This And That From UConn-Georgetown

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There is quick. And then there is the quickness UConn freshman guard Moriah Jefferson displayed Wednesday at Georgetown.

The point guard had a flashy game against the Hoyas, partly thanks to the season-high 27 minutes she received from Geno Auriemma during the Huskies’ 75-48 win at McDonough Arena.

Jefferson used them well with nine points, seven steals, six rebounds and two assists. And she seemed to be everyone on floor in the process, which impressed Auriemma.

“I thought Moriah was the star of the day,’’ Auriemma said. “She was probably the most consistent player we had. When she can play like that it creates a lot of good things for us. She can turn defense into offense pretty quickly. And then, if she’s making a couple shots, that is [a bonus].

“We saw the real Moriah Jefferson today. And she’s only to going to get better from there, I hope.”

Like most freshman, Jefferson has had her highs and lows. Fighting a stomach virus recently caused her to play a minimal role in three of the four games before Georgetown. She played a combined 14 minutes against Hartford, Stanford and Notre Dame.

Her only double-figure scoring games have come against Marist and Oregon (10 points each), but more importantly her assists and steals have not been high (22 and 12 before Wednesday).

Jefferson made 4 of 9 shots against the Hoyas, but what more impressive was that she didn’t turn over the ball. And UConn had 19.

“She has a huge impact when she does that,” Kelly Faris said. “Our offense stems from our defense and when we get steals that’s huge for us. So when Moriah plays like that, it’s pretty big for our team.”

The turnovers almost matched UConn’s season-high (20) against Penn Stare. Both Faris (four) and Stefanie Dolson [a career-high seven] had trouble with the ball. What was also impressive about Jefferson’s performance is that she did not commit a turnover.

“I think that I just haven’t been myself,” Jefferson said. “If I play nervous, or tentative, it’s not good for me or the team. So I tried to come out and play different from what I’ve been doing. I just stopped thinking so much and played. I just calmed down, tried not to go so fast.”

Faris Moving Up WNBA Charts

Mike Thibault, the Washington Mystics coach and GM, has always been a huge fan of Faris, who came into Wednesday’s game second in the nation in assist/turnover ratio. On Thursday, the former coach of the Connecticut Sun said he’s been told Faris has climbed as high as No. 7 among some WNBA draft charts, which would make her a mid first-round pick in April.

UConn’s 41 three-point attempts are a program record, breaking the one (40) they recently set against Oakland this season. …Auriemma’s not-so-subtle dialogue about what he perceives to be an inequity in how fouls are called in his games continued Wednesday. “The number of fouls that seem to be called on a regular basis is troubling me,’’ Auriemma “And we keep playing these teams that don’t foul. So at some point we’ve got to find a team that fouls so that we maybe can even it up a little bit. But we just seem to be fouling a lot more than everybody else. So I know we need to fix that. That’s got to be cleaned up.’’

UConn was called for 17 fouls on Wednesday to just eight for the Hoyas. The Huskies also had 17 fouls in the Notre Dame loss. Still, opponents have drawn more fouls (207 to 199) this season and UConn has been to the foul line more times (209 to 197).







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9 thoughts on “This And That From UConn-Georgetown

  1. tex2299

    Thinking back on the Georgetown game, I wonder what ever happened to the Stefanie Dolson who shot free throws at better than 90% as a freshman. Also, is it my imagination, or is Geno calling fewer time-outs than in the past? In particular, he used to always take the “use-it-or-lose-it” 30-sec timeout just before the end of the first half. I can remember only one instance in which he did that this season (but I can’t remember which game it was). (Please note: I’m not second-guessing one of the top coaches in women’s basketball. Geno surely has his reasons; I’m curious what they are.)

  2. Fishpaw31

    Couldn’t help thinking during the game how much fun it would have been if Georgetown still had little Rubylee Wright on the team. Moriah against Rubylee would have been very entertaining!!!
    Go Mo-J!

