The Future Looks Bright

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Took some time to breathe yesterday, so excuse me being late to the blog with this good news.

Saniya Chong, UConn’s lone recruit for 2013, was named New York’s Gatorade Player of the Year. She should be. The guard is the fourth all-time leading scorer in NY state history with 2,901 points and is averaging 35 points, 5.3 rebounds, 9.3 assists and 4.7 steals this season. She also made 102 threes  and had 17 games with at least 30 points. Chong’s Ossining High plays Sachem East in the New York Class AA semifinals Friday at 6:15 p.m.

Also, UConn’s only 2014 commit, Phoenix guard Courtney Ekmark, is Arizona’s Gatorade Player of the Year. She averaged 19.6 points, five rebounds and four steals to lead St. Mary’s team a third straight Arizona Division I title.


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28 thoughts on “The Future Looks Bright

    1. Allen Freshler

      Yes, she averages 9+ assists a game so she must have some other good players on her team.

  1. Awareness

    Yes she is, averaging about 10 assists per game. Also a great 3 point and foul shooter. After Geno gets through with her though, who knows?

  2. Jim Fuller had this Yesterday

    Read this in the NHRegister Yesterday. So you shouldn’t have run all the way–saved your breath and made your Blog.

    Jim mentions Samuelson as a “uconn potential recruit”–and was asked if he knew if she had Uconn on her list, does she??

    He mentioned Canada, and a few more possible recruits..

    AWARENESS/BOB– Geno takes good players and makes them great, great players and makes them superior–this fact is in the history of this program.
    Bob–Chong is a shooting guard. Jefferson is a point guard. Some say she’s too short–Rene is the same height and she was among the greatest at Uconn–but it took her 3 years to get there. Yes Rene was thrown to the wolves early–she had NO back up. Jeff has Hartley and Faris if need be (no neither Bria or Kelly are point guards, that’s what Geno has).
    You play the player you have–not the players you wish you had. Uconn is what it is with the players it has and so far it is 27 and 3, great numbers in almost any league except UConn’s.

    1. Awareness

      This is what I had gotten online:

      “She’s a three-point shooter who is a point guard,” said Ossining coach Dan Ricci. “She loves to pass. A lot of people say she reminds them of Bria Hartley (now a junior at Connecticut). At the college level, she will probably be less a scorer and more of a passer.”

  3. Chris Saran

    Watching Saniya play, you can tell she’s a much better passer than Bria. That’s not a knock against Bria. After all, Bria was a shooting guard in high school. Saniya has the skills to be both.

  4. Slvrhwk

    Dbl B should be the starting PG until Mo matures. Throwing Mo to the wolves like Sims, the Diva and the evil twin may not have been productive as the trolls would have liked but the experience has had to help. Making a pure shooter like Saniya a frosh PG would be a colossal mistake. She can settle in a lot quicker at the SG spot which may be absolutely necessary if Bria can’t regain her confidence and shooting touch against top teams. I’m hoping healing that ankle fully in the off season will help. No more summer tournaments!
    For those Saniya assist stat touters check out the results of Ossinings trip to the Nike tournament where they played 3 games against
    USA top 25 teams. She’s not ready for PG!

    1. Me Too

      Slvrhwk—I agree taking a kid who can shoot at the rate of 30 points per game and make her into a Point guard is, if nothing else, stupid.
      The point guard school exists–Mo Jeff AND Banks should go to it, maybe Hartley too.

      10 assists per game in HS isn’t any way showing how she shall perform in Div 1. It has to do with the quality of Chong’s league.

      Awareness–I bow to your research..

  5. Fairfield County Fan

    A few years ago I remember PG’s going to “Point Guard school” during the summer….if it still exists that might be a good experience for Jefferson; pretty sure they would add to her skill and confidence level; and give her a few pointers (no pun intended) about compensating for her lack of height in other ways on the floor (or she can take in some CtSUN games to watch Kara and Renee run the point; neither are considered tall and both are considered great PGs).

