The Sun Comes Up For The UConn Women

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As expected, the sun rose over Gampel Pavilion on Monday, the surest sign life was still sustainable on the UConn campus.

The world did not end when Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis didn’t make the final shot of Saturday’s 73-72 loss to No. 5 Notre Dame. It just shook a little, a slight tremor that knocked hope, UConn’s top ranking and an undefeated season off the mantel.

Baylor is back as the No. 1 team in The Associated Press women’s basketball poll. The Lady Bears received 32 first-place votes after UConn’s loss. The Huskies (12-1) are now No. 3. Notre Dame is No. 2. Duke is No. 4 and No. 5 is Stanford.

The Lady Bears, the defending national champion, had their run of 21 straight weeks on top of the poll end when they lost to Stanford in November. UConn took over the top spot Dec. 29 when it beat Stanford in Palo Alto.

The Cardinal are followed by Kentucky, California, Penn State, Tennessee and Maryland.

Where UConn is positioned now matters as little to it as when they were on top. But all these years, and all the routs, those who bleed blue seem shocked when an opponent plays tough, hangs tough and ultimately toughs out a win against UConn, especially at home.

“We had that issue last year when we came in and different teams and they decided the way to beat us was just to punch us, punch us, punch us. And there’s been a few games this year that we’ve done fine with it and it hasn’t been a problem. And then there was a few games that we let it get to us a little bit,” Kelly Faris said.

“So this is definitely a wake-up call for everybody, and myself included. We knew that was their gameplan. We knew what they were going to do. We’ve played them a thousand times. But from the top down, the upperclassmen to the freshmen, overall we didn’t get done what we needed to get done.’’

Time to face the facts: The chance of an undefeated season is over.  But all else the UConn strives for remains in play.

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10 thoughts on “The Sun Comes Up For The UConn Women

  1. Village Idiot

    John–Of all the posts you have made in the past few years this is the very best. Except for the rankings (not your doing)the rest of this post is right to the point. Professional and true.
    The sky didn’t fall. Where Uconn ranks today matters little in the scheme of Women’s College basketball. As Geno so often states: It’s not where you begin it’s where you end the season.
    I was absolutely disappointed in the loss. I complained about coaching, Freshmen, everyone, I thought the Refs in this one were fair. But like so many others I was wrong.
    Sometimes the planets align in a particular fashion and the game ends differently then we believed it should.
    9 Uconn Kids played their hearts out. 9 UConn kids gave this game all they could. KML hurt both ankles and played on. Stewart was bounced around and hung in there. Dolson, Faris, Doty, Hartley, Tuck, Jefferson, Banks gave everything to win it. But they didn’t–accept it but give them the praise they deserved. I love this team–you should too.

  2. John Brubaker

    The Uconn Women were out of sync in the first half. I couldn’t understand the multiple tv references to Geno working them really hard – long, intense workouts, coming into the ND game. Would really like to know more about that – and why Geno did that.

    ND now officially retains the upper hand in this rivalry. In the end, the loss could be a blessing – if the team reacts well, which I am sure it will.

    Sugar High for ND. But they played their best game – UConn didn’t – and it was very very close.

    1. WesthighBro's

      Don’t let someone else take away your right to write a positive post. (paraphrasing WESTHIGHBRO’s)
      John Brubaker–I too would like to know more about that.

  3. nhntc47

    It’s better to lose now than to lose in March. To be undefeated is not as important as to win it all. A loss is a loss, but they didn’t lose as badly as ND lost to Baylor. Love the Huskies, win or lose.

  4. TexasBogger

    True, rankings mean little at this time but you better be not ranked lower than 4th at season’s end if you hope to gain a #1 seed in the Big Dance.

    1. Uconn White and Blue

      Texas Blogger–Your words are true, but maybe premature. The season has to unfold before us. If we could forsee the future, ahh what would we all do differently??

      I am proud of my fellow posters. Uconn the team and Geno are recoiling from the unexpected loss. We’ve given them some just and unjust criticism. They’ve earned our support.

      Good to know Stoke will be back.

  5. Sal and Irene

    I wish Geno and his staff could teach our players to drive in and get as many fouls as ND gets. Skylar has picked up where Novasel left off. Without fouls, ND would have lost.

    1. James Kerwin

      Driving and attacking–initiating contact I am told by STEVE GEE that Shea was very adept at doing just that (I’m paraphrasing S.G. of course)
      STEVE GEE also says you can find references to her doing that by Googleing it on line. I haven’t had any success in doing that, maybe you will.

      So one would think with Shea as their coach she would be teaching just that. Maybe Uconn just isn’t as athletic as ND??

    1. Blue and White

      Ray Ray—A lot of negativism about KML’s apparent weight gain (I don’t notice it). Did you notice that MCBride was many, many pounds lighter last year. It didn’t slow her down.
      Without Stokes helping out under the basket–ND had more Big’s than UC. When (if) Tuck begins playing (not rushing shots) and defending Uconn will have a big time shot at the NCAA Championship. Dolson again had her way with Achonwa.

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