starting lineup without others taking it personal, they will come in the game and shine, shine, and shine.

        It is not necessarily who starts for the first 4 – 5 minutes, it is the time shown in the box score that shows who Geno feels is deserving of significant game time.

        It is NOT the starting five – it IS however, who is in the last 8 – 10 minutes of the first half, the first 5 – 8 minutes starting the second half and who is in the game the last 5 minutes.

        1. Griners Greatest

          when UConn loses Geno’s most trusted players are on the floor :-) his judgment in trust is questionable



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