Tuck And Jefferson Back In The Fold

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In many ways, Monday’s 95-51 was a day of replenishment for freshmen Morgan Tuck and Moriah Jefferson to work their way back into the flow.

Tuck, who had played just three minutes since the Penn State on Dec. 6 because of a bruised knee, returned with 10 points and five steals in 27 minutes.

With the exception of her torn ACL after her freshman season in high school, Tuck had never missed significant time with an injury. This time, a bruised right knee limited to her to just 17 minutes in UConn’s last five games.

“It was someone what frustrating,” Tuck said. “You always want to be out there on the court. But you also have to think about what is bear for the team and if I can’t go out there at 100 percent, I am hurting the team.”

And Jefferson, limited to seven minutes in the last two games with a stomach ailment, scored 10 points with four rebounds, two assists and two steals in 23 minutes.

To make way for their minutes, Auriemma gave junior Bria Hartley just seven and freshman Breanna Stewart (four points, four fouls) only 12.

“It’s only been recently that I’ve begun to think that we need to get these guys [Tuck and Jefferson] on the floor so we can find out what they are made of,” Auriemma said.

“The Stanford game probably wasn’t the best place to use guys who hadn’t played a lot of minutes, but going into [Monday] there was no doubt that the plan was to get those guys a lot of minutes.

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26 thoughts on “Tuck And Jefferson Back In The Fold

  1. Village Idiot

    Except for Bria needing rest why did he sit her and Stewie?
    Dolson worked the hardest against Stanford, that’s who should have rested.
    Jefferson, Tuck, Banks, Stokes should all get plenty of time against decent opponents–they need the experience. Banks however has shown she can play against anyone. She’s a defensive stopper–on Saturday I’d use her guarding Diggins or McBride–but I’m no H.O.F. coach.
    If the Freshmen and Stokes start getting big minutes–then the fun begins–Christine will be doing calculus again.

    1. billnaples

      Remember that Stokes has a stress injury, no set timetable that I have seen for her return, a day to day thing. Christine? Did you mean Caroline? Look, with every one healthy there are 11 bodies and only 200 minutes. We all understand Buck will get minimal time unless there is a disaster of fouls or injury in the post. So from a practical point you have an average of 20 minutes each and we know that is a very unlikely balance to actually happen. So what is the split? Again without injury or foul trouble you have two scenarios available. Close game and blow out. In a blow out I am guessing Geno will continue to experiment with what combinations work better for a particular flow he might be looking for. Minutes won’t matter if he gets answers. In a close game once again he is going to see what he needs, defensive stoppers or long range shooters or board sweepers. Who fills the need gets the minutes and guess what…. he has ten pretty good choices, doesn’t he.

      1. Village Idiot

        Bill Naples — Once again you are correct.
        My point, as improperly presents as it was, and it is a belief of mine–all players should be brought along to their potential and willingness to practice and participate.
        I think Tuck is a big body and a talent, but without experience at Div 1–she’d be lost on the floor. Jefferson is Raw, but a true point guard with good instincts. Her three ball, once good, isn’t working now. She/s very fast–a benefit on a fastbreak team. Chris (Christine) Dailey during the Sue Bird days kept a record of playing time of each player and advised Geno so he could prove to the players how much time of the 200 minutes each was getting.
        Yes Bill I did some coaching–it was fun for a while, but my skin was too thin — my thin skin was much like Geno’s . Unrequested advice and complaints are a part of the game I didn’t appreciate.


      u know “IDIOT” UCONN really should hire u for a coach or as ur resume states “END AND GUARD” END OF THE BENCH AND GUARD THE WATER BUCKET!!!!

      1. Nay Geno Nay

        Bill—Christine is Chris Dailey. She signs her cards Christine.
        200 minutes are available Christine Dailey was the keeper of playing in the GREAT days of Sue, Swin–etc. So if she has to do it again–she shall.


  2. Kreddy Fool

    You’re right…. you are no HOF coach but you are who you say you are

  3. JR

    It’s nice that Tuck and Jefferson got some minutes, but I don’t think playing against an abysmal Oregon team will equate to getting PT against decent opponents. Tuck shot terribly though did put up some nice peripherals. Jefferson needed to do something positive for her confidence.

    1. Village Idiot

      JR—I probably should have said: Tuck and Jefferson could use playing time against decent opponents. Instead of : should get playing time etc.
      But thanks for being among the more understanding people in an OPINION post. I know Geno or his staff reads this stuff, you can tell from his comments. But I do not offer my opinion as advice to him or any other coach.
      Just an observation.
      Bill N understand this, and you do but people who read without comprehension do not. Thanks.
      FREDDY doesn’t always read what is written.