  3. Coach H

    The Whirl Wind!! I’ve like Jefferson since the day she arrived. Her upside is great. She is a Freshman and will not always have that upside. But enjoy it while it’s there.
    Lots of naysayer about the GTown game. Uconn won by 27. Geno played his entire bench, minus injured Tuck. Lots of turnovers. 21 I think. 5 in the first 3 minutes. KML had 3 minutes of game time and 3 fouls.

    Anything about that tell you anything?? The team still had the ND game in their heads. they were trying too hard saw passing lanes when there were none.. It happens to the best teams. Great teams gets it out of their system in one or two games. This could be a great team.
    Stewart, Banks, Stoke, Jefferson gave UConn superb minutes–look at the stats.
    Sugar Rogers got 23 points on unbelievable shots with Uconn doing everything except holding her (and did that some times too). She won’t do that next game.

  4. Master Mind

    Coach Geno–you are the great coach ever.
    I’ve looked at the ND game again and a few bad calls but they went both ways. Maybe McBride and Diggins got away with one or two. But the refs were pretty even.

    Georgetown game Uconn got away with one or two. One out of bounds call two Uconn player touched it-no GT player–it was given to Uconn.

    KML on her third foul, undercut a GT player. They’ll call that everytime. Sug tripped over a UC player–no call–typically any trip is called against the tripper no matter how accidental.

    So Geno, either I am missing a lot of fouls–and I walk each foul call back and forth in slow mo–and find few
    bad calls. Maybe too many calls–in all games except the ND game that may be true.

    I hope you get the calls you want–but the refs so far in BE are fair.

  5. Sal Pace

    I don’t know what game “mastermind ” was watching but every block against KML could have been called a charge. Also at ND and G’town our wings and post players and cutters were being obstructed and or grabbed and or tripped pushed etc. and there were no calls. You can’t just slow mo the fouls called you need to watch the entire game.

  6. Slvrhwk

    Geno is a great coach, no doubt. But, the last two years Muffet has done far more with less. If you want to draw fouls you attack the basket. When the motion offense isn’t working you don’t resort to outer space ( 41 three attempts last night plus only 5 for 18 vs ND ). Pick ‘n roll n’ drive. You’ve got Brianna, Mo & Kelly, why not use them? Doty’s wheels can’t get it done & Bria is not going to make honorable mention the way she’s playing this year, no defense, no leadership. One other thing. Stewie needs to be kept in the low post so she can learn how to handle the hard knocks at this level. Letting her retreat outside and trying to launch threes is not going to win UConn a championship. Offensive rebounds and put backs tend to draw a lot of fouls too.

  7. Keith

    Slvrhhk- muffet has done more with less the last two years- N Dame was a deeper, more experienced better team the prior two years. They blew their best shot at nat championships.this year I believe we are a better team than ND – but they are better than I thought they would be. Even Maya’s senior year, we had 6 man rotation with Dixon off the bench. When Samaria walker left we didn’t have another post player. We were lucky to get past georgetown in the regionals 2 yrs ago.N D had 3terrific 5thbyr seniors. And re the fouling- ND and skylar get the nod like the Dallas Cowboys used to. Sky fouls every time she defends and just runs into every opposing player she can find to create fouls. Jewel Lloyd was over the back 10 times the last game and got called once. Most loose balls under hoop were created by over the back fouls. I was at game and watched DVD 5 times. I have no life in the winter. I thought that game was one of the most exciting intense and well played games I have ever seen. Our play in the 2nd half & ball movement was in sane. We missed shots but created great looks all game.

  8. Terry

    I agree with Slvrhhk. muffet lost 3 key players from last years team and has developed her players better.
    kf, sd,bb and klm have improved their game. cd with bad kneess is not quick enough to play defense at this level. bh’s game has not improved.
    enough whinning about fouls. If all your team does is shot the 3 ball you should not expect to be fouled. If you want fouls follow muffets game plan and have your player drive the lane make contact and throw the ball up. Keep your bigs close to the basket, blockout and battle for rebounds.

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