Tiffany Hayes On Being In Atlanta

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Tiffany Hayes is thrilled to be drafted by the Atlanta Dream for a number of reasons.

“I am excited about going to play there,” she said. “It really didn’t matter where I went. All I need is a shot. They are an uptempo team and being playing at UConn helps you with that.

“Getting the chance to play in Atlanta, which is so close to where I grew up [in Florida] ,is one of the most exciting things about this. I was hoping that’s where I would go and it is definitely a blessing for me. I am happy for my family because I know they are thrilled, too.

Hayes didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t a first-round pick (second pick of second round, 14th overall).

“It was more important to be in a good situation,” Hayes said. “The teams that had picks in the first two rounds were all stacked; it would have been hard to make those teams. Hopefully, i can build a steady home here.

“And I can definitely look to Kalana Greene [of the Connecticut Sun] for advice [about being a second-round pick]. She turned it into a great thing for her.”

Hayes was joined at the draft by her mother, younger brother, UConn coach Geno Auriemma and her Husky teammates, Kelly Faris, Heather Buck and Caroline Doty.



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10 thoughts on “Tiffany Hayes On Being In Atlanta

  1. Sal and Irene

    My wife and I got hooked on the WNBA last summer as we watched Miss Maya. Now that there are so many teams in the WNBA that have former UCONN players, we can get our Husky fix much more easily and the summer will go fast. Best of Luck Tiffany. We will be watching you.

  2. Coach Berry

    Tiff Hayes your four years at UConn will long be remembered by true Uconn fans. I appologize for some of the less than positive comments about you. I think one Courant “journalist”has a problem with you personally–it’s not a professional demeanor. If anyone wants to talk about “fading” in big games–no one faded (she was a total nonfactor) was the 8th first round pick. Novesel should not have put on her uniform for the Championship game–she faded into the woodwork. You, when scoring wasn’t there, you rebounded and played great defense–So much for a person who writes but never played–and one without objectivity. Show the world Teff, you are UConn.

  3. Husky love

    I was the happiest person in the World on yesterday when I heard the Atl Dream select Tiffany. Ive been living in Atl for 4 years and Ive been a Dream Season Ticket Holder for 4 years also. This is the first time the Dream has had a Husky on the Roster, not just Tiffany, they also picked up Ketia Swanier. I used to wear my UConn Attire to games where the Dream played a team with a Husky on it. ie Sun, Phx, and Seattle etc Now I get to wear it to EVERY Home game because of Tiffany and Ketia. I am one happy Husky Fan.

  4. PHS #1

    Hayes won’t get off her 3PT shots. Hayes takes too long to prepare her set shot. WNBA defenders will close out on her quickly. As for driving into a double teams, falling down, unforced errors, and not shooting with the game on the line, let’s see just how much patience the Atlanta coaches have.

    The fact that Hayes dropped to 14th in a very weak draft speaks volumes about WNBA coaches concerns with her. UConn lost 2 close Final Four semi-final games and Hayes play was questionable at best. It does not make a difference that after her career was over Hayes proclaimed herself as a role player. She passed up on a chance to win the FF SF in regulation.

    As for Griner withdrawing from the Olympics because of family matters and summer school, that just fuels the high testosterone fire.

  5. Husky love

    PHS: Tiffany is in the best place possible, those other Players are more vulnerable than she is. It will take some time for her to adjust to the WNBA, Maya even struggled, its a process. Why the sudden hate for Griner, you must be a ND fan?!

  6. PHS #1

    No hate for Griner. No where did I acuse Griner of anything. No where did I say Griner’s reasons were bogus. I was merely stating a fact. Just go to WBB on and read what I am talking about.

  7. Husky love

    I was talking about the “high testosterone” comment. Even if its questionable, it doesnt belong under the “Tiffany Hayes” Subject. Griner withdrew from the Olympics because Mulkey wanted her to. If Griner gets hurt during the Olympics, that could hurt Baylors chance of winning another title next season. I wouldve done the same if I was Mulkey.

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