This Is Women’s Basketball: 710 Watch Delle Donne Score 30

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I tend to be a realist when it comes to the sport I write about and you all love so much.

Women’s basketball has its place, but it’s in a corner, a little bigger than college soccer and baseball, but not anywhere near as popular among fans or important to university athletic programs as you may think.

Here’s what I mean:

All-American senior Elena Delle Donne collected her 30th career 30-point game Saturday afternoon as the University of Delaware beat Monmouth in New Jersey.

Delle Donne has missed all but three games this season with symptoms of Lyme Disease. She is destined to be a first-team All-American again and one of the top three players taken in the WNBA draft.

Her team – and her star power – comes to a small college campus and EDD gets a season-high 30 points on 10-of-14 shooting from the field, including four three-pointers and six free throws.

She adds a game-high nine rebounds with two blocks and two assists in 24 minutes of action.

The announced crowd: 710

Go Huskies.



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20 thoughts on “This Is Women’s Basketball: 710 Watch Delle Donne Score 30

  1. TGIGG

    Medium fish in a small pond. Let’s see what she could do against top competition, oops, we’ll never see that (by her own choosing).

  2. kenny

    We’llsee what she does when she gets in the wnba if she dose’nt get home sick to days in.

  3. ED Connole

    Kennie: she was homeick for a special needs, blind sister who responded to her in a ig way. ive her credit for not giving in to the big time
    Geno did

    1. Not a believer

      EDD and her family were not beyond making a great story for the press; first it was “she was burned out on basketball (but played it as soon as she was eligible ) The the BIG story was she stayed home because of her sister who couldn’t see her, couldn’t hear her, couldn’t converse with her==
      I know this isn’t the conventional “feel good”, pro EDD position–but you can’t dispute it with facts.
      Yea you believe that and I’ll sell you some great land just off the Louisiana sore,by 10 miles.
      I’m sure SANTA will be extra nice to people like you.

  4. Ed

    30 points against Monmouth – is that supposed to be a big accomplishment? Perhaps that they play mostly against teams like Monmouth is the reason they only draw 710.

  5. CT_OR_Guy

    Elena Delle Donne is a classy player who has had to deal with some tough life issues, including her current battle with Lyme disease. It would have been great if she stayed at UConn, but I completely understand why she did not, and I wish her nothing but the best.

    1. Not a believer

      I’ve had Lime disease. It’s easily detectable and easy to reduce the effects and eventually cure. I bet 50 Uconn players over the years had illness much worse than Lime disease—it is more a Connecticut disease anyway, but I’m not sure it east lime, hadlime, or just lime disease.
      Another nice story from the EDD family writers.

  6. bridget

    I have to admire this girl I am special needs also and I got to meet her and I can understand why she left her sister and her have a great bond and it would have been really hard for the family cut her some slack I know I have.

  7. Not a believer

    I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN SOB. I’ve always liked EDD and especially her mother–a fantastic, gracious, decent woman. Was OK that EDD “dissed” Uconn early rather than later.
    EDD has great talent, no doubt.

    But I hate stories that I believe USE family members or other to do “feel good” stories that apparently make the one the story is about look better than they are. She is a Catholic as am I, we are taught to do good without beating our own drum. “Hid your light under a basket”. Maybe it’s a lost,dated concept.
    I never bought the “burned out ” story.

    The facts about her sister apparently are true. But the stories, in my opinion, is using the sister.

  8. Fairfield county fan

    But the point of the story was that only 710 were fans in the arena to watch this “phenom”….that was her choice….. and I hope she is still good with it. BTW – Had she stayed with UCONN she would be in the WNBA now (and my guess is NOT playing in Europe).
    It will be interesting to see what she is willing to consider, distance wise, in pro ball. They have crazy schedules, just saying

  9. NRA is Right

    Not sure how EDD can be a D1 All-American playing against D2 competition. How many games does EDD have to actually play this season to even be considered an AA at D1 or D2?

    EDD knew contact with her sister would be impossible playing at UConn, Tennessee, or the other meaningful 6 teams in WCBB. Yet she led them all on during recruiting. Then caused UConn to basically lose 2 years worth of recruits.

