The Truth Hurts – But Only If You Don’t Tell It (UPDATED)

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I’ve been thinking about doing a semi-regular blog like this for years, something that combines information with gossip about the world of women’s basketball.
The point is, despite what you might see and hear, those who play the game, coach the game, administrate the game, broadcast and telecast the game and officiate the game are human, although I have my doubts about Doris Burke and Holly Rowe because neither of them seem to sleep during the season.
This means many of them are just as capable of falling prey to the same mindless games as the rest of humanity, fans and sportswriters included.

What you see or hear sometimes really isn’t always what is true or right. It’s just politically correct.
So look, I figure when my brain gets over-loaded with some of these things, I’ll just unload them on everyone who reads me:

So get ready. Here we go:

•    I totally agree with the main premise of a blog written recently by my Hall of Fame compatriot Mel Greenberg in which he theorizes that the new Big East of women’s basketball is a step away from being no more competitive than a mid-major. Without UConn, Rutgers, Louisville, Notre Dame and South Florida, which I believe will be a continuously solid program soon, DePaul, Villanova and St. John’s are in for a struggle to separate themselves from the pack.
•    I am tired of listening to those who complain that women’s basketball is too top-heavy in terms of superstar programs. Of course it is, we all know that. Here’s what I suggest: Instead of bitching and moaning about it, come visit Storrs someday and ask yourself how in the world Geno Auriemma built his castle in a cow pasture. It is possible to do. So stop being a hater and figure out how to be a creator.
•    USA Basketball has no intention any time soon of expanding the number of assistant coaches it supplies the head coach of its world championship and Olympic teams. That means Geno will get three assistants again and two must come from the WNBA and at least one be considered non-Caucasian in heritage. So sorry Jen Rizzotti, it appears if Doug Bruno decides to jump on again he will once again be the guy picked to sit next to Geno. Look, guys need to talk to guys sometimes, too.
•    By the way, it’s getting harder for the WNBA to come up viable candidates to coach internationally. Why? Many of the league’s coaches simply aren’t good enough at what they do. And really, Carol Callan and Jim Tooley, why should there be a coaching quota anyhow? Whatever happened to the concept of the best person for the job getting the job? The WNBA has some strong coaches; Dan Hughes, Cheryl Reeve, Lin Dunn and Pokey Chatman come to mind. Anne Donovan and Mike Thibault have already had their chance. But an Olympic coaching staff should strive to mirror the talent of those who play in the Olympics. The job is not a party favor. The players perceive more than some decision-makers care to admit about this.
•    While the WNBA and its players discuss their new CBA, here’s something the league may not want to hear. The players are fed up with the officiating and the wear and tear it causes. If this issue isn’t dealt with forget the lack of real money they make. That will be a minor problem in comparison to this: The door Asjha Jones, Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson walked out of last summer might as well have no lock on it.
•    Three players with the largest name recognition in the WNBA are also among the most despised by their teammates. Discuss.
•    My pick for the Division I women’s basketball championship game this season is UConn vs. Notre Dame. Thanks a lot ACC for ruining all of our fun here in Connecticut.
•    So happy to see North Carolina’s Sylvia Hatchell out of the hospital. The footage of her getting out of her car, her headed balded by cancer treatments, was so heart-breaking. God bless you, Coach.
•    If you are a UConn fan disenchanted with the way ESPN seems to buy any rights package it wants, well, stop thinking that way. SNY and CPTV would do the same thing if heaven granted them their wish.

Have a nice weekend.

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