Trying To Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends

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Honestly, getting past Idaho No. 16 in the first round of the Bridgeport Regional at Gampel Pavilion likely won’t be the as important for UConn as getting past the memory of what happened the last time it played.

That’s when Notre Dame beat them for the third straight time this season to win the Big East tournament championship.

“We can’t just rely on the coaches for everything,” Kelly Faris said. “There’s only so much that they can do. At a certain point you have to take responsibility and accountability for it.”

After the 61-59 loss, Geno Auriemma gave the team three days off. While he was busy with other things, his players decided to meet, without the coaches. They looked at the Notre Dame tape and discuss what it all meant, intervention-style.

“We were able to vent, talk things out strategically by watching film together,” Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis said. “We talked about a lot of things we feel should have actually been discussed a long time ago.

“People we speaking their minds and that what we needed. There was was no reason for anyone to hold back. We need to hold others accountable, say what they were feeling.

“And it’s what we needed. It shouldn’t take three losses to Notre Dame to get us to this point. But if that’s what it took, well, if we can move forward from it, thanks fine. But we’re sick of talking and now it’s time to do things; less talking, more doing.”

With Caroline Doty handling the remote, the players reviewed the plays that went well and fell short. And they took times expressing how they felt about it all.

“It’s good to just be able to talk amongst your teammates,” Bria Hartley said. “The coaches understand what they are doing and are very good at pointing out the things that we do.

“We understand what’s happening. We’ve seen it happening. It’s important to just talk [with each other] to make sure you are all on the same page, you all are seeing the same things. And it builds to a group focus. It helps us believe that we are in this together and we are going to get it done together.”

In terms of who will have the responsibility to do so, Auriemma would not say who will start Saturday. Last week, he mentioned he’d like to stick with whatever five all spring long after changing up so much down the stretch

“We’ve looked at everything, all week long,” Auriemma said. “We’ve tried to come up with every scenario that works, but we’ve found fault with every single one of them. So, you know, since we’re in New England, I’ll do a Bill Belichick and say everybody’s probable.

“It’s a possibility it [his thoughts on the lineup] could change [Saturday] at shoot-around. I just don’t know. We’ve tried every combination at practice. Sometimes they all look good, sometimes none of them look good, sometimes it looks OK. So I don’t know.

“I’ve got some thoughts, but I’ve got to make sure I’ve exhausted all the possibilities before I make a decision.

“But Stefanie [Dolson] is in [the starting lineup, just so you know.”



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28 thoughts on “Trying To Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends

  1. Tony C

    I guess the players have to figure out things for themselves while Geno figures out a new spaghetti sauce recipe.


      Yea TEAM!! This team meeting was long in coming. After the first loss to Baylor, then to ND–the team should have had this meeting.
      KML –next year lead the meetings and have them earl and often.

      Geno–let me tell you your starting line up for Idaho. Stewart, Stokes, Mo Jeff, Hartley and Dolson. First subs–Kelly and Tuck. Let the Kids figure out how to win and win big. After SECOND turnover pull them–tell them what they did wrong and get the back in.

      Good luck. Good luck to Idaho. This is a game to be enjoyed by both teams.

        1. TEAM

          Bracc—KML should have been my choice for coming off the bench along with Dolson and Faris.
          I look at the Idaho game as almost a give away game. So the kids should be getting and “experience ” game. The REAL starting five should be resting as much as possible.
          Also with KML on the bench–Geno can’t be charged with “padding stats”.
          Stewart, if given half a chance is as good or better pure scorer as KML.
          Dolson is a better rebounder, better defender, better inside scorer with a more usable outside shot. KML is a PURE shooter–and gets shut down much too easily–that’s Geno’s hang up on her. But we all know she’ll learn to get her shot off more quickly. No insult to KML was intended–a message maybe for the big games ahead.

    2. Bracchus

      For Geno to say that Dolson is the only definite starter is an insult to KML. She has to be the most underappreciated player in UCONN history.

      1. Bracchus

        It’s called Geno motivational tactic 101. KML disappeared in ND game. If you blame ND’s defense then you should credit Muffet and ND players for taking out UConn’s top weapon.