  6. Charde Strother

    The future looks bright. Now that’s funny. Geno bragged about this season during last season. And what happened? UConn is 0-4 against the only 2 teams with equal talent. UConn fanatics still buy into rankings and high school stats as if they have any meaning at the college level. Did you not learn your lesson about UConn’s second greatest recruiting class of all time?

    1. Me Too

      Charde–have you figured out how to score without walking yet???
      This 2012/13 recruiting class is full of excellent talent, and some has shown itself.
      Mo Jeff what highly recruited by Baylor and Mulkey was offended when she wasn’t Sims backup–that’s how highly Mulkey thought of her.
      Stewie almost singlehandedly saved the BE tourney game–she’s a super talent–no doubt of that. and Tuck (bad knee and all) has shown sparks of things to come.
      So while we dont have the Fab 5 of sue,Swin, Tamika, Asya, Walers(?)–we do have Stewie, Tuck and Mo Jeff–our FAB 3..

      Uconn is the only team that can beat Baylor and the only team that played them to a standstill for 35 minutes. If you think playing against the best and tallest center and the best point guard Sims–and playing them even for most of the game isn’t an accomplishment–you haven’t seen much basketball (no offense intended).

      1. nhntc47

        I’m not a Charde defender, but I honestly think that Geno was never the right coach for her. She never felt comfortable in his system so she never played up to her potential.

        I hope from now on Geno will let his best recruited freshmen play. They’ll learn from their mistakes (even fifth year seniors make mistakes). How can they learn without playing?

        1. Michael Jordan

          Charde was a great AAU and HS ball player, because they allowed her 4 or 5 steps to the hoop. A habit that took almost 4 years to break her of. She wasn’t very smart and had trouble knowing where she was supposed to be on defense–when she had the ball in her hand she could attack a press.
          Frustrated Geno had to play her,eventually, because he had no one else who could score. Oh, yes Charde did learn to rebound a bit.

  7. Mr Ed

    actually the future is bright

    this year we didnt have to count the number of times Tiff fell down

    next year we wont have to discuss dotys empty box and faris turnovers and costing uconn a win against notre dame and bucks nursing


    It sounds as if we are in a dark period now with a team that is not talented enough, especially our guards. But there is no doubt in my mind we can win it all with what we have this year. All our losses were close games that could have easily gone in the other direction. Some criticisms focused on our players. Some. like mine, have focused on the coaching end because that, to me, should be the easier remedy. I’m convinced a Jim Calhoun would win a national title with this team. We need just a slightly smarter Geno and I know we can do it.The power is in his hands (he is God, remember?)to send our guards home with pride instead of humiliation. That is why they and the rest came here and what Geno promised them.

  9. MR Eddie

    You are right the future is bright and next year YOU won’t have to complain about Doty, Buck taking up space, or even turnovers by Faris–you can watch Notre Dame or maybe C Vivian’s rutgers team?? !!

    All this talk about only 3 teams in the NCAA Div One — there are over 361 Div 1 teams. Only 25 teams, men or women can make the top 25 (ok 26 with a tie). Almost every year you can count on (in the Men’s game) Michigan and St, Duke, NC, Miami Louisville, once in a while Conn.
    But no one speaks of lack of parity in that game. Once in a while a Butler will pop up or a George Mason.
    In the womens game, 2 years ago Texas A^M was the Champ, Stanford has been a brides maid often, Notre Dame (the highly touted and revered ND) one it ONCE in 2001. Rutgers who ran Uconn ragged over the years, has yet to arrive at that level. Tenn once the team who was crowned every year before the season started–aren’t in the running, Duke–a big time program, only gets to watch the final game, if they have tickets.
    Uconn has been to (most recently) 5 final fours–a tremendous feat–won 7 National Championships–something like 18 BE titles–they’ve had bad years, but they come back–who else can say the same??

