Skylar Diggins And Maya Moore In The Same Sentence

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Skylar Diggins recently became the fourth player in Notre Dame history to score her 2,000 career point this season.

Now she is the Irish’s all-time scoring leader (2,347), surpassing Beth Morgan, who rang up 2,322 points.

UConn has seven players who have scored at least 2,000 points and one (Moore) with over 3,000 (3,036). Diggins point total would be second all-time at UConn behind Moore and just ahead of Tina Charles (2,346).

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41 thoughts on “Skylar Diggins And Maya Moore In The Same Sentence

  1. nhntc47

    Maya and Tina each won two national championships. Diggins has yet to win one.

  2. Kenny

    Skylar Diggins is a great player, but why dose she have to act like she is the best ever, because she’s not.
    She is no where as good as Maya Moore is and Maya dose’nt walk around like a diva.

    1. dakotaboy33

      Skylar Diggins will get a wake up call in the WNBA… I want to see her throw some of her tantrums at Diana, Cappie, McCoughtry, or any other player that can back up their game… she will really be schooled…

      1. Epic Nic

        First off, Maya and Skylar can’t be compared. They played different positions and have different playing styles. Skylar is one of the best to ever do it. She’s a great decision & play maker. Maya is a scorer. She’s also one of the best. Being a point guard is way more difficult than any other position. Point Guards have to do so many things. Think about the teams with sorry point guards and great a great player like Maya, do they go anywhere…no. How about a great point guard with average players…yes.

        The bottom line is they both are great and will do great things for the sport and their teams. A team is nothing without a great facilitator. But they also need a supporting cast, like any great player would. Every team needs at least 2 players who know what they’re doing, a point guard and any other position.

        1. sue Bird

          The best ever point guards were Uconn’s, Sue Bird, diana Tuarazi, Rene Montgomery–Diggins doesn’t compare to them. They ARE still great–considered the best in the world.
          If Sue or Rene were Diva’s they too would have been approaching 3000 points but their jobs was to “assist”, and score when necessary. They did their Point job better, with more class, never strutted (OK DT did at Duke), they were class. Diggins is LOW class.

          1. Epic Nic

            So Kobe should stop performing because he needs to get other players involved. Lebron should’ve stopped performing because he needed to get other players involved. No that’s a load of crap. If you’re the best player on the team and is depended on you have to score and do whatever the team needs to get a win.

        2. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Of course you can compare Maya and Skylar – just like you can compare all the players in the final game to determine who the player of the tournament should be.

          They just announced the All American team from the Basketball Writers Association and it was not related to positions. They picked the best players and they had to pit point guards against forwards and centers against shooting guards.

      2. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Also, when a player is playing her last game at home (Skylar) and she is tearing up, (and the tears are real and they are sincere), that player (Skylar) won’t have to tell the person interviewing her that she is crying.

        Skylar is a good player but she is not a great player.

        Great players do not need to be the center of attention.

        Did anyone see how Elena Delle Donne talked and acted in her last interview? She is one humble lady who talks from the heart and plays with heart.

        Note to Geno: Keep Stewie in the paint and have her do two handed blocks on Skylar every time she drives to the hoop.

        Note to Stewie: Don’t touch her or hurt her – just make her regret driving to the baskt.

        Note to Faris and Dolson: and when Diggins is driving in, intercept her passes to her posts when she realizes that Stewie is going to take another one of her charges and when they total to five – ByeBye Skylar.

        1. Epic Nic

          As long as Natalie doesn’t get in foul trouble, Ariel takes some charges, And Skylar, Kayla, & Jewell score from everywhere on the court….ND will win. If they knock down shoots it will open up the lane for Natalie and everyone else. ND WILL WIN. Go Irish!

        2. Bracchus

          Disagree on Diggins. I think that she is a great player because of what she provides to her team overall. She is a leader on the floor. That is a coach’s dream. We have all seen teams struggling for leadership. The reality is that our current UCONN tream, as good as they are, don’t really have a leader.They aree fortunate in that the players understand their roles, but there is no leader.

          You cannot measure things like Diggins presence of mind in that last game to dribble the length of the court and pass the ball inot Anochowa for the layup.

          We will see, but I think that Mo Jeff is going to be that leader.

          1. James Panuelo

            I think if maya had more players when she was senior. She will won her 3rd championship. You couldn’t win with 5 starter and 1 shop in 40 minute game. Argument,if Maya had more than 1 sub. It might be a different ball game.She might be go down the best player ever in women basketball. No other player who go through in a differ team and win a championship every team she been with. She went to minnesota, she won championship, even in europe, She won championship every team she played.

  3. Frank Daigneau

    The girl does have talent, but you hit the nail on the head!

  4. Inge Nissan

    Statistically perhaps.

    Personally they are not in the same universe contrasting Ms. Moore’s humble, always respectful public image vs. Ms. Diggins entitled, spoiled brat, in your face personna.

    Ms. Moore is the player one hopes their daughter grows up to emulate. Ms. Diggins is the player one hopes their daughter grows up to overcome.

    1. thewisegod

      Inge, not even statistically. Moore has 2 championships. How many does Diggins have? Moore is over 3000 points and played probably only a third of the total minutes that Diggins played, due to UConn’s constant blowouts.

      Skylar Diggins reminds me of Candace Parker. She was supposed to be the best women to ever touch a basketball and 6 years in, she has yet to win a championship. But she used to and still does complain to the refs and run around popping her collar.

      1. Epic Nic

        Candace Parker is great. She knows how good she is and is confident. What’s wrong with that? Does Kobe not complain? Lebrun? Carmelo? If you don’t agree with a call you tell the ref about it. Because she’s a female she can’t express her anger or be cocky?