    1. Freddy Unkool

      What in the blue blazes–Freddy Kool—is 88888–a prison number??

      Not for the Uconn women.

      No it’s not too late–and all fans have to be here supporting this team.
      Great team meeting–they work, many times better than coaches meetings.

  2. Doty's Last Hurrah

    expect that doty plays 8 to 10 minutes per half
    doubt auriemma will make her sit like against nd
    hope that auriemma allows stokes to work thru errors
    ditto for jefferson and tuck
    expect that buck will play minimal as usual
    don’t understand the relationship between buck and coach
    but if she can earn a bsn than how can she not learn uconn basketball
    somethin has never been right

    1. Bracchus

      Doty should not be playing in critical situations. Stokes doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. She tends to play good defense and rebound. She could be more of a threat on offense.I am not sure what he does with Buck given what he has done with her since she has been at UCONN.
      UCONN has the talent and depth to take it all. But, Diggins and Griner stand in the way and are just as determined if not more so. This tournament in the later stages will be as much mental as it is physical. Our warriors need to go into the game knowing the general has confidence in them. Geno should really stop talking to the press until this thing is over. I know that I would be demorlized after giving my all on the court to have my coach low rate my efforts in the press. That just isn’t called for. They have to live with that everyday in practice. To hav e to read i in the paper is too much.

      1. Tom

        You are an apparent know it all who knows nothing. You are ignorant about WCBB and UConn.

      1. browns

        the question is Why have Geno and CD failied so miserably with Buck they recruited her so she had to have some potential either that or Geno and CD just recruited a CT player to make fans happy

  3. Buck's Last Stand

    i see a lot of coach speak from faris doty hartley
    its been too easy for them to coach speak all season
    at some point they gotta back up their words on the court
    and not just against idaho or oakland or holy cross
    seems like uconn will throw a heavy dose of dolson
    she could get a double double by halftime
    even if uconn held idaho to 30 points for the game
    it tells us nothing about how uconn will handle nd

    1. TEAM

      A one seed against a 16 seed is not supposed to say anything about how the 1 seed can or will play against a 2,3,4 seed–those games have to be PLAYED.
      I do think a 16th seeded game give the Kids an opportunity to be on and feel the difference in NCAA games–Stokes,M. Jefferson, Morgan Tuck, Stewart need to lead the way with the 16th seed–why wear out or injure your starting 5??

  4. andy

    i believe geno to be an average coach. he plays favorites with his players.once you get on his bad side,your on it for the whole season.examples:dolson has improve so much this season due to playing against strokes and buck in pratice yet they can’t even get any on court time even in blowout games.jefferson sits behind slow one leg doty and lets face it hartly has been so bad,i can’t help but wonder if she practice the same way and if so why does she get so much court time during games.with the players he gets every year,anyone could make the tourment every blowout teams by fifty points by half-time and still with five minutes left in the game his starting five is still in the game,check the bench there’s two or three players who will not need to shower down after the game is over. reporters don’t question this b.s. right, don’t piss off geno.ferris has been there 4yrs. we are just finding out she can play and play well.

    1. Steve Gee

      I’m not going to get into everything you got wrong with your post here, but one thing you should know – Dolson (like the rest of the team) practice against MEN. Not so much Stokes and Tuck.
      If you are simply wondering (AKA guessing) what happens in practice, how can you opine on playing time as it relates to the practices?

      1. Steve Gee

        Hi. My name is Steve Gee. I am a troll. I love to comment about everyone elses opinion because I cant form my own opinion.

        1. steve gee

          No, I am the real steve gee. How can all these uconn critics be know it alls when only i am the source of all knowledge? If it doesn’t come from me, it cannot be true. So there!

          1. Steve Gee

            How original.
            Perhaps if you grow some marbles, you could post under your name and own your comments.
            You’re still a troll.
            No matter how many unclever names you use.

    2. andy

      andy is right that ct media reporters dont ask any tough questions they are afraid geno will respond with a wise ass remark making them run and hide

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