  10. Slvrhwk

    Mr Eddie- Agree about next year & only the ignorant trolls that can denigrate Doty who, after three knee surgeries still tries to give it all she’s got. With all the injuries Geno has the short end of the stick at guard against the premier teams it’s a serious problem. Doty slowed, BB down, Bria injured & having a confidence problem, Kelly having to play out of position & Mo, as a freshman being thrust into games against the best, like Sims & the Diva makes for a difficult situation. Going forward, Geno has to find a way to effectively use Kelly as PG with the four bigs & KML as the SG. Steff, Stewie & Morgan will definitely put out, Kiah? GOK! Mo & Caroline can spot can spot Kelly at PG. This is the only chance for the Huskies against ND & Baylor at the final four. To the TROLLS that constantly denigrate Heather who has loyally put forth her support & efforts for the UCONN ladies for five years , what have you negative geniuses ever accomplished in athletics? I didn’t think so.

    1. Misty

      To: Slvrhwk

      The biggest problem we have is that he does put Kelly at point. She is NOT a point guard. She is definately NOT a shooting guard since she can’t shoot. She is just a hustler that is exceeding what little talent she does have.

      Some on here say they would take 5 Kelly’s on their team, Well, guess what, that five would have had a combined 20 points against ND.

      So, let’s forget this nonsence that Kelly never has a bad game. She has an occasional decent game while never coming up anywhere near big in the important ones.

      1. Bracchus

        Up until this last ND game, the only player to come up big consistently against top talent has been KML. In the last game ND kept KML from getting ball and ran her off the three point line successfully. UCONN’s guards were having so much trouble with the ND guards that they could not find KML in the right position.

        Kelly is a decent player who will give you everything she has got. But, that does have limitations. She plays defense well, but against talented players like ND’s McBride she suffers. In her defense, most defenders would suffer against McBride. But, we need to be realistic about Kelly’s skill set.

        Personally, I would use Kelly like a free safety. I want her to be generally disruptive on defense. Then, I want her to crash the boards.

        Then, we have to get Stephanie more open shots around the top of the key . Those are money. In order to do that we have to keep her out of foul trouble by using Stewart, Stokes and Tuck strategically.

        Finally, our guards have got to get under control. They have to avoid dribbling into sideline traps and keep the ball in the middle of the court as much as possible.

        1. Michael Jordan

          McBride is closer to Stokes height then Kelly’s. McBride is quicker than kelly. Combine height and speeds and she can take Kelly anytime she wanted to.
          When Stokes, Stewart, Dolson were played they trapped (down low) both McBride and Diggins–and Uconn went ahead.
          Kelly is a fair to midland rebounder, an excellent 3 ball shooter, and a maximum hustle player. When the Wnba takes players in the top ten–we’ll all have an object lesson on Kelly’s abilities, from the Pro’s.
          I agree with Stewie and Stokes relieving Dolson, and at times playing those 3 together. Mo Jeff should in the first 2 NCAA games.
          For the first half of next year Banks won’t be ready to play point, if that is her forte. I love her as a defender and one who attacks the basket.
          Mo Jeff has the talent, speed and guts to play point. Experience is coming–but you’ve got to play to get experience in Div 1 BB.

        2. Michael Jordan

          Bracchus==KML was open often in the ND game at various times she wouldn’t shoot or didn’t get the pass.
          McBride isn’t as good a shooter as KML (close) but what makes her better is her quick release even when guarded. Get her a pass and she;ll shoot.
          If Kml learns to do that there will be not stopping her.
          She needs to shoot when she is open, regardless of how short that time.

    2. Slvrhwk

      so you think it is in the best interest of any team to have the coach play a player out of pity because maybe she could play before the last 2 surgeries?

  11. FAN

    Who will be the big when Dolson grad Stewie not a low post player. no one coming in next year and even if we get a big for the 13 14 season she will be a fresman and we all know how that works out.

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