        1. thewisegod

          She should stop whining and play basketball, as they all should. You act like that is a part of the game or something dude.

          And as for Parker, she has 2 NCAA titles and 0 WNBA titles so far. When she wins 1, then talk to me son.

          And don’t talk to me about Diggins until she wins at least 1 NCAA title.

  5. thewisegod

    Diggins has no championships and I don’t think the refs can save them against UConn, the way our girls are playing right now.

    P.S. Diggins fans, tell her to stop trying to sway the refs, yapping at them all game. They have already attempted a record number of free throws, yet no one talks about this.

    1. Epic Nic

      UConn will get beat once again. I love Skylar and her game. Notre Dame is at their peak. My school, Notre Dame, will rise to the occasion. With no Baylor to go up against, Skylar will get a ring. And Notre Dame will get their 1st ring since 2001.

  6. Epic Nic

    I would want my daughter to have characteristics from both players. Maya’s scoring mentality & her defense and Skylar’s ability to take control of the game & score in bunches & her great hands. Both will be All Stars and both will probably be Hall of Famers. No one compares Candace Parker and Diana Taurasi or Cappie Pondexter and Tina Charles.

  7. Epic Nic

    Rings don’t define a players career. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Domonique Wilkins, Shawn Kemp, Patrick Ewing…none of them have a ring. Yet they are considered Hall of Famers and ambassadors of the game. They are the greats that didn’t get a ring.

    1. Youcon Fann

      Epic Nic, thank you for being a voice of reason. I just don’t understand this Skylar whipping. If she’d play for us, we would be worshiping her.

      P.S. Sorry but N.D. is going down this time. Stewart is the real deal now. Either way though, Uconn and ND really give the nation a great show.

  8. thewisegod

    Epic Nic is an idiot. I’m convinced. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s talk fouls.

    Doesn’t anyone but me think that the fact that ND has made about 250 more free throws than there opponents have attempted. Stew on that for a while and really think about it. In a game without help from the refs ND would only win against garbage teams.

    Look at what happened when ND played Duke. Diggins had 2 fouls in the first 4 mins and did not foul again. Get the hell out of here. I saw at least 2.

    1. Epic Nic

      You’re an idiot. I like both teams but I think Notre Dame has an edge going in. They don’t get too many chances to get to championships, and with this team they can not only get there but they can win.

  9. Ty

    Dont get all the Diggins hating. A great individual player that makes her teammates better. I’ll take that anyday of the week. I do get the ND hating. They have great talent but they are the biggest floppers in women’s basketball. What a turn off—it’s the worst part of the game of basketball. That’s the reason they shoot so many free throws—flopping is a part of their game strategy–it’s coached! Has to be—no way a team does that much flopping as individuals—it’s a team taught concept. Lastly, UCONN will win if Geno uses his freshman correctly. Stewart,Jefferson and Tuck should see huge minutes and their individual talents unleashed. Let Jefferson use her quickness to drive on Diggins(fouls)and easy dish offs. She has to be conscious of the charge flopping ND will do. She also should bring the ball up court against pressure. Post up Stewart and Tuck with Dolson around the free throw line (high/low sets). Dolson and KLM will get theirs in the regular offense and kick outs. At the other end, Stewart guards McBride—her length will bother her, and Jefferson guards Diggins–she has the quickness to bother her. Forget that they are freshman in their first Final Four. They are the talent and matchups to win the game.

    1. Epic Nic

      When you start making basketball business you loss your love for the game. UConn makes basketball games business, which is the reason the players start hot and then cool down. They have a great team full of talent and potential but ND will not miss Skylar’s last chance to get a ring for her city and her school.

    1. Big Jim

      Let’s have some sanity here.

      It is totally unfair to Skylar to compare her to Maya. There is just no camparison one could make that would have Skylar looking good.

  10. Bill Peterson

    Diggins is a darn good player, but she is continuously tiresome in her persona and actions. She is supposed to be a “grown up woman” yet she pouts in public all the time, just what does that say about any individual…

  11. WBB Fan

    Being cocky is one thing, being humble is another, and being a prima donna is still another. Diana was cocky; Maya was humble; Skylar is a prima donna….and then some.
    We UCONN fans don’t hate her capabilities – she is a really good player and maybe more importantly a great leader on the court; we hate her prima donna attitude – and in my opinion it stereotypes WBB players in minds of those who only see SD highlights.

  12. James Panuelo

    I think Skylar will be a mine broke down. I don’t think she can make it in wnba. I don’t think that tulsa can make a playoff with Skylar be a PG.They’ll not make in the West team. I think they be last 2.

  13. James Panuelo

    You can’t compare with Skylar to Maya. Skylar, she couldn’t able to drive against Brittney Griner.Like Maya did in college bang and one.

  14. James Panuelo

    I don’t think anyone can guard Maya and Seimone. But they can Guard Diana and penny Taylor.

  15. James Panuelo

    I think Skylar is ready to be a mom! I don’t think she can be play in WNBA.She’ll better a mom or play wnba.

  16. James Panuelo

    To compare with Skylar to Maya. She has no chance to be compare with the the Great Maya Moore the Queen of women basketball today.

  17. James Panuelo

    I’ll break down the two players.

    Maya Moore- High School national championship
    College two times perfect seasons national champion
    WNBA- champion
    International- Spain national champio
    Europe League- national champion
    Asia League China- national champion

    Skylar Diggin- High school- Zero champion
    College- Zero champion
    Wnba- coming soon

  18. James Panuelo

    Don’t ever again that Skylar will be great comparison to Maya.Stop if you a Skylar fun! Don’t even think that Skylar will be compare to the great Maya Moore. Don’t even go there.Back off!

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