Teammates For Five Years, Friends For Life

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You will be hearing and reading many stories and anecdotes about Heather Buck, Caroline Doty and Kelly Faris this weekend as they head to Saturday’s Senior Day at Gampel Pavilion.

Of course, this day comes a year late for Caroline and Heather, who would left the program last season with Tiffany Hayes had injury and illness not struck both of them during their careers, earning each a medical red-shirt season.

UConn fans get to know these young women as basketball players. We [the media] get a little deeper look at them during their careers. We literally watch them grow up with their parents and coaches.

I wanted to pass along this vignette, told to me yesterday by Heather about her relationship with Caroline. It took place after Caroline found out she’d injured her left knee for a third time during summer workouts prior to the 2010-11 season.

“I’m 22 years old now, Caroline is 23 and everything is all different now [from the day they arrived at UConn],” Buck said. “We’re old now. We have more perspective about so many things. The day we sat behind the UConn bench together [during UConn's First Night in 2007] was about being awestuck, a bunch of kids being dumb and having fun [by wearing blue balloons on their heads]. Now we are old and boring with real things to do in life.”

“My friendship with Carol [as many of her teammates call Doty] is very special. We’ve spent a lot of time together getting each other through things. We’ve joked a lot. We’ve cried a lot.

“Just having another person who has been through so many of the same things together is so wonderful. We talk to the freshmen sometimes [about experiences] and it’s nice to have some to reminiscence with, that remembers the same things you do about the past. And we’ve had the unique experience of having another year together with each other. It would be much different if just one of us was here.

“On the night when she [Doty] found out she’d hurt herself the third time, the only players left in the campus apartments were myself, Tiffany Hayes and Caroline. When Carol  got back from her doctor’s appointment in New York, the three of us were completely overwhelmed with emotion.

“Caroline and Tiffany always had a special bond; as it usually always is with your roommate. The way that injury effected Tiffany was so different than it was for the rest of us. So we all just sat there on a futon, just feeling it.

“Finally, I was like, ‘Well, what do we need, what are we going to do?’ I went out an bought some ice cream, as many different kinds as possible. And we grabbed three spoons and sat there leaning on one another crying, laughing and eating ice cream. I don’t remember what kind of ice cream we had, but there must have been some chocolate because that’s Carol’s favorite.

“When things are happening on and off the court, we do gravitate to one another. We stick together. Little moments. We get each other out of them.”




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6 thoughts on “Teammates For Five Years, Friends For Life

  1. bridget

    great article I am really going to miss these three girls next year they have inpacted my life so much I can not wait for senior night tomarrow because the three of them deserve this

  2. Teammates, Soldiers, buddies

    Being in the trenches of France or Gampel tend to bond those going through life changing experiences. The bond hangs in there for life. Ask an 90 year old WWII vet and he’ll have tears in his eyes as he talks about what he and his buddies went through. How he miss them.

    Basketball isn’t Normandy or Iwo Jima or Bagdad–thankfully. The point Bonding.

    I shall miss Kelly Faris, maybe over hyped, maybe not-I love everything about her. Caroline’s was a career missed-damn those ACL’s. Buck was about career lost and one found. Heather’s potential was so great. Thanks to Geno she gets to finish her advanced Clinical work.

  3. Chicago Seven

    Doty was never ever going to be all big east. She was always going to be a role player. Period. Before her first knee surgery, Doty was not a Taurasi or a Maya or a KML or an EDD or a Tina or a Parker. Too many fans graciously use the 3 ACLs as an excuse as to why Doty was not a great player.

    Faris is overrated. Do not care what group of numbers Faris has that matches the minimum that Maya had. Just look at the totals that Faris will end up with compared to Maya. Then justify Faris with hustle.

    If you watched UConn games objectively during her 4 year career, you would have noticed that Faris does a lot of chasing. And when doing that chasing, Faris gets out of position. And in doing so, causes her teammates to have to cover for her. And when they get burned, fans fail to see the root cause.

    I don’t care how much hustle Faris has given. She was an offensive liability her first three seasons. Had Faris been a great teammate, she would have improved her shooting skills after either her freshman or sophomore years. Instead, Faris waited until after her junior season. Faris saw the potential WNBA bling around the corner and decided it was time to learn to shoot.

    Anytime anyone compares athletes to soldiers, it is a severe diservice to those who gave their lives, so that these athletes can play a games.

  4. Fairfield County Fan

    Chicago Seven – we who read this blog would prefer that you keep your opinions to yourself – especially on Senior day – I for one could care less what you think! Gp b;log someplace else.

    1. mike mcmanus

      I fully agree with Fairfield Co. Who wants to read Chicago Seven’s personal biases. All of these seniors contributed in their own way and they should be recognized for that. Obviously the coaches don’t agree with your assessment of Kelly’s worth, nor do the other coaches who have praised her play. Get a life Chicago.

  5. Chris Saran

    Chicago Seven, did you actually read what Teammates said? Obviously not. Teammates said, “Basketball isn’t Normandy or Iwo Jima or Bagdad – thankfully. The point Bonding. Isn’t! Maybe you’re illiterate or just another unhappy person who gets off criticizing others. As Fairfield said go blog somewhere else. Kelly is a terrific basketball player and an even more terrific young woman. We’ll never know how great Caroline would have been. I do know as a freshman she helped lead UConn to a National Championship, a shooting guard playing the point. Gongrats to her for making that sacrifice. Caroline, another terrific young woman.

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