  4. chris saran

    Maybe,just maybe, Tuck shot horribly because she hasn’t played much recently and was a little rusty.We all know that you could certainly do better. It’s amazing how ignorant some people are.Wait till Morgan proves the surprise of this freshman class.

    1. JR

      It’s interesting that pointing out out a fact suddenly constitutes ignorance. Maybe you should look up the word in a dictionary.

      1. Palimpsest

        Never be insulted by being told you are Ignorant–everyone is.
        Ignorant–don’t know what you don’t know.

        Does not mean you won’t know or refuse to know. Just at this instance you don’t know what you don’t know–it’s a fact of life, you can’t know everything.

        we are all ignorant of something. but some love that state of being, and refuse to learn. don’t bother them with facts, their hears are made up.

  5. Keith

    Both Tuck & Jefferson will b huge players for us. They have all the tools. Tuck wii b knocking down threes regularly and then beating defenders off the dribble that come out to defend- and she is the four They will be finishing better in no time!

    1. JR

      I like Tuck quite a bit after watching her in Puerto Rico for Team USA. I’m not certain when she’ll get there, but I think she has a chance to be a very good player.

      Jefferson concerns me more. She’s diminutive and seems quite raw offensively. Her lack of size has made it tough for her to finish near the basket and her shot selection is not great right now. I can’t see her making an impact for a year or two.

      1. Newgirl2

        JR, I like your observation about Moriah Jefferson. But give her some time to develop by gaining experience and mature a little more. Do you remember a former guard name Renee Montgomery? Do you remember her first game against Pat Summitt’s Volunteers? Uconn lost the game (I believe by 9 points), she was very upset about the loss, but more so with her performance, and stated during the post game interview “…. If I had scored 10 points we would have won the game……” Fast forward to a couple years later, and she was effectively able to help guide her team to two Nat’l crowns. Have some faith in Mo Jefferson, she’ll be impressive and unstopable with more experience. Have a great new year!!

        1. JR


          I haven’t given up on Jefferson yet, but I am not confident she will be able to contribute against quality opponents this year. She’ll need time to develop and that could take until next year or 2014. Only a small percentage of players can make an impact as Freshmen.

          1. Village Idiot

            There is an old adage in Basketball–IN MARCH THERE ARE NO FRESHEMEN. Meaning good player (like Jefferson) shall have evolved and understood the complications of the Division one Basketball.
            Jefferson–needs playing time to understand the ups and downs of Div 1.
            She is talented, of this have no doubt, her quickness will make up for her stature. She understands basketball now she needs to learn what it’s like playing at Geno’s level.

  6. Michael Keller

    Stewart was on the bench much of the game because she was in foul trouble.

    1. Village Idiot

      Stewart ended the game with 12 minutes and 4 fouls –being ignorant of the game rules, unlike so many of you, I thought one got 5 fouls before being ejected. I know Bill Russell always said you got 4 fouls and was out on the fifth.
      I was asking–did Stewie get hurt in the Stanford game or was Geno just resting her.
      When I give advice to Geno — I send it by email or phone. He rejects anyway–calls me “no John Wooden” , but that’s just Geno being Geno.

  7. RAY T

    Is the IDIOT just another Jets fan who has nothing else

    to do but analyze something he does not understand.

    IDIOT, UCONN is #1 . Geno is a HOF coach who does not

    need your help. Go back to sleep.

  8. Baylor has 2 best players in NCAA

    Muffet is going to spank spoiled rotten old fart Geno’s buttocks on Saturday. Hope the fans walk out early on that big mouth.

    1. JR

      You wouldn’t be the same person under a different user name who came in here about 6 weeks ago and explained how UConn was in trouble against Stanford, would you?

    2. nhntc47

      Baylor has a 6’8 man playing for them, yet they lost to ND. Let’s focus on fact and not wish.

  9. patricia alger

    Did anyone notice mangled quotes from Morgan Tuck?
    ““It was SOMEONE WHAT (somewhat) frustrating,” Tuck said. “You always want to be out there on the court. But you also have to think about what is BEAR (better) for the team…””

  10. GO UCONN!!!

    Everyone develops at their own rate. Auriemma is usually patient with those needing extra time. He knows he gets better results that way.

    1. DunnNOGeno

      Patience isn’t Geno’s strong suite. He recruits player he things can make an impact. Gives them a year–maybe more if they are really talented, but if they are not–they become pine riders. If you are a very nice person from Conn you may get 5 years of riding the pines, but that is rare.

      Geno is giving, geno is caring, but geno is not long suffering with player developement. He recruits them that requires little development.

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