UConn AD Warde Manuel Update On Big East, ACC, Big Ten Rosters

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UConn AD Warde Manuel said Wednesday morning that there is nothing new to report regarding the future of the institution as a member of the Big East.

I don’t need to tell you that rumors are rampant that the ACC is preparing to extend an invitation to UConn to replace Maryland, which flew the coup to the Big Ten.

Here is what Manuel told me at Frenchmen’s Reef & Morning Star Resort, where the UConn women are staying in preparation for this week’s Paradise Jam Tournament.

“The pressure is on the leagues to try and figure things out, as long as the uncertainty is out there that causes you to try and determine what this all means. I do feel some pressure as an athletic director of a Big East member school waiting to see what is going to happen, what’s laying out there for us, making sure we are in the best position [to act].

“But as much as I am looking out for us, we also need to be invited to join. I can’t just decide that I would like [UConn] to join a new league. I can’t just get up and take our team with me. It’s more complicated than that. The process is much more detailed than just deciding what it is I want to do on behalf of Connecticut.

“So we continue to work and operate and learn what the landscape is within intercollegiate athletics and make the best decision we can make.”

Manuel says he’s not even sure someone at his level would even be invited to make a presentation to a conference on behalf of UConn.

“We have so many selling points already out there,,” Manuel said. “It’s a great institution with great athletics that is committed to excellence. We’ve invested in our facilities. We done tremendous things in basketball [10 national championships]. We’ve elevated football and won a Big East championship in very short time. Our portfolio is strong and we’ll see where it goes.”

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15 thoughts on “UConn AD Warde Manuel Update On Big East, ACC, Big Ten Rosters

  1. Sotires

    His remarks are almost to the word a repeat of what Auriemma said a few days ago. What a leader!

    Fire this fool who is way out of his league as an AD of a big time sports program. Fire him now before he wrecks the entire program – not just the basketball program, which he is already harming by his incompetency.

  2. TexasBogger

    I lean toward the concept of four mega-conferences (SEC, ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12) as the scenario of the future. We appear to be well on the way to that. Cha-ching. If so, the Big East will become a “division II” entity if it does not disband. Time to swallow old allegiances and go with the flow.

    The Duke, Maryland and North Carolina womens’ basketball programs will welcome Geno’s juggernaut with open arms. You think?

  3. hjoerring

    Sotires, Wow! Clearly you have issues with the AD that have nothing to do with what was cited here. I read him to be saying, clearly, that Uconn will out of the Big East. If I were the Big East president I would privately call for a clarification. We know that Uconn will out, but this is as professionally clear as you can be. Perhaps it is you who are over your head with basic written English. Or, you have other issues!

    1. Sotires

      You state, “I read him to be saying, clearly, that Uconn will out of the Big East.” You call that a complete and coherent sentence?

      You have a lot of audacity to question someone’s English skills. You need to sign up for a remedial Englih course.

      1. billnaples

        Hjoer… read things Manuel did not say. His stance is clear, they will look at options, IF AND WHEN such options present themselves. At the moment the ACC has not invited UConn and without the invite there is no decision to be made. In basketball UConn would make the ACC better, in football they may even be a step up from Maryland, likely a middle of the road in that conference. There are a number of other sports where UConn would enhance the level of the ACC but face it the BB and FB are the money makers.

        Manuel has been on the job how long? And you think he is somehow dragging down UConn atletics? He had nothing to do with the probation of the men’s hoops. In terms of the public part of his job the only thing he has had to do was replace a legend on the baasketball bench. And that is still (short contract so far) a work in progress.

  4. Mark Fichman

    Sotires, what exactly has Warde Manuel done/not done to get your dander up? He hired a partially unproven Kevin Ollie to coach our elite Men’s Basketball program? Is it a long term contract? No. Does it hurt recruiting in only the short term? Likely, sure. Would you trust an AD who didn’t do due diligence to get the best possible coach? That’s all he’s doing now. Because of coach Calhoun’s sudden and late step-down, he could have easily slapped an ‘interim’ tag on whomever he thought would be the best choice for 2012-12. But based on his actions in giving a 7 month contract, he felt strongly enough about what he did know about Ollie to let him prove what Manuel did not yet know about him: Running a program, practices, game demeanor and recruiting. Aside from possibly recruiting, Ollie will fill out Manuel’s checklist in short order. As far as conference moves, while Manuel’s contacts, and there are many, will come in to play, it’s Herbst’s call, not Manuel’s.