    Guessing there is more to the CT Sun firing their head coach and Washington picking him up then meets the eye. WNBA loves when top talent plays near home. Whoever has the #3 draft pick, after Griner and Diggins, will probably trade it to Washington.

  10. Mia Hamm Fan

    Speaking of sports not important to university athletic programs, look at women’s college soccer.

    University of North Carolina won their 21st NCAA Championship a couple weeks ago.

    No other NCAA team has won consecutive titles.

    UNC has won 5 of the last 10 NCAA Championships.

    UNC has played in 24 NCAA championships and lost only 3.

    WCBB has 4 great teams, 4 very good teams, and then everybody else. Women’s soccer has 1 dynasty, 2 very good teams, and then everybody else.

    Women’s soccer is much less important to university athletic programs than women’s basketball, except at UNC.

    1. Tom

      What does that have to do with this discussion? Move to Chapel Hill – it’s a lovely town.

  11. Hoop

    For NRA … Delaware plays a full D1 schedule and has already played Georgetown, Princeton, Providence, Maryland, etc. St John’s is next. Barring injury, I’m pretty confident she will repeat as an all-American and help her team advance at least into the sweet 16 this season.

    1. Tom

      Here’s Delaware’s full schedule:

      Fri, Nov 9 Sam Houston St. W 63-31 —
      Sun, Nov 11 Georgetown L 56-62 —
      Wed, Nov 14 at Duquesne L 47-51 —
      Tue, Nov 20 Providence W 64-46 —
      Wed, Nov 28 St. Bonaventure W 68-58 —
      Wed, Dec 5 at Rhode Island W 57-40 —
      Sun, Dec 9 Princeton W 59-58 —
      Thu, Dec 20 (9) Maryland L 53-69 —
      Sat, Dec 22 at Monmouth W 82-53 —

      Date Opponent Time Audio/Video
      Sat, Dec 29 Villanova 5:00 pm —
      Wed, Jan 2 at St. John’s 7:00 pm —
      Thu, Jan 10 George Mason 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Jan 13 at Old Dominion 2:00 pm —
      Tue, Jan 15 at Northeastern 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Jan 20 Towson 2:00 pm —
      Thu, Jan 24 N.C. Wilmington 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Jan 27 at Drexel 2:00 pm —
      Tue, Jan 29 Northeastern 7:00 pm —
      Thu, Jan 31 at Georgia St. 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Feb 3 Hofstra 2:00 pm —
      Thu, Feb 7 at Towson 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Feb 10 at James Madison 2:00 pm —
      Thu, Feb 14 Old Dominion 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Feb 17 at William & Mary 2:00 pm —
      Tue, Feb 19 at George Mason 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Feb 24 James Madison 4:30 pm —
      Thu, Feb 28 at Hofstra 7:00 pm —
      Sun, Mar 3 Drexel 3:30 pm —
      Wed, Mar 6 Georgia St. 7:00 pm —

      How many ranked teams do you see? or even close to ranked?

      Last year Delaware was ranked based on this type of schedule. How far did they go in the NCAA tournament?

      1. art

        It is a division one schedule, why argue the unarguable. Delaware recruits locally and it is good to follow local players ups and down. Conn recruits national players in women(and mens) basketball to please the Hartford crowd. I hear no one in my area(Hamden) and south talking about UConn mens or womens basketball although Quinnipiac just beat St Johns (there are DI teams that UConn doesnt play) which is interesting DellaDonna a very good player and a good story.

        1. Chuck


          You need to get out more. I’m sure your three cats are not that intersted.

  12. Hip Hop Hood

    So the UCONN fans are still bitter EDD decided to head elsewhere and bashing her bash because of that. Pathetic.

  13. seth

    John Altavilla is right on, and so is the comment
    by Hip Hop Hood. I am a season ticket holder to
    Delaware Women’s basketball. It is a pleasure
    watching Delle Donne play (when she is healthy), and
    the effect her presence has on both teams on the
    court. The game changes when she is in.
    Lyme disease affects different people differently.
    The commenter “not a believer” cannot use his/her
    experience with the disease to gauge someone else’s experience with it. I have known of some various
    serious cases.

  14. Steve Gee

    Hold the hate for Monmouth and Delaware, they’ll be in the B.E. next season. = )

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