Tidbits From The Holy Family Win

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Consider that UConn had seven  of their 10 players score double-figures.

Consider that it outscored Holy Family, the nation’s 12th-ranked Division II team, 61-12 in the second half.

Consider that seven players made at least one three-pointer and that UConn was 18 of 34 from beyond the stripe.

Consider that 34 of UConn’s 74 shots were threes, very Villanova of it, wouldn’t you say.

Consider that the Huskies scored 224 points in their two preseason games and Bria Hartley, their first-team All-American, didn’t even play.

Consider that 1,300 fans even bothered to come watch Wednesday night.

Consider how confidence manifests itself in some players as Brianna Banks scored 20 points and made all four of the threes she attempted.

Consider that Breanna Stewart missed two days of practice and then came out with 21 points in 25 minutes.

Consider how opponents are going to try and defend UConn’s high-low game, let alone their east-west attack.

It’s going to be a big season. I can tell you that.

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8 thoughts on “Tidbits From The Holy Family Win

  1. UconnFan

    I am grateful to be a fan of the Uconn woman for 20+ years. It must suck for the Uconn haters because they have sooo much to be bitter about.

    1. Foster

      Come on UconnFan, don’t be so uncharitable about this.

      But yeah, it must really suck all right.

  2. Sydney White

    Oh my, what a year we have to look forward to. What an amazing group of women Geno has put together. This is a great credit to him and a bigger credit to the women who want to work very, very hard each day. YOU GO UCONN. We are behind you. :-)

  3. Irving Matchen

    Hold on folks….UCONN is about to take off on another crazy winning streak and it all starts on Sunday!!!

  4. Genosguy

    Don’t thump our chest’s too loudly just now. Yes we have great freshmen and Dolson, Fairs, Doty, KML and 3 others. Two totally unknown teams of Division 2 were beaten into the ground–with the Talent Uconn better beat them. Although Holy Family were tough kids and played well in the first half, great coach, very good players.

    Uconn will lose a game or two, hopefully early on, Stewart is not the second coming of Maya. Tuck isn’t the second coming of Dianna nor is Jefferson the second coming for Rene Montgomery. They are good very good, but all have a lot to learn. So don’t bang the drums just yet. To those much is given—much is expected. (Geno) These kid EARN everything GIVEN. With their talent and hard work. Think that comment over GENO!!!

  5. Genosguy

    John. Well balanced blog. I take back all the nasty things I’ve said of you. You at least know when to back off on a kid. You even said you felt bad about writing about a campus incident. And spoke of being human. Unlike one of your profession.

    Thank you John. I shall try to understand YOUR job better in the future.

  6. It pays to be Ignorant

    Tonight on SNY John and some other lessor knowns like Geno, Megan, Kara, will be discussing the UConn women as only they can.

    SNY tonight at 7 and another great UConn Show at 8 pm. Tune in or be turned out.

  7. Sal and Irene

    Genosguy is dead wrong about UCONN losing a game or two early this year. We watched the first 2 exhibition games, in particular, the way plays were executed. We have never seen the team look so great. Too many weapons at Geno’s disposal.
    If we lose to Baylor, it will be very very close. Yes, Griner is excellent and so is Simms, but we have a greater number of excellent players. The player combinations are just too numerous to figure a defense strategy against UCONN.

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