  5. Village Idiot

    Warde had to make a deal with the devil to get him to retire and minimize the Media exposure of the penalties given UConn Men. The exiting Coach waited until no other decision could be made other than hire Ollie, who was already on board.
    Ollie, so far (with minimal competition)has done a very good job. But the jury is still out on his abilities. But he is a nice guy.
    The subject was Maryland to the Big 10. I do not think the SEC or the ACC womens basketball coaches will be thrilled to have Geno among them. They don’t want to finish last or not have enough wins to make the NCAA, this could happen with Geno being there. But they’ll love having the UConn Football team in the ACC/SEC it’s always nice to have a patsy.

  6. Turkey Gobbler

    Why is anyone concerned about the Big 10 Roosters?? Are they different than the thousands of other Roosters? Seems to me a Rooster is a Rooster whether they are Big East, Sec or ACC Roosters. In Puerto Rico those dang roosters wake you up every morning. You don’t want to play basketball there.

  7. Brian, New York

    I imagine Turkey Gobbler would have fowl intentions, but why the focus on “Roosters”? Is he dreaming of another meal, or perhaps confusing boosters and rooters?

  8. hjoerring

    Billnaples, you are partially right. Yet, I think it was more pacing than reading into what was said. I was thinking about his: “We have so many selling points already out there,,” Manuel said. “It’s a great institution with great athletics that is committed to excellence. We’ve invested in our facilities. We done tremendous things in basketball [10 national championships]. We’ve elevated football and won a Big East championship in very short time. Our portfolio is strong and we’ll see where it goes.” Could one not read this, also, as– isn’t this a great deal for someone/conference looking for …..!
    Perhaps I should apologize to Sotires for my comments. I saw no reasons for trashing the AD. Perhaps you have information that may lead us to harbor similar views. Did I really make a grammatical error? Sentence fragments are ok in these forums (I will out– I want to leave the Big East). Again, sorry dude for upsetting you.

    1. billnaples

      Manuel may have been making an indirect pitch to ACC ears about the quality of the total athletics program. I think the ACC should make the offer and I think that UConn, if one is made, should accept it.

      Taking Sotires to task over the “trash Manuel” was not out of line. As noted the guy has been on the job a very short time and had not done anything wrong. Do many of us feel they should extend Ollie with a 3-4 year contract, of course. Time will tell on that issue.

      Last on the list is usually some nit picking about grammar or spelling is to be expected, sometimes justified when the poster is so far off point you hammer whatever is available. But I do disagree on the sentence fragment explanation. I understand a lot of verbal shorthand that comes out of the typed words but I must say I would ever have concluded “I want to leave the Big East” was the translation of “I will out”. I like a poster to say what they mean to say and don’t give the readers a chance to misread it. Maybe just me.

  9. Jimbo

    Warde should make a decision as soon as possible on Kevin Ollie. He deserves the job. No one expected UCONN basketball to be good after all of the departures this year and Ollie has done a great job. I know that Calhoun left late so that Ollie would get the job, so now do your job Warde. Sign Ollie to an extended contract ASAP. We already lost key recruits for next year because they don’t know who will be coaching the team next year. Make a decision so Ollie doesn’t lose any more recruits. You can’t run a program like that Mr. Manual.

  10. WTF

    Ward Manual should be givin alittle room to work here. He had nothing to do with BB teams sanctions and wasn’t there yet when Pasqualoni was hired for all the wrong reasons. I agree Ollie should be signed soon. I’m not sold that Uconn is a sure invite to the ACC especially if FSU and Clemson have their say. Hold your breathe Uconn fans.

  11. White Dog 777

    Would have been great to be invited to ACC but we weren’t. We are close, very close to an invite from either the ACC or the B1G. For now, UCONN has to suck it up and hope that Mike Aresco and team can land a respectable contract for the now coast to coast Big East. The most recent losses of Rutgers and Louisville have been offset somewhat by ECU (they draw 50K per football game) and Tulane both from CUSA. Let’s not forget that is where Louisville came from. In Basketball the additions of Memphis and Temple are quality. I would like to see if Aresco can lure Xavier for Bball from the A10 as their rivalry with neighbor Cincinnati is intense. If things hold together and Aresco brings in Air Force or maybe a Fresno or Colorado state, who knows the TV money might be better than expected. How do you choose to look at the glass? Half full or Half empty?

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