UConn Women Take Their Boss Home

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Warde Manuel, UConn’s athletic director, was raised in New Orleans where he was a Parade All-American defensive lineman at Brother Martin before going to Michigan to play for Hall of Fame coach Bo Schembechler in 1986. He played football for two seasons before a neck injury ended his promising career.

“Being from New Orleans, there’s a clause in my contract [five years, $10.86 million] that says it was going to get ripped up if we didn’t win and get him back to the city,” Geno Auriemma joked last week.

Manuel said he was also kidding the women’s team before the season.

“I told them, ‘Ladies, you are responsible for getting me back home,” Manuel said.

Three To Watch – One In New Orleans

One of ESPN’s major preseason promotional vehicles this season was its “Three To Watch” featuring Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins, Delaware’s Elena Delle Donne and Baylor’s Brittney Griner.

Only one of the them played in Sunday’s Final Four – Diggins.

“Yeah, we weren’t fortunate enough to have any of the three to see that ESPN talks about all the time,” Auriemma said. “So we had to do it as a group rather than rely on one person. But that’s always been the case at Connecticut.  We don’t build our program around one person, no matter whom it is.

“We don’t aspire to be that, when we have players like Tina [Charles] and Maya [Moore] and Renee [Montgomery] and Diana [Taurasi] and Sue [Bird] and Sveta [Abrosimova] and Shea [Ralph] … I could go on and on.  It was always in the context of we’ll let them decide, each player, how big their role is going to be.

“And because of their personalities and how big their personalities were, they just became superstars.  And we don’t have anybody with that personality this year. We just don’t. Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis has the kind of basketball game, the kind of skill level that if she had a different type of personality she would be like Maya or like Diana in terms of how she would act, but she doesn’t have that yet.  Maybe she’ll get it next year.”


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22 thoughts on “UConn Women Take Their Boss Home

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      1. Defend the paint with your bigs
      2. Make sharp passes and protect the ball.
      3. Get rebounds, don’t give ND 2nd chances.
      4. Do all that & you will win the game.

  1. Lynne

    This is the BIGGEST stage, ladies.
    You’ve proved you can be there on the cusp of victory at the end.
    Just close it out this time.

    GO HUSKIES!!!!

  2. Season Went By Fast

    If UConn loses tonight, Geno is 0-4 against Muffet in the semi-final, 7-3 against everyone else.

    1. fishpaw31

      I could’ve sworn this blog was part of a NEWSpaper website…you aren’t telling us anything we don’t already know. Boring!

      1. The casual observer

        And Doty, Buck and Faris will be off the roster next year.
        I suppose you knew that too?

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Hey casual, plus those three are going out on top – Doty, Buck, and Faris.

          …and ND will be wanting it all again.

  3. martin fallon

    Which team will let the game come to them? Which will avoid silly fouls and make the ones against them? Which will sustain a clawing defense and find the open player in the paint? UConn as the underdog, a strange concept but one they can use to motivate themselves. As the favorite, ND has everything to lose, while the Huskies can be the spoilers. That being postulated, UConn has provided us with a wonderful year. Roller-coaster or not I am proud of their effort and commitment. Nothing can change that record of achievement. Two more wins would be icing on this multi-layer cake.

  4. Kara & Peck predicting ND-Lou

    who’s jumping on and off bandwagons?
    Stewart 3,334
    Diggins 334,450

  5. bridget

    as long as we stay out of foul trubble and get those irish fouled out no problem uconn brings home the championship everyone is excied

  6. Richard Tracey

    UConn wins, haters cry the fix was in for the ESPN Huskies. Notre Dame wins, haters cry the NCAA told referees to help Skylar win. Californians – Louisvillans winner will sit back, relax, and enjoy not having any pressure.

  7. Svetlana

    svetlana abrosimova ?@zvetlanka24m
    “@ruthriley00: It wouldn’t be a #FinalFour without a #NotreDame & #uconn game! 3rd straight year….” Time for a different result)

  8. martin fallon

    What a win tonight, as order was once again restored to the basketball universe. Kudos to Kelly, Stewie, Bria, Kalena, Stephanie and the rest of that gritty group that handed it to the ND wannabees. Never saw so many blocks in a game and the refs let them play. To have UConn come up empty on all those offensive posessions and not lose the lead was remarkable. But defense wins games and the ladies in blue were not to be denied for a 20-pt. beatdown. Not sorry to say that tonight it sucked to be Ms. Diggins.

    1. Bracchus

      I am a UCONN fan but I thought Skylar was good for the game. She is a worthy adversary and represents her school well.She has helped to make womens basketball far more interesting than it would have been without her.

  9. Pat

    I am just happy the UConn woman got the irish monkey off their back. The victory was even sweeter tonight. They should go for creole food tomorrow night. Why not spice things up in the old big easy!


    JUST WIN BABY says:
    2013/04/07 at 12:18 pm

    1. Make your layups.
    2. Get fouled.
    3. Make your free throws.

    Notre Dame accomplished the 2nd and 3rd keys.
    Failed miserably on the 1st key.

  11. GWALT0771

    Freshman Breanna Stewart raises her Productivity Average to .943 – 7th highest in the nation in leading Husky win over ND. With Dolson at .894 and Mosqueda-Lewis at .884 the Huskies have three of the top eleven in Productivity Average. Stewart’s .943 far overshadows the Big east Frosh–of-the-Year Jewell Loyd of ND at only .613

  12. Chris Gedney

    This rivalry between UCONN and Notre Dame was a great one to watch over the past few years since UCONN and TENN don’t play each other lately. Maybe with a few years apart UCONN will once again schedule TENN and let us relish our girls taking the Lady Vols down the way we dismantled ND last night! Way to go Huskies!!!

    Chris Gedney, UCONN Basketball Class of 1981

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